Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Allegations,more allegations and law suits

I read stories from around the world,I look for them,but, usually they just find me, excuse me for being a little lazy tonight, no long post, just a couple of stories that make me go hmmm.
Lets start from CNBC news world, you all have heard of Bernie Maddoff, the guy that ran a massive ponzi scheme/fraud, it`s reported that he fleeced 65 billion from investors, some people got wiped out,bankrupt, but most of those high fliers can afford to take the hit,that doesn`t make it right but...
What has puzzled me the most about the Maddoff case is this, how did he get away with it for so long? Surely someone was watching,well,apparently some very reputable firms looked at Bernie Maddoff....
Does anyone remember the Enron scam,remember Arthor Anderson accounting that facilitated the scam,a reputable accounting firm,yea right, you might recall the head honcho`s of Arthor Anderson ordered all Enron documents shredded when the shit hit the fan,they knew,and of course the BC government and AA are quite cosy,so don`t think it doesn`t happen...
Well,that`s not where this story is going, have you ever heard of KPMG....A giant in the world of audits, and the Campbell GANG has KPMG do all kinds of accounting,accounting on government run projects and services, well guess what?
Victims of Bernie Maddoff are filing charges against KPMG (and others like JP Morgan) because, apparently KPMG did audits on Bernie Maddoff and found no irregularities!
Well my friends, as you know Bernie Maddoff never made even one trade,it was a massive ponzi scheme,no paperwork, no paperwork on trades,nothing, so how does one of the world`s biggest auditing firms audit Bernie Maddoff(more than once) and continue to give it the two thumbs up? Does that give you any confidence on the auditing they did for the Campbell Gang?(read about the law suit here)KPMG has done dozens of audits for Campbell
And in case you thought I was being harsh against the olympics and the endless scandals and frauds you might want to read this....Olympic bid guaranteed to Bejiing for supporting Rogge(head of the IOC)....You see folks, the head of the IOC get 4 year terms, and guess what, Rogge was just elected to serve another four year term,I wonder what deal Rio De Janeiro made to get the bid? Perhaps a deal similar to the one Bejiing made......Makes you wonder what side deals were made for Vancouver to win the bid....FOOD FOR THOUGHT (read about the ex-Chinese minister for sport and what he said about the pre-arranged deal for Bejiing to be awarded the games,here, all Rogge wanted was the presidency)
You see folks, you,me, we are nothing but collateral damage, these crooks,con-men,governments, they don`t care,the corruption is on the top rung of the ladder,.......
Time to light the bottom of the ladder on fire and burn them out.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

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Anonymous said...

Why do people not understand the nature of Gordon Campbell? Gordo, looks after number one, himself. He is a sociopath, he has no concern for the plight he has put apon the citizens of this province. He doesn't care about children living in poverty, nor, his famous minimum wage of $8.00, the lowest in the entire country. He couldn't give a dam about imposing a HST on citizens, who have no livelyhood, so how in the hell are they to pay, when he has killed every industry and put thousands out of work. That has to be a Campbell logistic, it doesn't make a lick of sense to people who are sane.