Monday, October 19, 2009

Kevin Falcon and the BC Liberals assist suicide

Kevin (boo hoo) Falcon and the BC Liberals have crossed another line, as you know a year and a bit ago Kevin Falcon was upset over being stuck in traffic when a person was being talked down from jumping off the lions gate bridge, and today I learned that the BC Liberals are making decisions that will kill people!

Besides cutting mental health services on Vancouver island, besides cutting thousands of surgeries on Vancouver island, and besides putting the public at risk by withholding critical reports from the CDC about infectious outbreaks at Nanaimo general hospital, the next line the Gordon Campbell Liberals is crossing will cause needless death, no spin, just the straight goods.

What am I talking about? Well listen up, it`s called a "Crisis line"....And what do these crisis lines do, your daughters,your sons,your brothers and sisters call these lines when they are desperate,when they are ready to take their own lives,when they are contemplating suicide, teenagers call them for various reasons, these crisis line save lives....And guess what.?

As of March 2010, right after the 7 billion$ dollar olympic games, their funding on Vancouver island is being chopped, there is definitive proof that these crisis lines save lives, there are 6 crisis lines for the entire island, these 6 crisis lines are familiar with each region of the island, they direct people to the needed services, these island crisis line track and monitor the people who called them, these crisis lines are familiar with the towns they serve,they can relate, the people who man these lines are community based, the people who man the lines are familiar with individual people,and can direct people to the nearest support service, these people who man these lines can direct emergency services in a blink of an eye to where the distraught people are,who they are, the operators can tell police/fire/ambulance who the people`s names are!

But.....As of march 2010 the funding is gone and the service provided by 6 crisis lines for the entirety of Vancouver island is being replaced by a 1-800-generic phone number!

Say what you want, these cuts will cost lives, a few chippy dollars saved...But in the long-run it will cost lives and save nothing!

Your a son-of-a-bitch Campbell, and as for Falcon, he will feel the heat for eternity when he goes south,the sooner the better!(read the exchange in question period (today) between Kevin Falcon and the NDP, you will hear the questions,but as for answers, Falcon is only able to talk about the 90s...SHAMEFUL)

Scroll down to...."Funding for crisis lines on Vancouver island" just past the 1405 marker on the right hand side of the page.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant, since these are Gordo's Olympics causing pain to the majority of BC society you should spearhead the "snuffing out" of the Olympic flame when it reaches BC.

People would be forever grateful.

Anonymous said...

I'm addicted to your site, but when you write 'your' when you mean 'you're' I lose quite a bit of respect. Please set a good example, or am I out of date?

Grant G said...

Thanks ANON 4.23pm

But,I re-read this story,I have three "your" in this story...."your daughters,your sons,your brothers and sisters call"

And in this case,the word your is correct because its being used as a possesive. You are sons would be incorrect.

But,I haven`t checked all my stories, and as for my diction, well I try.......

Meanwhile,I hope you keep coming to the Straight Goods,forgive my english and excuse my french.


Leah said...

I'd rather have TRUTH printed using imperfect language and diction, than have to suffer reading through a day of perfection printed by any paper belonging to "CanWest."

Grant may not be perfect in his choice of words, but his courage in saying what needs to be said outweighs any shortcomings in grammar, or sentence style.