Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Corruption,E health, BC Rail and Carrier lumber?

What am I missing, this E health scandal is perplexing, the part about corruption isn`t perplexing, the part that is perplexing is why does it cost so much money?

A rocket scientist I am not but, what the hell is going on, a cheap cell phone camera can take a picture and be sent around the world in seconds, so this E health scandal needs to be unwound, why can`t a paramedic,either in the ambulance or in a medi-vac helicopter or a doctor or surgeon wanting advice or whatever send a picture with a glorified cell phone camera with a zoom lens be so difficult?

And as for putting people`s medical records on E file,why is it so difficult and expensive, is it because no one can read a doctors handwriting, I can understand how a bunch of old doctors would balk at changing over but not the new blood, to me the only difficult part of E health is security but surely there are current systems available that can be used to protect the information, have a bonded person transcribe peoples medical record on to E file or scan the documents,how hard can it be? Even with different languages computers can translate in a blink, look, I am not saying one way or another if I am in favour of E health I`m just saying why is it a problem, people bank on line, SIN numbers on line, we are advanced enough to blow up the moon or send un-manned ship to the outer reaches of the universe.......

So why has Ontario spent 1 billion$ dollars and have nothing to show for it? Yes, it`s a Ontario Liberal government behind that scandal and we have our own scandal in BC and yes,as you know we have a government that claim to be liberals,is that the common denominator? I have a question about our E health scandal, not who stole what,not who billed what, my question is who authorized hiring a senior manager for the Fraser Health Authority who has a criminal record for fraud and gave him authority to OK invoices,billing,and untendered contracts?(read about the Ontario Liberal government 1 billion$ fraud waste here)

James Taylor who has a criminal record for fraud,who hired him,on what grounds, what was on his resume?(read Michael Smyth`s take on it here) and another Michael column on the BC E-health scandal

But what I really wanted to talk about is Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, you may know them as Keith (the apologist) Baldrey and Vaughn ( The con) Palmer....Why am I picking on those clowns,because they are both pathetic,lets start with Keith Baldrey, his story today in the Burnaby now, more garbage,Baldrey was talking about the E health corruption but not very loudly, here are a few quotes from his column....."Only allegations-not evidence-are involved" excuse me Keith! You don`t even ask the question of who hired this fraudster....And I love this next statement from Keith Baldrey...."BC auditor general John Doyle is now reviewing the E health file,which should provide some relief" Really Keith, first off the Auditor General isn`t investigating criminal charges or looking to assign blame,John Doyle(auditor general) will be reporting on how to improve oversight,nothing more,nothing less, and Mr.Baldrey, lets look at what at what the auditor general has investigated in the past, John Doyle reported on what WAS an olympic expense and we all know what happened there,Gordon Campbell,Colin Hansen and all the Bc Liberals said that John Doyle was wrong,Mr Doyle investigated the illegal forest give-aways in which he said they weren`t in the public interest, and the government did what about that report? Not a damn thing......And still from Baldrey,this statement...."I don`t expect any cabinet ministers to resign" really Keith, you mean like Gordon Campbell resigning for drinking and driving,or lying over and over again, what a shocker Keith....and then there is this statement that Baldrey finishes his column with "This scandal will run its course eventually" really Keith, you mean like BC Rail, or the forest give-away, or how about the John Les land fraud case, those scandals are still running,what an apologist you are Keith( read Baldrey`s column in the Burnaby now here)

Now lets quickly talk about Vaughn(The Con) Palmer, look folks, Vaughn is really tricky, he dumps on the Liberals for a nano-second but you know who`s writing his pay cheque and Vaughn always goes back to defending the liar and law breaker Gordon Campbell, let me fill you in on the "Palmer technique" what Palmer does for those not paying attention is this, if Vaughn writes a phony column about the government not funding something here is what he does, Vaughn says...The campbell government funded a 100 million here and 78 million there and invested 500 million here and Campbell did this and that and then Campbell spent 700 million on this so why he won`t spend 5 million on this project is a mystery, that folks is the Vaughn Palmer pattern,I have seen it over and over again, he pretends to slag the government but he does it by advertising 50 so-called good things the government has done.

So what has Vaughn Palmer written about this week, lets examine the latest "Palmer Technique" yesterday Vaughn Palmer Column was about BC Rail, the title of his column is "Government making thorough search doing `everything possible` in hunt ,on BC Rail e-mail, judge ......Vaughn cites many quotes from the departed judge Bennett on how the Campbell government has made a herculean effort to scour the world for BC Rail documents, when we all know that the Campbell "GANG" has obfuscated,delayed and stalled, 6 years and counting and Palmer alludes to the government making this huge effort to find e-mails,and he does this by merely quoting the departed judge Bennett.....(read Vaughn Palmer`s column from yesterday here)

That was yesterday, and guess what? It gets even better today. The title of Vaughn(The con) Palmer`s column today is "Defence in BC Rail case gathers ammo for civil action" and lets examine the "Palmer Technique" again....The whole column despite the title is about how corrupt the NDP were,he goes on and on about hidden documents from the 90s (before everything was on e-file) over the Carrier lumber case,I`m not going to get into that case,there was some shenanigans going on but no big business benefitted,no corporations benefitted,the carrier lumber case happened over trying to appease first nation`s, so Vaughn goes on and on about the carrier lumber case in the 90s, no-where is BC Rail even mentioned until the very end of the column.....

Here is a quote from Vaughn Palmer at the very end of the column " and if the defendants(Virk and Basi) win the criminal case as they fully expect to do,then they are preparing to launch the mother of all civil suits for wrongful prosecution"

Well Vaughn(Tweedle Dee) Palmer, you mean a civil suit like the one the HEU won against Campbell for tearing up their contract, which resulted in millions in legal fees that the tax-payer had to pay and a 90$ million dollar settlement? Or like the civil suit launched by Susan Heyes for destroying her business over the Canada line con? Or teachers suing the province, gag laws, or groups threatening to sue Campbell for cutting funding for groups with three year funding agreements(the government backed off on that one) ...I mean who the hell isn`t suing the Campbell government.......

So here Vaughn Palmer is worried about two low paid staffers suing the government or the RCMP or the crown, really Vaughn? And just how much would these staffers win? Lost wages and a little bit of punitive damages? They aren`t locked up, people who were wrongly convicted and jailed for decades only get a few million, so how much would the "mother of all civil suits cost" Vaughn, 5 million maybe, how much are the legal fees for this smoke show so far? 70 million? 100 million? Well Vaughn....You mean Vaughn Palmer the HEU contract tearing wasn`t a bigger deal? (read Vaughn Palmers column from today here)

So there you have it, I wanted to expose the "Palmer Technique" pay close attention to his tricky style,he uses it over and over again, he puts Campbell on a pedestal first then lowers him a wee little bit, he pretends to slag the Campbell government but he uses most of the column wailing away at the NDP and at the end he gives Campbell a wee,tiny little kick, his technique is well crafted,subliminal messaging,nice try Vaughn Palmer, with friends like you who needs enemies.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Well said Grant, and true. Palmer and Baldrey are the two major reasons I won't have anything to do with BC's two major papers. I won't call them "newspapers"...because they don't print news. They print liberal propaganda.

*wonders how long it will be before the Campbell Cult finds a special place for them in government - PAB would be an ideal slot, don't you think?*

Grant G said...

Anon 9.50 am......I thought you knew, they are already part of the Public Affairs Bureau,next to Bill Good,no one cheerleads louder than Baldrey and Palmer.