Saturday, October 10, 2009

Criminal premier meets and greets criminal organization

Bill 13...A miscellaneous bill, or is it,from parking to illegal seizure,from breaking and entering to fines, the proven law breaker and proven liar Gordon Campbell has found his long lost and probably only friends and they are alive and well running the IOC.

An update from my last story, the bullies from the IOC have gone too far,a man by the name of Richard Giles, a sports fan,tourist and like everyone,a amateur photographer, Mr. Giles went to the 2008 summer games in Bejiing, nothing out of the ordinary, he went to participate in all the festivities related to the summer games, he took photos,he was allowed to take photos, anyways,when he got back Giles put his olympic photos on the photo sharing site Flickr, 293 photos he placed there, Mr. Giles hasn`t made one dime from his photos, but someone who used one of his photo`s to help promote a book he was writing has caused the BEAST,the IOC to put a cease and desist order against Giles.

Here is the deal, the IOC owns the words...Olympic...Games...2010.....etc etc .....And so if you snap a photo either indoors or outdoors you can`t profit from that picture, your only allowed to enjoy it privately, what about the paparazzi`s, what about the filming of Rodney King, etc etc....Who gave the IOC the right to prevent people from profiting if they happened to have taken a great picture? (read about Mr. Giles dilemma and the IOC beast here)

Now back to bill 13

Gordon Campbell,drunk driver,law breaker,proven liar, let me give you a little background, Campbell lied in his 2001 election campaign and sold BC Rail, he lied about honouring the HEU contract, BC Rail is still in court, the HEU went to the supreme court of Canada and despite the millions Campbell spent on lawyers he lost,the court ruled that the tearing up of the HEU contract was illegal, there was a 90 million$ dollar settlement, although, that didn`t help the people who lost their homes or committed suicide, this mass firing of 9000 mostly female workers was disgusting,the lowest paid employees in the public sector,hospital cleaners,care aides,home support workers......Gordon Campbell has been breaking laws and lying his face off for 9 years, he lied about the deficit,the HST,Colin Hansen lied, Campbell`s gag law was struck down strongly by the BC supreme court,now Gordon Campbell is spending millions of dollars appealing the court decision,you see folks,Campbell is deranged, he is mentally unstable,as you know Gordon Campbell`s dad committed suicide(he was allegedly a alcoholic)...Maybe it`s genetic,who knows for sure but Gordon Campbell is not well.

Bill 13-- Part 9--Section 77---subsections 31..32..33..34

And what are those sections...Gordon Campbell is giving city officials and other unknown officials the authority to enter your home with 24 hours notice,whether your home or enter your home and take down advertising, graffiti, or anything these "entities" deem offensive....What is offensive? The Iranian flag?...A sudanese flag, a picture of Saddam Hussein....Osama bin Laden.....What about a sign saying I can`t afford a ticket to the games.....Etc Etc Etc...One man`s terrorist is another man`s freedom fighter...What is the definition of graffiti? I see graffiti all over the city,as far as I know graffiti isn`t graffiti if you paint or spray or draw the picture or words on your own private property,graffitti is defacing city or someone else`s property,not your own property.

Penalties---If they(the IOC-who-ever) enter your home,you the home owner have to pay all the associated costs---A fine of up to 10.000.00$ can be levied against you---And you can be jailed for up to 6 months!

The bill- bill 13 will be found to have illegal sections in it,the parking retroactive section,illegal...the sections to enter your home,illegal....the only problem is....There is not enough time to bring it before the courts to strike it down.

Lets set the record straight, there is already laws on the books about having offensive material displayed in your windows or on your property,but that law is this, municipalities can issue property owners a 14 day notice to remove the offending items and failure to do so can result in fines.

That`s the present law, and if you don`t believe this new power being granted in Vancouver/Richmond/and Whistler (because it`s only being used in those cities) is illegal think about this, the special power being granted to those towns is only for a three month period,that`s right folks, the law is only in effect for three months, if the law was fair,legal or justifiable it wouldn`t be for only three months.....The three month period will cover the olympics and it does one other thing,the fact that it is only for three months by the time it is challenged in court the law will have expired....Shazzam, no court case,no ruling because the law has ended.

So there you have it,Gordon Campbell and the IOC have been reunited, woman haters, infringer of human rights, two peas in a pod......One can only hope that Gordon Campbell follows the lead of his Dad,the sooner the better.(read about bill 13 here,check out part 9/sections 77/31..32..33..34)

The Straight Goods
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Gary E said...

Remember EWO, income tax was brought in as a temporary measure to pay for the war effort. Once they get their foot in the door.......

Anonymous said...

About the Olympics, I read in the Sun today that the IOC are possibly going to sanction 3 countries because they ban women in their Olympic teams saying they discriminate against women, yet the IOC discriminate against women ski jumpers!! Is this not unbelievable???

Anonymous said...

suffice to say the the Olympics are the most powerful unelected unaccountable regime in the world.
I wouldn't be sad to the I.O.C. gone for good,
oops wonder if I can be charged under the new bill now ???

Anonymous said...

Grant, I wish that you would be in the forefront and lead a citizen's charge for criminal prosecution against Gordo and his gang.

You would be acknowledged as a BC HERO!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anything that comes out of Campbell's mouth should automatically be considered a lie. Citizens of BC, are going to have to brace ourselves for more taxes to pay for the Olympics. Campbell is one of Harpers henchmen. Campbell gets away with being a criminal by Harpers approval. Gordo, is going to make it possible for the rest of the provinces to follow suit. This is going to please Harpo, all that lovely money in his coffers. That must be why the HST is called the Harper Sales Tax. Hopefully only government officials will have to learn how to goose step and say hiel Harpo, as they goose step by. I had been told about the Western Block Party. I have been reading up on them. I like their views. Have a look and see what they have to say. As it is now, the west is subjet to the east. The east as long as I can remember, has been their own country.

Anonymous said...

Go back as many decades as you like. Corruption in this country, was introduced by politicians. Spreading to all the other government agencies, so wallets began to fatten and fatten. And we citizens have had to pay, and still have to pay, more and more taxes, to keep this country afloat. Governing officials don't want to lose their cash cow. They will keep stealing and stealing, from the citizens, and we citizens are taxed out. The big business, can afford to hire expensive lawyers to hide their money, so they pay very little taxes. The big companies can also promise kick backs, so the government protects them. Every corrupt ( you know what ), will eventually cause this country to collapse, because that is what rot does.