Thursday, October 29, 2009

BC..."The greatest place on earth" mean bizzarro land

These liberals,sorry about my absence,where do I start,I have a few stories I need to weigh in on,lets start with healthcare, Andrew MaCleod over at the Tyee reported this story but it needs more scrutinizing.

I have been watching the legislature looking for BC Liberal malfeasance and it`s everywhere,watching Falcon trying to explain in question period how great this is, what I`m talking about is 800 surgeries or more being done on people from Saskatchewan, mainly knee and other elective surgeries, well my friends,I have nothing against the fine people of Regina, it`s a beautiful province, but, like most Canadian provinces the eldery are numerous, all regions of Canada are fighting healthcare costs and waiting list....

But how is it we can cancel 10000 surgeries and still squeeze in 800 surgeries or more from Saskatchewan? Falcon states that "we will get paid for the procedures plus charge a premium therefor there will be a small profit which will in the end allow the health authorities to perform more surgeries on BCers".....HUH, bafflegab.

This might seem like a nothing little story but the implications are severe, lets go over a few facts, perhaps the NDP and whoever their leader is can ask a few more questions.

First off, we do have private health clinics in BC that do these procedures, we as a province PAY these private clinics to do procedures for a price, so how come Saskatchewan is buying surgeries from the BC public health facilities rather than buy them from our private for profit clinics?

So there is but one logical answer, the government/health authorities are doing surigical procedures for a cheaper price, undercutting the private clinic, two questions, first off, how come we as a province will pay a premium to private clinics and allow people to jump the line and secondly how come people from Saskatechewan are allowed(through their government) to pay a premium and jump the line,a line that is in BC?

Are you following me, for a premium operations are being done for people out of province,and yet......BCers don`t have that option, can Mrs or MR. Kasnavitch offer to pay a premium to jump the line? NO

So here we are expanding the waitlists,the waitlist of people who paid for these services are being told to Fock OFF because Regina is paying a premium! Bizzarro world, John Horgan is right(NDPmla from Juan de Fuca)....That`s what he said to Falcon.

But I want you all to think about this very slippery slope,Regina,Ontario,Alberta....Who`s next, lets go over a few more facts,first off,if you cancel 10000 surgeries or 20000 surgeries but you have skilled hands that are idle,these surgeons and cutters will leave and go to where they can make more money,that`s one issue, another issue is scarier, we funnel more and more money into healthcare but more and more services are being sold to other provinces or countries, so meanwhile the waitlists in BC grow and grow and our hospitals and clinics are filled to capacity doing procedures for a premium for other provinces, look folks,I`m glad people are getting surgeries but not at the expense of seniors in BC who paid for the hospitals, just look at the big picture, there are 300 million people to the south of us who are going for a healthcare change, Asian countries,there are lots of people with lots of money that could overwhelm our BC taxpayer health facilities, 400 per year...4000 per year....20000 per year.(Read Andrew Macleod here)
Look my friends,Kevin Falcon was brought in to steal our services,to take away from seniors, you ain`t seen nothing yet,personally I would like to stuff a bar of pumice soap down Falcon`s mouth with the help of my fist,if you think these cuts will be reversed or improved next year your dreaming,how much more can they take from our healthcare, we are second to last on GDP to healthcare spending,we are last in the nation on spending on seniors`s care, lowest minimum wage, highest rate of child poverty, are you and the media going to stay silent and watch our healthcare get dismantled? Or are you going to join me in distracting the torch relay?
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Anonymous said...

Glad you're back Grant! A little sanity in a crazy world! Check out Alex... Morton's blog. There's a petition for an independant inquiry of the DFO.

Anonymous said...

How about a senior who can't find a doctor and has to go to a walk in clinic, that has only one Doctor to see to 40 to 50 patients from 3 in the afternoon til 6, and patients have to be turned away. I have specific questions for the Doctor, but I don't ask them as, I can see he is swamped. I really believe Gordon Campbell needs treatment for his mental health. There is something wrong with a person who cares nothing about the humanity he has destroyed, but, still has the audacity to give himself a 53% wage hike, for lying, deceiving, theiving and killing our province. He is mentally ill.