Friday, October 16, 2009

30 million for bonuses announced on the same day John Furlong pleads for companies to lend employees for free

When ever I think I can`t get anymore outraged along comes another story like this.

You know, it boggles my mind, thursday at the Vancouver board of trade John Furlong made a passionate plea for companies to lend employees to Vanoc, Furlong went on and on about how these employees will remember the experience for the rest of their lives, Furlong added, "and when your employees return they will be better people for it. ....Is that so John Furlong, first of John Furlong, we the taxpayers are already on the hook for billions of dollars for a sporting event we can`t afford to go to, Gordon Campbell is LENDING you 1500 government employees on the public dime.

And it gets better, in the last 6 months alone, we were lied to during the election, we were lied to about the HST, we were lied to about the 4 billion$ dollar deficit, a 800% increase in the deficit that Campbell said would be" 495 million,not a penny more"...Campbell lied about the massive cuts to education, health, Campbell has broken the moral contract and stole gaming revenue, Campbell has dumped on the Autistic children, cut funding for Special olympics, school sports,cuts to the arts, lets just say that Campbell has cut everything,well, not quite everything...

The 300 million dollar gift to profitable banks wasn`t cut, 100s of million in gifts to the highly profitable oil and gas sector hasn`t been cut, 6000 surgeries have been cancelled, seniors in care homes are getting shafted with massive increases in costs to their care,lets face it Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen have lied their faces off,in fact all the liberals have lied their faces off......Are you getting the picture yet John Furlong?

What else just in the last couple of weeks, Gordon Campbell is appealing the gag law at our expense, well Campbell, I WON`T SHUT THE HELL UP.....Bill 13, Campbell is giving authority to security squads to smash the doors down to our homes to remove signs or anything the IOC or Vanoc doesn`t like,a total illegal bill that wouldn`t stand up in court, and guess what,if they bust down your door you will have to pay all the costs and you can get fined up to 10.000.00$ per day, that`s right,per day.....Hey folks, are you getting into the olympic spirit yet....

Well maybe this will get you revved up, streets being closed for months,seawall being closed at the end of the month, the Richmond dyke trail being closed, no parking, don`t forget that John Furlong wants you to stop working through the olympics and or work the graveyard shift,really John, yesterday the Nanaimo to horseshoe bay run has been cancelled, 2 sailings a night are cancelled, yet there will be a ferry on standby in case of a rockslide on the 3.5 billion dollar sea to sky highway upgrade, MSP premiums are going up January 1st.....Feeling sporty yet?

So anyways, the 1500 hundred employees that the province is lending to Vanoc will cost the taxpayers 45 million minimum, so why am I doing all this grumbling, tonight while perusing through our local newspaper I ran across this little story in the Vancouver sun...30 million dollars for bonuses for Vanoc employees! Say what.

That`s right, there is 30 million$ dollars being put aside for bonuses for Vanoc employees, in reading the story, if the bonus money was equally shared amongst all the Vanoc employees it works out to 23.000.00$ for each employee! Well, we know it won`t be spread around evenly but that`s not the issue, the issue is that Vanoc and the IOC are a bunch of goddam thieves

Further to the story, a spokesman for Vanoc said " The money isn`t taxpayer money, it`s private money from ticket sales and sponsorship money" Well if that doesn`t beat all, and when Mary Mcneil(minister for sport and the olympics) was asked about this bonus money she said "NO comment" Really, is that so,master blaster Campbell wouldn`t allow you to speak,go figure, well she doesn`t need to speak,the insult to taxpayers speaks volumes, well the spokesperson for Vanoc had more to say, he went on to say " Typically employees leave the olympics before they are over at a rate of 10%" And he said "We wanted to assure our employees in this tough economic times, we didn`t want them to worry about getting a job before the olympics are over" Really? Is that true, tens and tens of thousands have lost their jobs and your worried about these employees leaving for a better gig?

So all this happened on the same day that John Furlong was PLEADING to companies at the Vancouver board of trade to pay their employees to work for Vanoc, .....Well, how many employees could they hire with 30$ million dollars? How many of you out there have ever gotten a 23.000.00$ bonus for a couple of years paid work? How many of you have gotten a 3000.00$ bonus? Like I said before folks, John Furlong with his calm pleasant voice but his pockets are full of shit balls, are you getting stoked about the olympics yet?(read about the bonuses here)

(Update to this story) While listening to CKNW today I couldn`t believe the hatchet job Bill Good,Christie Clark and John Macolm did on this story, the NDP spoke out against the bonuses, first off, the issues of these bonuses to me are neither a NDP or Liberal issue, but anyways, all three of these radio hosts were trying to say, the NDP are hypocritical,the NDP want to tear up a contract with the Vanoc employees, John Macolm said " such hypocrisy,the NDP were upset about tearing up the HEU contract but they would tear the bonus contract up" and he said " The NDP after two years of donating their pay raises to charity they are now keeping the pay raise" and then Macolm read an e mail, the email mentioned the 1500 government employees that we the taxpayers are "lending" to Vanoc at a cost of roughly 40 million$ dollars that we the taxpayers are on the hook for, to which John Macolm responded....."those are volunteers"

Well, John Macolm, let me lay out a few facts for you, you comparing Gordon Campbell tearing up the HEU contract after he promised not to in the 2001 election is a little different, actually it`s a lot different, the result of that contract being torn up was not 9000 workers losing bonuses, 9000 workers(who don`t get bonuses) were fired...I repeat fired...of course they had their jobs offered back to them at half the price, from 15.00$ to 18.00$ per hour they were offered their jobs back at 8.00$ to 10.00$ per hour. And as for comparing these bonuses to the pay raises for MLAs that the Campbell government rammed down their throats with HIS majority is nothing but dishonest. I guess the Campbell GANG is so desperate for anything to try and bash the NDP with, nice try CKNW, your fooling no one!

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Anonymous said...

1. I think that the BC government should introduce legislation to have the $1 billion bonuses to government employees returned;

2. I think that both the NDP and Libs should rescind their salary increases;

3. I think that VANOC should rescind their bonuses;

And then we would be on our way to getting rid of the deficit!

Anonymous said...

Every BC citizen is aware of Campbell's crimes against the people of this province. Every Canadian is aware Canada is oozing corruption. The HST is known as the Harper Sales tax. I am old enough to remember Hitlers Nazi Germany. His hench men were the Gestapo, the SS and the brown Shirts, who were the dregs of society. I know a twenty seven year old women, who knew nothing about Hitler's Germany. I pointed out to her, every example of the similarity of Nazi Germany to Canada to-day. We are being ruled by a dictatorship. there is no democracy in Canada. Our corrupt governing bodies, stuff their wallets with stolen funds from the tax payers. Premiers, are allowed to lie and deceive their citizens. 53% wage hikes and huge raises for the rest of the officials with no approval from the citizens.Government officials, steal money from tax payers every day. I told this young woman how, Hitler wanted to have a new world order, and he of course would be the leader. I told her to add all the taxes to-gether,including every purchase she made. She was shocked, and then I told her to add the HST, then add your income tax. Now she is furious. She said she will buy RRSP's to off set her taxes. I said but, when you draw on those RRSP's, the government steals 20% off the top. I then told her the RRSP's are then added to your income, and you will be taxed on them again. She now believes Canada is Nazi. She is telling her friends to google Nazi Germany and make their decisions. Well, they are as furious as she is. She now sees Canada is not democratic what-so-ever.

Now, I told this girl and her friends to have a look at the Western Block Party, so they will study this party and make their comparissons with our party's we have now.