Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Unintended Consequences

Bill 16.....The BC government in an attempt to pander to the public has decided to ban body armour, good luck with that eh!

Now before you jump all over me lets lay out some undisputed facts, first off, under the Campbell regime gangs in BC have flourished,there was an estimate 12 gangs in BC in 2000 now in 2009 there are an estimated 96 active gangs operating with impunity in BC, I of course blame Gordon Campbell for much of this because as you know and I have written on this...paticularly in my story (BC. A crime story) you can read it here
Gordon Cambell in his first destructive term closed 25 courthouses and 9 prisons,he downloaded the criminals onto the streets,a free-for-all mentality resulted,police threw their hands up and just watched it all unfold,we are paying a heavy price today for the Campbell assault upon the BC justice system.
Jamie Bacon, independent soldiers, dragons, asian gangs,indo gangs, and of course hell`s angels....Well my friends, these entities have no problem in finding/importing/ drugs......Marijuana....and guns...Glocs...Semi automatics....assault rifles...even grenades and bombs....So the Campbell government thinks banning body armour to people with criminal records is going to stop gang bangers from wearing it, what a joke, you can`t charge people with wearing body armour, no crown or judge is going to be able to charge someone with wearing armour,the loop-holes are everywhere...It was a gift...I didn`t know it was armour, I`ve owned it for years....And my friends, gangs import millions in coke/heroin/guns ....These gang members could be jailed for years if their caught for these offences,has the law worked? Who goes to jail in Canada? So who in their right mind thinks this will have any effect on gangs?
All this law will do is punish people in the business and force the sale of armour underground...And come on.....A gang member will merely ask a recruit or wanna-be recruit to buy the armour for him or her, find somone without a criminal record to buy these items.
More unintended consequences, a half dozen years ago or so the province allowed vending machines in schools throughout BC....I for one was against putting vending machines in schools,my reason had to do with making schools become dependent upon the revenue generated by these machines, and guess what? that`s exactly what happened, while watching the new PRIVATE NEWS STATION.....CHEK TV...The employees bought it,and such refreshing news it is now that Canwest and leonard Asper can`t control them...Anyways.
While watching CHEK news two days ago there was a little story about the vending machines, this paticular school was making 18 to 20 thousand dollars per year on their vending machines, this money was put back in the school for sports,improvements,school outings..etc etc etc...
Well,last year...Another one of the Campbell government`s hair brained nanny state ideas was implemented...And that idea was ......No more junk food in vending machines,no chocolate bars,no more pepsi and coke, no more greasy chips,now the machines are filled with granola bars,dried fruit,trail mix,you know,healthy food,and what do the kids think? Well...Lets talk about unintended consequences, the revenue has vanished, from 20K a year in revenue with junk food to less than 2k in the last year,hardly worth having the machines in the schools....And guess what, CHEK tv interviewed the kids and showed footage of students running,rushing in swarms at recess and lunch to the nearest gas station or 7/11 to load up on what the school was depriving these kids ,snickers,kit kats,300 ounce slurpees...Chips, fruity tooty`s, You can`t regulate common sense.
"You can lead a horse to water but you can`t make it drink"
Is this what we`re doing in the legislature,wasting time,writing useless legislation,unenforcable legislation, like balanced budget laws that are broken every year,illegal gag laws, laws to kick in your door to remove graffiti,idling bylaws, smoking outside near a doorway,meanwhile you can go shoot crank legally,and now there`s talk about legal crack smoking rooms.
The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

*Knock* *Knock* *Knock!*...we're missing our daily dose of truth! :))

Anonymous said...

Anything Campbell does is asinine, and makes no sense. I really can't think of one thing he has done for this province. Anything he does, he makes sure it benefits him, otherwise it is ignored, like child poverty, minimum wage of $8.00, for just a few things he ignores, as, it doesn't benefit him personally, to take care of the people who are suffering badly in this province. It is his resonsibility to do so, he has failed this province miserably and should have the decency to resign.