Thursday, October 8, 2009

IOC,Vanoc and the BC Liberals,bullies,cultural thieves and bastards!

My recommendation to all BCers, avoid the olympics,peacefully protest the olympics,don`t go to the events,don`t buy any olympic clothing,souvenirs,stay out of Vancouver,stay home,watch the sporting events in your own town,support your local retailers and taverns, applaud the athletes but don`t feed the beast.

A very busy couple of days in the world of news, I have three stories rolled into one, and by the way,I fully expect to be questioned and harrassed by the 2010 goon squad(bring it on you bastards) over this story.

The IOC can see the writing on the wall, later this fall the BC Supreme court will rule in favour of the woman`s ski jump team and allow them to compete and participate in the 2010 winter games,fantastic,or is it? There is something wrong in BC, the courts, the law, morality,fair play, the rule and respect of the law and the judiciary is gone....Welcome to bizzarro world,the land of Gordon Campbell, a place in Canada where laws can be changed or ignored for a price,the IOC will ignore laws, the BC Liberals will rewrite any law on the books, the only criteria is to fill the BC Liberal coffers with donations or bribes.

A story in the Vancouver sun.....The IOC vows that no matter what the BC supreme court rules in regard to the woman`s ski jump teams they will NOT recognize the sport,say what?That`s right, no matter what the BC supreme court rules the IOC is telling the jumpers to go fly a kite....And it`s worse than that, the IOC knows they are going to lose and.....the IOC state that if the female ski jumpers are allowed to jump the IOC won`t recognize the event and will not hand out medals! Can you imagine, the best female ski jumpers in the world compete in an olympic event and the IOC is going to snub them by refusing to hand out medals, what an embarrassment to Canada,to Whistler, what a bunch of immature child-like bullies,na na na na na, you don`t get a medal.....And it gets better, a Mr Cobb of IOC Canada goes onto say that if the jumpers persist, if the court persists that the IOC will never,ever,ever,again allow Canada to hold an olympic games.

Well, I say blow out your ass IOC, don`t call us,we`ll call you, who needs you,your all a bunch of pretend royalty terrorizing innocent countries,stealing tax dollars,liars,human right infringers,your nothing but dinosaurs, you have turned a once great sporting event into legalized theft,corruption,cronyism,corporate crime organization that has been stomping on people`s right`s. (read about the IOC here)

Vanoc--Lets be clear, I think John Furlong is genuinely a nice person,a soft voice,a soft personality,all planned of course, because the job of John Furlong over the last couple of years was to drop piles of shit upon the public, day by day,month by month they roll out Furlong to shit in the BC public`s lap, the olympic village won`t have any social housing units, security from 175$ million to 1.2 billion$ dollars, you can`t work during the games,court houses are being shut down during the games,the justice system is being put on hold, all elective surgeries are cancelled during the olympics, people are going to be rounded up during the olympics(I suspect) Roads shut down,small airports around the province shut down,one by one John Furlong,the man who`s pockets are full of stink bombs ready to lob at BCers.....And besides threatening pizza joints who have the name olympic pizza for decades, now Vanoc is stealing from first nations in Cowichan.

The Cowichan sweater, Cowichan first nation`s have been knitting these sweaters for generations, so when the olympic/Vanoc clothing line was shown to the public last week lo n behold here are the Cowichan sweaters,well not quite,Cowichan sweater knock-offs, the same elk in front only slightly tweaked, the Cowichan first nation`s offered to knit originals but were denied, so did Vanoc offer the Cowichan band a piece of the money, no bloody way! A stipend, anything? Not a red cent, for the time being John Furlong and his sack of stinking shit balls has flown to Copenhagen to spend more of our tax dollars, I hope none of you line up to buy Chinese knitted knock-off Cowichan sweaters(shit balls not included)...(Read about the sweaters here)

Which brings me to those bastards,Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals,proven liars,proven law breakers and they continue to enact laws,make amendments that they know full well are illegal,everyone remembers Gordon Campbell tearing up the HEU contract and the subsequent firing of 9000 low paid hospital workers,the gag law has been appealed and will be struck down again in the courts but Campbell doesn`t care, you see folks,Gordon Campbell is a lying sack of garbage,a bully like the IOC, Campbell`s pockets are full of shit balls with the BC public`s name on it, there was a story from last spring, a man by the name of Dan Barbour sued UBC for parking tickets, he took the class action case to the BC supreme court, he won, the court ruled that UBC never had legal jurisdiction to write parking tickets, the BC supreme court said that UBC must pay-back over 5 million$ in tickets that they wrote over the course of over a decade.....Now the odds were that UBC would never have to repay most of this money but never the less Dan Barbour won and he was going to get his few bucks.........or will he? Bring on the proven liar and law breaker Gordon Campbell.

BILL 13--- Sections 8 through to sections 16(check out section 16 item(C) )......In this miscellaneous bill, The Liar,the law breaker Gordon Campbell has given universities the authorization to monitor,collect,charge for parking,the ability to tow,impound vehicles on university grounds/buildings etc etc....Now I don`t have a problem with that, give the schools the legal authority to collect and control parking but.........

What the immature bully Gordon Campbell has done is this.....He made bill 13 retro-active......That`s right,I don`t believe it`s even legal, Campbell has done an end run-around the supreme court of BC and made the ruling null and void, a bill going back 18 years into the past and giving carte-blanche retro-active authority to the university!....You have to be kidding right? I`m not kidding, a bill giving retro-active approval,18 years....That can`t be legal........

Under the legislation,previously issued tickets would still be valid,so universities would not have to provide refunds to the victors of the UBC lawsuit.

Sharon Matthews,Barbours lawyer,issued a statement on his behalf. "With one sweep of a pen,the government purports to take away the rights that Dan Barbour and the class members had to fight for in court" the statement said. "The result is that the BC government is protecting UBC from the consequences of UBC`s unlawful conduct....Retroactive legislation is bad legislation."

Robert Holmes,president of the BC civil liberties association,said the retroactice application of the law is "unconscionable." he went on to say "What kind of government would use their legislative power to do something like that after due process has been followed in a court system?" He asked. "They should be ashamed of themselves." (read about it here)

You can read bill 13 here....

The Campbell government has no shame, the law is dead in BC, the courts are dead in BC, Mike De Jong, Gordon Campbell,Wally Oppal, and the rest of the Gordon Campbell bootlickers can rot in hell......Recall must happen in BC....

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Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Isn't UBC the area that Campbell bought his latest real estate acquisition? A penthouse condo? Maybe we need to dig a little deeper into this issue, it sounds a tad too cozy to me.

Grant G said...

Well I`m not sure,but Gordon Campbell does have a home on the sunshine coast,an anonymous friend of mine informs me that his place on the coast has dozens of cameras and steel shutters and bars on all the windows and doors,I wonder what that bastard is worried about? .....
Perhaps the truth?


Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell him..."if you're not doing anything wrong there is nothing or no one to be afraid of"...the same crap thrown around by the pols and police whenever they want a few more of our rights removed for their amusement.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh the golden era! keep the great articals coming

Anonymous said...

All the liberal and Olympic supporters should be ashamed of themselves people have been saying the Olympics will bring massive cuts to the Provence and effect the poorest in the population.

These liars swore up and down we were fear mongers and the Olympics and privatisation will be good for BC.

Now look at us Cuts to Arts, Medicare and education, no money coming in from BC transit, BC gas, BC tel and BC rail.

These brainwashed fools have destroyed a once rich Province and sold us out to corporate interests.

Shame on you liberals and Gordon (the Nazi) Campbell

Anonymous said...

well, you guys voted him in, vote him out