Monday, December 15, 2014

Stephen Harper`s Walk In the Snow, No, Stephen Harper Being Thrown Face First Into a Snowbank

Been saying it for the last 18 months.....Justin Trudeau will be Prime Minister of Canada..

The only question left to be decided is whether it will be a majority Government or minority..

If one believes Forum`s latest poll it would be a majority Government.

2 other Federal polls were recently released....A Leger poll and an Ekos poll..

In each poll Justin Trudeau leads...

Stephen Harper has been attacking Justin Trudeau for over 2 years, the CPC has spent $millions of dollars trying to tear down Justin Trudeau.

I find it very interesting, I mentioned that the Conservative Party of Canada(CPC) has been running election style attack ads on CKNW...The target of these attack ads is Justin Trudeau, the message, how great Stephen Harper`s economic record is and how wonderful income splitting for the rich be..

These ads personally turn me off...I hate attack ads, especially when the writ hasn`t been officially dropped and only one party is sniping....

According to the Forum poll Stephen Harper has attack ads running on radio in heavy rotation from coast to coast and like me..


"In addition, the Conservatives have radio ads attacking the Liberal leader in heavy rotation, and our findings show that these ads actually increase Justin`s popularity, and attract recruits to the Liberal party" said Forum


I agree with that statement, with Stephen Harper`s ugly record glaring at all Canadians, how Harper has disrespected the Supreme Court, muzzled scientists, shit on veterans, won`t enhance pensions and is planning on dismantling the Canada Health Act, not to mention taking away Canada post home mail delivery, ..Not standing up for Canadian workers...A foreign policy that has embarrassed Canada, knuckle-dragging approach to climate issues ....And of course his unholy alliance with all things oily and tarry...

Especially since Canada is now back in deficits with oil`s sharp decline...All eggs in one basket syndrome, also known as Dutch Disease..Canadians drowning in debt, record debt for average Joes while the wealthy get handed more and more money, Stephen Harper adding to Canada`s national debt so he can hand over more money to the top 5%, to Canada`s already wealthy..!

And to be clear, I think Thomas Mulcair is a pretty good guy, however Mulcair couldn`t capture the electorate, unless you are in a NDP stronghold riding like Burnaby with Kennedy Stewart you should vote Liberal.

One must vote for Justin Trudeau`s team if one wants the evil habitual lying control freak Stephen Harper punted out of office, power removed..

Harper`s attack ads are falling on deaf ears, he`s a one-trick pony ruler, nasty, rude and completely bonkers, hasn`t a clue how to govern, Harper doesn`t understand Canada, he only sees Canada through the lens of an oil executive`s son ....Harper`s believes if he spends enough money advertising he can change the narrative, he can`t, over the last 5 years Harper has wasted nearly $1 billion dollars on suspect government of Canada ads, pushing his agenda, pimping his gooey black tar, threatening British Columbians..

Justin Trudeau now has over 300,000 members who have joined his federal party, more than 150,000 more than Harper`s party...I too plan on putting my name behind Justin Trudeau`s party..

Justin Trudeau has a beautiful family, and I believe that Trudeau is not hard-wired into any ideology, not bought and controlled by the corporation, he`s already very wealthy.

Justin Trudeau wants to turn Canada back into the science leading nation it once was...Back into a world leader on ideas and peace-keeping, wants to restore Canada`s reputation abroad, it won`t be easy, Stephen Harper is a pariah and has shamed Canada, blackened our eyes.

I was no fan of Brian Mulroney and voted against him and his party`s policies but the visceral hatred I and most Canadians have towards Stephen Harper and his nasty trained seals is beyond compare.

In a recent posting Montreal Simon asks the question...."What would you tell Stephen Harper if he tried to shake your hand"

I couldn`t answer that question,  wouldn`t shake Harper`s hand, like to punch him in the nose, I know violence solves nothing but there is no reasoning with asshole dictators like Stephen Harper...He`s a nasty piece of lying garbage, a control freak, a law-breaker, he`s surrounded himself time and time again with known felons like Bruce Carson, paid these thieves plenty of money, taxpayer`s money paying Harper`s thieving friends..

Stephen Harper has cheated elections, engaged in deliberate vote tampering, deliberately has strove to disenfranchise voters, to scare away every other party`s voter, and so many more personal attacks on Democracy, privacy and human rights.

Stephen Harper is a petulant little boy, he needs to bent over and have his rear end paddled, needs to be treated like a child, sent to his room for a long time out..

We have lost half the animal species on earth over the last 30 years through environmental degradation by industry and Stephen Harper ignores this, Stephen Harper cares about nothing but the promotion of oil and his archaic religious beliefs, that being rapture and salvation for him and his cabal, a trip to never never land, a one way heavenly journey to the promised land..

Stephen Harper you will be going on a one way journey....

Straight to hell

I can`t wait for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

If these results were projected up to seats in the current 308 seat Parliament, the Liberals would take a nine seat majority of 164, to just 109 seats for the Conservatives. The NDP would take only 34 seats, while the Green Party would retain leader Elizabeth May's seat. In a first time finding, the Bloc Quebecois would take no seats in Parliament. These projections stand in contrast to a hung Parliament seen last month (Liberals - 124 seats, Conservatives - 125 seats).

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Comfortable Liberal majority seen if election held today

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Comfortable Liberal majority seen if election held today

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ron wilton said...


Anonymous said...

We have to be very vigilant during this x-mas break. This is a time when Harper usually does his dastardly deeds and does them behind our backs.

I read Harper's FIPPA deal with China was so secret, Harper had met China in Russia to lay their plot.

There was an Ontario person that found a NEB e-mail, lauding public's inability to question pipelines.

Then I read of? Kinder Morgan bribed a ships Captain, to dump KM's toxic load into the sea.

This is only a drop in the ocean for Harper's treachery, towards this country and the citizens. Cheating to win is not beneath Harper's dignity either.

Anonymous said...


Ray Blessin said...

Best description of Harper?
"an oozing mass of bile, in a suit."

Anonymous said...

You are still on fire Grant G

Best writer in the province

Appreciate every terse word

cheena1 said...

totally agree with Anonymous!!

Anonymous said...

Harper is a four letter word - EVIL !!!

Anonymous said...

Justin Trudeau, the hair with no brain that walks and talks. The Liberals and ConServatives have been tag teaming Canada for 148 years, do we really need more screwing?


Grant G said...

Well KFB in BC...

Unless you think the Greens have a chance to win Canada`s Government...

The NDP under Thomas Mulcair is done like dinner..

So...If you like Harper vote Green, vote Mulcair...

If you want Stephen Harper really is that simple.