Monday, December 15, 2014

Alaska`s Killer Salmon Shark and Captain Stephen Brown the Bold Faced Liar

A gorgeous documentary on Alaska and Northern BC`s coast...

The scenery is stunning, nature in the raw, exciting, horrifying, informative..

Salmon...Sharks...Birds...Otters...Clean pristine water..

Click the above video..45 minutes in paradise, popcorn and twizzlers not included.

Before you watch the video..

3 stories caught the persuader`s eyes today....The first story...That Orca whale that died, the member of our southern pod...The autopsy revealed she was starved for food...In other words she died of starvation...That is not a good sign for British Columbia waters..

The second story of note angered me....A member of BC`s marine shipping industry in an op-ed piece made the outrageous claim that an Exxon Valdez type oil spill is impossible today, couldn`t happen today,....!

Such ludicrous statements make the article unfit for the bottom of a bird cage...Who would of thought a modern BC Ferry with all the modern navigation equipment could run into an island...Supertankers lose power all the time, lose propulsion, lose steering.

Stephen Brown...  president of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia is not only a bold-faced liar and conman, he can`t back up his statement, and if a supertanker wrecked on BC`s coast he wouldn`t have one red cent to contribute to the clean up...Stephen Brown needs to be jailed for deliberately propagating dangerous misinformation to the public at large...

I won`t waste any more time on one with vested interest, one who won`t risk one dollar of his own money....Go stick a pipeline up your arse yourself Stephen Brown...

The third story that caught my eye is dedicated to Capt Stephen Brown...


Catastrophe': Oil Spill at Bangladesh World Heritage Site

Fears of long-lasting ecological damage at a UNESCO World Heritage site are mounting following a massive oil spill into a river in Bangladesh.

The disaster began early Tuesday last week when an empty vessel struck a tanker carrying an estimated 92,500 gallons of oil, causing the fuel-filled vessel to capsize in the Shela River. That waterway is part of the biodiverse-rich Sundarbans, the world's largest contiguous mangrove forest and home to the endangered Bengal tiger and Ganges and Irawadi dolphins. An area next to the river is designated as a dolphin sanctuary.

A forest official said Saturday that the spilled furnace oil had spread to an estimated 300 to 350sq kilometers through the mangrove's network of waterways. Hundreds of fishermen in the area are attempting to clean up the oil with pots, pans and sponges, Agence France-Presse reports. The area's chief forest official Amir Hossain told the news agency Thursday that there were "no coordinated efforts to tackle the disaster," and said the air in the area was toxic.

The spill could be "the largest catastrophe to have happened in this fragile mangrove ecosystem," Monirul Khan, a zoology professor of Dhaka’s Jahangirnagar University, told AFP. "It’s going to cause a long term damage to the forest," he said, adding that the impact could be worse than that of the deadly 2007 cyclone.

Media reports add that environmentalists have long sounded alarm about the risks of using the Shela River to transport such cargo.

Ecology and biodiversity researcher Pavel Partha told the Dhaka Tribune Tuesday that the dolphins "will soon find breathing hard because the thick layer of oil over the river water will reduce the level of dissolved oxygen."

On Sunday, a potential dolphin victim emerged. The Dhaka Tribune published  a photo of a dead dolphin floating in a canal off the Shela River, though an autopsy has yet to confirm the death was the result of the oil spill.

Dhaka University botany department Professor Abul Bashar warned of inaction, telling Bangladesh's bdnews24 Monday: "The effect on various species of trees and animals will be visible after at least three generations."

Stephen Brown is a godamn idiot, human beings make mistakes, ships breakdown, storms come up out of nowhere, plus there are potential terrorist threats, even Captains committing suicide after deliberately wrecking their vessels, spewing their toxic cargoes..

Captain Stephen Brown needs to write a formal retraction and take back his lies...but he won`t..

Enjoy the film..

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TEZ aka oil Tanker Exclusion Zone

A tanker exclusion zone (TEZ) has been established off the Pacific coast of Canada as a result of the discontinuance of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Tanker Routes.

The purpose of the TEZ is to keep laden tankers west of the zone boundary in an effort to protect the shoreline and coastal waters from a potential risk of pollution......

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Hey 989 years to go for BC Rail lease return