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Monday, December 29, 2014

End of Innocence

Written by Grant G

This time of year, festivities, food, blissful blessings, giving thanks for what he have while $dollaring our way to soothing our troubled souls, yes it is that simple, fooling one`s own mind with platitudes and plankton..

Nothing to read this time of year, care nothing of the fate of the millionaires Vancouver Canuck hockey team, won`t bow to the perceived greatness of hockey, a child`s game stolen by corporations, media`s at the ready distraction, look over there the Canucks won again, lost again, dominated the front pages again and again to the point of nausea, change the player serial or uniform number and it could be any year, 1980...1997 or unfortunately, 2030...

Stories of the year, vote away, select, choose or raise your hand the story(s) have already been chosen, volunteering a mouse click keeps your membership and chains connected to the hamster wheel...

2014`s story(s) of the year, the Ottawa shooting, yea, sure it is, because Stephen Harper and the Corporate media wanted it to be.

That was the one and only happening in 2014 that gave Stephen Harper any bump in the polls, yet so many others stories flew under the radar, mystery stories, everyday someone in Canada just vanishes, never to be seen again, young white males, aboriginals and even bloggers, one day here then gone, without a trace, hundreds of Canadians just vanish from the face of the earth every year, ever wonder where they went?

For The Straight Goods and me personally there were two stories that mattered plus the end of privacy as we know it, the latter story directly connected to the first, the first is the missing plane(s)...A Boeing 777 with all the bells n whistles, GPS, black boxes, satellite links, engines that pulsed out real-time data and location every 15 minutes just vanishes, like our missing Canadians, without a trace.

I read a story


Not that story linked above.


 British officials say hackers in 2015 will be able to and are planning to take complete control of your car`s computers, they`ll have the ability to cause mayhem and havoc galore and that got me to thinking, the missing Boeing 777...That`s what happened, it was hacked into and that`s the big secret airlines and Governments don`t want the public to know about, it could literally destroy the aviation industry..

Sony hacked, Target was hacked, big banks hacked, cell phones hacked, cyber attacks everywhere, how much security in a car`s computer system..Canadian Government`s computers hacked, that Boeing 777, and several other new airplanes that just vanished, I couldn`t put me finger on it as to what the industry was hiding...I believe these plane`s systems were hacked....And the industry is playing Russian Roulette by not informing the public...

Because of spying and complicit compliance by social media I....

Recently closed my Facebook page, not that I used it to socialize or find a friend(Say hello to Emma Regier, Sisters) Facebook for me was a means to post comments and place links under posted articles in the newspaper, Vancouver Sun..The Province and many other newspapers use Facebook for their comment boards..

A not so funny thing has been happening recently when on Facebook, it followed you everywhere, if you visited a website for say back pain, or appliance repairs within a day or two emails would appear, emails that promoted pain relief for sore-backs and or appliance sales, coincidences over and over again, that was bad enough, Facebook was data mining and tracking your every move....

It went further, Facebook and almost all social media sites, plus service providers caved into federal governments in the USA and Canada, they freely handed over any and all information asked of them, well, not doing anything illegal I put up with this invasion of privacy until....Until invasion of privacy turned into these social media entities silencing those who the powers at be didn`t want to be heard, at the whim of those who govern and regulate and police, and by requests of corporations.

Let me clarify, ...CKNW, a rightwing hack radio station...For years and years I battled the likes of Bill Good, Sean Leslie and other radio voices, a regular and well-known caller, in fact Bill Good at one-time described me as an all-star caller, ...Always had very pertinent and usually damaging to the BC Government information to report...4 months before the 2009 provincial election and the 2013 provincial election CKNW banned my phone calls, for political reasons, because the governing BC Liberals who spent plentiful $$$ on advertising, on CKNW, those governing BC Liberals didn`t want me to report damaging to Government information...CKNW obliged, the mighty $dollar and power trumped freedom of speech..

Over time I learned, as many others have learned that depending on what you are saying and who your words may harm freedom of speech is anything but..Persecution, prosecution, denial and SLAAP law suits follow...

Facebook comment boards, to my surprise because of me inserting links to Straight Good`s articles, links to Tyee articles, Norm Farrel articles, links to reports of oil spills, tanker spills, links to devastating articles that harm the powers at be, those powers being Governments and big oil  corporations, also known as advertisers, like Kinder Morgan, CAPP, Enbridge, Suncor ....

To my surprise my Facebook comments were now blocked....Never ever said anything libelous or slanderous, never linked to holocaust denial stories or Luke Magnotta videos....My links slammed energy company`s claims, Government claims, ...So effective and damning my articles and other writer`s words be that the controlling powers asked for and received silence, muting of those truth tellers..Therefore I had no choice but to deactivate my Facebook page....

And that my friends IS the story of the year, the internet is now an open domain, Governments, police, security agencies, hackers, corporations, almost everyone is now watching and monitoring your every online move, what websites, what hours, when, how often, privacy online is fiction, ancient lore, like Dodo birds and Sabertooth tigers privacy is long-gone..

Oh how everything goes full circle, thinking back, old movies where operators physically patched you through to the other party, one phone call at a time, those operators could listen in on any call if they wished, today it is no different, the Government is listening in, their over-arching goal is not security, per se, the security Governments are concerned with protecting is their own political security, stop anyone or anything that can end their grip on power.

I mentioned two stories of the year, internet privacy, gone, now so is innocent interaction between the sexes.

In Garden Bay I cut the cablevision , in Burnaby mom still watches the propagandacasts(cablevision),....Gian Ghomeshi was an animal and deserves a severe beatdown, with luck his prison buddies will oblige, Bill Cosby, the good television doctor and the voice of Fat Albert, both with more money than god, both with ladies offering themselves in full, both deviants, both deserving hardtime behind bars, in Bill Cosby`s case he is too old and can`t spend enough time incarcerated to atone for his sins..

As a strong male presence, don`t know how to address girls anymore, can you say nice dress, like your hair cut, those with legs that don`t end, busting out on top, dresses designed to attract men`s eyes, I`m left with merely giving the other fairer sex a brief smile..

I mentioned television, the station that was airing tonight, ads for Trojan condoms, special condoms, lubrication on the inside for him and different lube on the outside for her(?)...And another real sleazy ad..This ad has a young pretty blonde girl(?)...She talks about how she may look young but she`s actually real experienced, ..Then she says..."Were 18, call us up and come play with us"....A very distasteful ad, using too young girls to entice too old men, money knows no moral high ground, I worry about saying you look nice to smartly dressed ladies while sleazy television pimps still promote heavy breathing and telephone masturbation, money knows no morality...

2014 will go down as the year we lost the last of our innocence....Because of sexual freaks like Bill Cosby and Gian Ghomeshi men like me can`t compliment beautiful ladies for all the hard work they put into to making themselves glitter and shine...We are left with generic you look nice compliments..

And as for the internet, Facebook, Twitter, all service providers have already caved into to powers that be, none of you have any online privacy anymore, your every move is tracked, every website you visit recorded, your emails read, we all are victims of data mining..


 "While it is true that Bill C-13 contains several new warrants that require court approval (albeit with a lower evidentiary standard), what the government fails to acknowledge is that telecom companies and Internet providers already hand over subscriber data hundreds of times every day without court oversight. In fact, newly released data suggests that the companies have established special databases that grant law enforcement quick access to subscriber information without a warrant"



2014....Chivalry gone...innocence no more, privacy a thing of the past, all that`s left is a number and category, deeming you either friend or foe..

Fighting internet privacy bills, stopping legislation giving police or government more access..

That horse left the barn long ago, internet and spying legislation being drafted is merely legalizing what Government and corporations are already doing....Call it After-The-Fact-Legislation..


To all you gorgeous ladies out there, I might not be saying anything but I`m still thinking it, thank you for being beautifully there...And..

Stephen Harper and his Conman Party, Christy Clark and her gang of grifters...May you lying thieving corporate controlled bastards and bitches rot in hell..

Signed...... Foe 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


John's Aghast said...

Scary. isn't it? I don't need no hacker controlling my '76 GMC pickup. It has a will of its own.
Happy New Year Grant.

Anonymous said...

We are living in very evil times. Canada reminds me of the old Soviet Union or China. Big brother is watching you.

Not only do we have to contend with, a corrupt Federal Government. We also have to cope with, the corrupt BC Liberal Government, that supports Harper. It isn't beneath any of their dignities, to cheat to win either.

Big brother is watching us already. A weekend bird watchers group, with a $16,000 per year budget are being audited as, they may be donating to anti-tar sands groups.

Wonder what other dirty deeds are being plotted behind our backs, during this x-mas break.

Anonymous said...

Very true about the internet. You really made me think about the plane disappearing and how the story disappeared too. Thanks for all your great work Grant.

Hey have you read any stuff about Edward Bernays? BBC has a great documentary about him and his work on propaganda/public relations called the"The Century of the Self", the four one hour segments are posted on VIMEO for now. And also read one of Bernay's books online "Propaganda": mind blowing.

TPTB have been manipulating us ordinary people like crazy for decades.

Anyways, happy new Year and thanks again.

---very regular reader

Grant G said...

Edward Bernay made propaganda seem so simple, and it was...

Propaganda in the 21st century is completely different, well, maybe different is the wrong term, ..

Propaganda today targets every segment of one`s life, from birth to death, from diapers to depends..

At one time propaganda only targeted bits and bites of one`s life...Today only a scant, miniscule part of a person`s life isn`t subject to propaganda..

Sports is propaganda,..food..health..medicine..liquor..Drugs..Today Everything and everyone is being manipulated and controlled like characters in a video game.

Herr Goebells and Edward Bernay would be blushing at the level of propaganda sophistication..


Jon Ghun said...

Canadians have yet to receive an explanation of how Arthur Porter came to be appointed as the head of SIRC, the Security Intelligence Review Committee. It's a major scandal that, oddly, the politicians don't seem to want to touch. That CSIS didn't vet this critical "national security" appointment obliges us to conclude that they are Kanada's Keystone Kops. That such a patently inept bunch are acquiring steadily increasing powers to interfere in the lives of Canadian citizens is very disturbing.


Grant G said...

Nobody talks about the string of Stephen Harper appointed criminals..Bruce Carson.


Media let Sona go quietly..

Duffy, Wallin, Wright, Brazeau..

Gazebos and helicopter fly fishing trips...

And we have the National Post running garbage with these absurd titles.

Isolationist path: Canada’s military policy would differ much under a Trudeau government


Canada`s corporate media has already decided, surrounding one with felons, appointing thieves to positions of power is far less unsavory than...

Than to stop dropping bombs on those impervious Middle Eastern tribes.

If one is paying attention...Everyday there are stories about alleged lone wolf attacks in Australia..Britain, everywhere..including Pakistan..India..


Our media will never let this go, lone wolf stories, even vague lone wolf stories...

Mr Ghun..Lone wolf attacks...For every lone wolf attack resulting in 1 death in the world...

Another 10,000 people are murdered for the regularly accepted way, over...Drugs, money, revenge, politics, turf,..

When those lone wold stories appear in our papers..

Ignore them, don`t click the link..Our corrupt media won`t stop until the public goes..Ho Hum.


Grant G said...

Oops..Wrong link.


For the Record said...

Falling Oil Prices Could Rock Canada's Politics: Expert: An interview with Terry Lynn Karl, who wrote the book on petro states.

By Andrew Nikiforuk, 18 Dec 2014, TheTyee.ca

Nikiforuk: "There are many such indicators in Alberta and Canada. Pipelines dominate all political discussion. Environmental legislation has been gutted while environmentalists and aboriginals protecting their land have been branded as foreign-funded radicals. The Harper government has centralized power enormously. Climate change is regarded with skepticism. Little money has been saved from oil. Alberta is a fiscal
basket case. Foreign policy consists of bashing other petro states because Canada has so-called ethical oil. And scientific dissent has
been muzzled."

Karl:"This does not surprise me. Democracies today are especially vulnerable to oil interests. But if oil prices stay low, this political arrangement won't last over time.

"Instead, if prices continue declining and if they stay low for a few years (two big 'ifs') -- they have already dropped 40 per cent but no one knows whether this price will endure -- expect the following: a rapidly declining Canadian dollar, greater problems over pipelines, the reduction of future investments, and a very bumpy oil ride, especially for Alberta.

"Any adverse effect low oil prices will have on Canada's high cost oil industry will have a multiplier effect on the economy and polity. Government services will be cut back, house sales will decline, and banking will slow down. Canadians will not be so happy with their government."


Anonymous said...


.....Also following us around in Canada, I know it happened to me.

Also when I type NWO in the body of an email message 'the computer' immediately changes it to NOW. It doesn't do it here, only in email messages as far as I know. This has been happening for several months now.

Anonymous said...

I had the same experience with Facebook, and also chose to deactivate my account as a result.

As far as the comment about CRA targeting anti-tar sands groups... Connect the dots exposing why and how this is occurring...

Mega global corporation, CGI, who are partners with Harper & his cons, who have awarded CGI contracts with our government worth BILLIONS & even made the head of CGI's Board of Directors our new GG, now run CRA...


Here is just the tip of the iceberg of CGI's contracts with CRA...



Harper & his government are wasting millions paying CGI as middleman to contract out federal government contracts..."CGI, a large Canadian IT firm, has an ongoing contract to take care of the revenue agency's IT needs"...


While CGI are also major partners with the 1%, including oil & gas companies, including those involved in the tar sands...

"Spotlight on CGI's oil and gas offering in Canada"...


"CGI partners with hundreds of oil and gas companies..."...


Document on CGI's website proving CGI are partners with Nexen who are significantly involved in the tar sands...


And speaking of Facebook and CGI...CGI also have MAJOR contracts with the NSA, which explains why the comments I posted on Facebook were blocked, and likely explain why yours were too, Grant...

CGI do the spying and data collection for the NSA...


“CGI greatly values its continuing partnership with the Department of Homeland Security in support of its mission to protect the homeland, prevent terrorism, enforce and administer immigration laws, promote commerce and respond to disasters...The five-year, multiple-award contract has a total value of $11 billion across awardees for a wide range of strategically sourced support services for DHS and its component agencies.”...


"CGI is launching a Canadian defence, public safety and intelligence unit based on similar efforts in the United States. Lieutenant-General Andrew Leslie, who retired earlier this month after a 30-year career with the Canadian Forces, will head the unit."...


Canadians know very little about CGI, while the evidence proves CGI know EVERYTHING about us, and have EVERYTHING to do with the extremely negative changes occurring in our country at this time, and for some time now...

Grant G said...

Sorry anon..6:27 AM...Your comment got stuck in the span folder(because of its length)

This entire CGI thing is down right scary..I`ve Been so busy battling on other fronts, to be honest I steered away from this issue..It appears to need a forensic team of contract readers and legaleze...

I do have some more to add to the pile of hmmm..


Adding to the evidence that Amanda Lang


is corruptly connected to and working for CGI...she wrote an article published in The Globe and Mail in 2013 specifically saying Canadians shouldn't worry about Information Technology workers from India coming to Canada and displacing Canadian workers, as part of the Temporary Foreign Workers program, when the evidence proves CGI is bringing Information Technology workers from India, as The Globe and Mail article posted below proves, and when CGI, an information technology company, are one of the companies authorized to use the temporary foreign workers program, a program which is part of Harper's Government's Canada's Economic Action Plan, while CGI are partners with Harper and his government, and have major contracts with Employment and Social Development Canada...

"Information technology workers displaced in Canada are being replaced not by cheap Indian workers but by better ones. India has emerged as a centre of excellence in applications development, for instance, and so a business needing the very best in that field will seek it out. That may be bad news for a Canadian IT worker, but it’s very good news for the economy. (The sideshow about hiring temporary foreign workers is just that – a sideshow. That program is not about outsourcing jobs but about importing labour or expertise not available in Canada.)"...


"Since April, he and 39 other former U.S. employees of Satyam, all Indian nationals, have called PEI home. They now work for CGI Group Inc., a Canadian computer services company, in a jarring relocation that has meant a new company, a new country and a new culture of small-city life."...


"Alberta is ground zero, McGowan said. Some 85,000 temporary foreign workers call the province home and the results, he said, are all too visible.", while CGI is major partners with the Alberta Government, as well as with many of the corporations that are authorized to use the temporary foreign workers program...


"Which companies are authorized to use temporary foreign workers? View the entire list..."...



I found this evidence immediately after I began to search for evidence further connecting Amanda Lang to CGI, and I thought you might find it of interest.


This information was sent to me by the Dear Professor..

I will take a closer look in the near future.

However, being s simple speaking/writing person..

It scares the bejesus out of me..

And confirms what this post was about..Facebook, a spy site, tracking your every move, plus it censors those who harm the powers that be..

What other explanation could there be for Facebook to block my comments, block me from displaying links..

Furthermore, emails are read, anyone deemed Foe is tracked online 24/7...

I have been targeted...This is why it is so important to spread stories around online immediately before the EMP trolls blast your data...

End of Innocence...


Grant G said...

Anon 3:53 AM....You are up very late my dear friend, indulging in pie I`m sure..

That article on Prism...I would like to point out where the CEO`s of those big companies admit what is being said is true, while denying it..?

Cut n pasted from that Huff post article..


"We have never heard of PRISM,” Apple said in a statement. “We do not provide any government agency with direct access to our servers, and any government agency requesting customer data must get a court order.”


And this, cut n pasted from the same article..


"I want to respond personally to the outrageous press reports about PRISM," Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a public Facebook message Friday evening. "Facebook is not and has never been part of any program to give the US or any other government direct access to our servers."


Can you see it?....It is as plain as day, those 2 individuals are admitting that the Government has access to their data...The key word is..

"Direct" access...Don`t you find it interesting that both CEOs used the word "Direct" access..

They carefully avoided using the statement..In other words, why didn`t Zuckerberg say this instead

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a public Facebook message Friday evening. "Facebook is not and has never been part of any program to give the US or any other government access to our servers.

I wrote the above paragraph...These CEOs think, actusally they can fool most of the people by using the words..

"Direct access"....Direct was inserted to provide an out, to be able to admit to something while denying it..

Talk to you later my late night friend.


What Is To Be Done? said...

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. …We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of. This is a logical result of the way in which our democratic society is organized. Vast numbers of human beings must cooperate in this manner if they are to live together as a smoothly functioning society. …In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons…who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.”

Edward Bernays – Propaganda – 1928

Anonymous said...

RE: CGI & "The Guardian and The Washington Post reported on the existence of a secret program known as PRISM through which the NSA has gained access to the personal data of millions people using a host of communications services run by major American technology companies including Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Apple, and AOL..."...


...Meet the middleman, CGI, or rather BIG BROTHER...

"CGI today announced an enterprise alliance with Microsoft Corporation, which will enable CGI to develop and deploy leading edge solutions for the telecommunications, government and financial services markets across the United States and Canada."...


In 2004 Canadian IT corporation, CGI, merged with American Management Systems, also known as AMS, an American IT corporation founded by 5 former Defense Department "Whiz Kids" that specialized in American Government contracts, primarily national security & military contracts.

Initially the merged companies went by CGI-AMS, and on September 2, 2005 CGI-AMS acquired Silver Oak Solutions, which included the program they developed known as PRISM.

CGI-AMS then became just CGI & took over AMS's contracts to do the spying & data collection for the NSA, & currently have contracts with the NSA & Homeland Security worth BILLIONS.

CGI employee, Barbara Fast, speaking for the director of the NSA, Gen. Keith B. Alexander...


"Big data presents big opportunities, and the right way to capitalize on it is different for each organization. Data volumes for most organizations are growing rapidly, along with the variety of non-traditional data sources, such as social media...CGI’s Next Generation Information Warehouse offering is designed to bring that perspective, along with innovative solutions for improving your data management and leveraging big data to drive profitable growth"...


CGI develop Apps for Apple for IPhone...

"The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) launched a “whereabouts” mobile application for more than 25,000 athletes worldwide. Developed by CGI, the ADAMS app enables athletes to enter, check and change information on their whereabouts as part of their WADA regulatory obligations.

The app meets stringent privacy and security requirements...It is now available for athletes with Apple mobile devices via the iTunes App Store."...


"Furthermore, emails are read, anyone deemed Foe is tracked online 24/7"...

"Canada’s top telecom providers, serving 23 million wireless subscribers, have chosen CGI for our IT services expertise. Our telecoms and media offerings cover CGI’s end-to-end service offering—including business consulting, systems integration and IT outsourcing services...We’ve built long-term partnerships with Canadian clients, such as Bell Canada"...


Just the tip of the iceberg...

Anonymous said...

Very interesting Aug 4, 2014 Reuters story on the hackability of airplane control systems.

It was linked in this good Dec 30 article from Slate on how the "internet of things" is not secure at all.

---a very regular reader