Thursday, December 18, 2014

Stephen Harper and C.D. Howe`s Ominous Warning

 Written by Grant G

Sometimes articles appear out of nowhere and all one can do is shake your head in disbelief.

British Columbians should make health care contributions now to avoid $384 billion shortfall: report

BC`s LNG fantasy is a complete and total bust but even IF Christy Clark`s preposterous claims came true, even if her LNG revenue claims were correct who knew that those grandiose predictions of a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, elimination of BC`s debt($80 billion not counting contractual obligations) monies for infrastructure, northern communities, money for First Nations, even the possibility of eliminating our BC sales tax...Who knew that even if all that money flowed into British Columbia`s coffers over the next 35 years it wouldn`t even cover our provincial healthcare looming shortfall!

Oh indeed, what this article is saying in not so many words is....Canada is broke, British Columbia is broke and that taxation for the masses will rise exponentially regardless of what economic activity takes place..

This scenario is being painted by the rightwing organization known as the C. D. Howe institute...Their claim is British Columbia, a province that has about 1/10th of Canada`s population is 384 $billion dollars short on healthcare funding over the next 50 years, and that a new funding/taxing model must be created to avert the demise of the Canada heath act, ..

C. D. Howe claims that taxes for the rubes would have to rise by 70% percent to head off this crises, the institute suggests either payroll taxes be increased as one option, but prefers the creation of a new contribution regime similar to Canada pension, a new fund directed at healthcare costs..

Clearly we know that the C D Howe institute, like the Fraser Institute speaks for the Stephen Harper Government, ...Jack Mintz, Alberta`s renown economist, the author of the HST, the tax Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals shoved down British Columbia`s throat after the 2009 provincial election...A tax that would have taken roughly $2 billion dollars out of ordinary BCers hands every year and put that money into the hands of the corporations...

Jack Mintz is the C D Howe institute..

Jack Mintz bio
Jack Mintz is a Fellow-in-Residence at the
C.D. Howe Institute and also holds the
Palmer Chair in Public Policy, University of Calgary. He was the President and CEO of
the C. D. Howe Institute 


In the C. D. Howe article that appeared yesterday in the Vancouver Sun, ...This rightwing Stephen Harper advising institute rules out other means of funding this massive near $400 billion dollar British Columbia healthcare shortfall...C D Howe rules out any increases in Federal transfers from Ottawa, ...C. D. Howe rules out any increase in corporate taxes...

Only taxing individuals, the little people must pay....The article is hilarious in a scary way, it`s British Columbia specific yet we aren`t much different than most of Canada and at 1/10th of Canada`s population one can surmise, deduce, extrapolate that Canada must be short that British Columbia number times 10....Meaning Canada as a whole over the next 50 years must be short in healthcare funding a staggering $4 trillion dollars ....$4 trillion dollars short on healthcare funding...

C. D. Howe talks about aging baby boomers, but their article spans the next 50 years, no mention of year 51, I guess magically in 51 years everyone is suddenly young, or perhaps have developed gills and swimming abilities in order to cope with our new water world, I`m not sure..

50 years from now even the teenagers of today will be old men, old woman...chasing 70 years of age, C. D. Howe ....The way the article is presented Canada`s population is and will be permanently old and...Sickly, needing massive amounts of expensive healthcare.

This is the shot across the bow from Stephen Harper and our rightwing Harper junior farm team BC Liberals..More average Joe Taxation is coming, healthcare shortages guaranteed, healthcare transfer payments from Ottawa to provinces slashed and the creation of two tier medicine, good quality care for the wealthy and first-aid kits for the rest...

Stephen Harper has already promised to reduce healthcare transfer payment increases from Ottawa to provinces starting in 2017 to the rate of inflation which everyone knows is always kept artificially very low, energy, housing costs and other essential life staples removed from the equation..Kept artificially very low..

C. D. Howe rejects any and all federal transfer payment increases, C D Howe rejects any raising of corporate taxes to pay for this looming money shortfall...Jack Mintz, Stephen Harper`s favorite economist, his go to guy for advise and spin...

Funny how C D Howe didn`t call for cancelling income splitting for Canada`s wealthy, to put that $5 billion per year cost of this niche tax cut for the wealthy into a healthcare fund...50 years and that money just from the niche income splitting tax cut would accrue $250 billion dollars, 1/4 of a $trillion dollars, and that`s without that money accruing interest, in the right fund who knows how much money that niche income splitting tax cut money could garner..

And let us be perfectly clear, Jack Mintz is Stephen Harper`s advising economist, thus making C. D. Howe the rightwing institute that guides Stephen Harper`s every economic maneuver..

Here is Jack Mintz praising Stephen Harper`s niche income splitting tax cut for the wealthy..


 "As another economist, Calgary's Jack Mintz, argues, the Harper policy is desirable because "The purpose of income splitting is to treat more equally families of different types under the income tax system. Single-earner families bear more tax than dual-earner families."


One must read between the tea leaves, C. D. Howe obviously doesn`t believe one word of Christy Clark and the BC Liberal`s grandiose revenue promises associated with LNG...C D Howe obviously doesn`t believe a single word out of Stephen Harper and his Conservative party`s mouth either, all their bluster about Canada being the economic envy of the world, we can`t afford home mail delivery and now we can`t afford healthcare....C. D. Howe is lining us regular indebted Canadians up against the wall and is preparing our future as taxation peasants..Preparing us to accept less and less while paying more and more.

Stephen Harper has already announced that healthcare funding transfers from Ottawa are on the way down as of 2017...C. D. Howe, Harper`s go to rightwing thinktank has ruled out transfer payment increases to fund healthcare`s funding shortfall, ruled out increases in corporate taxation, and at the same time Jack Mintz, C. D. Howe institute and Stephen Harper and his Conservative party are applauding and defending tax cuts for Canada`s already wealthy..

That C. D. Howe authored article posted in the rightwing Vancouver Sun newspaper and its implications should scare all Canadians, C. D. Howe is not some fly by night outfit, they have more than just Stephen Harper`s ear, they own Stephen Harper`s oily corporate soul, C. D. Howe Institute is dictating Stephen Harper`s every economic move..

Have a close look at Stephen Harper`s new Canada....No mail delivery...A police state..A petro state..A war-monger country who doesn`t even care for its broken down soldiers...A land where clean water, wildlife and working eco-systems are merely impediments blocking the movement of dirty tar oil from Alberta, healthcare and pensions being razed, while simultaneously cutting taxes on the corporate and well-to-do....The 5% percent being handed everything at the expense of all others..

Welcome To Stephen Harper-Land

 British Columbians should make health care contributions now to avoid $384 billion shortfall: report

Written by Grant G 

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Beware of Stephen Harper, Canada`s Crime Minister.

John's Aghast said...

You sure have a way with words Grant! Keep up the good work. Non Illegitimus Carborundum.

Jon Ghun said...

We are not presently free and live in a privately-owned plantation system where they control almost everyone by creating legal tender out of thin air.

Let me say that again: They create "money" out of nothing; and we indebt ourselves by borrowing it from their so-called banks; which are really brokerage houses of debt, which only play nice by taking deposits when we happen to scrape together a surplus that they can use to further scam others.

It's all debt-based sham, which is made doubly diabolical by requiring an additional payment of compounding interest (which was never actually issue).

This fraud eventually enslaves and ultimately ruins the souls of the people bound by it.

The oligarchs of the One Bank are starting to signal their intention to squeeze even more blood from what little is left from our labour. That they're moving to have their managerial class scale back the health care provided to the rubes is merely the next logical step in continuing to collect on government debt.

Why, because they are the creditors and we are the serfs on the hook for the debt (and increasingly less useful versus lower cost slaves abroad).

This system can only get worse until we throw off the shackles and learn to live as free people.

Grant G said...

Oh indeed...Creditor predators.

The Dow 30 rose 800 points in 2 days, Japan, Europe in Recession, China contracting fast, earnings and business fundamentals woefully lagging..

The Federal Reserves hints at keeping interest payments low for an extended time and the market goes nuts...

And the interest was only going to rise 0.25%...

If that didn`t spark the market Qe4 was the next bullet..

Print another 20 $trillion fiat dollars..

Thanks John Aghast..

Mr. Ghun..

Yes indeed...

What the public needs to do as a group..

Everyone in Canada must borrow as much money as they can...And as a group everyone raise their middle finger and tell the gangster banksters to fuck off. Default as a block.

They can`t kill us ALL

Just for the Record said...

I see: C.D. Howe, just slightly left of the Fraser Institute and the National Citizens Coalition believe that we should all pay a greater amount for our health care so that the rich can have their taxes reduced to create an even bigger hoard of funds in offshore accounts.

Why am I not surprised!

Anonymous said...