Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ezra Levant And Brian Lilly, On Tour and Invisible

Ezra and Brian’s execrable adventure

Contributors to The Straight Goods send me articles, stories and a myriad of varied data,...

Most stuff we`ve perused or seen already, other stuff is filed for possible future use and sometimes the material is so funny, so interesting that an instant post must be cobbled together..

Today is instant post cobbling day..

My contributing friend David B sent me this...

I watch Sunnews, Ezra Levant, Brian Lilly...Michael Coren..And the Sunnews Skankettes with their sleeveless attire obsession...I don`t watch Sunnews for news, or great reporting, not for editorial content I watch Sunnews for but one reason....

To see what Stephen Harper is up to, what his latest public conning scheme is...As you know, Sunnews is a Stephen Harper Conservative Party flagship soap-box..

I was aware that Brian Lilly and Ezra Levant had planned a Sunnews free-speech tour, a mini-tour ahead of the next Federal election, a tour designed to preach Stephen Harper`s platform, a tour designed to bash Justin Trudeau and Thomas Mulcair..

I already knew that Sunnews is watched by mostly hard-core cartoon enthusiasts and the ancient, as in very old and confused stuck in the 40s electorate...Also wondered in my mind..

Who the hell would pay to hear Brian Lillly or Ezra Levant?...Now keep this in mind...Sunnews had been advertising this free-speech tour featuring Brian and Ezra for about a month...

Tour stops were scheduled for Swift Current Saskatchewan, Red Deer Alberta and Penticton B.C.(Christy Clark country)..

David B sent me this article...

And guess what...A mere handful of seats were sold in Swift Current...30 seats sold in a facility that has a capacity of more than 400...and there is even more trouble..

Ezra`s manager called and cancelled the event....So the tour continues to Red Deer....or does it..

63 seats have been sold in Red Deer Alberta in a 300 seat facility, in the middle of Stephen Harper-land Sunnews and their star media personalities have less drawing power than a traveling carney midway show with stale 3 day old corn dogs...

And as for the Penticton B.C. gig....That too may be cancelled...Because according to the Penticton legion where is was scheduled for, on a Friday night..From the staff at the Penticton Legion, and I quote..

"If that`s a Friday, then there`s bingo here at 4:00 o`clock.. but maybe they can get set in time for 7:30 pm, I don`t know, call back and ask Karen"

Wrong name..Ezra Levant`s and Brian Lilly`s EXCREMENT tour!

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Hugh said...

"The papers show that Canada has opted out of nearly every resolution to protect endangered species taken at last year's meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES)."

Grant G said...

Yea, I know Hugh....Stephen Harper just can`t help himself from revealing the real Harper..

Species get in his way, water gets in Harper`s way too..

Once all the species are dead and water polluted Stephen Harper will be content.