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Keith Baldrey, Sean Leslie and Tom Fletcher, Our Blind, Deaf and Deliberately Dumb Legislative Reporters(BC Liberals Disguised As Media)

British Columbia LNG – the Press give the Liberals a free pass

Posted on December 11, 2014

Can you imagine. . .

  • if an NDP provincial government told voters it would create a huge new industry that would bring full employment, fill the public treasury and eliminate the provincial debt?
  • if they promised that this wonderful new industry would start operating by 2015?
  • if not a single player in this new industry had made any commitment to go ahead, as of 3 weeks before the start of 2015?
  • if they promised a tax on the new industry that would ensure that the public got the full benefit of all that business activity?
  • if they junked that taxation plan and instead brought in a tax that would raise one-tenth as much revenue from each operator in this industry as they already raise selling alcohol?
  • if the companies looking at launching the industry all started dropping out of the game one at a time?
  • if the biggest and most likely player in the new industry announced they were shelving their plans, probably for at least 10 or 15 years?
  • if an NDP government still claimed that the new industry was a done deal and would be operating in full gear by 2020?
  • and if the press still covered this fiasco as though the NDP government knew what it was doing and might be telling voters the truth?
Neither can I.  But that’s what’s happening in British Columbia in the Liberal government’s LNG fantasy.

If they were the NDP, they would be laughed out of office.


The above website speaks to truth, their article is spot-on...I have been trying to get through John Horgan`s head that he and the NDP have no friends in the media.

It`s true, if the NDP promised so much and delivered nothing the headlines attacking the NDP would never end...Remember Glen Clark`s fudged budget, a mere $200 million discrepancy....Remember Gordon Campbell`s $2 billion dollars off  the mark fudged election budget, followed by the HST rammed down our throat....

We still haven`t heard the last of the fast ferries history of the NDP...$400 million spent(in BC, with BC Labour and materials)    Yet the BC Liberals went $400 million dollars over budget on the Convention center, ...$600 million dollars for a non-working retractable roof...BC Place cost a mere $20 million to originally build...Canada Line was $1 billion dollars over budget...South Fraser perimeter road..$400 million over budget..Golden Ears bridge $400 million over budget..Northwest transmission line $400 million over budget....Fare-gates..Compass card..E computer systems within Children`s ministry..Everything over budget, not on time or still incomplete...BC Liberals have taken our BC debt from $28 billion in 2001 to over $80 billion today..

Yet Keith Baldrey...Mike Smyth, Sean Leslie, Tom Fletcher..Vancouver Sun..Global B.C...CKNW report nothing...The above posting about the media silence on a dead n buried LNG industry is telling.

Christy Clark will have resigned from office before any energy companies build any LNG facilities..

Just Yesterday Christy Clark is telling the world that British Columbia will be the world`s second largest exporter of LNG..We have not one shovel in the ground on any project, a world LNG market already awash in excess gas with 150 million more tonnes of export capacity coming online from other countries in the next 2 years, leading to an ultra saturated LNG market...We have not one LNG shovel in the ground..

In my opinion, and the opinions of most BCers...The BC Liberals are corrupt, inept, out of ideas, they have hidden debt under every government seat cushion, in every crown corporation, they are running scared, looking for a way out...Selling a $billion dollars worth of assets every year won`t cut it..Oh and how the media slurps up Christy Clark`s chicken poop, promotes the fiction of a balanced budget without mentioning the selling of assets...The BC Liberals couldn`t run a peanut stand...
However, the biggest threat to British Columbia and our finances is a corrupt corporate owned media..CAPP..Kinder Morgan..Enbridge...Without big oil advertising all those above mentioned media joints would be bankrupt...

For advertising $dollars our media has engaged in false reporting, false facts, corporate spin, bluster and lies..

As reported here yesterday...There is a growing group of internet savvy people who see the media for what they are...corrupt, unethical, corporate biased...Enemies of British Columbia and of Canadians..

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