Friday, December 19, 2014

Enbridge Spills 56,700 Gallons of OIL, and Attempts To Conceal the Information From the Public?(breaking)



Enbridge Line 4 spills 56,700-gallons of oil, causing closure of pipeline to U.S.


The Vancouver Observer has confirmed that Enbridge has spilled another huge amount of crude oil..

The most disturbing part of this report is....It appears that Enbridge was not going to report this massive oil spill in Saskatchewan as the spill was within the confines of an Enbridge pumping station grounds...

Evidence is pointing to an Enbridge employee, a whistleblower who tipped the Vancouver Observer to this oil spilling event..

The spill has now been confirmed by Enbridge..


The day began for at The Vancouver Observer yesterday with an email allegedly from an "Enbridge Inc. engineer" who wrote that the spill was massive and that the scope of it remained unreported.
"We just had another massive oil leak on December 17 from our Line 4 oil
pipelines in our Regina Terminal. This has not been made fully public yet," the alleged hacker wrote

Dubious of the identity of the source, a reporter called the number listed on the contact form.  The man who answered said it was his account, he was the person in question, but he had not written the email. His account was being hacked, he said, and it was not the first time. 

The alleged hacker contacted the Vancouver Observer about the spill twice yesterday through the website's "contact us" form.  The IP address points to an Enbridge server.
We have not yet been able to confirm if the impacts of the spill are worse than the company has revealed.

"Air monitoring is being conducted and levels are well within safety limits. Enbridge first responders with clean-up and response equipment are on-site and expect the cleanup of free product to be completed tomorrow," the company's official statement said.

"Immediately upon Enbridge's confirmation of the release, the pipeline and pumping station were shut down. Assessments have confirmed that the release occurred entirely within the facility, and that all product is contained on-site in designated catchment areas. All regulatory, municipal and provincial officials have been notified".

 Initial estimates place the volume of the release at approximately 1,350 barrels (subject to change).

"A complete investigation into the incident is being conducted. We are committed to the goal of reaching zero spills and will thoroughly investigate the incident for lessons learned. At this time there is no estimate for the re-start of Line 4. Enbridge has notified shipper clients and will work with them to mitigate any impacts to deliveries."




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