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Merry Christmas From Parliament Hill ,2013 Edition


             Merry Christmas From Parliament Hill ,2013 Edition

Written by Robin Mathews

T’is some days before Christmas, and all through The House
The PM’s voice drones.  He’s attempting to douse
The things being said there that all know are true
And replace them with rancid and festering brew.

His MPs are trained seals, with nary a brain –
“Elected” there by voters, completely in vain.
His Office is full of appointees with might -
All ‘Truthful’ And ‘Honest’, ‘Upholding The Wright’.

They strong-arm whoever might step out of line.
Or they bribe (if it works). For all think that’s just fine.
They’re the worst of the rot in a system decayed –
Betraying, for pay, ‘the people’ (by whom they are paid).

None tells the PM when a bribe is “to go”,
(Though Nigel, it seems, thought he had to do so),
For our PM has set up a dishonest shop
Where the crimes go ahead when he doesn’t say “Stop”.

With a memorized script, and dead, empty eyes ,
With a Robocall voice that denies and denies,
To a lobotomized chorus of cheering and cries - 
The PM pulls wool over NOBODY’S eyes.

On Duncan! On Aglukkak! Answer the call!
On Fantino! On James Moore! On Findlay! On all!
To the sewer! To the sleaze-pit. There’s no further to fall!
You chose Duffy, Pam Wallin, and poor Patrick Brazeau
To bring in, for payoffs, much partisan dough.

[What they spent (on the side) for their comfort and ease
Was okay while they proved how much they could please.]
Which is why, for Wallin, he stood by her side –
Reporting he’d checked out the True Spending Guide
And her spending’s appropriate [hoping his bold,
Blocking action would STOP every hot question - COLD].
But, then, Party Grassroots stirred up such a big fuss
The PM threw all three of them under the bus.

Orders flew to the Senate: “Act now as we say.
Betray them. Besmirch them. Just get them AWAY”.
That’s not a new game – and hardly surprise
As we watch him at work (with our wondering eyes).
He praises the troops and calls them our heroes.
But when they get home, he treats them as zeroes.
Budget payouts for veterans are plainly unfair -
As vets grow more and more sick, and sink deep in despair.
Lost to friends, and to families, to children, and wives,
They reach out … a last time - to take their own lives.
‘Veterans Affairs’ turns away, and refuses to count
Suicides by our vets – as they steadily mount!

[We suspect he tells all his Corporate friends
There’s more money for THEM as each veteran life ends!]
For he loves Corporations. They ‘stick it’ to workers,
Who, for him, are – without doubt - unConservative shirkers.
So he pays U.S. Steel, GM … and many more
To show our own people the Corporate door,
While their jobs and their every ‘secret-of-skill’
Go to some U.S labour camp over the hill.

He slashes and burns, and he attacks all the way
Every sign of free speech, for he wants single sway.
Obsessed with Control – and with hammer in hand,
He smashes and smashes all over the land.
We’ve watched his sick Party move deep into crime
To steal elections … more than one time.

He knew nothing, he says, when in 2006
A Con Careful Plan worked an Election Fraud Fix.
His Conservatives, lying and fighting in court,
Steered Stephen, by crooked ways, bent, into port.
And the Robocall fraud in 2011
Was sent to his Party from Mafia Heaven.
Lies, Fraud, Dirty Tricks, and Despicable Acts
Were used by his Cons to destroy voting facts.
They gained Dirty Power beyond Stephen’s dreams,
And they did it, remember, by CRIMINAL means.

Canadians must know – as Christmas draws near -
That there’s more – a lot more - that they really must fear.
With John Baird and the rest he will build Fascist Truth
And support it with thugs, to be called ‘Harper Youth’.
On Kenney! on Poilievre! on Ambrose and Raitt!
On Flaherty! on Clement! – Don’t ever go straight!
Your task – it is clear – is to shape this nation’s fate
As a jail-filled, truncheon-ruled, new Police State.
[Unless we all gather and challenge … and FIGHT,
There’ll be no:...


A lighthearted, rollicking, fun-loving Yuletide verse for Canadians. Send it to a friend.(Robin Mathews)


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