Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Keith Baldrey`s Revisionist History Distortions

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I hardly ever tweet on twitter, however, I did tweet Keith Baldrey, I told him to check out Global Facebook page..I told Keith Baldrey that their own Global BC viewers are calling the poll and suggestion that Enbridge support had risen.... Bullshit..!(Those Global BC Facebook comments are in the below link)

And guess what, Keith Baldrey responded to my public tweet ...however, he had no courage to tweet me back publically, no, he`s a coward, he sent me two private messges(tweets)..

Here they are..


Keith Baldrey Keith Baldrey
You have three whole followers! Wow!
09:46 PM - 21 Nov 13


After he insulted me with the three whole Twitter followers bullshit, I tweeted him back that I have thousands of blog followers and I rarely ever use twitter, my account is almost always shut, he sent me another private message..


Keith Baldrey
Off your meds again?
10:06 PM - 21 Nov 13


Keith Baldrey calls himself a pro, he couldn`t debate facts so he lashes out and brags about his twitter followers and then throws in a drug insult based on ...Well, based on the fact he had nothing else in his arsenal...All I did was point out to Baldrey what Global BC viewers were saying on Global`s Facebook page....Keith can`t handle the truth, or facts and id incapable of debating anyone, Keith Baldrey relies on a radio kill switch to turn of callers and a camera that doesn`t ask questions..Baldrey is a low-level hack, he has never produced on paper or public airwaves a critical thought, never produced journalism or presented honest research, just a lowly political carper baggar!


 That brings me to this December 18th/2013 post...

Keith Baldrey`s Revisionist History Distortions

Keith Baldrey`s lame column in the Burnaby Now today...

Clearly Keith is showing his BC Liberal stripes, those are black and white stripes identical to prison issue pajamas..

Keith Baldrey states the BC Business community dropped the ball on the HST, Baldrey states that the business community didn`t fight hard enough for the HST, he suggests that they laid back and let the anti-hst forces dictate the show...Clearly Keith Baldrey is back on some sort of inebriating sauce..

After Gordon Campbell stabbed every BCer in the back by bringing in the HST just days after our provincial election, a tax the BC Liberals stated was a no-go before the election...These BC Liberals spent $9 million dollars on ads promoting the HST...Car dealers advertised for it, mining ran ads, Forestry industry and of course the chamber of commerce were regular guests with Billy Good...Phil Hocstein..John Winters, SAM the caller..Every BC business pimp was given multiple radio segments to promote the HST...

Bill Vanderzalm was tarnished by the media, and we had the HST tax rammed down our throats for over 2 years, it created no jobs and stagnated our economy, everything good promised with the HST failed to materialize, then Christy Clark took over the BC Liberal leadership when Gordon Campbell fled the country in shame..

Christy Clark spent another $10 million dollar advertising sticks and lies in a HST blitz, all this leading up to the referendum, a referndum that came about after every BC riding signed in vast numbers to reject this regressive tax...Michael Campbell on his CKNW Saturday show promoted the HST every week, and every morning, every single radio personality at CKNW endorsed the HST..Bill Good, Gord MacDonald, Jon McComb, Phillip Til, Sean Leslie, Jill Bennett, every single one..In fact because of Bill Tieleman being one of the ANTI-HST protest leaders he lost his Monday morning quarterback radio spot..

The pro-HST forces outspent the anti-HST forces by a factor of 200 to 1....And we still won, yet Keith Baldrey claims that business, Government and the corporate sector laid back and played dead..

What are you smoking Keith Baldrey..

And Baldrey has stated that BC Business blew the Enbridge hearings, that they didn`t fight hard enough to get Enbridge built..

Really Keith Baldrey...?..What would those people have added to the NEB hearings?..That Enbridge was good for tourism?..That Enbridge is good for forestry?..Good for the movie business?...Good for fishing.

What would the chambers of commerce added to the Enbridge NEB hearings Keith Baldrey?...

Besides over $10 million dollars Enbridge has spent on advertising, fake ads, besides the Federal Harper Cons spending $10`s of millions advertising pipelines, tankers and more oil pipelines, Enbridge ads in theatres, on almost every online website there they are, distorted Enbridge ads, showing maps, somehow Enbridge`s advertised maps had thousands of missing islands, 800 rivers and streams removed from Enbridge`s maps, they showed pretty scenes of natural wildlife(Pictures from places Enbridge hasn`t poisoned), Joe Oliver threatening BCers, threatening environmentalists, Stephen Harper ordered a Canada Revenue Agency tax audit witchhunt against all environmental groups, spying on First Nations, on bloggers, on every enviro-group by the RCMP, CSIS, intimidation and thuggery launched by political goons..

And Baldrey is pouting that the deck is stacked against Enbridge....Also..

Enbridge lied their faces off through the entire NEB hearing process, Enbridge has spilled oil thousands of times, they have a brutal track record... Enbridge will soon find itself tied up in Provincial, Appeal, Federal and Supreme courts for the next decade, despite the ruling from the National Energy Board tomorrow...Just think Mackenzie Valley pipeline battle, BC First Nations have not signed treatings, they have not been consulted in full and have not been accommodated one iota..And Stephen Harper`s Conservative party are running out of time, 18 months more, at most, then booted from Government for either Justin Trudeau or Thomas Mulcair...Harper`s party is nothing but a comedy of fatal errors...Ezra Levant and Sunnews can spin like Linda Blair in the exorcist, it won`t change the facts..

Keith Baldrey continues his meme in his article, how BC`s Chamber of Commerce are lobbying Ottawa to ignore a second failed Environmental assessment and to just allow Tesako`s outrageous Prosperity mine, it would be the largest open pit mine in the world, a lake killing, Fraser River watershed tainting project...Obviously Keith Baldrey with that statement like that doesn`t believe in Democracy or process....Just say it Baldrey!!!...We don`t need or want no stinking Environmental assessments..

Keith Baldrey finishes off his rank amateur article by explaining to readers what the difference is between a highway system and a ferry service....In a very sanctimonious manner....!!!!

Really Keith...How about explaining the difference between a heli-jet ride across the Georgia Straight and a free inland ferry..

And how goes that Twitter followers counting game...Sheesh

 Who won WWII Keith Baldrey......Fascists?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Well Grant, not sure what Baldrey is smoking either. His "private" responses speak of the kind of human he is. Not much. And you know, I have personally emailed your blog site link as well as many others - Laila, Norm, Bob, Koots etc. off to my friends so they can read what "real" people are saying.
These overpaid supposed newsmen such as Baldrey, Palmer, Fletcher, Galius and the list goes on, I tuned out a long time ago. Wannabe somethings, just not sure what. National Enquirer reporters? Hmm.
Anyway, keep up the good work as we continue to read more blogs and tune out the tv set, newspapers, radio talk shows. All a bunch of govt/corporation propaganda stooges imo.
And most of us our much wiser than to believe their hogwash. In fact, I flip channels constantly, throw out the "free" rags delivered to the door, and have satellite radio.
Thanks Grant for telling it like it is and information for us to follow up on.
A Merry Christmas to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

The BC Liberals have worked for Harper, for quite some years. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell is Harper's favorite henchman. Harper rewarded Campbell the post as, High Commissioner to the U.K. Harper and Campbell's main goal was to, dismantle BC. Christy Clark works for Harper, just as Campbell did before her.

Baldrey and etal, are the BC Liberal's propaganda machines.

Harper, his so called Cons, the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals? They are a litany of, lies, deceit, thefts, corruption, dirty tactics and they cheated to win their elections.

Now, Herr Harper and Christy the hench-woman, are forcing the Enbridge pipeline into BC. Harper has signed a deal with, the Red China Communist Army. That is absolutely the only way, those two degenerates will ever get that pipeline through to BC.

Everyone knows? Herr Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989. The so called BC Liberals are, Harper's satellite party.

Anonymous said...

I think this latest article of his is a threat against businesses in BC. Maybe this will be the beginning of the end.... but then probably not.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Grant.

North Van's Grumps said...

I think, that Keith Baldrey should try a different twit name, .... based upon his status as a PR Canary for the BC Government. Shove him into a blog public forum "Lawn Mower" ... and then call him Shredded Tweet!

Anonymous said...

Keith Baldrey's responses are not terribly professional. His comments indicate a lack of ability to respond in a more professional manner. It is not unreasonable to conclude he knew his comments were inappropriate because he sent them privately. Keith you have bad manners and ought to have a time out.

Jon Ghun said...

It pained me to read that fluff from the ole' bald-faced liar, but I did.

And it's obvious one of the elders at the downtown lod"G"e has put the word in the ear of the ole' bald-boy. He's been sent out to act like a party whip on the business community, hoping to martial the troops for another one of their "G"reat works. (ie., site C dam and prosperity mine).

The problem is, a good lot of the rank-n-file don't buy the presenting agenda any more than the rest of us do. Too much water to be wasted/polluted. Too much environmental destruction inflicted. Too little support from locals.

Moreover, ole' bald-boy is so ethically compromised that his words ring hollow and fall flat every time. The guy's shelf-life on the public stage is long past done; and he'd do well to get himself a job with hill+knowlton before he expires altogether and has to flee to a job taking the minutes at the London High Commission office (grin).

A half glass full is raised to all around here--cheers.

Stay strong. These bandits are not going to win in the end. They can't.

Grant G said...

Good stuff North Van Grumps..

I can think of a few more things to call Keith Balderdash..

But not with children present..