Friday, December 13, 2013

(updated)Enbridge Uses Intimidation, Money and Violence to Bully Pure Voices

More than 600 fierce protesters on a cold February 4th Wintry day in Prince Rupert held a huge rally against the Enbridge Northern pipeline and the Stephen Harper Federal Government...You can lump Christy Clark and John Cummins in that group too..

This is just the beginning of the battle, Prince Rupert, both the people, the fisherman, First Nations and locals, including City Council who are registered opponents of this pipeline, Prince Rupert has a $100 million dollar plus commercial fishery that would be destroyed in the inevitable tanker spill, not to mention the 1000`s of barrels of oil Enbridge admits will be spilled by their pipeline, oil spilled inland, in salmon bearing streams, in rivers, in our watershed, every major BC fresh waterway will be polluted by this pipeline..

Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper, these people in Prince Rupert aren`t radicals, these are Bcer`s who are prepared to die to stop your dirty oil pipeline, you will not be permitted to complete this project...Are you ready for Canadian civil war Harper?, we are!

"More than 600 protesters have taken to the streets of Prince Rupert, B.C., to oppose Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway pipeline from Alberta's oilsands to Kitimat, a port on the northern B.C. coast.

The super-sized rally is being hosted by the Hartley Bay First Nation, a tiny village at the end of the Douglas Channel — the main access point for tankers arriving at the planned Enbridge terminal in Kitimat.
Marvin Robinson, a band councillor, says residents are worried about risks posed by hundreds of oil tankers passing their community.
'This is the life I have been brought up in. This is what I want my kids to enjoy.'Cameron Hill, Hartley Bay councillor
Other First Nations, environmentalists, local leaders, residents and even rock artist Bif Naked are also turning out to support Hartley Bay.
Prince Rupert City Councillor Jennifer Rice is also an opponent of the project and believes taking over the city for a day is a symbolic gesture of unity.

"We may associate negative feelings and negative emotions with this project but the irony of it is that actually brings people together," said Rice.

Hartley Bay councillor Cameron Hill has said in the past he is willing to die to stop the Enbridge project.

"Because I don't know any other life. This is the life I have been brought up in. This is what I want my kids to enjoy. And I want them to have the life that I have had, which I consider to be the best life ever."

Read more here

This is not a threat Stephen Harper, this is a promise, there will be bloodshed and riots, there will be civil dis-obedience, any Government whether be Federal or Provincial will be stripped of Governing power if they proceed against BC`s wishes, any illegal push forward by Enbridge will be met with 1000`s willing to die...

I see many pundits, both on air and in the Bloggosphere have been trying to make hay of the sudden surge by the NDP in the latest Angus Reid poll...

"It`s the pipeline stupid"....To coin a phrase from Clinton ...

"It`s the economy stupid"

British Columbia knows the risk and the reward is nothing, we lose our claim as world heritage site, tourism loss alone makes it a loser even without a spill, but there will be spills, lots of little ones, and a few big ones inland and eventually a disastrous coastal tanker spill, and when they spill, pollute and destroy the process won`t stop, meaning if there was a tragic oil event Enbridge and Sinopec wouldn`t say ..Yea, you were right, too dangerous we`ll stop, no, they will carry on to spill and spill again and isn`t there one damn super natural pristine jewel that can be left intact, .....left for everyone, left for tomorrow, left without threat....

Ask the children of British Columbia what they think, ask the parents, ask the locals, ask the voters,....."It`s the pipeline stupid"

 140 jobs and 20$ million per year versus a fragile paradise.

This crosses all party lines, Conservatives, Liberals NDPers, Greens....

The poll numbers will grow and grow with soon 60% supporting the NDP, opposition to Enbridge and Harper is a strategy that can`t lose, cutting health care when boomers are coming, pensions too, and out here in the wildwest if there is one thing that binds us together is our love of our wild clean pristine province and teeming ocean, nothing else is as powerful in British Columbia, not the church, not money, not GOD, not even hockey...

Any party that doesn`t come out swinging against the northern Enbridge pipeline are going down hard, Christy Clark has chosen her gambit and is looking for a Federal gig after she and the BC Liberals are routed from power, John Cummins is finished too, his support of Enbridge`s dirty pipeline have cooked both his and Christy Clark`s goose...

This is the story, Canadians from coast to coast are rallying against Harper, against Enbridge, you will find in the next few Federal polls that Harper support has declined to small minority status, and in BC soon to be third party status...

And from the sad reality to the comedic tragedy side of things, there is one self-proclaimed king of pundits who thinks a Conservative/BC Liberal coalition is in the offing, false on all grounds, this same pundit believes Dianne Watts can be recruited to save the Corrupted and criminal BC Liberals...FALSE AGAIN!

WAC Bennett, Ronald Reagan, JFK, and the creator himself could rise from the ashes join arms with the BC Liberals and still not be able to carry BC Liberals or Conservatives to victory...Enbridge is that big, bigger than BC Rail, bigger than anything in BC`s history.

Enbridge`s dirty pipeline makes the HST betrayal look like stuck gum on one`s shoe, Prince Rupert didn`t rally that hard against the HST, but this pipeline, big oil, Stephen Harper, Gordon Campbell, Enbridge owners, none of them understand anything, either you love our salmon, eagles, our orca whales or you don`t, there is no amount of money that will deter 80% of British Columbians from fighting to the death to stop this..

Harper will soon be charged with treason for this energy fraud, this economic ponzi scheme, this fraudulent sale of land locked oil to Petro-China...The corporate law suits are being filed as we speak, Petro-China was sold a bill of goods and were promised access to Kitimat, no one has that authority and those who proclaim to have had it lied, someone will have to return Petro-China their money and shoo them away

Adrian Dix and the NDP, both provincially and Federally are dead set against Enbridge`s northern pipeline proposal, Christy Clark and her party are dead because of Enbridge support, the election is over, John Cummins is a dead floating fish bellied up in the water, it`s going to be an NDP super majority and you can thank Stephen Harper and Enbridge for that...

The First Nation`s law suits will still be in the courts before the Enbridge pipeline is even started, Stephen Harper will be removed from power before then, when the Federal NDP take power Enbridge`s pipeline will be scuttled for good..

Christy Clark might save her party`s bacon if she vowed to stop Enbridge by whatever means possible, but with an Enbridge lobbyist as her chief of staff and a cushy federal gig in the offing she won`t, and BC Liberals lie, it`s their only constant, lies that is...

Once 50,000 people or more storm Vancouver`s streets when the NEB hearings arrive in downtown Vancouver their eyes will open to the truth, Occupy Vancouver, no, it will be occupy the mountains, occupy the battle grounds, occupy British Columbia, occupy the prisons if need be..

"Enbridge is Dead on Arrival"

Nothing else matters to true British Columbians, the list is long and growing of those prepared to die to stop Harper and Enbridge, it numbers in the 1000`s..

Enbridge will never be permitted to pull thuggery games on BC, we will run them out of our province,  Enbridge will be charged with crimes against humanity and be jailed, along with those Chinese controlled politicians

Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver, Enbridge, we in British Columbia look forward to ending your project and bringing down the Federal Government...

And no Dianne Watts or Superman can save either the BC Liberals or your dirty pipeline..

Not today, not tomorrow, not ever, to the Death Enbridge.

Here is the list of British Columbia MPs,  Email them, or even better, pick up the phone and tell these Conservative MPs that they are risking their political lives and personal safety by not stopping Harper`s Tar Sand energy ponzi scheme.

UPDATED. August 15th 2012....

About 1,000 square kilometres of islands have disappeared from Douglas Channel in an animated depiction of Enbridge Inc.'s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker route.
The project would send bitumen by pipeline from Alberta's oilsands to Kitimat, where it would be loaded onto tankers for export to Asia.

A video on the Enbridge website shows Douglas Channel as a wide open funnel leading from Kitimat to the Pacific, omitting the narrow channels, islands and rocky outcrops that make up the potential tanker access route.

The view of Douglas Channel sprang to public attention after Lori Waters, a Vancouver Island researcher and owner of a biomedical communications company, created overlays and maps showing the real Douglas Channel and posted the images on Facebook.
Reaction against Enbridge - which is fighting an image problem because of recent pipeline spills - was swift.

"I find the pictures shocking. It's reprehensible behaviour," said University of Victoria climate scientist Andrew Weaver.

Enbridge is still at it, fake maps Enbridge animated, they animated islands, channels and turns right out of the map, this company Enbridge are nothing but corrupt gangsters, environment destroyers, liars, thieves and bullies, they will soon be out of British Columbia, lock, stock and or by the barrel of a .........


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Anonymous said...

I am looking at those three videos and wondering. What if this was in Canada?

Anonymous said...

God I hope the gun registry is thrown out this sitting in Audiwa[ I mean Ottawa]. So more people can arm themselves for our forth coming battle over this pipeline

Anonymous said...

Terrible Ted says: "Save BC".
Refine the crude here, keep the jobs in Canada. This is economic treason!

Anonymous said...

All those peoples lives torn apart by Enbridge, are crimes against humanity. They are poisoning people, and they don't give a damn. What an ugly bunch of Enbridge monsters, they really are. Hopefully those video's go global.

Harper, the other great dictator, is going to sell what is left of BC, that China doesn't already own, to them...our mills, raw logs, mines, and natural gas. It's only a matter of time, before China completely owns the dirty tar sands as well.

This is what Fadden of CSIS warned us about. Campbell was selling BC out to China. He also mentioned Ontario. Well, Harper is certainly selling us out to China. The Port of Prince Rupert, was expanded to take the large Chinese freighters. A BC rail yard was expanded to store, China's cheaply made junk. Harper is in a real panic, to force the Enbridge pipeline through and force the dirty tar tankers, into our BC coastal waters. All of this is for China's encroachment into Canada and, especially into BC.

Canada will wear a, made in China label, as well as every thing else in this country is.

Don F. said...

Even with the absurd environmental issues this pipeline poses to the people of BC and the minimal jobs and monetary payback and as important as these issues are I ask that eveyone take a moment too look at how bad a deal this is for all of canada and it's taxpayers.
This Government couldn't have put together a worse deal on our behalf if they tried!
Economist Robyn Allen has found that not only will there be massive negative effects on the canadian economy along with joblosses the price of gas to canadians will rise dramaticaly. She also reveiled that in negotiations with synchrude the chinese have a clause that this oil can never be refined here, that's right can't be refined here in canada!
Joe oliver refused to answer CBC's Evan Solomon when Solomon posed questions on this on Feb. 2nd.
With this clause they have basically sold canadians down the river without a paddle, there will be no benefit from the tar pits for the canadian people now or ever. The tar pits are now controlled by communist china all at the swipe of a pen.
Is this worth fighting for even to the death? bet!
All of this is planned and orchestrated to benefit one entity and one only and that is corporate greed and further corporate control. I defy Stephen Harper or Joe oliver to justify what they are doing in the public good as it simply isn't true. They are selling off our resourses while destroying our future on a grande scale. Grant is correct, the HST is like gum on your shoe compared to this.

Anonymous said...

When are we going to seperate from the rest of Canada. The assholes back east don t give a fiddlers fuck about us in B.C . Harpo will never win another election because he has plans to screw the seniors, between the ages of 65 to 67 out of $12,480.00 . How much will that amount to. Now I know what the blacks in southern USA felt like. Massa Harper we will not allow the pipeline threw BC are you going to send in your private police force to whip our asses. You don t know who you are dealing with you arrogent prick . You think the FLQ was a problem back in 60s and 70s, you haven t seen nothing yet. Every conservative MP in BC should be recieving threats from every one against this pipeline. Can someone give us a list of who they are so we can get started. I am retired and have lots of spare time on my hands......

Hugh said...

Calgary oil man Wayne Henuset "estimates the tar sands will soon burn (by 2015) more than 3 Billion cubic feet of natural gas a day."

From "Tar Sands" by A. Nikiforuk, p. 149.

Brilliant use of natural gas.

Anonymous said...

You can only oppress people and kick them in their faces, for only so long. The BC citizens have had it.

Harper has put another of his Reformer henchman, Boessenkool into BC. He lobbies for Enbridge. We had enough of, Harper's evil Reformer Campbell's, lies, deceit, thefts of our BCR and rivers, his corruption, dirty tactics and lying and cheating, to win.

We now live in a, Fascist Dictatorship regime. We may only expect the worst from henchman Boessenkool, another fanatic Harper supporter. No doubt the, propaganda media machine will aid and abet him too.

I don't like, the LNG in Kitimat either. This sets a precedence for the Enbridge pipeline. No gas pipe leaks, no Enbridge leaks. No gas tanker spills, no dirty oil tanker spills.

This is a bad, bad, mistake, by the F.N. There is no way in hell, they can trust Harper, nor the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals. This for sure will bring the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty tar tankers, forced into BC.

Anonymous said...

A massive Japanese freighter, loaded down with logs, was caught in a storm, off the tip of Vancouver islands coast. The top of the cargo was torn off, by the violent storm. They were very afraid, the rest of the load would capsize the ship. The Japanese ship, put out a distress call. They had to wait some hours, for rescue.

So, we can count on a massive Chinese dirty oil tanker, to spill it's load into the sea as well.

However, to try and get that through Harper's brain dead head, is an exercise in futility.

There is no way we can permit the atrocities, of the Enbridge pipeline and the dirty oil tankers, to come into BC. We have to somehow stop this, and we will.

Don F. said...

Some very simple questions one must ponder through this whole affair. In 2011 the oil industry in canada's profits were over 200 billion yet Alberta ran a deficit of 3.4 billion dollars?
Even with these profits canadians still subsidized the oil industry to the tune of 2.8 billion all the while attacking pension paynments to the poor?
Joe oliver shouts that this pipeline means 3 trillion dollars to somebody yet 174 billion to canadian government over 30 years,
We subsidize these people 3 billion over 30 years for a total of 90 billion. Their inflated estimate is 174 billion to canada so we make 84 billion on 3 trillion dollars the rest to the corporates. Considering we have been subsidizing for years we actually loose money. Back to the drawing board there joe!

e.a.f. said...

The pipeline is good for Harper, campbell, Clark, the oil companies, & China. Canadian citizens not so much.

Nothing is worth loosing our beautiful land and ocean.

we are wrong though about the oil pipeline not creating jobs. With the first land spill there will be jobs cleaning up that spill, flying the workers into this remote area, then there will be jobs to test the water and then there will be jobs to treat the people who cleaned up the oil spill, then there will be jobs for those who ate the meat of the animals around the oil spill who became ill.

When the oil spills in the ocean there will be jobs for people to clean up the oil spill. There will be jobs for the people to pick up all the dead sea animals and birds. There will be jobs to relocate all the people who live near the ocean. There will be jobs in health care to treat the people who were made ill by the oil spill. there will be jobs for people to test the ocean for the next 100 yrs to see if Canadians can go back into the ocean. Yes there will be a lot of job, but none that we want. The oil pipeline and tankers should not be allowed. This will devastate the enviornment. The only ones who really benefit are the multi national corporations and their money will go to other countries.

If Harper really wants to create jobs, the oil must be refined in Canada. Although the continued work in the tar sands is not good for the enviornment and poisons the water in Alberta.

Of course there will be a lovely job for Harper with the oil companies when he leaves politics.

Anonymous said...

Showing the map minus the islands, is the usual way for Enbridge and Harper to lie their way in. Hopefully someone sends Premier Redford a true map. Those massive dirty oil tankers, have to do hairpin turns in that, narrow channel of islands.

I believe Grumps has the map posted, on his web site.

It just goes to show, how evil and corrupt, Enbridge and Harper really are. The depths they are willing to sink to, is really sickening.

bewlay said...

On March 22, 2006, with 101 persons aboard M/V Queen of the North ran aground and sank, the Liberal brain trust still lets this ship sit there rusting and oozing petroleum product from her tanks. This is the same mouth breathing swine who claim Enbridge will need to measure up to their (lack of) standards. Please make sure these delinquent heathens do not get the keys to the ledge ever again.

zakcat said...

Went to read Harv O blog - looks like he is a born again BCLiebral. I notice he is getting really cranky with the NDP. Anyway great post - one of the best blogs in BC.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Dec 12, 2013 at 11:46 am
take heed Burns Lake's a letter from a designer of the NG pipeline (from the edmonton journal) stating the design could be safer, but implied it was rejected because of extra costs of construction:

In 2005 I was one of the designers of the Enbridge pipeline that was to collect and ship oil to and from Kitimat. We were concerned about the many problems because of the sharp drop in elevation.

We did what we could to reduce the chances of failure, but I was never satisfied. There were too many things that could go wrong before the oil was delivered to tankers.

Risks remain after the tankers are loaded. The entrance from the ocean is quite small for large tankers.

Kitimat is lovely, with at least two rivers flowing into it. It would be a pity if we dumped oil there.

My preference would be to deliver the oil to ships on the ocean. The pipeline would be longer and more expensive, but safer.

Bill Middagh, professional engineer, Edmonton

***This from Georgia Straight today December 12, 2013.

(Gerow - an enemy of BC)


Grant G said...

Thanks Jean..