Sunday, December 15, 2013

Joe Oliver, Stephen Harper Oil Spill Response Fake Out

Bitumen excluded from data for federal tanker study, documents reveal


 The possible effects of a bitumen spill on Pacific waters were not considered in the oil response preparedness report released last week by the Harper government, the background data study reveals.....

 The Genivar study, however, does warn, that if the Enbridge Northern Gateway project does go ahead,  the spill risk from diluted bitumen carrying tankers in Douglas Channel and along the north Pacific coast will jump from “low” or “medium” to “very high.” If the twinning of the Kinder Morgan pipeline goes ahead, then the risk in Vancouver also jumps to “very high.”...


Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver unveiled the second report at a glitzy media event  in Vancouver on Tuesday, December 10. At that time the expert panel report was released to the media along with an abstract of the data.
The actual data report was not posted; it had to be requested through the Transport Canada website, which is how Northwest Coast Energy News obtained the background study.....

The expert panel, however, does not say how the federal government is expected to pay for meeting BC Premier Christy Clark’s condition for a “world class” spill prevention and response system at a time that Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is determined to balance the budget and the Harper government is continuing to cut back government services.

Bitumen excluded


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John's Aghast said...

Why are all the coastal waters north of Campbell River excluded from this study, including Haida Gwaii?
I'm trying to keep an open mind on this (not really - I've spent 55 years in the construction industry) but THIS leopard is changing his spots.
For the life of me, I cannot understand why 'THEY' are trying to flog this shit westward while we import the same amount on the east coast. Does Paul Martin Shipping have smutty pictures of somebody?
If I've told 'THEM' once, I've told them at least five times - If it can't go east, then send it up the McKenzie (sp?) and get it the f**k off the west coast!
(I'm pleased to hear that Chrispy has finally listened to my advice to power the ferries with NG. Now she just has to get CN & CP to do the same.
Fat chance!