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Friday, March 25, 2011

BC Liberal Jane Thornthwaite Trial for Drunk Driving is on April/12/2011

Just a subtle reminder to my friends in the lower mainland and whatever is left of our investigative journalists...

BC Liberal MLA Jane Thornthwaite  will be in North Vancouver court on April 12th/2011 for her full trial .....Jane Thorthwaite, as you know got busted for driving drunk during the Olympics, Jane was partying at Sochi House and consuming plenty of wine, there were hundreds of witnesses that saw Jane Thornthwaite`s drinking at Sochi House...
P,A 54940-1 THORNTHWAITE, JANE Ann North Vancouver Provincial Court 12Apr2011
9:30 AM
001 FT IBJ 720:10-5138
After consuming her Alcohol Jane Thornthwaite left Sochi house late in the evening, she got a lift to the Sea Bus on the Vancouver side where she rode the Sea Bus to the North Shore where she had her vehicle parked....From there Jane Thornthwaite took the industrial road and headed to North Vancouver, unfortunately for Miss Thorthwaite the RCMP had set up a roadblock under the Iron Workers Memorial bridge specifically designed to catch those drivers using quiet industrial roads while drunk...

Despite the fact that Jane blew well over the legal limit, despite the fact that when the story broke last year Jane Thornthwaite apologized to her constituents in her riding and asked for forgiveness, despite that fact that she admitted drinking and acknowledged that SHE KNEW WHAT SHE DID WAS WRONG......

Despite all of that Jane Thornthwaite has plead not guilty and is hoping to get off on a technicality or maybe the police officer will suddenly be transferred to the North Pole and not show up for her full trial on April/12/2011..

Perhaps some of our media and politicians might be interested in attending....

Never the less, you are one classy BC Liberal Jane Thornthwaite, you are right up there with Kash Heed who awaits his BC Supreme court trial on election fraud, can I give you some advice Jane?....

Don`t let speedy John Von Dongen drive you to court, may I suggest you ask Christy Clark to drive you to court, I`m sure the court would be much more lenient on you if Christy Clark is with you!

(PS...If you get a chance say hello to the latest edition to our blogroll, The Sonic Boomer...I feel it`s very important to listen to older( Make that wiser)..Voices.

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Anonymous said...

Just by chance I will be over on the mainland during that week. I will do my best to be in court at the same time. Love to cheer when she is declared guilty. Justice please. Mind you, this is a BC court, this is a lieberal member... who knows? If gordo the impaler can walk from a serious drug charge like he did.... who knows.

Kam Lee

Crankypants said...

I apologize for posting on a different issue, but it was announced today that the referendum on the HST will be a mail-in ballot. I believe that the fix is in. There is no way that Elections BC can verify whether a ballot they receive has been marked by a legitimate voter. Nor can they tell if an individual voted multiple times. For example, my home will receive 4 ballots. Any of the 4 people that reside here could fill in all 4 ballots and remit them.

Also, don't be surprised to hear of ballots being offered for sale through some website or on the black market.

So much for democracy.


Grant G said...

Mr. Crankypants...Your concerns are quite valid, however....

Just like the anti-HST petition, every ballot and name will be available for scrutiny and be on a master list..

If things went awry...The proponent or opponent can simply call and verify, and if someone did NOT vote FOR the HST and their name was on the list as voting for it...

Well, the would trigger a thorough scrutiny and if it was determined that there is fraud it would be the end of the BC Liberals forever!

Take the HST petition...You can access every name from every riding who signed against the HST..

The same applies with this referendum, because as you know, the mail out ballot still falls under the referendum act, which means I can call every voter and confirm.

But it doesn`t matter anyway Cranky, the BC Liberals will not remove the tax even after the vote, they will go to the legislature after the vote, play twiddly winks and then come back and tell us the HST is here for the 5 year term...

The only other possibility, with the rate of HST related job losses in BC the Government may be forced to admit that the HST is a Province killer.


Anonymous said...

If there was democracy in this province and indeed in Canada. Campbell would have been thrown in the jug a long time ago, for his corrupt sale of the BCR.

If there is any way to cheat, you can bet the BC Liberals will find a way, to do so. Campbell's election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. Campbell's election lie, the HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. Both were blatant lies. Campbell and the BC Liberals, can look you right in the face and, deceive you.

The HST is a killer, of this province. How stupid do the Liberals have to be, not to see that. This is all deliberate on the BC Liberals part. People have to understand, the BC Liberals don't care if, the citizens do see through them. The Liberals don't care if, the HST does kill this province and the people's lives. Campbell is still working for Harper, and Harper's goal, is Global Governance for Canada. This entire country, is a huge morass of corruption. I am hoping Harper, loses the election. I don't like his evil agenda either. I want to keep Canada sovereign. This country belongs to the people, not to Harper. If Harper gets in again, you can kiss this country, good-bye.

Do BC people think, Campbell has gone away? He is still the premier of this province. Christy Clark, is just being used, as his mouth piece.