Friday, March 4, 2011

Give Up Enbridge, It Will Never Happen Without a Blood Bath


The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Sheesh, that's what they anything and everything. Not a surprise at all. They just bought Christy didn't they?

Anonymous said...

What people don't realize. When the pipeline is done, so are the jobs. The risk is not worth, a burst pipe, or a tanker spill. The damage to the environment, because of the dirty Alberta tar sands, are really adding up. There are deformed fish in Lake Athabasca. They have found oil in, the mighty Athabasca River. The Athabasca watershed is contaminated. The caribou are dying. The first Nations village people are, getting cancer, even the rare cancer, of exposure to petroleum. Another flock of ducks died, from landing in the dirty sludge. From space, the tar sands are an ugly, frightening blot, on our country. We know Campbell signed in favor of, the pipeline and the dirty oil tankers from China, into our beautiful coast. As Campbell is all about corruption and greed, that is no surprise. The First Nations People, are in a constant battle with Campbell, to save their food supply, needed to feed their families. Campbell has thieved from this province and the people, to the point, thousands of us don't have enough money to live on either. The HST has killed this province. Campbell and Hansen, should be tried for treason, for what they have done to this province. Shame on the BC Liberals.