Monday, March 28, 2011

John Horgan Continues to Rail Against the BC Liberals Treasonous Energy Sellout


(The latest campaign release from the Horgan Express)

March 28, 2011
VICTORIA—NDP leadership candidate and Juan de Fuca MLA John Horgan today called on Energy Minister Rich Coleman to provide the public with details of his plans to review proposed rate increases at BC Hydro. Horgan made the call after BC Hydro adjourned a recent rate increase application hearing at the BC Utilities Commission Friday just as it was about to begin.
“British Columbians can take some comfort that government has finally realized that increasing residential electricity rates by 50% will have a devastating impact on BC families,” said Horgan. “But throwing BC Hydro and the BCUC into chaos, maintaining cabinet secrecy, and making up energy policy on the back of a napkin is no way to develop a sound path for guiding our most important Crown Corporation.”
On Friday, BC Hydro informed the BC Utilities Commission that it must reconsider plans to increase electricity rates because government had initiated some form of ministerial review. BC Hydro told the hearing that it did not know the timing of the ministerial review, by what mechanism government and/or B.C. Hydro will affect the outcome of that review in an amended application, or how the public will have input into the process.
“When the House last sat ten months ago, the BC Liberals passed energy legislation without any meaningful debate,” said Horgan. “Now the latest Energy Minister, the fourth in nine months, is making energy policy on the fly. Perpetual chaos is not the way to build a province."
In February, Horgan released his energy policy that included:
  • Placing a moratorium on new run-of-river power projects,
  • Implementing an energy plan that puts conservation, environmental protection, and the interests of all British Columbians first,
  • Reviewing all existing power purchase agreements to ensure they are in the public interest and take action to correct deficiencies,
  • Restoring the BC Utilities Commission to its role providing independent review and oversight of all private power projects and billions of dollars in other capital spending exempted by the BC Liberals’ energy plan

Of all the NDP candidates John Horgan is by far the best communicator and debater, maybe for a change the NDP will choose a candidate who knows how to speak, ...Adrian Dix uses the word "Right" in every sentence, just like Sean Holman, it`s absolutely nauseating hearing Holman and Dix using the word "right" after every sentence  and Farnworth is the man of umm and eer, Farnworth is a good man but he really needs to go to a public speaking class and learn to talk without umm and eer.

Without the ability to light up a crowd with speech and words....Horgan has that ability.

I am not trying to be nasty, I speak from my heart, I know what I hear and how candidates sound....

John Horgan, not only is he the best speaker, best debater, most qualified ....But  most importantly John Horgan is scandal free, if Adrian Dix gets the nod the election is over, ...I personally think Dix is a good man and would do a good job but with his bulk membership and sacks of cash coupled with his moral breakdown under Glen Clark when he falsified and back dated a memo is just too much to overcome....

This election, we must as New Democrats come together and put forth the best candidate, we can`t supply the BC Liberals and their media minions any ammo....

Global News has the video archives of Jas Johal chasing down a running away Mike Farnworth on standby ready to flood the airwaves, in fact I wrote about it a few months ago, when Global was celebrating their 50 anniversary...

They ran some clips of what THEY called news highlights of the last 50 years.....It was a Friday morning....The clips in order were..

Clip 1) Jas Johal chasing Mike Farnworth  asking him about Bingogate.

Clip2) Clifford Olsen getting arrested.

Clip3) Harvey Oberfeld going after Bill Vanderzalm.

Clip4) Bountiful scenes with Blackmore.

Clip5) Clip 5 believe it or not, Global News ran the Jas Johal tape again of Jas chasing down Farnworth.

Think about that series of clips Steve Darling and Global news ran that morning ....They attack Vanderzalm, and they place Farnworth between the Bountiful polygamists and Clifford Olsen...

Global news at the bequest of Gordon Campbell was trying to harm the Zalm because of the HST petition and trying to link the NDP with every disgusting criminal in the Province, there was no clip of Gordo`s drunk driving apology, no clip of the BC legislature raid, no clip of the thousands storming the legislature grounds in the response to Gordon Campbell lying and tearing up contracts, none of those stories can compare to Jas Johal asking Farnworth about Bingogate!

And that folks was before the NDP leadership race had even started, Global news has no dirt on John Horgan.

I was so offended by Steve Darling and Global news for such shoddy partisan bullcrap, think about it, Jas Johal asking Farnworth about Bingogate as a highlight!...Oh the humanity, right up there with Carole James making wimpy gutless stooge reporters upchucking on a bumpy airplane ride....I was so offended I wrote a post about it that day

Life is such that the past does come back to haunt, it`s unfortunate that Dix and to a lesser extent Farnworth fall into that category, we don`t get do-overs and politics is a blood sport.

The Straight Goods

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    Anonymous said...

    BC citizens know, Campbell and the BC Liberals are corrupt. The judicial system is corrupt, the RCMP, Elections BC, the FOI tampered with. The newspaper media, is like reading the funny papers. TV media, is like watching cartoons, all you can do is laugh. Radio is like, listening to Maggie and Jigs.

    I have forgotten about the Legislature. Has the building been sold?

    Anonymous said...

    I want a bumper sticker! Damn it Grant, you are too good to waste in one little blogspot which only a few people read. Have you ever thought about ways to get your message out to a larger slice of the BC electorate? Like all the people who will be voting for the NDP leader in May? There you are, turning out one humourously pointed article after another and I don't think I have ever seen a link to you except on a few other progressive blogs. I don't know if bumper stickers and tee shirts are all that modern, but if you get one made up I will buy it.

    Anonymous said...

    Hugh said...

    Here's an article about the costs of IPP power to BC Hydro:

    2010 $567 million
    2013 $782 million
    2014 $939 million

    The article explains how a lot of the IPP power is not needed in BC.

    Avg cost of new IPP power = $100/MWh
    Today's Mid-C spot price = $11.88/MWh

    Why is this story not on the front page of the Vanc Sun?