Thursday, March 3, 2011

Christy Clark`s Surrey School District Disaster and Her $1 Billion dollar Slush Fund

Well here we go again, yesterday we discussed demographics and how the BC Liberals deliberately ignored the overcrowding crisis in Surrey and the result was no accident, it was an on purpose, the Liberals, liars Campbell and Hansen ignored the needs of Surrey deliberately, they created a school nightmare and have stalled the emergency room expansion project for 5 years..

Sometimes I think I am living in bizzarro land, our last BC budget, Colin Hansen and Campbell in our last budget left Christy Clark a $1 billion dollar slush fund, at least that is what all the pundits and talking heads have stated, they call it a prudent budget with lots of wiggle room yet the factual state of our books is that we are still running a $ 1billion dollar deficit this year and that is after scooping over $900 million dollars from ICBC ratepayers in this year, how can deficit dollars turn into magic beans, they can`t, it`s myth...

Last night on the evening news there was a story about nurses getting reprimanded by the health authority for publicly speaking out about the overcrowding and stacked hallways, threats of dismissal for ringing the alarm bell, what the hell is that, the day our health care professionals are silenced for speaking on behalf of patients and patient care is the day we fall in a dictatorship....Back to that so-called $billion dollar slush fund, we have acute care bed crisis in BC, we have Tim Hortons triage, we have hallway medicine, we had a critical situation where a restaurant was used for the overflow, are you kidding me....It was a Sunday night, no flu epidemic, no SARS, no Asian flu, no H1N1, no bus crash, no freeze up, no heat wave, a regular quiet night BC`s hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and could you imagine if we had a major accident, an explosion, imagine dozens injured, what if we had an earthquake and there were a thousand wounded, we are overflowing into parking lots during normal times and if we had a major natural disaster or industrial accident we`re in big trouble, now what about that $1billion dollar slush fund.

I don`t know for sure how long Gordon Campbell is planning on staying on as MLA but it got me to thinking, if indeed Scampbell leaves the legislature soon and resigns, I was thinking about Gordon Campbell`s farewell gifts to the fine people of British Columbia....As Campbell fell deeper into the muck, Campbell`s polling numbers reach 9%, the most hated politician in Canadian history, the Liberal party mired in scandal, old Campbell figured he could pull the rabbit out of the hat and wool over our eyes and con us again, Campbell makes to the public airwaves looks into the camera and spin and lies and bribes, a 15% tax cut Campbell thought would resurrect his status and popularity, he fell on his face, the people laughed and snickered at Campbell`s TV con job, the writing was on the wall, he was finished, caput, a hated, despised, proven HABITUAL liar .......

But Gordon Campbell is mentally deranged, a child mind, a vindictive self centered megalomaniac, there was no way Gordon Campbell was giving anyone anything, .....First off folks, Campbell`s last tax cut was so pathetic because the reason Campbell and the Liars are in so much trouble was for years lying their faces off and taxing the hell out of everyone, the lies about the urgency for the HST, the much needed $1.6 billion dollar bribe to save BC from sudden death only to have Campbell a year later offering a tax cut out of deficit dollars, well, the hypocrisy there was stunning!

The vicious vindictiveness of Gordon Campbell shined brightly as he reneged on the tax cut but his revenge was just getting started, think about this friends, Campbell announces his disgraced resignation, does he go away, no siree bob, first Gordo calls HIS Appointment to BC Ferries Admiral Hahn and tells him to slamma jamma the public on ferry rates, increases of 50% on small routes and increases of 100% on Northern routes, not little increases but ball busting whoppers...Also last night on the news, on Global news at 11:00pm ...The blond anchor woman did a short 20 second story on BC Ferries...

She said...Because of changes made last year BC Ferries made handsome profits on pre-paid ferry travel passes, if you didn`t renew them they expired and no refunds are being granted, a lucrative $1.2 million dollar profit

She ran the story in flattering terms, in other words, Global thought BC Ferries ripping off BCers was a smart fiscal move....Bizzarro world, way to go Global, way to defend the public..Sad..

And the vindictive Gordoccio Campbell wasn`t finished, not by a long shot, then Campbell calls his other appointed point man at BC Hydro Mr. Cobb and tells him to slamma jamma ramma damma down our throats a ridiculous hydro rate hike, a staggering 53% over 5 years or more, this after hydro rates have risen 40% over the last 3 years and a two tier rate....I proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that BC Hydro is overstating its need for money(on those named upgrades and smart meters and transmission lines) by a factor of at least 2 to 1...They may need money for IPP contracts but the increases requested dwarf the needs of the stated expenditures...

So vindictive Campbell tells Cobb, BC Hydro`s CEO to lay the boots to the public, these friends were Gordon Campbell`s farewell gifts to you, Ferries up 50% to 100%...BC Hydro more than doubling over a few years...The HST...BC`s massive and growing $60 billion dollar debt on the books(another $80 Billion off the books debt)...The lowest minimum wage in Canada...The highest child poverty rate in Canada for the 8th year in a row...Boy is Gordon Campbell good, number 1 for 8 straight years!

What beautiful gifts Campbell and the corrupt Liberals left you, something for everyone, no, did I forget anybody, oh yea, last week without much fanfare Gordon Campbell left BCers and especially environmentalists a special gift, even though 85% of everyone in BC is strongly opposed to Oil Tankers off our North Coast, Gordon Campbell along with Alberta`s premier Stelmach signed a declaration denouncing Federal NDP`s Joyce Murray`s private member`s bill that maintains and strengthens  the tanker ban off BC`s Northern coast.....

Yes friends, who gave the disgraced Gordon Campbell and ousted BC Liberal leader the right to sign a declaration declaring we want tankers when the will of the people is completely opposite, those are the maneuvers of a deranged child mind..

We wrote yesterday about the overcrowding nightmare in the Surrey school district, the severe overcrowding and how it takes a minimum of 3 to 5 years to build a school from scratch, we wrote how Surrey needs TODAY, 6 new schools alone and the fact that at this time there isn`t even 1 new school on the drawing board or one dime of capital funding.

And in Bizzarro land British Columbia where Christmas came early from Santa Campbell, a zany place where 52% of cats, hockey players and lottery winners who had Liberal membership PINS sent to them elected by widespread support(according to Keith Baldrey) Christy Clark over the third most hated man in our Province Kevin Falcon. a fun-filled Province where money flows to casinos and General electric but none for educating our most precious resource, Children...

A $1 billion dollar slush fund for Christy Clark, hmmm, that sounds like about just enough money to be allocated to the Surrey school district for new badly needed new schools, or maybe the slush should go to BC Hydro, how about a new hospital, how about putting it towards our debt....Nah, this is bizzarro land!

A $1 billion dollar Slush fund, really, $60 billion dollar debt, Tim Horton`s triage, Surrey school overcrowding nightmare, highest child poverty, lowest minimum wage, debt servicing, yet we have a new premier slush fund....Trully Bizzarro land!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

You have expressed your self very well Grant - I very much doubt that I could have written something that long and remained polite throughout.

It certainly does seem as if we are in the middle of a melt down of common sense and decency where government is concerned. Both Colon Hansen and Pinocchio Campbell need the begeebers scared out of them - and it will happen. Someone is going to be so pissed off and angry over the corruption that is going on, that they will decide to do something.

The time is ripe for a general strike and stoppage. Nurses got disciplined for complaining about the patient medical care abuse - got warnings for doing their jobs properly. Oh, what a crazy world we live in.

I am looking forward to when someone dumps a truck load of manure on both Hansens and Campbell's door steps.

Keep up the good work sir, you help make my day bearable.


Anonymous said...

To Anon above. Why do you say 'someone' or 'they will do'. It should be 'we will'. A single voice is huge. Start spreading the word as Grant is doing through his grief and rage.
We need, young and old, to get up and rise up in peace. That is what will scare the shit out of them. We need to tell them, peacefully that we are done.
Get out a support renewal, support it by speaking out to anyone and everyone who will or will not listen (let them walk away) but know in a small way your words will resignate with them.
These creatures from the 'low life society' are scared shitless of us finding our voice.
Tell people that the media are NOT TELLING THE TRUTH. Tell them to turn off the news. Tell them to stop buying the paper.
As a collective can they threaten us?

Anonymous said...

The biggest laugh is Michael Smyth on CKNW talking with Phil (I have no heart) Hochstein that the NDP don't understand economics.

It's not that we don't understand...we just don't agree with stealing from the public to give to the top wealthy 5%.

How stupid can one be????? Gee Mike you are paying are paying are paying more. Let it sink in. You are paying more taxes under Scampbell and his Liberal thieves.

Anonymous said...

I teach in Mission and I can tell you first hand that poverty is the biggest factor affecting my students, but right behind that is the packing of classrooms with 5-10 special needs students with NO support!Just me and my colleagues trying to help as best we can. I trace this situation directly to cluck and the anti public school sentiment that these liars and private school schills (fraser institute)continue to foster. Just look at what's going on in Wisconsin and Ohio for a cluck cluck senerio. I can't take any more of this bitch!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

There are days I am so angry. Campbell has utterly destroyed this province. He steals from the people, to give to his wealthy friends and his business buddies. Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. His election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. Thar's one election, he did not win fairly, he lied to do so. The HST wasn't on his and Hansen's radar, another election lie, that he won on. Along with our very small deficit, while the rest of the world crashed??? He should have been kicked out, on his first election lie. He has thieved this province and the people so badly, how are we to recover? The HST is the most destructive tax, ever known in Canada. This province is dying because of it. BC is losing billions, because, people shop in the U.S.A., Alberta and on line, because of the HST. I read, BC has had the most job losses, because of the HST. It's just another tax grab, given to big business. Harper gave big business, another tax reduction. Their taxes need to be increased, so they pay their fair share. Never will I vote for Harper, nor for the BC Liberals. They are traitors to this country, and should be treated as such. The anger in the other countries, is starting to spill into the U.S.A. Canadians are also very angry, to see our money being given, to the wealthiest corporations, in the world. Canadian citizens, are tired of the vast pit of corruption, we are living in. BC finally beat Quebec out, for the most corrupt province in Canada. We live in a fascist, dictatorship, where the lying, deceiving, thieving, politicians prosper. Campbell is even being paid by big business, to use his dirty tactics, to keep the HST for these huge corporations. To steal from us, to give to them.

Anonymous said...

I read somewhere. Harper is afraid, Canadians will become angry and rebel, such as other country's are doing. He must be in the wrong, to fear reprisals. I have no sympathy for him or Campbell. The two of them, have colluded on many projects. One being the HST, which Campbell handed over to Harper. Of course, the BC citizens understand. We are being thieved from, and the money goes to, the greedy bottomless pits of huge company's. Campbell will probably need to have, security guarding him, for the rest of his life. So will Hansen, Craig James and Harper. However, that's the road they chose, corruption, lies, deceit, dirty tactics and cheating to win. Even the Bolivian President, had to sticks of T.N.T. set off, while he was at one of the mines. He had to run for his life. And he is one of the better politicians, in the world. Sure in the hell, has Canada beat.

ron wilton said...

I just googled 'profile of the sociopath'.

I thought at first it must have been written by a Campbell hater.

This describes Campbell perfectly, and well worth the eye opener for the curious.

Anonymous said...

Mary has a good article up. Corps looking at wanting $5 million from the BC taxpayers for start up.