Sunday, March 27, 2011

BC Liberal Clean Energy Act, Designed to Clean Out Your Wallet!

This letter was sent sent to me from Rafe Mair folks, this letter in simple terms describes exactly what the treasonous Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals(all) have done too British Columbians. Perhaps Christy Clark can ask her boss Patrick Kinsella to explain how we benefit from getting ripped off by General Electric and Plutonic power?

Who's fool are you?  BC power fraud
 Karen Gibson

Courtenay, BC

 Dear Editor,

 A fantastic letter written by Terry Burt of Comox on BC power (March 25).  I for one will not be amused the next time I'm bent over to plug in my vacuum cleaner thinking of the position that the BC government has adroitly manoeuvred us into.  People need to inform themselves otherwise you won't have a right to complain when this compromising position becomes uncomfortable.

People in the Comox Valley should be cringing at the thought of paying more for electricity.   BC Hydro produces some of the cheapest clean energy in the world.  However, this cheap clean energy is now being put at grave risk by Independent Power Producers. 

How is this possible? The answer is simple, the finger points to the Clean Energy Act.  The Clean Energy Act mandates that BC Hydro be committed to long term inflation adjusted contracts that are currently paying Run of River power producers premiums of 300% or more than the Pacific Northwest wholesale market price for mid-winter, the time of maximum electricity demand.  However, unfortunately most of the power from Run of River IPP's comes during the spring run-off when BC Hydro has a massive surplus of generating capacity.  This adds insult to injury!  Why are we paying a 300% premium for power we don't need?  

Your next thought might be "let's sell the power".  Noble and fiscally prudent idea, however, the continental US our biggest trading partner has a mind boggling amount of new wind power that has created a supply glut on the market. Now, our power that BC Hydro is purchasing for  the extravagant sum of approx. $100/MWh from private power producers is  worth a mere fraction of that on the open market.  To make matters worse we are contracted to pay that inflation adjusted $100/MWh for the next 30 to 40 years.  Current market forecasts predict that wholesale electricity prices won't exceed $80/MWh for the next 20 years.   We now face the near term prospect of paying considerably more for our hydro than the power will be worth 20 years from now!

You might say this makes no economic sense!  I whole heartedly agree as does Marjorie Griffin, a Political Science Professor at Simon Fraser University and former BC Hydro Board Member.  She was recently quoted to say that Independent Power Producing contracts "make no sense...they are sometimes as much as 30 times what BC Hydro can sell the power for.  BC Hydro isn't at fault.  BC Hydro would never have chosen to do this because it makes no economic sense."  It is important for all BC citizens to understand that they are currently BC Hydro shareholders, customers and guarantors of all debts to the corporation.  

As shareholders of BC Hydro we need to demand that the noose of the ill-conceived Clean Energy Act be cut from around our necks and scrapped.  The BC Utilities Commission must be reinstated with its full authority to arbitrate on behalf of the ratepayers against future legislation of this type.  Our new Energy Minister Mr. Coleman and Premier Clark would be well advised to attend a course at SFU under the tutelage of Ms Griffin to learn how to calculate "economic sense", a concept that eluded the Campbell government.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

They don't need to attend school as they know exactly what they are doing. This thieving of the publics money is deliberate and will continue until the bastards are voted out of power.

Harper plays the same game and he needs to go to.

Anonymous said...

It is easy to understand why Campbell has to have a security detail to protect himself - probably for the rest of his life. I suspect someone is waiting for just the right opportunity to get revenge for Campbell having wrecked their life - and thousands of others in the process.

A lot of people will just sell up and move away from BC - I know I would consider it if I could sell my place for a half decent price.


Anonymous said...

Hey Grant, a little off subject but could you do something on the former Mayor of Nanaimo and his continuing lawsuit against myself and a local business owner ? Articles surrounding the case can be found at Free Nanaimo From Koruption. I have been served after 14 months that they will file for a default judgement on monday if i refuse to respond. Shit this has been going on for almost 3 yrs now and even the BCCLA have set a precedent in the powell river three case. I have very little expendible income and have made an apology through my previous lawyer and this former Mayor continues to sue. If you could do something in general about the Bc supreme court system and how it almost impossible for common folks like myself to defend against anything due to costs. You don't have to show this just think on it. Thanks Grant.

Grant G said...

Mr. Parkin...I am well aware of the cost of court...

Can I give you some advice...Respond..Plead not guilty...

Defend yourself in court,no lawyer needed, you do not have to pay for court when you are being sued and defending yourself.

Tell your story in court....

My gut tells me that Mr. Koruption will back off when he has to pay for his lawyers and court costs..

Call their bluff..

Everyone and their dog has threatened to sue me as well..

I will defend myself in court, it will cost me nothing, you don`t need a lawyer for a slander case, I have looked at the bumper sticker in question and I can almost guarantee that the court will throw it out.

Which means Mr. Koruption will be saddled with the costs..

Call their bluff if you really believe your cause and actions were just.

Have faith in yourself and friends.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that Grant, much appreciated. Stay tuned for more on this.

jaydee said...

Grant, thanks, another one of your many best 10's.

....and then along comes Rothschild with his (the peoples') trillions of $$$$$ and gobbles up all the other corporate Bilderberg pigs. Isn't capitalism great! Hope they take out 'Prime Minister' Gordon Campbell first.


jaydee said...


I'm sure, as I was, Anonymous was empowered and calmed by your kind words of wisdom.



Anonymous said...

Norm over at Northern Insights,another must read -

Its American tax bill? None. In fact, G.E. claimed a tax benefit of $3.2 billion.

Anonymous said...

ALL public regulators should be appointed by the public (not the politicians) by having them voted for directly - just like the sheriffs in the USA.

jaydee said...

Grant, if I may, I can't find any way to post a comment on your March 28 Horgan blog...

Michael Moore will be Stephen Colbert's guest tonight, March 28 on Comedy Central's 'The Colbert Report.' Tune in at 11:30 PM- PT -Channel 57-Mainland, Ch. 42-Delta/Coast and Ch. 41-Shaw Island.
(Replay Tuesday March 29 at 2:00AM, 10:00AM, 1:30PM and 7:30PM PT.

Great Horgan post Grant and thanks.