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Friday, March 4, 2011

BC Liberals, Federal Conservatives, American Republicans, Fraser institute, and Dumbing Down

Good morning folks, friends, I watched Jon Stewart and the daily show last night, he`s funny but Jon is even more informative than funny....I mentioned the assault on teachers in Wisconsin, the attack on teachers here, the Fraser institute and their pathetic rankings...

Way to Go Blackmore, Bountiful Polygamists...The best educated in the entire Province of BC...One way to beat right wing freak tanks is to cheat....You learned well Blackmore...

Anyway, Mr. Stewart had a fantastic opening salvo on the Wisconsin teacher attack...His take on that tragedy is really really good....I also strongly suggest you watch the entire episode, his guest Dianne Ravitch tells how in the USA ....

How George Bush and no child left behind is a failure, how kids are taught a test but learn nothing, how sterile and impotent the US education system is....But more importantly there is a direct correlation between George Bush`s no child left behind and the Fraser institute rankings on the FSTs...

Hear is the link to last night`s John Daily show...Spend 15 minutes and watch the show....Because believe me, what is happening in Wisconsin is happening here!

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


JonH said...

Holy Shit Grant, that woman Business Commentator from Fox on that Jon Stewart clip sounded exactly like Crusty Clark!

jaydee said...

Last nite I googled Wisconsin Solidarity labor and came up with some good videos that might get us moving towards revolting and getting back our rights.

A good one, even showing Solidarity signs and very angry workers.


If this link doesn't work then on Google click on 'Wisconsin Solidarity Rally with MESA, labor leaders, and elected officials. Very encouraging, lots of other good videos to watch also.


Anonymous said...

There is anger seething, just below the surface. Harper is afraid, the anger in other country's, will spread into Canada. BC is a quagmire of corruption. The BC people are fed up with, being lied to, and, being robbed of every penny. The anger over the HST, is sitting on a hair trigger. I don't care where you go, on errands or whatever, you hear the anger, especially for Campbell and Hansen. Campbell's stealing our BCR, and selling it. Campbell and Hansen's, lies, deceit of the HST, and the lie about the deficit. Ida Chong, spending $6.000 for her dining out. De Jong for stealing our tax dollars, to pay the legal costs, for the two patsies blamed for, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. The list is too long to type, and everyone knows, all of the Liberals lies.