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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Corporate Star Chamber

I was really puzzled as to what title to put on this story and it`s not the first time this problem has reared its head but this post is on title number 4.....

Newt Ginrich, big time Republican and once House speaker is considering a run for President in 2012......Here is what Newt Ginrich said after after being questioned on why he left his first sick wife and cheated on his second wife at a fundamental Christian network ...(Below frame cut n pasted)

Gingrich, who's considering a run for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012, told the Christian Broadcasting Network that he has asked God's forgiveness for past mistakes. He recently converted to Catholicism.
"There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country, that I worked far too hard and things happened in my life that were not appropriate," Gingrich said.
The former U.S. House speaker left Wife No. 1, Jackie Battley, while she was recovering from cancer to marry Wife No. 2, Marianne Ginther. During that marriage, he had an affair with former congressional aide Callista Bisek, who became Wife No. 3.
The affair happened at the same time he was attacking  Bill Clinton for his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinsky

Another lying SOB folks, can you imagine the gall of Newt Ginrich, he blames his behavior, his dumping of his first sick wife, cheating on number two, probably cheating on number three, he blames or should I say he uses the excuse it`s because he loves his country so much he cheated and bailed on sick wife, look friends, it is not as if Newt Ginrich confessed his sins and became reborn, no, not at all, the ex wives started talking after Newt proposed running for the presidency in 2012....It appears the EXs don`t want Newt or trust him to be in charge, the damn hypocrisy of right wing bastards to spew virtue and church and rail against abortion while engaging in shameless behavior,.....But you know what, the group, the right, the damn church will open their arms and elect him to office again and again and it just doesn`t matter what he did because he`s one of their own....

I heard a guy on with Sean Leslie today at 5:30 pm/Sunday, the man is employed in our smart meter program, Sean Leslie described the segment as and I quote... "Get all your questions on smart meters answered by an expert".

Isn`t that interesting, Sean Leslie starts the segment by saying he is in favor of smart meters,  this so-called expert is employed in our smart meter program, it was an infomercial, it was sad, the man is being paid by the crown to sell BC smart meters to the public, to you!..It was blatant bullshit spin, his job was to spin, John Macolm has been all over this issue, spending $billions on smart meters, the pitfalls, how their hacked, how many many problems these smart meters have and how they are nothing but a device to charge you more money at dinner time and Sean Leslie(Whose wife works for the BC PUBLIC AFFAIRS BUREAU) lobs nothing but softball questions and performs like a trained monkey.....I guess Christy Clark told Sean Leslie to pick up the BC Liberal slack or become a man with an unemployed wife......

Never-the-less I actually learned something about BC`s proposed smart meters that I never knew before, I watched and listened to the debate in our BC legislature two years ago and again last spring, the Lying BC Liberal said over and over again in our legislature and in the press that these smart meters would be installed in one`s house, they said the adults, kids, parents whoever could see their real time power use on their INDOOR smart meters, the Liberals claimed this would teach kids and others how to conserve energy but now it has been revealed by Sean Leslie`s guest today that in fact they are not installed in the home but outside where your present meter is!!!!!....And if you want a indoor device that can display what the outside meter says that will be an additional purchase the customer could CHOOSE to make at a so far undisclosed cost....

Isn`t that interesting, the Liberals lied again, have you seen where some outside meters are located, behind bushes, under ledges, not exactly what they advertised, you expect some teenager or senior citizen to go crawl around outside in the rain or snow in winter(When people use the most Hydro) and go look at his new smart meter and see the different wheels turn!!!...Nobody ever talked about an additional cost to the customer,.....

So here`s the deal, the smart meters were originally advertised in our BC Legislature as costing $400 million dollars, then the price rose to $600 million dollars, now the price is over $1 billion dollars, the devices were advertised in our BC Legislature as being installed in the home where people would learn to watch it and see first hand their power usage, now that`s another lie, the third lie was revealed today about additional consumer costs to buy a device to actually see what the NOW OUTDOOR smart meter is doing, almost every concept of the meter as originally advertised has changed, including 4 consecutive price increases as to the cost....Sure reminds me of the $900 million dollar retractable roof that got shoved down our throat and blackmailed over major league soccer, the public no sooner finished licking its wounds over that price tag when a giant money sucking mega-casino gets tossed at us, now they blackmail the public again about how the casino must happen...The reason, they now claim to defer the cost of the Retractable doughnut hole roof but that again it`s a lie, the payback on the roof from Paragon might take 40 years, the odds are that neither Paragon, the deal or BC Place will even exist in 40 years are slim to none!

The BC Liberal corporate way,  remember Gordon Campbell`s claims about run of river, how we would be power exporting giants, the jobs, the investment, how BC Hydro can`t produce enough power, now what, smart meters to charge you extra money for power at dinner time, homework time, family time, that on top of 40% increase in rates over the last 4 years, that after a two tier rate that charges a premium for any power over 1250 kh per month, now another 53% increase over the next 5 years plus the smart meter premium rate at family time....What happened, the corporate lying bastard BC Liberals teased us a little, the media lapdogs drank the Kool Aid and allowed this crime against BC Families to grow and grow and no media is asking the questions....WHAT HAPPENED...What happened to being a energy powerhouse, what happened to making money, what happened to our residential domestic rates, what happened to smart meters being in the home.....One little lie gets bought by the media, they don`t research, they ignore the facts, one little lie feeds the next bigger lie and on and on it goes and when the shit hits the fan the spineless bought and sold media ask but one question....

"What would the opposition do"

Not one MSM will admit that they not only failed to ask any questions all along but actually attacked the opponents of run of river and massively over priced long term energy contracts, voices like John Calvert, Rafe Mair, Damien Gillis, Will McMartin, the NDP and the Straight Goods voiced opposition to run of river here and radio....

The Corporation, we are no longer Governed by our representatives in BC or Canada, Tech Cominco, Rogers, Telus, the banks, General Electric, Accenture, Corporations, lobbyists and Government insiders now control every move the BC Liberals make, and Alberta and most of Canada...Did you catch that story last week, a scientist was vindicated over his finding`s on the Athabasca river in Alberta, he produced documents/results that the river is spiking with Tar Sand toxins, the Alberta EA was basically charged with lying, the Corporation made the Alberta Government lie or should I say the Corporation ordered it`s employees to say what they said...A simple boss/employee relationship, toe the line or lose your job, last year the Alberta Corporation Government had to apologize for slandering and lying about other scientist opposing the Tar Sands too.

When did the job of citizen elected Governments become spinning for the Corporation, not only spinning but lying, smart meters in the home, cheap power, the HST will lower prices, Corporations will pass on saving`s, see your grocery bill, how about filling up the car, can anyone tell me anything that dropped in price, how about our good friend Jack flip flop Mintz, didn`t you hear, the HST, we now have the highest unemployment in Canada next to the Maritimes in Altlantic Canada, the Maritimes have had the HST since 1996 and the have the highest unemployment in Canada and now WE..We in BC now have the honour of following in their HST footstep and where is the critical examination by the media in this Province.....Our media will never hold the BC Liberals feet to the fire, the media in BC and Canada now only ask one question...

"What would the opposition do"

The press is dead, media has never cast blame on Republicans or Conservatives or BC Liberals, those Governments are never held to account,  any blame is always directed to someone else, the left, the NDP, the socialist hordes, the 90s. What about George W Bush.....If one didn`t know better, one might think the collapse and assault on the masses was planned, set up to fall on the democrat`s watch, and here he is a Black Democrat, who talks about Bush jr and Bush senior, remember the Savings and Loan scandal under Bush Senior, the biggest banking thefts in history under father and son and will get the blame?...Obama, he`s been a slug, he was dealt a bad deck but did nothing, he gave in, he should have forced the Republicans and took the country to the edge of anarchy....Instead he capitulated, the Obama dream died, fascism, Corporatism.slavism, Debtism, controlism I don`t know what Canada or BC stand for anymore...

We no longer have Government of the people for the people we have Government of the shareholders and for the corporation....

Lastly, at one time we went to Serbia and Eastern Europe, lots of places and fought for democracy, by we I mean Governments and the United Nations, NATO, etc...Something changed while everyone was worrying about gay rights, abortion and illegal immigrants, while everyone was looking the other way our Governments were hijacked, Iraq had nothing to do with the 911 attacks, the people didn`t want us there, the Taliban had nothing to do with 911 either, it was a few hundred Al Qaeda fighters but the Corporation wanted war, war in the land of oil, George Bush, America and the Corporation told the world the reason to invade Iraq was one of bringing Democracy, freeing innocents from tyranny, at least that was the excuse but now.....

But now the Corporation isn`t interested in helping the people of Libya with Democracy or Egypt or any middle east or African Nation`s people with democracy, on the news, on almost every newscast the citizens fighting in Libya are called "REBELS"...Not freedom fighters, not oppressed people wanting Democracy but rebels, the same in Egypt, no one cared about those woman who were kicked and stoned last week for asking for equal rights, this time it`s different, this time the Corporation is the one stomping out freedom, the revolts in Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin, Indiana, the Congo, Saudi Arabia, Yemen.....

This time it`s different because the people are rising up against the machine, against the corporation, in Libya, Saudi Arabia, everywhere the people want their share of the riches, they won`t be lied too, the wars are people against the Corporation, against Corporate Governments against legalized slavery

This war is a Class war, what will it take friends, will we, the USA, Obama, Europe, Canada, will we merely watch the people`s of the world wanting freedom from a distance get butchered and burned, those wanting Democracy and their slice of the future get slaughtered one by one, when will the United Nations, NATO, America, Canada take a stand for Democracy, when will Corporate America once again allow our Governments to fight for Humanity.

Don`t hold your breath...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Don F. said...

I noticed something different in the way the stories coming out of the middle east have been portrayed lately and something was bothering me. I couldn't put my finger on it and that bothered me even more. I have been preoccupied by some family issues of late but when I read your article there it was what the difference was!!
They are calling these peoples REBELS.People fighting for freedom and Democracy are now being labeled as rebels by MSM. My blood is flowing at high speed through my veins tonight.
No more blatant can it get than this that the fight is on to decimate the good from this world as we are now the new BAD.

Anonymous said...



where does tax money actually go?

For the record, said...

So, just for the record: 9/11 was not pulled off by al-cia-duh, save for the few bit parts for a handful of walk-on patsies and that bogey man cut out of co-intel-pro comic book called, osama bin bush's friend for two generations.

And as for those smart meters, they're even more sinister than you've said here. They're already installed at people's homes in Ontario; and their real purpose is showing up beyond even the rip-offs and assorted frauds you've noted so far.

Where's Horgan stand on smart meters--?

seth said...

The real benefit to BCHydro of smart meters is two fold.

First it can disguise the 2nd part of the 100% increase in rates made necessary by the run of the river IPP scam by raising daytime rates a lot and lowering nighttime a little. The idea of keeping your neighbors and household awake at 2 AM doing your laundry will get old real fast.

Secondly it allows BCHydro to accept payment from Bonneville for taking its worthless wind power at night, powering BCHydro's entire nighttime demand on Bonneville's stupidity, while filling up its dams overnight to sell it back to them during the day.

BCHydro justifies the meters on deterring its way out there guess of 860 GWh of grow shop thefts. These it prices not at the 1 cents a kwh average on/off peak grid rate but at the insane 13 cents a khr it is paying Gordo Campbell's stockbroker run IPP retirement fund for power. The IPP power is must take anyway and is of no use to BCHydro so it is irrelevant whether the grow ops use it or not. The low grid rate will be around in perpetuity as near term Bonneville extends its wind capacity from 3GW peak to 6 GW as required by flaky green politicians in the state government and mid and long term with new 2 cent a kwh nuclear.

If grow shops were such a big deal BCHydro at 1% the cost could just install feeder meters and compare them to existing meter power bills.

The proposed $500 or so installed power meters are designed to send a $billion in taxpayer support to stockbroker pals running the Gordon Campbell retirement fund. They generate 1 watt of 900 mhz RF compared to 100 milliwatts from WIFI or your cell phone and may well be located 4 inches from your child's sleeping head on the outside bedroom wall. Instead existing meters could be modified for twenty bucks or so and run off a 1 mw Zigbee unit if smart meters were so vital.

The real fear from the crooked politicians that give BCHydro it's orders is that the new Smart meter network could be expanded by the NDP, to offer a best in the world universal 1000 Mbs internet/IPTV/telephone communication channel to BC ratepayers for less than $2 a month putting a lucrative campaign donations from Bib Telecom in jeopardy. The fry your brain 1 watt wireless transmitter is the result.

There are no real measurable environmental benefits to smart meters - just junk science self serving twaddle about what if maybe sometime in the future behavior modification.

cherylb said...

I despise guys like that Gingrich. They are filled with venom and hypocrisy. They do and say things that hurt people a lot while they lie and cheat and steal themselves. And every single time they get caught their response is "I've asked God to forgive me my past mistakes". Pigs.

Anonymous said...

Reported on an American station.....Newt Gingrich has no intention of running in 2012. He simply says he is thinking about it and then the millions in supportive donor money comes rolling in. Then at the last minute, decides not to. Apparently he has done it before. This is how he makes his living, by scamming the public.

JonH said...

Grant, anyone with an iota of mental capacity knows that these so called smart meters are being implemented for one thing and one thing only, to further rip off the citizens of the Province in the name of conservation and give the proceeds to BC Liberal friends and insiders. I have friends whom are a retired couple living on a modest retirement income (below the poverty line)in a 500 sq. ft. home with wood heat. I was thinking that of all the people I know that they would be able to stay within the Step 1 rate in their hydro use so I asked them if they are within that threshold and their answer to me was,hold on for the big surprise, " we have never, ever been within the Step 1 usage ". That tells me that there are very few households that do. On the other hand my brother who has a wife and 2 kids and heats his house with forced air electric ( you remember when BC Hydro quite a few years back was promoting electric heat to use up all the surplus electricity the Province had) paid $800/2months for electricty. My point of all this is that the BC Liberals have basicaly wiped out the middle class and they know that everyone is tapped out money wise and the only way left to squeeze any more money out of the citizens of the Province and give it to their Corporate friends is to increase life's necessities like Hydro, Healthcare, etc. Someone should get a hold of Rogers and ask them to update their Thesaurus to add the synonyms BC liberal and Corporations to the word PARASITE. have you heard how copper wire was invented? The BC Liberals and the Corporations fighting over the last penny in your pocket.

Rick said...

Canada, Province of British Columbia, Municipalities and the other Governments within Canada are all Corporations. If you have a SIN or EIN you are an employee of the Corporation of Canada and have no choice but to follow the rules of the Corporation no less than the employee at Canadian Tire must follow its rules.
Revoke consent, quit the Corporation and withhold all taxes its the only thing they understand is the spigot to the Pigs at the trough being cut off. Playing in their game is a dead end. Standing up and being responsible for ourselves rather than applying for Corporate benefits. Everything the Corporate Government so graciously returns to us is a benefit, even going to jail. I do not want their benefits we are capable on our own but, many in our society do not want to be responsible they would rather be a slave with limited liability. Everyone needs to put down the Corporate shovel and say enough already. Everyone staying at home for a week enjoying family and neighbors, taking care of your neighborhood would get the attention of the Corporate Pigs.

Leah said...

The truth of smart meters will never be printed, or spoken of by MSM..so we have to find the truth elsewhere. This is a great place to start:


Dr. Havas has nothing more in mind than the health of people.

Anonymous said...

A book called The Shock Doctrine' by Naomi Klein has a great explanation about how we lost 'democracy for the people' and gained 'corporation for the shareholders'.
It is an well researched book.

It is too bad the the masses have their head shoved so far up the dark tunnel that we are fighting amongst ourselves rather then being the collective to gain our democracy back.

Too many feel that they are doing very well.

Geezzzzzzzzzzzz . . .

Hugh said...

I just heard the new Energy Minister, Rich Coleman, on CBC Radio. It sounded like he was thinking of cancelling the smart meter idea, as a way of reducing some of the rate hike.

Hugh said...

Keith Baldrey says:

2. Restore the independence of the B.C. Utilities Commission, re-examine the Green Energy Plan, the role of independent power production, and BC Hydro's mammoth proposed 50 per cent increase in rates (over five years).


Anonymous said...

"There's no question at times of my life, partially driven by how passionately I felt about this country,"

Oh, he was driven all right. He was riven and he was passionate. Young John Henry standing tall in the saddle and all, but I have never heard it called being passionate about one's country. Maybe that's how they do it in the beltway when at the height of lust they reach for their richest obscenities and arrive at names like Reagan, Clinton, and Bush. Oh! Aww! Awoooh! Kinssinger my ass! No! Not in my Bush hole! Harper Valley! Do as I say!

okay, I'm leaving. No need to throw things.

Hugh said...

This article is from today's V-Sun:


Hoberg says smart meters are about time-of-day metering. Which means we will pay more for hydro, unless we want to cook dinner at 3:00 am.

Anonymous said...

"I have friends whom are a retired couple ... "

Drives me nuts. Try:

I have friends WHO ARE a retired couple ...

Thank you.

jaydee said...

How much further back into the dark ages can this criminal B.C. Liberal mob take us?! People used to have to get up at daybreak and in bed at the same time as the sun...before electricity...to get their chores done! Today seniors and the not so wealthy have to do the same...because of the bad 'economic policies' and mismanagement/theft of our public assets by this now unelected b.c.(liberals) neo-cons government and the HST fiasco and all the levies, taxes, fees and huge increases since Campbell lied and stole the elections in 2001, 2005 and 2009.



Anonymous said...

Where i the CBC. All the other major media is under corporate control. I just learned yesterday that Ralph Klein sold off Albeta's assets for 1/3 of their worth to make his budget look good. now Ecana owns the province and refuses to let Albertans in on the take.The head of that business is one of Christy Clark's advisor. CBC owes a duty to hold these corporations accountable. I heard some bonehead yesterday that increasing taxes on Corporations reduces the wages earned by employees. It is pretty evident after watching the BP oil crisis and the Nuclear crisis in Japan that Corporations don't really care about the people and will lie as long as they can get away with it.Maybe we need to go back to BRIC and have the people of BC own and control the assets. We would be a lot stronger province wth a large middle class than a few wealthy people.

jaydee said...






Join unions from the United States and Canada at the international border to stand in solidarity with workers who are struggling to keep their right to collectively bargain.


See http://cawlocal114.blogspot.com

Thanks Grant