Thursday, December 2, 2010

Time to Celebrate, BC Liberals freaking out over Carole James Ultimate Departure!

Well friends, time to rock and roll and make heads and tails over this wrongly perceived mess.......

First things first, I received a response from the CBSC and Solange Courteau(The name of the CBSC representitive) has provided me with my file number from my successful complaint and is sending me out a  hardcopy of said complaint and remedy against Christy Clark, I also forwarded the email from the CBSC to Sean Holman....Lets see if Holman responds or stays quiet and in Christy`s political camp!

The Jenny Kwan affair, fantasticcccccccc......The BC Liberal and media stooges have come out early and strong in defence of Carole James, friends I can hear the pure panic and spin in Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey....Bill Good is playing the shock card, over and over Bill Good is saying.."Where is the new leader of the NDP, no one has come forward"snip

Well folks, just like with the BC Liberals, no one, no new leader comes forward until the present leader either resigns or calls for a leadership contest.....So rest assured friends that the leaders WILL come forward...Leaders like John Horgan.....

I am making a personal plea to David Shreck and Ian Reid........My plea is....STHU about how Carole James took the party from 2 seats to 32 seats....Yawn, old news, false news, Gordon Campbell drove NDPers back to the party, it has nothing to do with Carole James, NOTHING!

 I apologize for usuing such stern language and forcefullness....But democracy and majority rule, Carole must announce a full blown leadership vote, one member, one vote, it`s my opinion  that Carole would receive but a tiny portion of that vote, we will come out of a vote united, stronger, a winner, Shreck and Reid use too much personal reasoning in defence of Carole James, the knives should have sliced Carole up after she lost the second election, our mistake was waiting 18 months, having said that, the genie can`t be put back in the bottle, for now if there was an election in 6 months or 2 years from now the media, the BC Liberals would use the NDP`s own words to bury the party......However we got to this point in time doesn`t matter, were here, one member, one vote......To the winner goes the spoils!

The reason for my elevated blood pressure....Take this quote from David Shreck`s latest GARBAGGIO PIECE..

 "The next election will see a dramatically reduced and ineffective NDP, unable to finance the kind of campaign a reinvigorated government party will mount"

For Christ sakes man!...How more ineffective can the NDP get, have they stopped one bill, one hydro increase, one act, anything, BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Place roof, Gambling, name one goddamn thing they have done as you so elequently state Shreck(effective)...Where, What, Who, When, Where was I ...Because I seemed to have missed it....Like I say, David Shreck should stick to money and finanaces, Shreck must be the great Karnack of Johnny Carson fame, he sees things that aren`t there, perhaps my visions are hermetically sealed in a mayonaisse jar!

Carole James had a window of opportunity, that was in 2005 to 2009, she was given out of respect another chance in 2009, that opportunity shouldn`t have been granted, the same mistake won`t be made again....That chance was squandered, I don`t care what riding associations or what Moe Sihota has to say about Carole James...

The yellow scarves were a low down dirty  CHILDISH trick....Sheesh, what next, yellow mitts and a giant Flag, what an embarrassment...The public, the stooges, the media, the BC Liberals have defined Carole James, rightly or wrongly Carole James has been labeled, I would want Carole James to organize a bake sale or bottle drive but beyond that........Forgetaboutit!!!!

Comments from papers, the internet, letters to the editor, comments on our blog, the Tyee, Da House of infamy, BC Mary`s place, Ross K.....Damn it folks the consensus says......Carole James is a poor leader, she inspires no one, lacklustre, boring, nagging, finger nails on a chalkboard.....And at a time when the BC Liberals are the most reviled party in North America, from corner to corner whether it be Pat Bell, Shirley Bond, De Jong, Falcon, Heed, McDiarmid, Polak, every damn BC Liberal is hated, the HST, all this time and you can ask anyone in the Province ...

"What is the NDP`s stance on the HST".....And they would answer...Uhh, I don`t know, NDP who?....Gumby with a microphone would get more support than Carole James....So again David Shreck/Ian Reid...STHU!...Friendship and personal allegencies have no place at this time, life turns, moments come and go.......Jenny Kwan has ripped the scab off the wound, the NDP are in the news, all is good.....And Ian, David, if Carole James wins a one member one vote contest, so be it...She won`t, no logic beats that reasoning!.

Have you not heard, yesterday Kevin Falcon (before the Kwan confession) said...."We want to run against Carole James, she`s a weak leader, she flip-flopped on the carbon tax, the Port Mann bridge, MLA salaries, she is weak, weak, weak"....

Mike De Jomg, Christy Clark, all of them want Carole James in the game.....Today on the cutting ledge on cknw(a day early)...Vaughn Palmer and Keith Baldrey are calling Jenny Kwan and others.."a small minority of dissidents"....They talk how carole will put down this internal revolt...Their motives are as plain as the nose on their face...

Keep Carole James in the game.....And you know what folks....I can hear the stooges come next election(if Carole James is still there)....The stooges will call Carole James weak, a poor leader, they will pull every quote from Jenny Kwan and Bob Simpson, every quote, the BC Liberals and the media will tell the public that even the NDP don`t think Carole is leadership material...

And despite what Moe Sihota and some backroom NDPers want, Sorry Moe Sihota...The People and Province come first, you and Carole James will find yourself alone without a party...Carole and Moe go to Hollywood...Hey maybe you can jump on the Star whackers story....Hey, you clowns have no star appeal and will be safe....

Sorry friends, I know politics, I know what you can and can`t come back from, Moe Sihota and Carole James must go, at one time I thought Carole James could stay within the party as an MLA and or Cabinet minister, but if Carole fights this losing battle even that position will become a pipedrem...

I am celebrating the end of Carole James as leader of the NDP....A fresh new start, and until Carole James does the right thing and flocks off I will not donate another penny nor endorse the party....I will still report on the criminal fiscal activities of the BC Liberal party......

Carole James, go to Vanderhoof, Prince George, Langley, Burnaby, ask Joe Public what they think of Carole James, what`s her position on the HST....

Remember Carole James, every quote from Jenny, from Bob Simpson, from everyone, the yellow scarves, the media will sink your chances Carole James with words from your own party members, and if Moe Sihota doesn`t see that, acknowledge that, than perhaps Moe Sihota and other higher up NDPers are actually working for...

The BC Liberals!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open 


Elwood said...

Grant, this is a superb column! Yes, tomorrow is a new and bright day. Totally agree! This column should go viral!

Anonymous said...

Well said Grant , I feel full of joy to-day , finally were getting somewhere.

Walter v E.

Anonymous said...

Grant,what you say is bang on. Here in Powell River our MLA Nicholas Simons (you know him, one of the disident and traitorous 13 according to some people)has at least listened to the people he is supposed to represent and I have to admire him for that. Anyone I talk to agrees that if the NDP want to win the next election they have to cut Carol James loose as leader. I myself despise the Liberals so much that I would still vote NDP with Carol as leader but only if Nicholas was on the ballot, not some appointed lackey. If Nicholas wasn't on the ballot for the NDP or any other party, I would still vote for anyone other than the corrupt Liberals

Anonymous said...

Absolutley spot on! I too have stopped any sort of support for the ndp, having never voted for any other party.cj is so hopelessly out her depth that it`s of course appealing to crass opportunists like moe sahota to want her in power.Just imagine the money and influence he would control,the labour movement is making another error in judgement as well by paying moe sahotas salary, this will give the liberals a big club to pound the ndp with come election time,and will alienate a lot of the public who are not anti union,(like myself) but will just not pass the smell test. Such hand wringing at bully boy bills liberal love-in on nw today.It`s tough for the brown nose croud,for a dozen years they knew without a doubt whose ass to kiss, with campbell going, they`re just not sure anymore.

Anonymous said...

I heard on the radio (cbc) that CJ is going to hold an emergency caucus meeting this weekend and says that the future of the party itself is on line.
Well, maybe if it's that important to her we should give up on the NDP support another party - except the only other parties out there are all deluded right wingnuts.
Your call, Carole: Step down and call a leadership convention for early January or destroy the party. I'm not calling for your removal, just saying that the NDP needs a leadership review, and if you honestly read the comments (as Grant says) you will see that you don't have the support needed to win the next election. Nobody will forgive you this one.
One more point; I hope Grant is right in his contention that there is enough depth in the NDP to provide an aggressive, intelligent leader. Jenny is beautiful physically, but is she smart, tough and committed? Now is the time for all past and present NDP MLAs to come to the aid of their party and pick the absolute best new leader.
And don't go throwing Carole James away. She has tons of experience which she could share with the new leader and she would make a great health minister.
GODDAMN! Just heard the 3pm news and Carole has every intent of staying on! She's going to screw the party out of one more victory and impoverish the bloody lot of us! I take back the words about experience and leadership - there is no leadership there.

Anonymous said...

I quit donating to the NDP some time ago because of Carole's leadership (or lack thereof).

She threw union members under the bus but has no problem with having them pay Sihota a salary with their dues. Disgusting.

The over the top reaction by the media, who conveniently forget it's not the first time that an MLA has questioned an NDP leader (Smallwood vs. Harcourt) leading to a change at the top.

Archived article from the G&M about Harcourt leaving:

I'll donate money to the NDP again; when Carole's gone.

Anonymous said...

Oh well, we may as well wipe out the BC Liberals as well. Has anyone read, North Van Grumps, Blog Borg Collective. Don't be too shocked at, who clinched the deal, for the sale of the BCR. Nah, you won't be surprised at all. We all knew who actually did, the dirty deed all along.

istvan said...

Corky Corky draft Corky!The shril one needs to go back to being a school/marm.(poor kids).We need a party with guts,not the current NDP.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely not, I will not vote for the NDP under the leadership of Carole James unless of course she leads the party with the membership in full support. I do like her smile.

istvan said...

By the way has any one heard from Ed Deak?

Anonymous said...

Agreed----this writer was a monthly sustaining member of the NDP- will restart right after the leadership changes

Anonymous said...


"Coming out of the last provincial election, Carole didn't consult with caucus and just announced that she was staying on."

~Jenny Kwan The Province, Dec 2nd, 2010

This simple statement by Kwan Really says it all. James was never given a mandate by caucus to run again for leader. It is a window into her leadership style internally and is in keeping with the Sihota deal as well. All without caucus consultation.

Today, James seems to want an emergency meeting to discuss with the 13 no yellows about their tactics, etc. It seems to me that the reverse should be true. James should explain herself to the 13 how she decided to just arbitrarily run again for leader.

PJ said...

This scares the hell out of me, the selfish death grip that Carol James has on the leadership of the NDP.
In talking with my friends, colleagues, and even strangers, seldom have I heard that they support Carol James.
The unfortunate answer is that there is no alternative to the Liberals, they do not see a party led by Carol James as an alternative.
Unfortunately, most people that I know do not read the blogs, they listen to the TV news and CHOSE TO BELIEVE THE PROPAGANDA CRAP BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING INFORMED BY THE MOST TRUSTED PEOPLE IN NEWS. That is the reality of the average folks out there.
If I talk about the fact that these ASS's leading this province are stealing us blind, they respond to me with disbelief and that they are not hearing this on the news. (These are not people that listen to the AM crap of CKNW, let me clarify that).
These are people that listen to Global, CTV, and CBC. These are people that read the crap in the Sun and Province.
These are the people who sat on their ass and DID NOT VOTE IN THE LAST ELECTION.
The same thing will happen again, with a new leader like Kevin Falcon, they do not hear him saying that he will continue to lead a government that is good for the private sector.
They will believe the propaganda campaign that these private money pits will spew through the media as they compare a new leader to a fresh start.
They will even believe that a 10% HST is better then a 12% HST.
Most people have their collective head shoved so far up their ass, that the smell has messed with their brain. Sorry for being so blunt, but this is what propaganda does to people.
Think about how Hitler was able to convince people to kill so many in death camps.
Even though there were underground camps working against Hitler, it took almost the complete destruction of Germany to stop the insanity of this man and his followers.
We will suffer the same destruction but in a very different manner.
Goodbye to education, health care, seniors care, etc, and hello to being tolled to walk, run, drive, or ride,, to get any place (except of course where the rich people live), hell lets face it, just to live with some dignity.
What will it take to stop this madness?
I used to have some respect for Carol James, not I believe that she is an egotistic person acting like a petulant child. Do you really think that people will elect your party to run this province?

Anonymous said...

This is no time for the NDPs to start scrapping. They will never be successful in an election if they can't even run their own party and support their leader. I'm very disappointed I was hoping they would win next election - now I am wondering what else could happen. If CJ is not the one - I want RF.

Anonymous said...

I have tried posting this before, but it simply hasn't appeared. I will try again. From your posting:

Have you not heard, yesterday Kevin Falcon (before the Kwan confession) said...."We want to run against Carole James, she`s a weak leader, she flip-flopped on the carbon tax, the Port Mann bridge, MLA salaries, she is weak, weak, weak"....

Well, I heard the same thing, almost word for word, a few WEEKS AGO from someone who works for one of the 13 MLAs. Curious coincidence? Or not a coincidence?

Hugh said...

Hydro rates going up, up, up.

They forgot to mention the $billions that BC Hydro will have to pay IPPs over the coming decades.

Leah said...

While checking out Ross K's blog over morning coffee this morning, I found a link leading to a letter written by Corky Evans regarding this NDP leadership fiasco. It's an eye-opener...there IS more to this...his letter is posted at the Public Eye in full. And deserves a good read.

It will in the end make you ask, "what the hell was Carole thinking?!" It did me, anyway.

Happy Friday all.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your man John Horgan is a big Carol James supporter ...couldn't stop himself yesterday on NW going on and on over the wonders of Carol

Took the time to slam Jenny Kwang... something about self indulgence, sounds like Carol maybe does have bigger balls than John....he sounded pretty mousy

Grant G said...

You were not listening, Not only did Horgan keep talking issues, like the latest IPP rip-off.....He used careful language,

"at this point in time"

And other subtlties....

Horgan is smart enough to let this leadership thingy play out...We know, he knows, everyone knows Carole is Gone, so why paint a target on yourself until the hats are thrown in...

Did anyone jump into the BC Liberal race until Campbell said the word?

Politics 101


Anonymous said...

Wow! You should be on radio! That was great and so much to the point. It seems like everyone I talk to agrees completely on one point, Carole James is a poor leader and should not (and will not) ever be elected premier of BC. Who is giving her advice? Who is telling her, "Oh Carole. Don't listen to those dissenters. You really are the best leader the NDP could possibly come up with"?

I can't believe those MLAs stood up behind her at her latest press conference looking like stupid puppet props. I guess there is a reason they had weird, uncomfortable looks on their faces.

Of course Vaughan Palmer, Keith Baldrey, Bill Good and Gary Mason are all going to do everything they can to prop up Carole James as leader. She is the Liberal Party's last great hope for securing a new post-Campbell majority.

G West said...

I think you're mistaken on this one. Or at least partly mistaken - this is not going to turn out well.

In fact, I think the mess in the NDP has practically guaranteed another Liberal government led by whomever wins the booby prize at the Liberal 'convention'...And I think that's a terrible thing.

You're a smart guy. Take a long slow look at Jenny Kwan's statement. Read it carefully and I think you'll find it is long on whining and short on detain. It's a recitation of personal hurt feelings, not a political indictment based on facts and reality.

You don't destroy a party and a colleague with that kind of generality - if you've got a case you have to make it with facts and figures; specific examples and clear quotations.

There is nothing hut whining in Kwan's letter - and it's a poor excuse for the action she's taken. Even if James does agree to a convention there's every possibility she may win and, even if she doesn't, the party is damaged goods for at least five years.

You carefully and enthusiastically make the case for all kinds of Liberal cock-ups and you do it with facts and figures - not with self interested bullshit. Which is why you make certain other people so angry.

Keep it up - but on this issue I think you need to look again. The cause of progressive politics and the needs of the people who desperately need help in this province have both been set back.

We don't need a new leader in the NDP - we need to get rid of the current government - the events of the last week have made the likelihood of that happening very remote. We're gonna get a new leader for the NDP and/or a crippled party but we are not going to get a change in government.

Even recall is now in the balance - this public shitstorm is going to derail what Craig James hasn't screwed up.

Sorry, but I have to call 'em like I see 'em my friend

Anonymous said...

Grant< I just read Schreck's opinion piece about the dissenters (the traitorous unlucky baker's dozen according to him)and you can sure see how blind and biased he is to any reasonable discussion about a leadership vote (what would you expect from a former Carol insider). The way I see it if Carol James kicks these people out of the NDP that might be a good thing for this Province because maybe just maybe if these MLAs form another Political Party that actually believe in demoratic principals and the well being of the citizens (not keep the status quo with their nose in the trough) and would give the voters an alternative to the crooked Liberals or no policy, do nothing NDP.

Anonymous said...

If push came to shove. I would vote for the NDP, to keep the Liberals out. I was astounded by the news, De Jong is running to replace Campbell. De Jong blatantly performed a gross injustice, of a cover up for, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. The BC ministers and the mla's, gave their full support, to their madman of a leader. None of them, will be any different than Campbell. Who in the hell, would back a premier that left our BC children, to be so hungry, they can't do their school work? The NDP picked the worst time to fight. The tension in the party, should have been sorted out privately. They have lost a lot of voters, over their public squalling, and, the division in their party.

Grant G said...

Sorry G West.....I know who`s camp your in...You are letting personal attatchments get in the Way.

Carole James`s time is over.

"Genies can`t be put back in bottles"

Good Day

G West said...

Nope. Wrong again my friend. I have NO personal attachments to anyone...I'm what you'd call the last of the straight shooters. I simply tell it like it is - and how I see it.

I KNOW a couple of things - among which that this started with Bob Simpson - and that Carole James should have stepped on him years ago...
But really, All I care about is who wins the next election - I'm not supporting James as a savior and I DON'T even believe that strong leadership is important in a real democracy.

I'd vote for the devil himself if I thought it was the best way to send the CAMPBELL liberals to the showers forever. James is NOT the issue.

I believe this is a stupid tactic for a party that not only never has 50% popular support under the best of times; has little or no money to spare (while the Liberals will have tons of it); and, has and always will have an uphill battle against a biased and far from responsible press.

That's all - AND, as I wrote at Bill's place, if you're going to shoot the leader, make bloody well sure you have more ammunition than the light birdshot Jenny Kwan sprayed at Carole James the other day.

You're a bright guy, you could have created a better indictment than she did.

You're also right that the Genie is OUT OF THE BOTTLE - in other words, because this thing was so poorly thought out and handled, the clear impression the vast majority of voters have (many of whom don't even bother to vote) is that the NDP is stupid, incompetent, self-willed, sexist and incapable of taking over even the management of their own affairs.

Even Campbell couldn't have done this to our chances.

But don't worry, I'm as much a supporter now as I've ever been - I'll stick with the party through thick and thin - it's not ME you and what's left of the caucus have to worry about.

Crankypants said...

I assumed that the BC NDP Party would the ticket to get us out from under the abuse of Gordo and his minions. I guess I was wrong.

The leader, Carole James, has turned out to as arrogant as our premier. Its my way or the highway just doesn't cut it anymore. The electorate is tired of being used as nothing more than a sap. The revolt on the HST has shown that the electorate is getting much more involved, and are not likely to accept more empty rhetoric.