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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Rich Coleman is out as potential new leader of the BC Liberals

I Was wrong, Coleman is out.......But what you will find is all of the rat pack will soon come to realize that they can`t win, Gordon Campbell took the whole works of them into the depth`s of hell....

This opens things up for Christy Cluck Cluck Clark.......But trust me folks, the public may initially see a shiny new apple in Christy but when the worms eat Christy Clark from the inside out, the public will see what Christy Cluck Clark is...Christy is a female Gordon Campbell.....Good luck with promoting that HST and refusing to raise minimum wage....More to come..

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Anonymous said...

You will be tickled to know that your site Grant has more hits and comments than "Sad Sack Sean Holmans" I have taken a look at his site and by the looks of things he supports the Fiberal party or some of those associated. ie: Kevin Falcon. Will we ever have a truely unbiased journalist n BC ?

cherylb said...

Really...what's with all the Falcon advertising on his site?

Gary E said...

I guess I was wrong as well Grant. I know he has a pretty big war chest (not just his chest and belly). But think of this. Maybe, and I say just maybe, he is the smartest one of the bunch. After all why waste time trying to plug a hole in something bigger than the iceburgh gap in the Titanic.

I just don't know why the rest are not as smart. Oh, wait. They are just lapdogs aren't they.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Kevin and Sean had an affair ??

Anonymous said...

De Jong has stepped up, for the leader of BC. It is beyond belief, that De Jong has the, utter gall to run. His blatant corruption and cover up regarding, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, has turned far too many BC stomachs. That is a gross miscarriage of justice. He is no different than Campbell. This is why, BC people wanted as many recalls done, as soon as possible. We knew the BC Liberal government, needed to be obliterated, right off the bat. It seems to be forgotten, the BC Liberal ministers and mla's, have backed, Campbell the monster, right to the hilt. All of them are tainted by Campbellism.