Monday, December 20, 2010

Ben Meisner Turns into the Information and Truth Nazi(updated even further)Updated even further in the comment section!

Well folks, as of late Gentle Ben of Prince George has become the information Nazi, not only are comments being deleted that he doesn`t agree with Ben Meisner has now stopped all comments on political stories.

We all know that Ben is a true blue BC Liberal and Gordon Campbell fan, he is also a Christy Clark fan, so when Christy cluck cluck Clark made a visit to Prince George he of course reported it...

Under the story in the comment section people were talking about Christy Clark, talking about her and her brother`s, her Ex- husband`s involvement with BC Rail, contributors were leaving links to Alex G Tsakumis`s site, links to my stories on BC Rail involving Christy Cluck Clark....Ben Meisner then started deleting legitimate comments, and or a Elaine MacDonald at Opinion250 did, and considering I commented there, under that story, I read each and every comment and there was NO LIBEL, no name calling, all that was there was opinion and links to stories about the Christy Clark family involvement in BC Rail...Shame on you Ben Meisner, it`s bad enough when you shamelessly promote Pat Bell and Shirley Bond, it`s poor journalism the way you spin a dying forest industry as a success story, how you gloss over the Pat Bell and Shirley Bond`s spin but to now dictate to readers what facts they can present....For Shame Ben Meisner, in my opinion you are a sell-out!  ....

Well I have one thing to say to you Ben....GET STUFFED....Here is a news flash for you Meisner, you can`t stop the internet, you can`t stop the reporting of news, you can`t stop AGT, BC Mary, you can`t stop Will McMartin or the Powell River Persuader or Laila Yuile from reporting and documenting the BC Rail saga....You can`t prevent the putrid stench that follows Christy Clark no more than you can stop  gulls from following a tuna boat.

All you will do is drive Opinion 250 readers away, the interactive aspect is what draws viewers, so despite your shameless promotion of BC Liberals Ben, despite being a information Nazi despite all your efforts Christy Clark is up to her eyeballs over BC Rail....Might be time for you to pack it in Meisner. And if anyone thinks I am exaggerating, read this opinion from Ben Meisner

In that opinion piece Meisner claims the NDP because of internal fighting and removing their leader the NDP should be punished badly by voters, and of course, from forming Government, ....I commented on that story only to have it deleted, what I said to Ben was...."There was as much internal squabbling in the BC Liberal caucus as the NDP"...I went on to say..."If Gordon Campbell didn`t resign after his failed televised speech and income tax cut flip flop he would have been thrown out, Gordon Campbell got the message, Carole James didn`t" snip

Ben Meisner, just like the MSM, wants the past BC Liberal scandals to disappear, they only want to talk about the 90s and fast Ferries, according to Meisner(IMO), none of the hundreds of scandals plaguing the BC Liberals over the last 9 years compare to the NDP booting out their leader, Meisner is fully in the BC Liberal camp!

Updated here...I just received a message from Ben Meisner and Opinion 250..Here it is below

"You are removed from our list of contributors. If you wish to re register- e-mail
May I suggest that you build your own website on which you can write whatever you choose.
If you re register we will name you, and refer to your posts.
Thank you Ben Meisner"

And then tonight I got another email from Ben Meisner, below is the second letter from Meisner.
This letter is to inform you that your comments on Opinion 250 , are not only untrue, unfounded, but slander not only Opinion250, but its employees.
The comments  you have published are objectionable to for their inaccuracy, untruth and their
defamatory nature. In particular you have incorrectly, recklessly, and inappropriately reported that Ben Meisner could be," bought and sold for a song."
The above comments are objectionable to Opinion250 and their employees  for their inaccuracy, untruth and their
defamatory nature. In particular you have incorrectly, recklessly, and inappropriately reported
that Ben Meisner is," an information Nazi"
We are forwarding your blog and comments  to our solicitors
Ben Meisner
 To which I responded....Bring it on

 That is one man`s opinion, Grant G

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Elwood said...

Grant, you should make another complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council about obstruction of free expression or something to that effect. Meisner is a broadcaster isn't he? Shame!

Don F. said...

I was on that site this morning and shocked to see that comments had been shut down! What next will they try to confiscate our computers? Will they seize my beloved internet?
Shame Mr. Meisner! Does look pretty sad like maybe you are coming apart at the seams.

Anonymous said...

Grant,I was going to send a letter questioning in regards to these actions of removeing the comments but the Mizer seems to have cut off communications.
As you so eloquently stated "You can`t prevent the putrid stench that follows Christy Clark no more than you can stop gulls from following a tuna boat".
If one gets close to stinky tuna,the odour transfers, making it impossible to distinguish whom stinks more,watch out for the cats Mizer.


Grant G said...

Thanks Henri...I Too tried to contact Meisner, but the contact link at opinion 250 has been gutted too.

Ben Meisner can be bought and sold for a song...

The BC Liberals wind up Meisner`s key in his back and he walks and talks and squalks just like PAB!

Anonymous said...

David Schrek is no better; he seems to want to damage the BC NDP as much as possible.

George William said...

i am going to connect the dots for you, folks, from Meisner to Shreck, from Tieleman to Berardino, from Campbell to Kinsella--they are all tied together by their membership in Free Masonic Lodges, otherwise known as the Old Boys Network. They all take an oath of secrecy and pledge loyalty to all brothers under a penalty of death. And, yes--there are chapters for women, as well. They are called Eastern Stars, as is the case in one Christy Clark. This is the important tie that binds.

Beth said...

Grant I live in P.G. and was shocked to see his comments section closed especially in light of Falcons promise to set up a "northern premiers office" along with the new hst offices in P>g> yea right 3 cabinet ministers all about as useful as the flu more temple building for the bc libs
Will they ever open the legislature again!.. well done again Grant
Merry Christmas to you and yours

Anonymous said...

Is that a photo of Mr. Meisner? He is a tad old looking, maybe even has one foot in the door of a Liberal care home. People can lose it in their old age, it is quite common.

Anonymous said...

Truth hurts. Sorry Ben maybe grow a par before immediately running to your lawyers coward.

JIM TAYLOR (Not the famous one!) said...

It is his Blog and he is FREE to allow comments or not, that is still his FREE choice.
I'm not sure who, here, is demonstrating the worst principles??
For the record, some of your 'style' is kinda over the top. Your opinions may or may not be accurate, which is why we have FREE elections and don't rely on NDP or LIB 'spinners' when making up our minds at the polls.
Frankly, I think they BOTH stink and would love to see some real alternatives, and not just provincially.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on George. Reading too much Dan Brown perhaps?

Anonymous said...

Meisner is showing his true colours. A lieberal stooge.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

If Meisner sues you for slander for stating your opinion in a real court of justice I've got news for him,you can count on thousands of witnesses that can attest to the same opinion as you but if you were brought before THE LIBERAL CRIME FAMILY COURT (i.e. BC Rail Corruption Trail Court) well then I'm pretty sure in your case they would like to bring back the death penalty just to make an example of people who want to tell and get after the truth.

kootcoot said...

Why does the quisling Meisner hate Prince George and its poor afflicted residents so much? As I pointed out at the House of Infamy recently it would appear that Ben has no problem with the ten years of Liberal abuse that have reduced the once proud industrial and transportation hub of the Northern BC into the unemployment and crime capital of Canada. Nope Ben wants more, maybe Prince George can surpass Juarez, Mexico as the crime capital of the New World with a few years of Empress Cluck Cluck.

Of course there are no borders near PG,so no maquiladoras for slave labor wage jobs even. People in PG can just freeze in the dark, but don't forget to pay your carbon tax, that is if you can afford fuel or heat at all!

Anonymous said...

kootcoot, thats net tittle Empress Cluck Cluck. Before the miser wiped the comments clean one dork wrote because cluck cluck was cute he would vote for her.
Must of been an old trapper with one hell of a bad case of cabin fever and hairy palms to say that.


Don F. said...

Wow! This should do great things for his station and relations with the public! It's okay to comment there but only if what is said conforms to Mr Meisner's view of the world. Glass houses crumble easily. Let's hope his lawyers don't bankrupt the guy and leave him something for retirement. He can choose to run his blog this way but he will have to blog and comment all by himself.Maybe looking for a way to use some diplomacy might prove less costly.

George William said...

To: December 21, 2010 7:15 AM
Anonymous said...
"Oh come on George. Reading too much Dan Brown perhaps?"

The above is known as a tell in poker. As you can see in this case, they attempt to dismiss the truth with ridicule so that no one will take it seriously.

And, for the record, Dan Brown is a high mason sent out to dis-inform people by mixing elements of truth with a lot of nonsense in order to make it all look ridiculous.

But, you can be sure that the Knights Templar did exist, and Free Masonry does matter a whole lot to what's going down in this world.

Anonymous said...

Can't see where the difference is between your remark and this,
There are probably many more instances on the net.
After so many negative comments in 250 about Empress Cluck Cluck the old guys feeling are probably hurt and has to vent.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
(if this already got posted please delete one copy:)

Coupla points here:
1. They are afraid. Liberal supporters know damn well that the cat is out of the bag about the liberal mismanagement/pillaging of our province. They are afraid of you Grant, and they are afraid of everyone else who actually thinks about how badly we've been betrayed by this neocon, globalist government. Sure, global trade has it's place, but look at China - they control it and if it's not good for China it doesn't happen there. Result? They are making far more money from free trade than anyone. Well, that is a paradigm, a footprint to the future, and a plan we should be following before what the liberal crime family has left us of this province is all bought up by the Chinese. (gone forever) I'd just like to say to Grant and everyone else who comments on those liberal sites that you don't have to be insulting - just stick to the truth and your message will go across to the readers crystal clear. I wouldn't mention it Grant, except I know you have a temper and we really can't afford to lose you to a mud slinging match with anyone who comes along. It may even be their the plan - these are desperate times for the liberal party.

2. They did the same thing to me a few days ago. They shut down the comments on Peter Ewart's article 'If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen.' after I called it partisan journalism.
Now, Peter is generally on the side of truth but in that article he tried to lay the blame for BC Rail at least partially on the NDP and I was surprised and shocked. Then Ben deleted my comment and scolded me for what seemed to me to be the crime of having a different opinion than his. So I wrote another comment and said plainly that the article was yellow journalism and pointed out exactly where. And added the address of your comment here on the same article, Grant. I think that since Ben couldn't argue the point and win and because he didn't like the idea of being linked to a truthful site like this one, he decided to delete and close the comments to the article. Maybe other commenters didn't agree with the article either.

3. It's too late for the Liberals. If everyone who cares keeps pointing out how badly the liberal crime family has damaged this province we will win. Be cool, stick with the facts, and think before you say things which may be actionable.

Grant G said...

Thanks folks....When I started this site, I said to myself that I would pull no punches and call them as I see them...And I am not a rabid NDPer...I go after them too...

The thing is, the NDP are making laws, decisions, policies, they aren`t government, and I have lambasted Carole James, Moe Sihota, I complained to most of them and advised them to take public speaking courses, I hate politicians when speaking who use the word..{umm, or eer} over and over again, Farnsworth is brutal on radio...

And if a viable third party comes forwards and presents good ideas I will dump the NDP...But for now..The NDP are the lesser of two evils.

And as for law suits...Can we sue the BC Liberals for lying about BC Rail, the HST, how about before the last election..."The deficit will be $495 million dollars maximum"

How about them calling Carole James.."A weak leader"

And like I told Meisner...I welcome a law suit, I will represent myself in the BC Supreme court, I have all the time in the world...As for being..."Bought and sold for a song...The information and truth Nazi"

Those phrases are left to people`s imagination to give meaning.

The comments didn`t get pulled at opinion 250 until people left links to BC Rail stories implicating Christy Clark and her family..

And that my friends is the bottom line.

And this blog, the people`s blog will not curry favour or get soft.

And if I offend, so be it!

Grant G said...

Typo...{The NDP aren`t making laws}

Sorry, long day

Anonymous said...

And there in lies the problem for Meisner and The Liberal Crime Family and others. The dam has burst, the truth is out, they can't just stick their finger in the hole to stop the flow and they don't know what to do besides deny and hope people forget.Grant, you're right, don't pull any punches and call it as you see it, screw diplomacy because diplomacy hasn't worked yet and they don't even know what the word means. Some people say I got a bad attitude, I say fuck'em!

Anonymous said...

@ Jim
First, please don't taint the NDP with the liberal brush of corruption. It wasn't the NDP who lied about the BC Rail sale (and doesn't it make you just a little sad that CN is going to make well over 1.6 billion just from moving the coal out of Tumbler Ridge? Of course that is gross (pun intended) and I'm sure their accountants will pare it down to a respectable amount) It wasn't the NDP who sold the fast ferries for a song when they had a report right in front of them which said that for 45 million (as opposed to the 540 million they had to pay Germany for the public vibrators)... for 45 million those ferries (all three) could have been retrofitted to reduce wake and carry big trucks and serve perfectly well in the job they were designed for. It wasn't the NDP who took campaign contributions from the foreign fish farm companies which are/have ruined the local fishery. It wasn't the NDP who practically speaking gave away the rights to over 500 rivers and streams to private companies. And guaranteed to buy the private power they produce for a price which is way above the market price. For contracts which extend up to 30 years from now. Who's going to pay for that? And where will the money go?
It wasn't the NDP who said they weren't going to bring in the HST, and then just two months after the election did exactly that - even though over 80% of the voters were and are against it. They lied through their teeth and still won't admit it. Who does 'our government' work for anyway? And please don't tell me that this is a good tax - it is a tax which costs poor people a larger percentage of their income than it costs rich people. I'm not going to get into it with you Jim, but the poor man spends ALL his income every year - so the HST applies to most everything he spends. I know there are exceptions but the point stands. Now take the people who have so much money that they don't spend all their income in the year they make it. Some may only spend half - once you get up to the really wealthy they only spend a tiny percentage of their income. And that is all they are charged the HST on. So without beating about the bush, the HST is the very model of a regressive tax, i.e. a tax which benefits the rich while further burdening the poor. And it gets worse: That tax money was formerly charge to companies, many of which only have offices here to exploit the mineral wealth - so that money is now flying out of here tax free while the people who live here have to pay more taxes and work harder to make a decent living.
And there are tons of other issues which Grant regularly explores here which no one else does with his style and truthfulness Jim, but you are right - he should tone it down a little sometimes. (It was Grant who said someone got his nuts chewed off, then asked that person - 'How's that bikini underwear working out for you?' which is just plain funny.)
And Jim, I think it's over the top that you should throw the NDP into the same cesspit the liberal crime family calls home. NDP leaders and followers are never handed directorships and fancy, high paying jobs in the very industries they privatize for personal profit. When you think of the liberals, think of Brian Mulroney selling out the country because that is exactly what the liberals have done to BC. Gone forever.

Anonymous said...

Just have to check out Miesners Facebook friends to see the connections!

Elwood said...

OMG, Laila Yuile is a Facebook friend of that measly Meisner. Doesn't Laila know that she is friends with a sellout and a traitor of BC?

Don F. said...

Elwood, I am friends with neighbor next door but it doesn't mean I agree with him politically!
I hope this is not going to turn into a corner gas quilting bee. What is the intent?
Take a time out and think! Laila owes no explanations to you, read what she writes and ask yourself if she is in unison with Mr. Meisner.

Laila said...

lol.... I was also on his show a while ago to talk about how the Liberals sold us up the river on the Sea to sky highway,and other P3's via shadow tolls, and we talked about the information I located that showed that part of the proceeds of BC Rail was used for the first phase of the Sea to Sky highway, and that likely a large reason the railway was sold was to fund much of that project and others related to the Olympic bid.

He also invited me to host his show anytime I am in Prince George,my hometown.

You might also notice that I am a facebook friend of many other Liberals,and ex Liberals such as Bill Bennett, many of which who friended me to see what I had on my facebook are many other freelance writers and journalists.

Leah said...

Elwood, have you ever heard this phrase?

"Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer."

Take the time to read Laila's blog before you begin painting her with the same brush as some others on Meisner's FB page.

Grant G said...

OK folks, you gave Elwood a shot across the bow, I`m sure Elwood has no ill feelings towards Laila Yuile, ....I believe Elwood was shocked to see Laila`s name connected to Meisner, I doubt he was aware that Laila grew up in Prince George...

We are all guilty at times of blurting stuff out and commenting before we think, once you click you can`t go back, I myself am guilty of that charge...

A couple of years ago I believed that Opinion250 was a legit paper, but over the last year I came to the conclusion that opinion 250 and Ben Meisner were one of Gordon Campbell`s POM POM girls and cheerleaders.

So let`s stay focused, Elwood is on our side, time to move on.

Cheers Folks

Stephanie T said...

Grant said.......

"And this blog, the people`s blog will not curry favour or get soft.

And if I offend, so be it!"

I feel it is your duty, as well as ours, TO offend. The only people who are offended by the truth are those who fail to adhere to the truth. Please, keep offending!

Anonymous said...

We did have Christy Clark calling names. Anyone opposing Campbell, she called us the Taliban. So, is Nazi a worse name then Taliban? What would Meisner say to that? When Campbell loses his temper, he uses the f-bomb, at his ministers. Nazi is, fascism and dictatorship, and, in my opinion, that is what the people of BC are living under right now. Our Constitution is ignored. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom...Where in the hell is that? I don't see that anywhere in BC. BC people don't want the HST, because, the burden is too much. Dictator Campbell says, too dam bad, you are getting it crammed down your throats anyway. The corruption, lies, deceit and arrogance, of the BC Liberal government, is absolutely revolting and sick. All the HST has done is, drive up costs.

Anonymous said...

The little piggy that squeals the loudest, is the most guilty. And, that is big business. Banks, large corporations, gas and oil company's are given, billions of our tax dollars. They get huge tax reductions. Because, big businesses are bottomless pits of greed. They all lined up at the trough, and squealed for the HST as well. I watched that motion passed, by the entire house, on the House Commons TV channel. Canada is a huge, huge morass of corruption.

Grant G said...

It appears to me...That Ben Meisner MAY have been a willing participant in staged radio calls, phony questions and false praise callers on the BC Rail theft on his radio show in Prince George...Meisner is mentioned in the Basi memos at AGT`s place....He is regarded as a BC Liberal friend, at least that`s the way I read it!!!!!

And that makes perfect sense why opinion 250 never reports on BC Rail, it explains why all the links in comments about BC Rail and corrupt BC Liberals were deleted in the Christy Clark articles at opinion250!

My eyes are wide open ...I smelled a rat in Ben Meisner!...

Looks like my spidey sense was bang on again!


Thanks folks.

Remember this credo...

"If it doesn`t make sense it isn`t true"

Judge Judy

Grant G said...

From the AGT Basi memos...I`m paraphrasing here...

{I gave the minister a breakdown on Judith Reid`s trip to Prince George and what we were able to do to endsure it went well and she didn`t get slammed by opponets. We were also able to let OUR CALLER through on the Meisner show and plant a good question.}

And further down in that same memo...

{I will make sure our callers are ready when Vanderzalm and Sharpe are on the Meisner show}

So what do you say now Meisner?????..You have some explaining to do..

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open

kootcoot said...

It certainly isn't surprising that Laila would be a fb friend of Ben the Bender of Truth, being as she is a PG girl at root. What is surprising is that Ben would be so supportive of the Fiberals, being supposedly a PG resident himself.

I was favourably impressed with Ben at first, when I first became of aware of him and his rag through their coverage of CN's attempt to burn down Prince George in an incident all the Lower Vainland media dismissed as a "switching accident in the yard" when it was an asshole driving a locomotive and cars on the mainline, out of sight between the CN yard and what used to be the BC Rail yard.

Maybe Ben's house almost caught on fire that summer so he became real for a moment. Anyway he has been delisted at the House in the iniminitable House of Infamy manner, not just deleted but struck out with a message in the taskbar explaining why.

BTW, on a couple of occasions he pretended to interview BC Mary on his excuse for a radio show and each time he did little more than show her disrespect and either cut her off or changed the subject. He is a quisling, plain and simple.

Elwood said...

Ben Meisner also has some skeletons in his closet:

"[NDP finance minister] Paul Ramsey had to sue Ben Meisner for slander. [Ramsey] won the case in the end when Meisner was found by the Courts to have slandered Ramsey"