Monday, December 6, 2010

NDP in Coorindinated Attack With the VSB Lob Grenade into the Liberal Camp.

Here comes the spin, Gary Mason and Vaughn Palmer get the hysterical jibberish rant award for the day......

Gary Mason and Palmer were mumbling away on how it will take years for the ndp to rebuild, how the dissidents(Faction for democracy) group of thirteen have written off their political futures, Palmer called them lightweights and "neer-do-wells"....Bill Good and Sean Leslie when Carole spoke at 11:00am and announced her resignation sounded almost teary, they ACTED(on radio) like the ndp had just committed suicide but the emotion in their voices(the background pulse of truth)....Was of pure fear and panic.....Oh sure, Bill Good was saying things like who!...Who will lead them, who will lead the flock to an ideal socialist heaven, who will guide the mindless not ready to Govern NDP sheep, the years and years to rebuild....

Oh my, you can`t script it any better than this, the ndp is the same party today as two months ago, except for one thing, we got the darn anchor lifted, think about, 3 or 4 candidates throw their hat in the ring, we bring the limelight back on the NDP and take away the BC Liberal advantage, whether Horgan, Farnsworth, Dix or an outsider comes forward to be leader, the people, the fathers, mothers, average folks wanted a choice besides Carole James and when our new leader gets introduced to British Columbia the people will look hard, real hard at the NDP and see strength, energy, unity, a new direction of Government and the choice will be clear, Government for average folk on one hand and on the other you will have members of Gordon Campbell`s "rat pack", Campbell clones or Christy Cluck Cluck Clark a BC Liberal insider with all that baggage, BC Rail, Basi/Virk...BChydro, BCFerries, Hydro rates, BC Ferry  debenture shell game...School budgets and health care games, leading Canada in child poverty for 8 straight years!  

A baby booming population needs faith in affordable health care and respect of seniors, I have never seen a Government disrespect seniors like these...these Liberals, they won`t trust or find any security in  Kevin Falcon or Christy Clark., heck there is so much baggage where do you start, HST, deficit lies, fudget budget 40 times bigger than the NDP, gag laws, freedom of information, carbon tax.....The attack`s we as a party can level against the BC Liberal`s fiscal record ,with Recall starting,  John Horgan with that quick wit and precision striking, Horgan makes his point, insults the Liberals, cracks a joke and leaves the room before the Liberal even knows he or she had been bettered, smooth like silk..

"I like our chances"

This is grass roots democracy, David Shreck and Reid can whine all they want, the public, real people from corner to corner, rural and urban in this diverse Province wanted Carole out, I made a 100 kilometer trip this morning and talked to about 8 people, everyone was thrilled Carole is gone, one step short of dancing a road-side jig! Carole James would make a great minister, education, children and family  development, .....And friends, did you see the coordinated comeback assault by the Vancouver school board, the superintendent, the trustee and Baccus, what a thing of beauty, perfect timing with potentially 8 leaders going at it! I tip my hat off to you cagy wise folk. They pass a motion to save all the Vancouver schools in danger of closing until 2012.....  Knowing full well that they don`t have the money to financially keep them  open, except on the very short term but they know...We know, the NDP know. the BC Liberals know there will be a snap election and what leader will promise more funding for education(public education) and actually mean it!... Magaret McDiarmid has already fired back at the school board wailing about no more money for education so chop chop chop, close close close........  It won`t be Christy Clark or Kevin Falcon, who would you trust on education.....

`"I like our Chances"

Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, Paul Taylor, ICBC, BC Liberal insiders, a defective way over budget BC place retractable roof, Laila`s  shadow toll story on the sea to sky, yet the Fraser Valley voters will have to pay through the nose  on tolls...One could easily gain groud swell support for "shadow tolls"  for the working stiffs, and or slash the tolls by half...Hmm.....One doesn`t need to look far for a BC Liberal scandal, lie or National shame, Falcon, Clark, Abbott, De Jong(Gordon Campbell didn`t operate alone)....Kash Heed bi-election, Point Grey bi-election, "Recall in the fall"

"I like our chances"

A brand new face, a clear firm speaker, no anger, no nagging,  factual proof of malfeasence and fiscal mismanagement, a new leader who gets the microphone and explains in clear terms that buying hydro high and selling low loses you the farm...  And Fish farms, those damn fish farms, let`s get talking now ......

Look folks, I`m still absorbing all this, but don`t believe Keith Baldrey, Palmer, Les Leyne, Canwest, CKNW, everyone of them are in panic mode, they are attempting to divert the story as a plus for the BC Liberals...Today friends is the first day of a new era, the BC Liberals are done, anchor`s aweigh, full steam ahead,  we took over the spotlight, now lets shine it on those cold, dank Liberal skeleton filled closets.

"I like our Chances"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


lumberron said...

Baldrey worrying about the Libs calling a snap election and the poor NDP won't have a leader, thus assuring a Liberal win.He doesn't give a rat's ass about about the NDP.He must know that one would have to be sitting in the legislature to change laws concerning Fixed election dates and they ain't sitting now or in the immidiate future.Listening to him say how in dissaray the NDP are as compared to who,you fucking goof Baldrey.This resignation is the sword that impaled Gordos' Party and all the MSN and Pab stooges are soon going to be looking for work.Go ahead call an election because I'm sure we'll have a sound leader in place well before these other goofs who are supposed to be governing but are to screwed up to even run this province.Oh and we just started recall,So FU Baldrey Palmer Mason Fletcher Good and the rest of you pieces of shit.

Ivan the Terrible said...

Ok Okay...I`m steppin` in case the "libberals" call a snapper I`ll be Der Leader.

cynical, who me? said...

NW/official BC Liberal cheerleader squad spinning hard today on their station with John McComb sound bite countering they are Gordo's personal Glee club, pffft! Also running segment on their iron clad stance on ethical journalism...mwaaahhhhahaha!

Anonymous said...

What is the "Honorable" GC and the NDP Carole
James have in common.
They are both "hanging in" so that they can collect their Pensions in the New Year.

Well one did the damage and the other did nothing
to stop it. So the people of B.C. should vote at the same time as to whether either of them have "earned" their pensions or if B.C. can even afford to pay them once we know the damages done
over the years they have been in office.
They should be ashamed to take a penny especially when children and homeless are still starving. Campbell has no shame - Carole?

Anonymous said...

I'm with lumberron

Anonymous said...

I was in disbelief, when I heard De Jong had the gall to run for Campbell's replacement. He did the most blatant cover up, of Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR, how can he even show his face? I only wish there had been a number of recalls, done at once, to rid ourselves of this evil corrupt Liberal government. I know the recalls are done for the HST only, however, our democracy in BC is pretty much nil. BC is in a dictatorship, our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. We have had to sit and watch Campbell, utterly destroying our beautiful province. The evil that men do, lives on after them. BC citizens, will be paying for the mess Campbell made, for decades. Campbell has made it so, a lot of his damage, can never be repaired.

jaydee said...

What a huge relief. In 7 long years Ms. James never told us what her platform was and now off she goes with a huge pension....for what may I ask? I will never understand why people hang on even when the writing is on the wall, certainly not in the best interest of the party...and why they make so many nice people act out of character to finally get them to do the right thing. It has not been a fun week.

It is absolutely essential that MOE SIHOTA be gone immediately and a vote taken to replace him. When he is gone and only then and I approve of who the new opposition leader will be I will immediately fund the party again.

A huge thanks to Jenny Kwan and the other 12 democratic people who led what unfortunately had to become a revolt within. I am so glad you were not wearing yellow nooses.

Bringing democracy back, long live democracy, a day to rejoice.


jaydee said...

The best thing to do with the corrupt mainstream media, Baldrey, Palmer, Good, Fletcher, Global, CTV, Mi Jung,......turn them off. Public Enemy # 1, slimy and corrupt to the core, lies, lies and more lies. Their chuckling and contempt for democracy is disgusting. If any of them think they will be the surviving few of the Campbell Bilderberg Mafia Union's chosen 500 million, better check again. Stupid is as stupid does, media. Treasonous and dangerous is why they are # 1 enemy.

Now very deadly poisonous mushrooms spreading throughout B.C.? It's this corrupt media stuff that dictatorships are made of. For shock value, scare tactics, intimidation, announce when there is good news NDP, democracy, THE DEADLY DEATH CAP MUSHROOM, THE DEADLIEST MUSHROOM IN THE WORLD....You go you unelected public affairs bureau, spin your lies, your end is near. Millions of our dollars wasted on 8-10 people being paid to do each 1 Liberal MLA's job.

Evil Eye said...

Ha, ha, ha........

Now the Liberal game plan has gone all awry, the NDP is getting a new leader. Shock and disbelief cry Good, Baldry and Palmer; it will take years, no decades, no centuries for the NDP to recover.

Well listen up me fellows, soon there is going to be a new sheriff in town and the mainstream media will not have hears of Carol-isms to throw around.

Ha, ha, ha...........the NDP's chances to win the next election have gone up about 25%!

cherylb said...

I know it's hard to believe because we all are so aware of those Lieberal cheerleaders, but hardly NO ONE in the province listens to them OR reads them. Although they like to think otherwise......

kootcoot said...

the Evil Eye sez (tongue in cheek):

"it will take years, no decades, no centuries for the NDP to recover."

We musta heard that 1000 times yesterday if exposed to the Lamestream - but the party that is REALLY in disarray is the Campbell Crime Family and all the king's butt kissers like Vaughn the Pawn, Squirrelly Balderdash and the rest can't change that fact no matter how many times they repeat the same old LIES! I would advise the lot of you to start brushing up your resumes or practicing how to ask "Would you like fries with that?"

Crankypants said...

Those of you that discount the power of the MSM are deluding yourselves. A good number of the voters are not critical thinkers and depend on others to do their thinking for them. The Howe Streeters, who backed Gordon Campbell and will surely back his replacement, know that advertising pays off and will utilize the MSM to buffalo the great unwashed come next election. They will play on peoples' fears of financial collapse should the NDP gain power, and considering the state of many peoples' finances, may well be quite effective.

The refusal of the VSB to close the five schools could well play badly come next election. First of all, the five schools in question are most likely in NDP held ridings. Then you must factor in the mindset of the voters in other ridings that feel their municipal taxes are escalating out of control and relate school taxes as part of this escalation.

In the end, most people vote based on what they believe will most benefit them and their situation. It is not an ideal situation, but the policies of Gordo's reign of terror over the last nine years have put a good number of people in the position where self-survival is uppermost in their minds.