Sunday, October 24, 2010

Say hello to Gordon Wilson,the newest member added to our Favorite blog list

Gordon Wilson has joined us in the "real media club".....

Welcome aboard Mr. Wilson.


Yes indeed folks, the list of people lining up to bring Campbell down is getting very long...Brown envelopes, leaked documents, everyone has a story to tell.....If the BC Legislature ever opens again the questions about BC Rail will have to be answered, maybe not in Question period but in estimate debates, no more "no comment it`s before the courts"...

That little $600 million and growing tax indemnity will certainly be one of many highlights in estimate debates.

(P.S. a special message to my superfans)        No problem Luke Skywalker/Luke redux/Cool hand, or should I say Brad Z....But there is one thing you didn`t consider, readers will be pointing fingers at the "Frogman".....And reputation is everything, not that he has one. Luke/Brad make sure to tell your friend this .....We know why he is furious at Mike Klassen and Sammy, ...Sammy Sullivan at the "big" NPA dinner praised Mike Klassen and for bringing the NPA back to life...But no mention by Sammy of the "Frog" or the rubbish pile...That is too funny!  That sure is one big old JEALOUSY STREAK....Everyone seeking power distance`s themselves from the Frog...He is "toxic"..And the NPA knows it!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Welcome Gord! I believe your insight on the campbell government will be outstanding and truthful. Let the heads roll! RECALL NOW!

Kam Lee

jaydee said...

Very happy to see Gordon Wilson back.

Not looking forward the mob boss at 11:00 am, I will try to stay tuned while he spins his garbage.

PJ said...

Have you read this:

B.C.'s premier best fiscal manager, Ontario's worst: Study

Paul Vieira, Financial Post · Monday, Oct. 25, 2010

OTTAWA — B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell ranks No. 1 in terms of dealing with fiscal policy whereas Dalton McGuinty, premier of Ontario, is the weakest, according to an analysis conducted by the Fraser Institute think-tank released Monday.

Read more:

Talk about crap!

kootcoot said...

"B.C.'s premier best fiscal manager, Ontario's worst: Study" by the Fraser Institute Toilet Tank!

McGuinty should be proud - you gotta chuckle though, since they both followed Fraser Toilet Tank advice and instituted the HST at the same time even - couldn't they find anybody worse than Dalton - like what about Wall, after all he is being mean to the corporation that already virtually runs Australia (fired a sitting PM and came one INDP legislator short of changing the whole government)and doesn't think they should take over Saskatchewan. Come on Fraser weinies, aren't you paying attention.

Oh yeah, I forgot, you guys make up the reality that suits you, complete with fabricated facts - good luck with that........we're coming to get you!