Thursday, October 28, 2010

Luke Skywalker/.Luke/ Cool Hand/Brad/....Public affairs bureau, this is how they spend your tax dollars in Victoria

Luke Skywalker, ...Luke...Cool hand Luke, also known as Brad ar AGT`s one time blog, he is real life he is no other than BC Liberal operative Brad Zubyk..Brad Zubyk , the chief clown and slimer from the lobbying/communication outfit..... WAZUKU 

Listen up friends, I thought you would all be interested in what the Tyee commenter known as...Cool Hand /Luke Skywalker/Brad does in his spare time, he is obsessed with my site, (The Straight Goods) and has created his own blog dedicated to attacking me, Cool Hand uses phrases that AGT uses in an attempt to confuse and have people point fingers at AGT....I hope you are real proud Luke Skywalker!

The belows comments were in a story at the Tyee dated April 21/2010

Firstly, according to the FIGHTHST campaign, a certain Brian Lorne Gough is now the top canvasser for the Zalm's Initiative campaign. His BC election's ID number is as follows: IPC-2010-002-2740.
The Zalm has promised the top canvasser a dinner for two.
BTW, do you remember the Libs being up 17% just 4 weeks prior to election day on May 12, 2009?
Toobad - methinks that you have read too much of, and are drinking the kool-aid of, this humourous blogspot:


These comments are from .Luke in this story at the Tyee

Dated March 24/2010


Wrongway Feldman...

Well, looks like "the Straight goods" will be recall central. Wanna join HE HE HA HA LOL
Are you referring to this comedic website? :D
That site is like gettin' into Yuk Yuk's Comedy Club without even payin'. It's genuine slapstick Moe, Curley, and Larry stuff.:D
Only a member of the Liberal PAB could be behind that routine. Seriously! The PAB have introduced a Trojan Horse onto the internet. :D
Now what about Carole James???? The silence about Carole James here on the Tyee is deafening. I wonder why


Ok folks, our super fan is not that smart, by now you have seen or heard about a stupid blog dedicated to trying to embarrass me and this blog....Calling me a drunk, delusional, this site has tried to stir up shit between AGT and I...

On this site Luke Skywalker/ .Luke/ Luke redux/ now using the handle Cool Hand and he uses the handle Brad over at AGT`s place......

Brad must think we are pretty stupid not to figure out who is behind this pathetic site.

Luke/Brad has his fingerprints all over this site, his prints are at AGT`s site....

Luke/Brad uses ....:D

Do you notice that in his comments, I don`t know what that means, but Luke has used it for sometime now...Do you need more clues folks?....Here they are....Luke does call me Brian Gough in his comment from back when the HST petition was going on.....Luke/Cool Hand uses it on his pathetic blog site.....Do you need another clue....Brad/Luke has a picture of "Wrong way Feldman" from the Gilligan island show way back when, you notice .Luke uses the phrase Wrong way feldman in the above comments, coincidence, no way....

Do we need more clues...No we don`t, but I have another smoking gun clue.
Here is Luke using the name Brad at AGTs site attacking me and talking about me at the Tyee,  this comment was in AGTs "king of bloggers story"

Brad says:
Yeah, the Sun had a good article, which I’m sure has now piqued many people’s interest, who don’t read blogs, by checking out your site as well as others. You might even see a further spike in site visits as a result. BTW, I guess the photographer forgot to say “CHEESE” when they took your pic. :D
I also had a good chuckle with your comment “people too cowardly to leave their real name (including the NDP-loving discredited drunk from Garden Bay)”. The same “Brian from Garden Bay”, whom CKNW has banned from calling in to their talkshow hosts. The guys real name is Brian Gough (was also a registered Elections BC anti-HST canvasser) and has been banned under at least 20 pseudonyms on the left-wing Tyee. Even they think he’s nuts. Just google up Tyee + Brian Gough” – his first moniker and you’ll see what I mean.
And he doesn’t even have the cajones to use his real name on his own bogspot – Just “Grant G”. I tell ya, he’s quite the “space cadet” from wayyyyyyy out in outer space. And his spelling and grammar are akin to someone leaving their fingerprints at a crime scene.


Folks, do you see how Cool Hand/Brad wrote the word wayyyyyyy  in the above comment he made at AGT`s place. below is a cut n paste from a story on Luke`s idiot blog (Briangoughisawesome)


Most people - like you and me - enjoy their breakfast cereal. One with a sweet tooth can even enjoy the the occasional bowl of Fruit Loops. But good old Brian takes the word Fruit Loops to a new level.

Case in Point - today Mr. AWESOME put his fingertips onto his keyboard and then Abracadabra he had another Brian Brain Fart "I am actually being too kind to the Vancouver Sun, the word journalism doesn`t apply to most of their articles, a better description would be spin, distortion and or repeating lies, lies from the Campbell public affairs bureau."

You see, MR. AWESOME has always been a conspiracy theorist of the most Fruit Loopy kind. That's why Mr. AWESOME also has an interest in astronomy as his musings are wayyyyy out in outer space. But those same Fruit Loopy musings, sprinkled with sugar and spice, also attracts the same Fruit Loops from Mr. AWESOME's ilk on the 'net. Case in point - good old Brian received this response.

Do you see the word wayyyyy  again and how Luke wrote it......I have one more for you folks.

The below is another one of Luke`s/Cool hand/Brads post.

Watching old Gilligan's Island reruns can be a welcoming respite from some of the fare broadcast on television today. Take the episode with Wrongway Feldman. Wrongway never could get anything right. Even if he had today's GPS technology handy he would still land his plane in Timbuktu instead of New York City.

No one could ever follow Wrongway Feldman in his footsteps. Or could they? Sometimes fiction mirrors reality. And none other than good old AWESOME Brian would be able to prove that point.

Today, AWESOME Brian has come out with another doozy. Keep on cranking them out Brian [with further information in Parentheses]:
"(P.S. a special message to my superfans)        No problem Luke Skywalker/Luke redux/Cool hand [characters from the movie Star Wars], or should I say Brad Z [Brad Zubyk, worked for Mike Harcourt's NDP and was a Vision Vancouver strategist helping NDP MLA Gregor Robertson win Vancouver's mayoral candidacy]

....But there is one thing you didn`t consider, readers will be pointing fingers at the "Frogman" [Alex Tsakumis].....And reputation is everything, not that he [Alex Tsakumis] has one,  make sure to tell your friend this .....We know why he [Alex Tsakumis] is furious at Mike Klassen and Sammy, ...Sammy praised for bringing the NPA back to life...And the "Frog" [Alex Tsakumis] wasn`t mentioned at all...That is too funny!  That sure is a big old JEALOUSY STREAK....Everyone seeking power distance`s themselves from the Frog [Alex Tsakumis] ...He is "toxic"

Another Brian Brain Fart ™. So you see folks, good old Brian doesn't have two legs to stand on...... he doesn't even have one leg to stand on. He just can't seem to get anything right. So he has no other alternative but to make typical laaa deee daaa accusations inclusive of calling Alex Tsakumis a "frog" and a "frogman" who is "toxic". Brilliant stuff. Only Brian can make Wrongway Feldman look like "Rightway Feldman". Atta boy Brian.

As Alex Tsakumis further succinctly stated today:

"It's worth noting that he [Good old Brian] should be considered dangerous since his meds are clearly not working. Residents of Garden Bay beware!"

Stay tuned for another episode of ..... Brian Gough and the Straight 

You see folks, Luke called me Wrong way feldman back back in April of 2010 in the Tyee  story linked above, and here Cool Hand has gone back to his old standby theme and name calling  again with Wrongway Feldman complete with a picture!

So the mystery is solved, there are the clues folks, the writer and author of this sick web site      is the person known as Luke Skywalker/Cool Hand

blog is no other than Brad/Cool hand/Public affairs bureau....

And, Cool Hand is directly responsible for the arsonist who burnt down my home and killed my animals, because Cool Hand gave my address/phone number and town, as well as he lied about everything, lied about booze/drugs/pills.......And David Beers allows freaks like Brad/Cool Hand and stalkers like Joeseph K to pollute the Tyee.

The time is coming very soon when Cool Hand will be gone!

And like I say, they don`t shoot dead ducks and boy oh boy has the PAB been trying to set me up, just like they attacked Gary E at (How bad the record)........You can call me Brian, you can call me Grant G, you can call me jimmy, or you can call me Sherlock Holmes, just don`t call me late for dinner!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Attack is all they got any integrity or smarts left the building long ago.

Don't worry Grant the masses are with you as they figured out they can't afford Campbell and his thieving policies.


Anonymous said...

As I said when I recommended your site to a friend just the other day, 'This guy is funny and he can write circles around anybody else in BC.'
So don't take your critics too seriously - they wish they could write like you. ;-)

Gary E said...

Again , thanks for the plug Grant.

Funny thing about this situation with Jabba and the PABsters. I always thought it was Hahn Solo that was Jabbas friend.
Also a funny thing, is that Jabba is the most self centered egotistical, egalomaniac, over bloated, hypocritical, wannabe blogger, on the net. He can't stand a tiny bit of criticism.

Criticize him and you are deleted. Guess that also make him a control freak. But don't worry in the spring I will have a lot more to say about his self inflating boasts.

jaydee said...


I too have referred many people to your blog, both during the HST Initiative Petition and now, I still continue to do so. During the petition I printed out hundreds of copies of your blogspot to hand out and many people came back to thank me and praise your accurate and humorous posts.

You're the best, have a good rest, you deserve it and thanks for all the good that you do. Again, it's a comfort knowing you are out there, helping people to stay sane and cool and posting always only the very accurate truth, unlike the MSM, Public Enemy # 1 and Campbell's and the mobs' lies. Who would want to read Campbell's trash through his controlled media?


Rod Smelser said...

Just let me be clear about this. You are saying that Brad Zubyk is Luke/LukeS/Cool Hand, ... etc., etc. You're sure about this?

Grant G said...

I am not sure of brads last name, but evertything is true...Luke skywalker is the idiot hatchet man..


Anonymous said...

Yea that Brad Z goof is a bounder, a flaming bounder,way to nail his azz!!!@@@