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Thursday, October 7, 2010

The beginning of the End for Carole James

(UPDATED...Regular non- moderated comments are back, sorry for the interruption)

Carole James and Moe Sihota dropped the ball big time, I of course welcome these latest developments, this is all positive for the NDP and its core voters, those being average folks..

As you all know Bob Simpson wrote on his web site an opinion piece about Carole James, Bob Simpson criticized Carole on many fronts, Simpson has attributed the decline in NDP membership and softening support directly on Carole James....Bill Tieleman and I have both written articles highlighting the huge mistake Carole and Moe Sihota are making with direction and policy, and even though the BC Liberals are down in the cellar in the latest polls, very little to none of the BC Liberal desertion has gone their way.........

The NDP have attained power in the past by having the right/Conservative vote split, but the time is perfect for a charismatic new NDP leader, the NDP could take power on their own regardless of what happens on the right spectrum, like for example the ever charming and well respected John Horgan, I guarantee the NDP support would jump 10% overnight!........

Bob Simpson and Carole James had back to back interviews on Bill Good`s show today....Bob Simpson expressed the public`s opinion and was very sharp on the radio, Simpson is right in his assertion that Carole James brings no spark, no hype, everytime I hear Carole speak I find myself feeling very disappointed if not sad, sad at the NDP`s prospect at power, Carole James followed the Simpson interview and Carole was bitter, nasty and acting the dictator, Carole talked of punishment, the listeners could taste her chirpy attitude, her hypocrisy flowed through the airwaves and she single handidly sealed her fate from which she will never recover, any chance for Carole James to survive as NDP leader was dependent on how she handled the Bob Simpson dissention, Carole blew it and showed no class, mark this day people, today Carole James ended her career pursuit to be Premier of B.C......

Carole James has been making speeches demanding Gordon Campbell to allow free votes in the legislature, James has demanded BC Liberal MLAs stand up and speak on behalf of their constituents, Carole James has attacked Gordon Campbell for acting like a dictator who stifles all dissent and opposing views from within....

This is good news folks, emailers and callers to CKNW have more respect for Bob Simpson after 5 minutes of talking then they do of Carole James whom they heard speak many many times...... Riding associations are speaking up against Carole James kicking Bob Simpson out of caucus, Carole James talks a good game about listening and respecting counter views within the party, she talked the talk and failed to take on the walk, .......

Carole James walked into a hornet`s nest, obviously Carole followed direct orders from Moe Sihota in the Simpson banishment, another tactical error, I have the numbers, Carole James will not survive the "mandatory leadership vote" at the next NDP convention, in fact Moe Sihota will be swirling the toilet bowl too....

Riding associations, members, NDP MLAs, the core base, Sinclair, labour, and average joes have already chosen sides and Carole James lost...

The public doesn`t even know Bob Simpson and she lost, Carole has had two kicks at the can for power and lost, how could anyone have lost to Gordon Campbell in the last election? Moe Sihota`s direction is a loser, I was hoping there would be a peaceful quiet step down by Carole James for the good of BCers and the party, Carole`s latest demonstration of vindictive power and judgement will be and has been so far thoroughly rejected by BCers and the net result will be a quicker exit from the top banana spot for Carole James, what was Carole and Moe thinking?.....

A win win folks, Carole James gets dumped, a new NDP leader emerges, the NDP jump 15% to 20% in the polls and policy swings back to the left.....This conversation was going to happen at the NDP convention, that conversation has moved up to today.

A day for celebration folks!

Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Most British Colombians wouldn't follow James thru a mud puddle, a 30% approval rating would tell any body she hasn't, never had, and aint going to get it as a leader.
It appears that she is being advised by a bunch of clueless academics and moldy has beens that are prepared to ride the NDP ship to the bottom no matter what.

Time to retire Carol.

Anonymous said...

You are so right on this one Grant.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

It is really unfortunate. I will still vote for her based on the party mandate - but most British Columbians don't think that hard - and SHE WILL LOSE. The NDP needs new leadership.

Anonymous said...

Voice of BC ought to be good tonight.Palmer will be so happy about a little dissention.All the MSM made this top story as I'm sure will Global.But pretty hard to find much on Kash except for back page.Even Foghorn Bill Good sounded like he was receiving oral satisfaction when he was spouting off today.This really will be good for the NDP if she steps down now and Horgan(my choice) takes over.I've been mailing her and everyone else for years that she had to go or else we would be in opposition again.Gordo is so far in the grave politically that to make sure the Libs stay there and have no chance of rising up is to get rid of James.So please for the love of god just go away.We're begging you to make this easy.Please! Ron Mayea

Anonymous said...

I can't help but wonder if Moe is not a fox in the Henhouse???

Anonymous said...

Who cares, as long as he does a number on the "mother" of all hens.carol shrill james.

Anonymous said...

Hey Joshua...does being ignorant come naturally to you? Or is it something PAB has to help you with. What a dweeb...come to think of it...it seems to be a liberal trait these days...

Anonymous said...

grant = why are vaughn the palm palmer and keith baldrey both saying that carole james is now safe as leader and has the backing of her a team. they also said that bob simpson is part of her c team. is it because they are liberal shills and they want james to remain leader so the ndp will lose?

Parzone said...

Hi Grant,

A few months ago Vaughn Palmer had guests Norman Ruff and Norman Spector on his program Voice of BC.

Vaughn showed a clip of Bob Simpson criticizing both the BC Liberal government and the Federal Conservative government for gaining power with considerable surpluses only to piss them away (my words).

Now, this comment would seem to be completely accurate and hard to argue against, right?

Norman Spector went berserk!!

Spector attacked Simpson by arguing that Canada’s finances are doing well in the global climate. This angle of course does not have anything to do with the comment Bob Simpson made and only shows once again that Norman Spector likes to change the subject and spin. This is to be expected, no big surprise.

What was surprising was the way Spector erupted.

He attacked the man personally, loudly, almost coming out of his chair. Palmer and Ruff tried to calm him down by saying that Simpson had a point.

Ruff thought that Simpson was one of the more capable MLA’s and I think Palmer even agreed.

I have thought about this strange display from Spector for months now and have come to this conclusion.

Norman Spector is afraid of Bob Simpson.

Which means THE RIGHT is also afraid of Bob Simpson.

Side note,

I would like to give kudos to Voice of BC/Palmer for the program they put together a few months back on the subject of BC Hydro/Run of River, etc.

I have watched Voice of BC for many years and this program was one their best in terms of importance, clarity, and non-spin, maybe only rivalled by the BC Rail corruption program (one program in seven years?).

Two professors layed out, for an hour, all the bad things that are taking place within the BC energy sector (Grant you have written many times on this issue, same concerns).

I mention this program to give kudos, but I also mention this program because now Vaughn Palmer cannot take a stance in which he only brings up the so-called good side of the BC Liberal energy policies.

So if Palmer, through newsprint, TV or radio does not acknowledge what HE has learned through the program that HE hosted, then one has to wonder what are the motivational factors behind his stance?

Anonymous said...

I have a orange-blue card in my wallet. I will not vote any other way. In the last election, I gave one day and $100.00 to the cause. In the previous election I gave one day, $350.00 and 100 hours on the phones. I am disillusioned at the parties' lack of support for teachers, its hierachial structure and its unwillingness to hear from unions including the teachers' unions

Anonymous said...

It seems, Carole James, has taken a page out of Campbell's book, by refusing to step down, to save the party. I also think, Simpson, should also take a page out of Campbell's book, and stay right where he is, just refuse to leave, as Campbell refuses. Bob Simpson, is a well thought of mla, by the communities, all around this area and beyond. Carole, lost the last two elections, which she shouldn't have done. Campbell and his henchmens motives are, pathetically easy to see through as always. Simpson is right about James, she is costing the NDP, many lost votes. Simpson's frustration, is, fully understood, and his worries are, our worries.

Greg Shea said...

Carole James had her chance. She seems to think that not rocking the boat makes her a sure winner. I was an anti-HST canvasser and a Petition observer. I will not, as I wanted to do, be involved in the Recall campaign unless the NDP, read Ms James, clearly state that they will immediately act to get rid of this hated tax.
Many commentators in the pro-liberal media (Good,
Clark, etc.) have mentioned that the NDP love taxes and would not get rid of this tax. This is not the only Campbell government faux pas, of course, but it should be the final nail in their coffin. Why does Carole think we should be stuck with this tax for the next 4 years?

With the splitting of the vote in the next election, Green vs. NDP, and Conservative vs. Liberal, we will indeed be living in interesting times.

I say bring on the STV, a la WAC, and we'll have a lot of fun.

Greg Shea (Victoria)

Anonymous said...

I used to donate via PAC Not a huge amount, but enough. I will start again when a new leader emerges.