Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The RCMP, The Crown, The BC Government, Must Not Be Permitted to Destroy Any Evidence Associated With BC Rail Corruption Trial!

Rumour has it that all evidence associated with the BC Rail Corruption Trial will be burnt, shredded, eradicated, obliterated from the face of the earth in a matter of days.

If the courts, the crown, the justice department, the Government destroy all the evidence collected in the biggest political corruption trial in B.C. history they will be sealing their fate as enablers of the largest theft from Brithish Columbia.

What is the rush, the defense bill alone for this trial is well over $6 million dollars, the prosecution legal fees are well over $30 million dollars, $36 million dollars or more for this "Mock Trial" and all of a sudden the evidence must be destroyed....

If the B.C. Government doesn`t step in to preserve the evidence and store it they will be......

They will be admitting to all the defense allegations, it`s not up to the crown to order evidence destroyed, it`s up to the Gordon Campbell Government, if Gordon Campbell and Mike De Jong allow that to happen they will be charged with destroying evidence...

Willy Picton was found guilty, there were mountains of gathered evidence, none of the evidence against Willy has been destroyed, almost 2 years after his conviction and after mounting public pressure the Government has agreed to hold a public inquiry, the precedence has been set already....

Can you imagine the outrage if after Willy`s conviction and subsequent failed appeal..........

Can you imagine the public fury if all the Willy evidence was shredded within days!

A public inquiry of Picton would be impossible if that had happened!

All evidence connected to the BC Rail Corruption trial must be preserved, if Campbell destroys the paper trail....

When  Gordon Campbell ordered the  shredding of  all the early years of emails and documents related to BC Rail Sale, that single handidly delayed the trial by years, the Government was reprimanded for that move, certainly they learned their lesson, or did they! If that happens again....

Democracy and justice will be forever removed from British Columbia, drive drunk, grow dope, snatch purses, break windows, pillage, poison rivers, lie, steal then run for office and.....

"You will be greeted with open welcoming arms"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Im listening to that lying gas bag campbell now on nw
2 people acted on their own he says they are criminals and are being punished thats laughable in a sick sort of way

Grant G said...

Thanks for that, I heard it too...I also heard Bill Good between 11:20 am and 11:30 am have a meltdown of anger towards the 3 calls he took...

It was incredible, Bill Good is arguing, fighting, disagreeing with every caller, every caller wants the public inquiry, you could see and hear the anger and steam coming out of Bill Good`s ears...

Bill Good has zero credibilty left, it won`t be much longer before Bill Good is dumped by CTV news over his love for his neighbor and best gordon Campbell.

Bill Good and CKNW are a sick joke.

Gordon Campbell and all the BC Liberals are officially toast, they won`t recover....

And Ida chomp chomp Chong and Donna Barnett will be recalled right out of office!


Curly said...

Unbelievable. What a farce! Time to take out the trash - but first, let's see to it that every one of them is held to account.

Anonymous said...

Ian has made an FOI request.



Anonymous said...

It is time to take action. This government will continue to brazenly ignore the rule of law and any morality.

It is time to organize a general strike or we will continue to be ignored and democracy will be further undermined.

It is time to act.

Anonymous said...

BC people knew, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BC Rail trial, was a farce. Campbell's most favorite quote is, shred, shred, shred. We have heard shred, far too many times. Anything or anyone associated with Campbell is corrupt. Campbell, Hansen and the phony BC Liberal party, are the most corrupt governing officials, in the history, in all of Canada. The faux BC Liberal Party, is a blight on this planet, and should be dissolved. That the BC ministers and mla's, stand behind Campbell the monster, boggles the mind. We do know, anyone opposing Campbell, loses their jobs, that we have seen more than once. Every one right from, judges, newspapers, TV and radio stations, Elections BC, FOI, BC ministers, mla's, the RCMP, you name it, they are all under threat from Campbell, and his famous vendetta's. BC citizens, recognize the butt kissing media. It all depends, what all of those people, are willing to sell their souls for. I have never seen anything like, the disgrace of our media. Shameful!!!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the ability for all these separate players who manage to stick together to continue the cover up of corruption and theft. This requires tremendous co-ordination, timing and trust that loose lips will not talk. It even appears that the RCMP are in on this!

It isn't surprising that the rape that went viral from Maple Ridge has the same problem. What role models our teens have.

Will BC begin to slide down into lawlessness?

Anonymous said...

We now are living under a fascist, dictatorship regime. Our Constitution, no longer exists. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, is buried under an odious pile, of unprintable mess. On top of this mess stands, Campbell, Hansen and Harper. Two M.P's from the East, have said, Harper is a fascist, a dictator and too stubborn to work with. I saw this on T.V. Campbell works for Harper. They have, an especially close relationship. Canada has produced, the worst crop of governing officials, ever.

Evil Eye said...

I have received an email from Rafe Mair and its contents are quite disturbing.

Today a question for the prosecutor in the Basi Virk trial and a letter to The Vancouver Sun.

Prosecutor Bill Bernardino says, in the Basi/Virk trial, that he didn’t see the “deal” until the morning it all happened. Here is a direct quote:

Bernardino said outside court that he didn't see a copy of the agreed statement of facts, signed by the Crown and defense, until 9:40 a.m. -- 20 minutes before court was scheduled to resume hearing the testimony of a witness. Asked if there was any government pressure to end the trial, which had so far contained embarrassing allegations for the B.C. Liberal Party, Berardino said: "This is my decision. I made it on my own by myself".

Mr Bernardino, if you didn't make the decision, then who the Hell did? You were Crown Counsel and in your own words had complete control of the matter. Someone had to make this deal behind closed doors which you signaled about 10 days ago when you announced that you had shortened the list of witnesses.

Was it the Attorney-General or someone in his ministry that did the deal? Was it someone from the Premier’s office? Was it someone else on behalf of the government?

Mr Bernardino, this deal didn’t just float down the river on a piece of bark. Are you saying, perhaps, that the angel Gabriel made another trip to earth and gave you this deal?

This is a simple question, sir – you had to approve the deal at the very last minute. Who instructed you to do it?

Will you give your word of honour that from start to finish the government stayed right out of this case and by that I mean did members of the government, such as the Attorney-General or any representative of the government ever talk to you or in any way communicate with you about this case at any time? Did you ever give them a summary of what was happening? To whom did you report?

You, sir, were a special prosecutor, and had complete carriage of the matter (in the clumsy phrase we lawyers use) so that if you didn’t negotiate the deal, and if it wasn't communicated to you until the day of the cop-out, this simple question – who made the deal and who gave you instructions to implement it?

Oh, yes, either the judge agreed with most unseemly haste with this awful cop-out. Was she part of it going back at least as far as your announcement that the witness list would be shortened? What role did she play in the negotiations and if it wasn’t with you involved, who was? Are you asking us to believe that she was surprised when the deal was announced and took no part in a deal that compelled her to assess mild penalties?

This is a public matter with your fee as well as many millions of dollars spent on the case paid for by the taxpayers and they’re entitled to answers to the questions above.

I guarantee that your reply will, like this note, be sent to my entire address book.

Over to you, Mr Bernardino, special prosecutor working on behalf of the citizens of BC.

It seems the Prosecutor did not know anything about the plea bargain deal until just before the announcement. Thus the deal came from? Yes that's right, it didn't come from the prosecutor!

I'll wager Campbell and DeJong cobbled the deal together to save their political asses.

Bill Good is the enemy of the people.

istvan said...

RCMP seem to be part of this whole problem.Another 20 years?Look at the raid on Glen Clarks house.How did the media get the scoop on this?RCMP!

Kim said...

istvan, do you think the upcoming contract negotiation with their biggest client (BC) might have something to do with their investigation, or lack thereof?

North Van's Grumps said...

"Perhaps the most important caution that must accompany a special prosecutor system is that it is understood to be for “special” cases only and that it not reduce public confidence in our general prosecution service, which has an outstanding record of objectivity and expertise."

The fact is, this particular trial should appear not to "reduce public confidence in our general prosecution service" but with this done deal, that has exactly what has happened!

The special prosecutor it typically brought into a trial, IF there is an MLA involve, and in this case, the BC Liberals said that no one in Government, as an elected official, was involved. So why was a highly paid Special Prosecutor appointed by the Deputy Attorney General to AG Geoff Plant, when all three, served together in one law firm before the BC Liberals were elected in 2001?

PAGE 4 "On the other hand, if the special prosecutor system were to be expanded beyond its current use, it is likely that less experienced counsel, increased potential conflicts, and a denigration of professional Crown Counsel, could result."

potential conflicts??????????????????

Who made the deal to accept a change of plea?

Who initiated the change of plea?


Anonymous said...

Just a little fountain of knowledge here - way better than thetyee.
Thanks Everyone!

Anonymous said...

Everything Campbell and Hansen have a hand in is corrupt and dirty. Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals, are solely responsible for the demise of BC. Campbell and Hansen, would have us believe. The little province on the entire globe, got only a little scratch, from the recession, when the rest of the world crashed??? BC is very much like a Communist/dictator regime. I believe that is why, Canadian Intelligence is keeping an eye on Campbell and this province. Remember, Campbell pitched a fit over that. I found a lot of amusement when, Campbell said, Fadden wasn't professional. Don't forget, Campbell has cost our BC mill workers 36.000 lost jobs. Some mills went to China, along with our raw logs. Every time Campbell closed a mill in BC, another mill opened in China. And, watch out for Campbell's pollution plans, to aid China, that's coming too.

jaydee said...

Anon. 1:21 pm

That is why organized crime is called organized.

Anon. 5:17 pm

Glen Clark's house started in 1996 or earlier with Team Campbell and Falcon, IMO!

Anonymous said...

(Toronto Sun) – Two RCMP officers will be tried on charges stemming from a bar fight with a group of Hells Angels in Kelowna, B.C., last year.

P.E.I. Const. David Christopher MacDonald, 40, Alberta Const. Kiel Samotej, 25, were charged with assault in August 2009, but a conflict of interest delayed the trial.

Samotej is the child of a cousin of Robert Gillen, B.C.’s assistant deputy attorney general.

The province’s criminal justice branch appointed lawyer Robert Bruneau as a special prosecutor in the case. Bruneau announced Thursday the trial will proceed July 4 and 5 in Kelowna.
The off-duty officers with at Cheetah’s nightclub in Kelowna Aug. 7 with seven friends, when they allegedly got into a fight with a group of 15-20 people sporting Hells Angels insignia. Police said a shoulder-bump inside the club led to a brawl outside.

Errol Milsom-Gardener, 25, was charged with assault causing bodily harm for an attack on MacDonald that sent him to hospital.

Other people involved in the fight also sustained injuries, but McDonald was the only person hospitalized.

Both officers are also at the centre of an internal RCMP investigation.

I wonder if this connnection will help an accused?

And, why do we have to go to the TORONTO SUN for BC news?

Anonymous said...

BC is a huge cavern of corruption. The judicial system and the RCMP, among the worst offenders. Campbell, Hansen, De Jong and the BC Liberals, of course, being at the top of corruption and, the causers of all the crimes. However, the RCMP have been corrupt for absolute decades. They refused to investigate, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR any further. They have out lived their use. Their own crimes, are left unpunished, and, BC citizens have no faith in them, What-so-ever. The judicial system, lie and cover up the RCMP's crimes. They lie and cover up, Campbell's crimes. BC people want all of these criminals gone. We want the criminal BC Liberals gone. BC people want decency back in our lives. That won't happen as long as we have, criminal leaders, criminal RCMP, criminal judicials, biased newspapers, biased TV media, corruption in Elections BC, the FOI. The evil in this province, is sickening.