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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Natural Gas Prices Crash!

Colin Hansen`s forecast for natural gas prices in this years budget are way off.....

Perhaps somebody should ask Hansen how big of a whole this will leave in the budget....

The latest Natural Gas futures prices is well below $ 4 dollars, the Province, the BC Liar Government had projected prices between $6 to $7 dollars....

3.87- 4.18%-0.169

Maybe Canwest Global can ask the Province what this means to their budget projections .......HA HA....Never mind.....

We`ll hear the excuses next spring, providing they survive "Recall in the Fall"

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Anonymous said...

And so why am I PAYING SO MUCH!! Prices up 9% and more !!! Nat. Gas prices have been down for ages, BUT NOT MY BILL, just keep jackin it up.
Unfrickin believable!! This corrupt bunch and their corporate mafia bosses have go to go.

Recall in the Fall !!!

Hugh said...

Why are we not converting our cars to nat gas? Just fill it up from the line leading to your furnace.

Anonymous said...

Grant, the LIEberals actually used a budgetary figure of C$4.29/gigjoule. The settlement price yesterday was C$3.06/gigajoule.

Here's an excellent source for daily and monthly market price settlements:


Looks like Gordo will have to curtail his use of the guvmint credit card.