Saturday, August 14, 2010

From my friend Terry Hand

Terry Hand, The Daily News

Published: Saturday, August 14, 2010

It is now official. British Columbia does not have a democratic process.

The actions of Elections B.C. chief electoral officer Craig James, confirms that B.C. is not governed, it is controlled by a dictator. This so-called non-partisan government agency (Elections B.C.) is trashing the democratic rights of the people of B.C. under the direction of Gordon Campbell.

Even staunch Liberal members should be outraged at this blatant disregard for the will of the people. What message does this send to our younger generation of potential voters? This action only serves to feed the feelings of apathy, disdain, and complacency, which already permeates through the ranks of the citizens of this province.

Will this event now fire up the already aroused people? 705,000 of you did it once with the Initiative, and united we can do it again with a recall.

The time is perfect for change, complete and utter change of this outdated and stagnant system, which rewards the few at the expense of the many.

Now is the time for the people of B.C. to:

1. Unite once more for a recall campaign, and to let all politicians, from all parties know that we will regain our authority over our government and that this type of action will not be tolerated;

2. Study the political party options in B.C. and choose a party that is willing, not by words, but by actions, to place the people of this province first, by offering direct democracy; and

3. To insist changes be made to the Recall and Initiative Act which will make it more workable for the people and make binding upon government.

Have you had enough yet? Are you ready to take on these renegade politicians?

Are you ready to take your province back before its resources become the combined property of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, the Bilderberg and the many other non-Canadian financial interests?

I urge you to go to the Fight HST website and sign up as a recall volunteer/helper to remove the Liberal MLA in Parksville/Qualicum.

Terry Hand

Fight HST mid-Island

regional organizer


The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Crankypants said...

I have always maintained that our political system is not a democracy. It is really just a democratic dictatorship. The rules of engagement, so to speak, were drawn up by politicians, for politicians.

Political parties act no different than the UN Gang, Red Scorpions or the Hells Angels. The leader dictates and their minions just rubber stamp whatever they are told rubber stamp. The electorate can just go and pound salt. The real rude awakening to this is that it matters not which party rules the roost. The results always lead to the same end.

As I see it, until political parties become non-existant, we will never have a true democracy. Political parties are only accountable to their financial backers. Politicians that get elected under a poltitcal party's banner seem to be only accountable to their party. Where does that leave the electorate? The answer is the back of the bus, when we are even allowed to board, that is.

We definitely need to oust the BC Liberal Party for a myriad of reasons, but ultimately we need to find a way of changing the system. The status quo just doesn't work.


Anonymous said...

A huge thanks to Terry Hand for his generous effort with the HST initiative! I have signed up for the next step and that is the recall Ron Cantelon event. We must evict this a$$ hole from politics before he ruins this province any further and collects his million dollar pension.

Anonymous said...

Apparently John Slater MLA for Boundary-Similkameen
is going to accept the HST position because in his own words he is afraid of losing his job. Another new low for the BCLibs

Anonymous said...

Herr Diktator has managed to get MLA John Slater to retract and not accept the petition from Zalm.

Why am I not surprised.

Crankypants said...

I did a little surfing over the last couple of days to see who the members are of the six business groups that brought forth the court challenge to the constitutional validity of the FightHST Initiative.

The groups are the BC CHamber of Commerce, Coast Forest Products Association, Mining Association of BC, Council of Forest Industries, Independent Contractors & Business Association and Western Convenience Store Association.

First of all, I found some interesting and or disturbing members of some of these groups. I found it disturbing that the BC Lottery Corporation is a member of the Convenience group, BC HYdro is a member of the Mining group, the Corporation of the District of North Cowichan and the District of Mission are members of Coast Foret Prod.

The interesting thing I found is that Heenan Blaikie, LLC is a member of the Independent Contractors group. They are the only law firm I spotted as being a member of this group, and they are the legal firm that is handling the court challenge brought forth by these associations.

I also found it interesting that when I accessed the BC Chamber of Commerce site and tried to use their link to see who their corporate members are, I found that it had been disabled. Curious to say the least.

I am also going to provide a partial list of companies that are members to one or the other of these associations for information interest only. I would not suggest that they should be boycotted, but as they say, knowledge is power.

The Partial list is:
7-Eleven Inc.
Canadian Tire Store
Husky Energy
Mac's Convenience Stores
Petro Canada
Bic Inc.
Cadbury Adams Canada
Coca Cola Bottling Ltd.
Direct Cash ATM
Frito-Lay Canada
Nestle Canada Inc.
Red Bull Canada
McDonalds Restaurants
White Spot Restaurants

This list is just some of the more noted companies. The Independent Contractors membership would fill a small phone book on its own, and no doubt wold that of the BC Chamber of Commerce.

One other thing that I found interesting is that Jock Finlayson questioned the right of some unions contributing money to the FightHST Initiative. His rant was that union dues are for such things as negotiations and other sundry union business. Yet his group, Independent Contractors & Business Association, must also pay dues of some sort in order to belong. Did his members authorize him to spend their dues to fund the court challenge? Also, did the members of the other associations authorize that their dues be used to mount this court challenge? I guess it all boils down to whose ox is being gored.

As for Craig James and his decision to thwart the democratic process, thank you. Thank you for fanning the flames. You have single-handidly succeeded proving the point that we do not live in a democratic province. You have also shown that you are unworthy of your current position, as acting chief electoral officer, by your cowardice to face the media.


Paul said...

LIBERAL MLA John Slater has now said that he will NOT Accept the Petition from FIGHT HST.

Bill Tieleman reported on CKNW's The World on Sunday with guest host Simi Sara that British Columbia Liberal MLA John Slater has now DENIED he would accept the Anti-HST petition for presentation to the BC Legislature.

John Slater now says that the interview in the Kelowna Courier on Saturday wasn't what he meant to say.

Wasn't what he meant to say?

How pitiful is that?

Bill Tieleman: "Slater told radio reporters Sunday that he now believes only Elections BC can send the Initiative to the Committee!"

It sounds like the lackey MLA for Boundary-Similkameen got a Saturday night phone call from his political master.

From now on when Gordon Campbell wants John Slater's opinion, he will give it to him.

What a useless suck-hole John Slater is.

Chris Delaney said that Slater’s riding had one of the highest levels of support on the anti-HST petition, with over 40% of registered voters signing - thousands more than actually voted for him.

John Slater tried to cover his sorry ass and pretend to be something that he's not and he got slapped right back down.

Paul said...

"And, since Wednesday, B.C.'s acting chief electoral officer Craig James has provided a bizarre backdrop to the proceedings by refusing to send the certified petition and the Extinguishment Act to the legislature."

"Like some sort of cowardly lion, however, James has been hiding and keeping mum."

"His behaviour is more than embarrassing -- it's juvenile."

"James is a senior public servant who works for us.

"If he thought the court challenge put the petition and proposed act into limbo, why didn't he say so when the litigation began?"

"And why has he not produced the legal opinion he relied on?"

"I believe James is out to lunch and the Smart Tax Alliance suit is a misguided attempt to frustrate the will of the people."

- Ian Mulgrew, Vancouver Sun August 16, 2010

Paul said...

Crankypants is correct.

The List of Corporate Members link has been removed. (I wonder why)

( = Not Found

I viewed this list only a couple of weeks ago.

I will use the Wayback Machine to try to smoke these companies out of their holes.

I found this old alphabetical listing of Corporate Members using the Wayback Machine.

It's not current but it's better than nothing for now.

Anonymous said...

Why would McDonalds Restaurants and
White Spot Restaurants support the HST? They are being hurt with the sharp decline in the restaurant industry. Or am I missing something?

Crankypants said...

Anon 12:35

White Spot and McDonalds are both members of the Chamber of Commerce, and through their dues are supporting the business court challenge to the antiHST fight. They may not support the HST in its current form, but they are supporting the pro-HST camp financially.