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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Long Hot Summer.part II

Well well well, things are indeed starting to cook, as predicted by us earlier in the year the $52 million fire fighting budget has been blown, the dollars spent are all ready over $100 million dollars and that number will triple, but we have bigger fish to fry at this time.....

Another release of information by our honourable auditor general John Doyle, besides Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen lying pre-election about the HST and our deficit, as you recall Gordon Campbell swore up and down that our deficit would be "$495 million dollars maximum".......
Well our true deficit was closer to $3billion dollars, right after the election when Campbell and Hansen stabbed us in the back and brought in the HST, they took $250 million dollars of Ottawa`s bribe money and they also scooped $760 million dollars from ICBC rate payers......

All said that brought our deficit down to $1.78 billion dollars, or did it?......John Doyle in his 62 page report has revealed that Campbell and Hansen lied about that too......Mr. Doyle has reported and stated that deficit is actually $73 million dollars more than reported, Mr. Doyle also stated that Hansen is over reporting natural gas revenue and not taking into account long term financial costs associated with that industry, Colin Hansen has made some funny statements today disputing Doyle`s findings.....

Hansen said today...."The numbers are close.......The comptroller general looked at our budget numbers and said they are a good REFLECTION of the numbers"snip

Well, perhaps Colin Hansen is talking about the reflection in the house of horrors, you know, all those distorting mirrors, enter the dragon comes to mind.......You can read the John Doyle story here

What`s good for Wall Street and business is good for main street.....Where have we heard that before, I read an interesting story from the Reputable New York times the other day and I must share it with you......

Sangra foods, a division of the George Soros group(George Soros many years back made $2 billion dollars in the space of a couple of months by shorting the British pound, it made him famous and ultra rich overnight)......Well friends, back just before oil spiked to $150 dollars per barrel .......Oil had moved to $76 dollars, but.....On the New York exchange a trader, on orders from his boss at the Soros group made a "Bona fide bid" for future prices of oil of over $100 dollars per barrel, a massive price, you have to read this story folks, the link is here.....

The Sangra food group has now been fined for commodity price manipulation, that one bid single handidly started the oil rally, what they did was illegal, they have now been fined a WHOPPING $12 million dollars, talk about a joke, Wall Street and the Sangra group illegally started a pump and dump oil rally that cost regular folks around the world an estimated $1.5 trillion dollars, and the Sangra/George Soros group made a killing, and recently they got a Whopping $12 million dollar fine.........Well blow my socks off!......Beside Wall Street and their fraudulent actions throwing the world into recesssion now we know that Wall Street by fraud and pump and dump manipulated the oil market and screwed the world and yet Gordon Campbell and giant martian head Colin Hansen want to hand over our money to big business,.......

What prices have been lowered by business, NONE, the HST has driven up prices across the board, the food industry is laying off people in droves, the real estate market has tanked, Provincial revenues are falling, the exact opposite of what Gordon Campbell said is happening, the "economists" were wrong, they have been wrong for years, MICHAEL LEVY...and MICHAEL CAMPBELL were wrong, Jack Mintz was wrong......

We, We the people were right,..........And in Hansen`s Budget forecast for this year natural gas prices he surmised to rise to the $6 to $8 dollar range but....... As predicted by us at The Straight Goods natural gas prices are low, how low you ask, the current futures price is at $4 dollars, that my friends means at least another $1 billion dollar hole in Colin Hansen`s present budget!

BHP Bilton .....The Australian mining giant recently launched a $100 million dollar ad campaign and over threw the Australian Government, they did that because the Government wanted to add a "Super profits mining tax"..........The miners went ballistic, how much damn money do these companies need, Wall street fraud with their bundled securities, their derivatives, credit default swaps have screwed the world and Gordon Campbell wants to give them more money!!!!

Right now in B.C. the public is angry, they`re getting angrier everyday, "Recall in Fall" is no longer in doubt, it will not only succeed but it will bring down the Government, yes friends the NDP will indeed be the next Government......Still with finance the latest US job numbers report is out and they are still bleeding jobs, the true jobless rate in the US is a staggering 20%....The double dip reccession is here already....

Not only are the job numbers bad but they are now predicting the jobs numbers to deteriorate even worse!....You can read that story here

And it`s getting worse, the latest housing market reports are out and the numbers are staggering, foreclosures are still rampant, prices continue to fall, big business and Wall Street have totally screwed the world, the outsourcing to slave labour countries like China and Veitnam continue, what damn jobs are there for Americans?...Burger flippers...What jobs are there in Canada, look folks we are but a year behind the US .......Our housing bubble is on the cusp of collapse, you can buy condos in Arizona, and Nevada for $12.000 dollars....Big homes for $80.000 dollars.....You can read about the housing disaster here

And here in B.C......The highest gas prices in Canada...The highest housing prices....Gordon Campbell continues to outsource our Province to the same people who screwed the world.

The day has come friends, it`s now class warfare, us against them, against Howe Street, against the BC Chamber of commerce, we draw the line in the sand, first we remove Gordon Campbell and the BC Liar party from power, then we remove the HST just like Saskatchewan removed the HST ......The NDP when elected in that Province removed the HST, so for Gordon Campbell and Johnathon Winters and Peter Gall to say we are stuck with the HST is patently wrong!..Period!

The people have spoken Gordon Campbell, you can cut the anger with a knife, either you listen or your gone, it`s your choice, you can listen and survive until 2013 or you can listen to big business and be removed by force within a year.....

And if the NDP pander to big business or play games they too will be removed, tea party north or the "big Cleansing".....Call it what you will.

The day of change and people power has arrived in B.C.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open



Anonymous said...

Grant said: "first we remove Gordon Campbell and the BC Liar party from power, then we remove the HST just like Saskatchewan removed the HST ......The NDP when elected in that Province removed the HST"

Yuppers. But if that whiny bitch James and the NDP does not remove the HST next year it's RECALL IN THE FALL "2011"!!! Bejesus, she will be crushed like a bug just like El Gordo.

Evil Eye said...

Grant, we live in a new dark age of corrupt politicians and rampant cronyism. All major political parties are afflicted with this dreadful malady, including the NDP. This has made politics both 'toxic' and unchangeable in BC and Canada. Each new regime in power will get steadily worse until the people revolt for real.

I think we are very close to a violent revolt, where the 'common' man can see no change in government and government sees absolutely no reason to change. A democracy we are not.

The main stream media in Canada has a lot to reckon for, as they shopped themselves to the ruling elites like cheap whores.

My fear is that the recall will fail, because the NDP designed it to fail, what then? General strike? Riots? Assassinations?

When democracy is trampled on by government and the population realize that democracy no longer exists, then we will live in a lawless society, where anarchy and insurrection will lurk around every corner.

Campbell and his business acolytes are unknowingly stoking the flames for a revolution and my only hope is that it is a quiet revolution, because the alternative is fraught with peril.

kootcoot said...

Evil Eye's suggestions are not at all over the top but eventually people DO reach a breaking point either in masse or just the odd flip out (lone crazed assasin) here and there. Skookum had a good point recently at Mary's pointing out that Canadians might swallow a lot more than some folks because they've never actually even tried revolution (except for the doomed Metis Rebellion and Louis Riel).

As to:

"BHP Bilton .....The Australian mining giant recently launched a $100 million dollar ad campaign and over threw the Australian Government"

BHP Bilton recently made an insulting hostile take-over offer (far below the current share price) for Saskatchewan Potash. Perhaps they'll be shopping for governments in Canada soon also - if they want to buy B.C.'s they'll have to talk to the current owners - MacLean, Accenture, Maximus and the rest of Gordo's friends(?) or more accurately masters.

cherylb said...

The only way recall will fail is if the voters decline to sign the petition. The organizers are certainly not putting their lives on hold in order to fail. We will win this!

Anonymous said...

Harper, is spouting about, a Global economy. Global economy, needs good governance. That's the reason for the recession. The second recession on it's way, could be another push, to global economy and government, or, to perhaps force it in. I was surprised to learn, the New World Order, has been worked on, for decades. Read, Canadian P.M. delivers Global Governance Plan. Our Constitution is defunct. Our Civil Rights and Liberties, have been taken away from us. Democracy and Freedom, is totally gone. We know, Campbell works for Harper, and BC Citizens, are being stripped of, every asset, and our natural resources. What happened in Australia, is typical for global economy and governance. There will probably be wars over this. Perhaps, that's why there will be billions, spent for Canada to rearm and expand our military. I can see a war, with Iran and N. Korea. China, has 22 million soldiers, so all of Asia, would be forced to comply. Don't know, but, something is going on, far more dire, than the HST.

Crankypants said...

Grant, you are totally correct on the state of the economy in the US, and the economy of Canada is not near as rosy as the talking heads portray it to be.

The first thing that got my attention when the recession took hold in 2008 was all the references by the so-called astute economists to a jobless recovery. Well in my world, if there are no jobs, then there is no recovery. Economic activity can only be fueled if people have income, and with no jobs, no income, no commerce.

There is one thing that really astounds me about the recession. That is throughout the start of the recession to date, the investment banks in the US have been making money hand over fist. At who's expense. My guess the citizens of the US. Even here in Canada, the banks barely skipped a beat. Smoething just doesn't add up.