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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Change of Times

I too was once headstrong and refused to look or see other points of view, but times change and so did I.........

I am referring to the haters in the world, like Alex G Tsakumis, he recently posted a story and had dozens of photos from the Vancouver pride parade, first off, I wasn`t there, I am a straight male, but.....

Years back the thought of gays bothered me, not anymore, shows like the Simpsons or the Family Guy are offensive, Manswers is offensive, as was Sex in the city or Queer as folk....There are many offensive television shows or public events that bother me, but what really bothers me is a lying corrupt Government, bold faced liars, Corporate criminals, at one time even illegal immigration bothered me but not no more, for we as a society have been inundated with propaganda about Gays, about the dirty Mexican, yet those third world countries are a sea of corruption, payoffs and broken laws, and for the most part it`s been companies like Coca Cola and Nike and mining giants have stolen, abused, poisoned and exploited these people for millennia......I can`t blame any hardworking migrant worker legal or illegal taking a chance to improve their life, Yet still the haters persist....AGT ran his story about the Pride parade along with his pictures, pictures Alex claimed not to take himself but some staff member.....

Along with the pictures AGT made a rude remark under each photo....Oh how disgusting, AGT time and time again has shown tunnel vision and lives only for hatred, hatred of different points of view, the parade isn`t my cup of tea so I don`t attend, go to a strip bar and see hardcore, but to pull an AGT slagging the parade, taking photos out of context and spew his bile hatred .....Alex claimed he didn`t attend the parade personally, which makes his post even more hateful because to express such anger for an event on second hand reporting is rich to say the least! whether or not he was actually there doesn`t matter, I don`t attend Jewish rallies, Muslim holidays or Vasaiki parades and I don`t agree with many of their veiws so I don`t attend but I respect and will fight for their right to assemble, gather and speak where as the likes of AGT think they should be back in the closet or not exist at all, perhaps AGT gets wood watching these events and has his own self doubts about his sexuality, who knows for sure, but one thing I do know, if I spent time writing about all the moral items that upset me my day would be long......

From Hockey players making $12 million a year to stop a puck to David Hahns salary, to wealthy parents parading their 5 year old daughter dressed as Marilyn Monroe or a street walker, to the blatant corrupt corporate world to Gordon Campbell with his law breaking, lies, adulterous affairs to the deliberate mismanagement of the B.C. economy, these things bother me and I will write about them, but to spew bile like Bill Good and AGT..........As for morailty, have you seen the cartoons of today, I never had to sit at the back of the bus, I chose to sit there......How anyone can pass judgement who was either born to wealth and or sheilded from work.

The Catholic girl schools have horny teenage girls as do the public schools, the criminals who ran churches and schools of all religions who abused at will while the onlookers of faith and morality watched on with Eyes Eide Open and closed minds and stayed silent, the religious wars and crusades that slaughtered the Natives.....You will reform or die mentality, "Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition"

The pure Evil of the haters, can you imagine, they starved people in Germany in the 1940s because it was easier to bury or burn a 60 pound man of skin and bones than a 200 pound human sack of flesh and water, yet today`s elite hater watches their vice on a computer or pays for a lap dance, it`s not immoral or dirty if you pay $500 dollars for it, as for a Gay Pride Parade, hand out condoms and celebrate, yawn yawn yawn.......!

The damn Socialist hoards, ......"You People"......That`s what AGT and Bill Good state....Like anyone with different points of view are the inane ramblings of the delusional.....Bill Good is an economic and political racist, Bill Good hasn`t a clue about life and work, all Good has ever done is talk his fat face off and get paid plenty, he has contributed nothing to society, Bill Good has defended his friend Gordon Campbell for a decade, covered his crimes and refused to report facts, Gordon Campbell has gifted Bill Good lots of money and perks, Bill good cares about people of wealth and a two-class society,......AGT is a pure hater, he hates Gays, Palestine, he hates the NDP even though it has been Liberal or Conservative Governments that have ruined society as we know it....He hates Michelle Obama, He hates Barack Obama.....Yet he gives the author of today`s economic collapse a free pass....George Bush and Laura Bush.....That`s right folks, Alex is so blind, so obtuse it`s no wonder he keeps getting ignored by the Main stream media.......

Alex has been so wrong on so many issues, from exonerating John Les..Kash Heed...From him being humiliated by me over Dianne Watts, Carole Taylor and more.....He is a dinosaur and for everone`s sake I hope he grows up one day, obviously St Georges private school and family wealth hasn`t helped Alex find himself, perhaps he should look in the mirror, maybe it`s not too late for someone to wash his mouth with soap.......

Like changing leaves I have grown, I realize now that it`s not the illegal alien migrant worker that is responsible for today`s mess, it`s not the sick senior, it`s not the autistic child draining resources from the public purse......

Today`s problem is corrupt Governments, corporations that have and still are poisoning the masses, Wall Street and their ponzi schemes, Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell and Gordon Campbell who have lied, raped our rivers and sold our assets all so a handful of people can sit back eating lobster, cheese fondue and champagne.

The smile on a child`s face, the first tulip of the year, a peanut butter and jam sandwich, an autistic child learning, those are the important things in life........Life is too short to be a hater,Alex T the self-proclaimed voice of morality, that`s pretty funny folks, that from a man?......Who wrote a post berating the owner of a tobacco shop for not allowing him to bring his underage son in the shop, MY GOD, THE OUTRAGE, how dare a Tobacco shop deny AGT to introduce his son to the fine products in a tobbacco shop, the audacity of the shop owner to not allow a punishable offence to occur in his shop(underage in a all tobacco shop) gee whiz, next thing you know he will be blogging about the bar owner who denies him to bring his child in for drinks!!!!

The point I am trying to make folks is quite simple, don`t throw stones from a glass house, tobacco has killed hundreds of millions of people, I haven`t heard of anyone dying at a pride parade, well.....Except for maybe some closet gay who gets all excited with their camera and strokes out.......

Palestine isn`t our fight, sexual morality isn`t my fight, our fight friends will be the removal of Gordon Campbell and taking back our Province from the haters, from the political and economical racists in the world.....AGT...Bill Good...Gordon Campbell....EnCana gas....Teck Cominco....Marine Harvest.......

Meanwhile this delusional pill popping molson Canadian drinking rabid blogger from Garden Bay will continue to bring you scoops, scandals and the Straight Goods......Anyway, I have some leaves and pine cones to rake up.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Bravo Grant. I'm gay and I was offended by that post by Tsakumis. Shame!!! BTW, I actually thought that this photo posted by Tsakumis was very sexy!


Grant, the Tsakumis crowd are the Gordo crowd. And Grant, it is unbelievable what was written today by the G & M:

"B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell’s trip to this year’s ultra-secret Bilderberg conference of movers and shakers in Spain didn’t come cheap, with airfare alone costing more than $6,000"

Gordo, at taxpayer's expense, is attending a top-secret meeting with the Bilderberg Group. Can you imagine that? He continues to sell our province out to an evil cabal. And we all stand by while this happens. Shame!


Anonymous said...

Grant, one more thing. You said: "Today`s problem is corrupt Governments, corporations that have and still are poisoning the masses".

No doubt. And these evil and corrupt corporations are buying our politicians who don;t care about us working stiffs.

But I still don't get what you said a few years ago: "Also with GREGOR ROBERTSON as mayor of VANCOUVER will go along way in garnering more votes to the NDP"

Gregor Robertson and his political party, VV, has sold out their sold to the corporate devil. As you can see, most of their donations are from greedy and evil developers who are pulling their strings:


Vancouver needs to oust these sell-outs and vote for a truly progressive and socialist government and that is COPE!!!!

Grant G said...

Gregor Robertson is an idiot.....

Vision has lost its way...

The NPA are corrupt corporate thieves....

I feel sorry for Vancouver, they ousted a corrupt NPA only to elect Gregor.....

Vancouver needs an independent mayor with a clear voice....Like say??????

Anonymous said...

Grant, great column. You have many times shown up AGT, campbell, good, the ledge boys, all the liberal party gang, as well as the other hanger-ons. We are on a very scary road. These people, show all the nasty traits of been felons. You are so right, don't blame the folks in the fields, on the streets, in the sweatshops, all are driven by taskmasters. Gordo has to go first, then AGT, followed by good, etc. They are all a waste of skin.

Kam Lee

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize agt was a B.C. Liberal crony, although that does make sense. He certainly does not appreciate any critism of Gordo and gang.

jaydee said...

Enemy #1.....and the root of all evil....the Main Stream Media. They have done a good job of brainwashing the adjective king and the masses who chose not to 'persistently dig' for the truth. The truth shall set us free, I think that's how it went...

Grant, sorry off topic, the rally went good today, a better turn out than they thought, 82 registered and over 100 showed up. I say of 700,000++ signs I think 100 is beyond poor. Again I was pissed at the NDP. As we were lined up waiting to go to each side of the street along came Adrian Dix. I called him over and he acted like I really know him (just to be on the safe side), which I don't but that is okay. I asked him when they were going to tell us what their agenda is and.....he said, and not all that nice.....Like what? Unfortunately a person beside me who had no idea who Dix was cut in with his own question and Dix jumped at the opportunity not to answer. So Dear Adrian, what do you intend to do with the bad HST, the bad carbon tax, the proportional representation voting system, just for starters?

I didn't see much media, someone from the Chinese media did a short talk with the captain I was with and some people said they saw the two corrupt, absolutely corrupt, ctv and global. I will try and remember to tune in at 11.


Evil Eye said...

Grant, the Gordo bloggers are like the Nazi's in 1945; still believing in a totally morally bankrupt and criminal party, moving phantom armies and pretending they are real.

In fact there are many parallels between the Campbell Liberals and old Adolf's regime.

I saw Gordo the Great on TV and he looked desperate, like a man who has been told he had only 6 weeks to live. Desperate men do desperate things and Campbell will enter a new frenzy giving away provincial assets to political cronies.

The cuckolded Liberal MLA will say and do nothing until the 'Great Leader' is no more.

In the next election, I will vote for the person or political party that promises a full criminal investigation of the Premier and all members of the BC Liberal government!

Anonymous said...

We can now pre-registar as a canvasser for the recall campaign that is about to begin very soon. This is going to be more gratifying than the first initiative by far. GO TO: www.fighthst.com to registar.

Anonymous said...

Kinda funny that tsakumis guy making fun of fat people in those photos! Look at the size of him in the photos on his site, Jeezzzzzzus Joseph Mary!!

He sounds kinda bitter if you ask me. Maybe that's why he's still only blogging and doesn't have a job, cuz no one else will hire him.

Good call on getting him over taking his son to a cigar shop which is kinda the pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

To each his own. He is no better than anyone he writes about.

Anonymous said...

I will be the Premier in 2013.

Media blackout in effect.


we the people, united by truth

cherylb said...

Don't worry Grant. These kinds of people will get theirs eventually. They always do.

kootcoot said...

Grant, as to:
"Manswers is offensive"

You're talking about Christy Clark's FAVOURITE TeeVee show.............

for Anon above -

"I didn't realize agt was a B.C. Liberal crony, although that does make sense."

He's BC Liberal, Socred whatever the coalition of the Reich Wing calls itself today. He is opposed to Gordo, but only because Gordo is threatening the Liberals/Con/Socred/Alliance hold on power - minus Gordo, he luvs em to death. Also federally Stephen Harper and Lyin' Brian are AGT's idea of Gods from on high.

The ideological and criminal links between our provincial "Liberals" and the PsuedoCons of Stephen Harper are much stronger than those between the Federal Liberals and our stealth Socred/Alliance/Reform Criminal Organization.

Someone else summed up the fat barrel of hate and slime this way:

"Alex Tsakumis is an annoying little prat from St George's the private school who got his start penning screeds to the editors of various Vancouver papers, and got invited as a guest columnist somehow - not because of originality or writing ability I assure you. Very much in the mold of Lord Conrad of Crossdressing. Controversy sells papers, and Alex was pretty controversial, as low-forehead ranters generally are. I think he's independent of means through property investment though only a bit player. Hews to the BC Fiberal party line pretty closely though."

Pretty good one paragraph summary, that leaves him looking almost too good, compared to real life!

jaydee said...

Check out thenownewspaper.com today August 10, Keith Baldrey has finally been cut loose, gag order removed, and he has his memory back, at least temporarily. A few years late and lotsa dollars short.

Keith Baldrey has forever lost his credibility, never to be trusted ever again, same as all MSM.

Anonymous said...

I read, that Campbell really came from the Conservatives. I was confused at first. Campbell and Harper, have a very close relationship. They travel together, they had, red mitten photo-ops, they work together, on China projects, they just spent more time together, at a BBQ, here in BC. So, it does seem true, Campbell is a Conservative. Ignatieff said, the Liberal Party, has been given a bad name, but, not by me. Is Campbell, dirtying the Liberal Party's name, to assist Harper's re-election? It was also said, the Federal Liberal Party, is no where near the same, as the BC Liberal party? I was lumping Ignatieff, in with Campbell. However, Campbell is corrupt, I have never heard it said, that Ignatieff is corrupt. An inexperienced, politically challenged person like me, soon gets lost, in all of the twists and turns of politics. I tried to go by, what I didn't like. However, I was thrown a curve, that Campbell, is purposely, giving the Liberal Party, a bad name, which rubs off on Ignatieff.

Anonymous said...

People must remember that the Federal parties and provincial parties are not the same at all. Many provincial Liberals are in fact, Federal conservatives, example, Kevin Falcon.

The federal Liberals in town rarely have anything to do with the provincial party, except great case in point, the former marriage of Christy Clark and the, ahem, somewhat dubious and questionable Mark Marissen.

Never make the mistake of assuming that any provincial party member, of ANY party, belongs to the federal party bearing the same name. Rarely happens.

Tsakumis was, and likely is, a longtime provincial Liberal,Federal Conservative.

Campbell is a federal conservative as well, as is Carole Taylor and Dianne Watts.

What does that say about how they would run this province?

Anonymous said...

although I have to add that Sean holman has the story of how Falcon was seen at a Teamster golf function, and he even sponsored a hole for them....lol.. meaning, is he feeling out the NDP side, the opportunistic little twerp?

Crankypants said...

As I see it, there are no parties that are really left of centre. The Conservatives are the farthest right. The Liberals have always catered to Bay Street nationally and Howe Street locally. The Greens are between the Liberals and Conservatives with a bent towards the environment. The NDP tends to try and straddle the centre line, kind of operating in a vacuum. They try to be all things to everyone and end up being nothing to anyone.

When the NDP was the CCF, they had an identity. Unfortunately the socialist handle was attached to the CCF label and the connotation of socialist was compared very successfully to communism by the right of centre parties.

Then add the fact that the MSM can only remain in business by backing the right of centre parties, and one can see why we are at where we are today.

The deck is stacked against any of us that have any type of conscience and if we commoners don't start paying attention, we will all become nothing more than slaves to the corporate entities that have only one objective, which is ultimate power.

kootcoot said...

Those who find themselves confused by the party names and relationships in BC and Canada need not feel embarrassed. In this country party names are little more than aliases and the politicians tend to hide both who they are and what is their agenda.

Stephen Harper IS NOT what we used to think of as a conservative. Thanks to Lyin' Brian, who almost killed off the old Progressive Conservative Party, Harper and his minions were able to don the hide off the PC carcass to disguise their actual Reform/Alliance/Canadian Taliban/Western Separatist roots, which only have traction in Oilberta and parts of BC. The only honest move they made was in dropping the "Progressive" from the Conservative. But they are not centre-right, rather fringe right, leaving the centre-right position for the Liberals, especially under Iggy.

It should be a crime, it is a lie, to call the Harperites, Tories, though the useless Canadian Press does it regularly - real Tories in the Dief or Stanfield mold should feel insulted.

Ever since I've lived in BC the only parties that were relevant provincially were Social Credit (or whatever that far right coalition, including some centre-right members calls itself when the Socred label is too soiled to get elected under) and the NDP.

After Baby Bill Bennett and VanderZalm virtually drove Social Credit extinct, Gordo the Greedbag used Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyjabi's marital complications to steal the leadership of the resurging BC Liberal Party as a flag of convenience. It still strikes me as ironic that Gordo would have the gall to use so-called family values to topple the other Gordon and then reign as the prevaricating adulterer he has.

The idea of Blair Lekstrom running to fill PsuedoTory Jay Hill's seat in the Peace is just business as usual. The exception to all this is David "I'll be any party you need" Emerson who should start his own Opportunist Party, but couldn't get elected dog catcher anywhere anymore, so it doesn't matter.

The BC Liberal Caucus makes lawyers (their lips are moving so they must be lying) seem like choir boys, and then some of them are both BC liaRs AND lawyers - one of them I wouldn't trust to tell me the day of the week!

Leah said...

Big Surprise!! The Chief Electoral Officer serves his master - rather than those who pay his salary. Now we know the reason for the personnel change at the end of the last legislative session.

RECALL IN THE FALL!!! Step down Carole - we don't want to have to recall you too - but we will. It's time to clean this cesspool of vipers!

Anonymous said...

Recall in the FAll is just such a nice way to do it. Perhaps there is a quicker solution. Run them all out of town!

jaydee said...


Wonder what the bribe cost us, besides his salary or was it included? The other CEO should not have quit, let Campbell fire him and sue for wrongful dismissal.


Maybe one good thing happened because of the corrupt Campbell and CEO Elections B.C....hope Vander Zalm is mad enough to do a full recall and not just one or two like he said....didn't want to bring the 'government' down! Why not may I ask? HST aside, Zalm should listen to the people too. Hope Bill Tielman has the names of all the 7,000+ volunteers.

We need to start planning for November 15 right now, with or without Zalm.

Carole James shame on you, GO NOW or take the whole province down with you, again.


Leah said...

When a party loses 3 elections to a lying, bad mannered, sociopathic drunk, voters should be able to assume said party would know when to change their leadership. By force if necessary. Now would be a real good time.

I have zero doubt that CJ is a nice lady to have lunch with...but she is not, and cannot lead anything more than the choir in church on Sunday. She is the classic example of an enabler, Campbell knows it...and has played her like a fine tuned fiddle.

Jean, I've already signed up for working on the Recall petition...though we have to know that the new CEO and Campbell will be burning the midnight oil figuring out how to negate every vote on that too. Nonetheless; it's time to clean house.

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