Friday, July 30, 2010

Razing Arizona

If anyone isn`t outraged with what`s going on in the world they must be blind or stunned.

A massive wave of oil is heading north towards Florida, the oil is down 4000 feet, despite what BP claims that disaster is not even in the 1st inning, it breaks my heart, it makes me angry, over 1billion litres of oil was dumped in the Yellow river in China, the scenes on TV are horrific, their using hand shovels to scoop up the oil, and the fine folks at Enbridge have dumped 3.8 million liters of oil in the Kalmazoo river, the state has declared a national disater, Syncrude has appealed the fines levied against them in Alberta, they were fined a petty amount of cash for slaughtering thousands of ducks that landed on one of their toxic tailing lakes, they don`t even have enough courage to take their lumps, earlier this year the executives ...........were finally found guilty for killing villagers in the bophal gas disaster, it`s laughable, these executives can still appeal and this event happened 25 years ago, the executives are in their late 70s and 80s, they will never see a jail cell.

Exxon Valdez disaster is still in the courts, the oil is still in the rocks, the wildlife, the birds, do a little digging at low tide and there is oil everywhere, and yet Enbridge still thinks there is going to be a Northern gateway pipeline from the TAR SANDS to Kitimat, I am so proud of the people that occupied Enbridge`s Vancouver office, it really inspired me, they will have to kill me to put the Enbridge pipeline through to Kitimat, I have drawn a line in the sand, no more, if they want to move oil the can use the Kinder Morgan pipeline and have more Super tankers in Vancouver, the water and wildlife in the big smoke is almost sterile compared to Haida Gwaii, in fact the fine folk in Point Grey who kept voting for a criminal bastard named Gordon Campbell can watch the super tankers go by their beaches.

I hear idiots like Bill Good and Gord MacDonald promoting Enbridge, talking about all the jobs, I would like to punch them both in the mouth and make them eat their words, there are no jobs, the Enbridge pipeline would cost the north jobs, tourism jobs, outfitters, guides, the 12 full time jobs after the pipeline is built is nothing, how many times must I say this, they talk about mitigation efforts if there was a spill, you can`t undo a spill, Haida Gwaii and the inside passage is not ours to risk, you can`t bring back the Orca when their gone, you can`t gamble with what isn`t ours, the Exxon Valdez was a tiny spill, a tiny Super tanker compared to the big ones, the Valdez spill ranks 36th in the world, a fraction of the size of the large spills.(read about how Enbridge has spilled oil, killed wildlife and poisoned wetlands all over North America here, a good read, be prepared to be shocked and angry)

Tony Hayward is still with BP, they merely moved him to a subsidiary of BP, Halliburton has moved their office to Dubai, the reason for that is under Dubai law corporations only have to keep records for a year, Halliburton through George Bush and Dick Cheney have stolen 1/2 a trillion dollars from the American public.......Bh Bilton and Rio Tinto over threw the Australian Government over a new mining tax, the replacement Prime minister backed off on the tax, both of those companies make billions per year, how dare Australia ask them to pay a little more , it also has recently been revealed that hundreds of thousands of Iraqi and Afghani civillians have been killed in these illegal wars, and the Karzai Government have stolen and shipped out of Afghanistan billions of dollars, thousands of plane loads of physical money flown to offshore banks and into the middle east, what the hell are we doing, I don`t like to see Canadian(dupe) soldiers killed in Afghanistan but, it`s not a war, it`s an illegal occupation that will never end, 10 times as many people are being slaughtered in Northern Mexico every year than what get killed in the illegal Afghani war, the war on drugs, I hope California legalizes drugs, all drugs and maybe the bloodshed will stop.

Gooldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, AIG, wall street stole 2 trillion dollars from the American people, they stole, they gambled, they lost, they begged the corrupt Republican party for bailouts, they begged Obama for bailouts, and even during the darkest hour of the economic ponzi scheme Wallstreet paid themselves $10 billion dollar in bonuses out of bailout money, the Republicans, Wallstreet, the corporation, Stephen Harper, eveyone of those bastards will scorch the earth and sell us down the river.

Here in B.C. since the HST 2 mills have closed, unemployment is rising, business is suffering, the consumer has pulled back, the carbon tax, fuel is 40 cents a litre cheaper in Alberta and Washington, truckers are filling up south and east, the businesses along the Alberta border are going bankrupt, eveything we predicted because of the HST is coming true, companies haven`t lowered prices, their not hiring, even CKNW........

The cutting ledge today, the most popular show on CKNW.....From 9:00 am to 10:00 am cknw ran but 3 ads for the hour!!!!!.....Do you get it now Bill Good?.....1 ad in the first half of the show and 2 ads in the second half...1 ad from Speedy glass...1 ad from American express and 1 ad from Molson Canadian.....National companies........

As for Gordon Campbell and the minions, their dead folks, done like dinner, Dianne Watts is out, Carole Taylor is out, the entire BC Liberal party is out, there will be no recovery, in fact today on the cutting ledge even Keith Baldrey conceded that Gordon Campbell is dead, the only one left rooting for Gordon Campbell was Bill Good.........

Maybe Bill Good might understand this........The other reason besides the economy why their ads are down is because the listeners are tuning out , we can`t stand Bill Good pimping Campbell, the whiny squeal from Gord Macdonald, the cackling Christy Clark.

Listen up CKNW...Your advertising will continue to deteriorate, Michael Campbell (Gordos brother) is a hated man, a racist, in fact CKNW is racist, economic racists, political racists, liars, you can either switch sides or fade away, you`re like the Republicans, your base is gone, all you have left are hater and kooks, bitter racist callers.

There will be a double dip recession, unemployment is rising again in the USA, economic activity and GDP has been downgraded to flat, the markets will drop at least another 30%...Or more, the American dream has been shattered, housing prices are still falling, there were more foreclosures in the first 6 months of this year than last year, the ugly Americans are showing their teeth, it`s human nature, the Tea party movement, and Arizona, when things get tough, when people get desperate, the Americans are looking for someone or something to blame, the economic disaster must be Barack Obama`s fault for giving heath care to Americans, or maybe........Or maybe the American woes were caused by Mexican workers, how dare those illegal aliens clean toilets, work the fields, it must be the fault of those dirty illegals, it couldn`t have been say......

Wallstreet, KPMG, arther Anderson, Enron, George Bush, Halliburton, AIG, or the trillions spent on illegal wars, as you know Arizona had a radical new law that Barack Obama struck down, Arizona wanted their police to terrorize, question, to ask for papers and documents from anyone they suspected as possibly illegal, so if you have brown skin and were walking down the street the police could demand paper and IDs for no other reason than the colour of your skin and if you don`t produce the goods it`s straight to jail,......Thank goodness Barack struck it down, the Government of Arizona is appealing to the 9th circuit court of appeal, Arizona has asked for the appeal be fast tracked, the protests have been raging since the law was struck down by Obama, the haters, the racists, the anger is thicker than pea soup fog........

Meanwhile the haters adore the football players making $25 million per year, the movie star making $30 million per movie, they love Wallmart, they love all the outsourcing corporations that shipped their jobs to Asia, why pay $5 dollars per hour for a Mexican worker when you can get an Asian slave for $5 dollars per pay!

Here in BC the mindless drones will cheer a hockey player making $8 million to not stop the puck, subject themselves to search and seizure to watch fireworks, get frisked to watch sports, get a fine for smoking outside, a corrupt Government, banning salt, smoking bans in your own home, carbon taxes, schools and hospitals having to buy carbon credits, students not allowed to pay tuition with credit cards, HST, $6 dollar an hour minimum wage, bit by bit, slowly our freedoms are being eroded while the Corporation scorches BC and the planet.

There is no more time friends, we either make a stand now or there will be nothing left for future generations.

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Evil Eye said...

Indeed Bill boring has become such a wind bag that he has become unlistenable. The good old 'NW is now the bad old CORUS 'NW, corporate pimp for the corporate and political whores in this province.

Gordo's and Lil bros political philosophy is corporate Fascism, where the corporations run the state and the the ordinary people are regarded as mere peons. The Evil these two generate; the hate and bile, has made BC a nasty place to live in unless one is rich.

We have people living on the street; the worst drug circus in the world in Vancouver's downtown East side, yet the wealthy are treated as elite gods who should not pay tax!

Gordo's credo is user pay, yet it is the wealthy who use more and the poor are taxed more, a civil society we are not.

On another level, Steve Fonyo is stripped of his order of Canada for not acting like a Canadian elite, yet wonderful Canadians such as Brian Mulrooney (who lied) and Conrad Black (who repudiated Canada to be an English Lord) retain their OoC bauble.

How long will it take the ordinary Canadian to rise up and over throw the elite class that is ruining this great country?

We are descending into a Fascist hell, and the likes of Bill boring, CORUS radio, CAN WEST Global are all camouflaging, with propaganda the real story of what is happening in BC.

It is time to take a stand and call for revolution.

Anonymous said...

Grant, shipping tankers carrying 350,000 barrels of 'condensate' have been unloading at the Methanex tank farm in Kitimat for years. Encana has been importing the 'condensate' for shipment by rail to the Alberta oils sands.

And that 'condensate' is toxic stuff. If there was ever a spill it would result in an ecological disaster.

Recent reports also suggest that the Alberta gov't, Alberta oils sands producers, and CN rail are now working on a scheme to ship crude oil from the Alberta oil sands to Kitimat by huge oil container trains, in order to bypass any approvals/pipeline for shipment to China.

How are we ever going to stop this nonsense?!

Paul said...

I notice that Michael Smyth will be taking over Bill Good's CKNW show for a few weeks starting on Monday.

Here's an amusing rant from Colin Hansen directed at Michael Smyth.

Colin Hansen targets a new HST villain


COLIN HANSEN: "Whenever Mike Smyth has had command of CKNW's airwaves, he's on this rant about ..."

JONATHAN FOWLIE: "I've emailed these comments to Smyth and will post anything he sends in reply."
Here's Michael Smyth's response to Colin Hansen.

Mike Smyth reacts to Hansen


MICHAEL SMYTH: "Instead of trashing me behind my back, perhaps Minister Hansen should simply state when the B.C. government started negotiating the HST with Ottawa, if he thinks that's such a critical issue in this debate."

"Was it three days after an election campaign in which the Liberals criticized the HST and said they had no plans to bring it in? On April 15 of this year, Canadian Press reporter Dirk Meissner filed an excellent story on this topic, using documents obtained under Freedom Of Information."

"As for my occasional work at CKNW, I will be filling in for Bill Good again this summer for several weeks."

"I'd like to use this opportunity to invite Colin Hansen to be my guest on the air."

"I'm sure Minister Hansen or his aides will see this invitation and I look forward to his response."

"Thanks again Jonathan, and congrats on your blog, it's must-reading."

Sincerely yours,
Mike Smyth
Province Political Columnist
CKNW Radio
Colin Hansen won't show up until Bill Good comes back.

He doesn't have the guts.

kootcoot said...

Grant, it's difficult to even keep up with the sleaze generated by the Campbelloids, the Harperites and their hand maidens in the erstwhile AssPerson Empire and at the National Poop (don't get me started on the ReThugs or the PeePartiers).

Exploitive employers have discovered a new way to avoid paying even the onerous (to them apparently) SUB minimum learning wage ($6.00hr) with a new wrinkle - "trial shifts."
Many of the students now seeking summer employment are offered the opportunity to work a shift of five or six hours at lunch or dinner (or even multiple shifts if the applicant is dumb enough to keep coming back) and then not paid because they weren't found to be acceptable, experienced enough, or the occasion (shift) was called a "party" or an interview where the interviewee spends a few hours cooking or serving.

Of course our own creep disguised as a premier and his collection of fenceposts (some with hair even) have helped make this easier by removing the obligation of employers to post a statement of employees' rights at the workplace when they amended the Employment Standards Act. An expert on labour issues at UBC called the practice "honest ignorance" on the part of some employers, but had to admit some were probably willfully breaking the law!

(The above is covered in yesterday's Vancouver (I am) Stun(ned) starting on page A1 and continued on A8)

As far as Enbridge and oil spills go, people must be imagining all this, or perhaps motorists have been pouring their oil change debris into the Kalamazoo - cuz I heard a guy from Enbridge on the radio yesterday and he assured me that their pipelines were so safe, I now want to move and live UNDER one, especially if there is an earthquake or war or catastrophe of any kind.

BTW Grant - you HAVE to check out today's Vancouver Stun. In the second or third section they have a piece about famous/rich BCers and their private passions/hobbies (Brent Butt suprisingly LOVES MMA).

Anyway, your favourite babe, Crust Cluck Cluck doesn't watch much TeeVee (she's probably too dumb to understand much of it except on Saturday and Sunday mornings). However her favourite show is on Spike TeeVee called MANswers. It deals with such fascinating subjects as "Is it possible to save your farts in a bottle so as to be able to share them with your friends later?" Now, no wonder she doesn't understand issues like the HST. I would imagine that article could provide some background for one of your gushing love letters to Crusty!

kootcoot said...
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Anonymous said...

Trains derail hundreds of times. Coming from a family of railroaders. My one brother, who was in dangerous commodities department, his job was to attend to train wrecks. There were many dangerous toxic spills, over the years. However, I thought the dirty oil tankers, from China, had been disallowed, in the, pristine coastal waters? A spill of any kind, will mean out and out war. The first one on the hit list, will be Campbell. Alberta, can ship their dirty tar sands, somewhere else. We do not want that filthy stuff, any where near BC's beautiful coast. All the terrible spills, into oceans, rivers and land, hasn't taught the greedy, S.O.B's a dam thing. Our clean drinking water, is severely compromised. A train carrying all that crap, can have a wreck, into a river, and that water, will be, destroyed. And, that does happen. Clean drinking water, is liquid gold, and becoming scarce. Some of the American states and Mexico, are getting our water. When clean drinking water, becomes more valuable than oil, then what? I guess, we will then have to drink oil.

Crankypants said...

I see that Hansen has either cancelled or postponed the HST mailer and instead will extend the radio blitz of ads that have been running these past few weeks. No doubt this decision was made to reward CKNW for all their shilling for the BC Liberal party they have subjected us to over these last many years.

Even though the FIGHTHST campaign garnered over 700,000 signatures, I still get the feeling that many British Columbians are oblivious to the royal screwing they are getting courtesy of Campbell & Co. There are just so many people that don't realize that the miniscule income tax cuts they got after the 2001 election have been clawed back twofold, if not more.

The scary thing is that so many people have gotten coerced into thinking that they can run their daily lives on credit, that by the time they find out they are in over their heads, it's too late. Back in the day, you couldn't get a loan from a bank unless you could basically prove you didn't need it. Then came the bank credit cards, American Express, Mastercard and Visa. All of a sudden everyone had access to credit with very little scrutiny. That card that may have had a $500 limit seemed to magically grow to a $5,000, $10,000 or larger limit whether the customer requested it or not. This occured in the 70s and 80s which just happened to coincide with inflation and interest rates going through the roof. We were being conditioned by the financial sector and financial advisors to use credit as leverage, either to live beyond our means or recklessly invest in things that most of us knew nothing about. This, I believe, has created a false economy and nobody has the will or the smarts to rectify the situation. The bankers, whose bonuses alone dwarf some small countries total worth, don't want to give up their gravy train. Neither do the big corporations.

Hell, just consider the roll out of Apple's Ipad. People were camping out the day before just to be first to get one throughout every major city in the United States. Many Canadians couldn't wait for them to be available in Canada and went south to get one. The same scenario occured with the new Iphone. We have become consumers of crap, most of which have been made by slaves in third world countries and marketed as if they were produced by corporations that pay their employees top dollars.

Finding something produced in North America is becoming more difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. Whether it be drygoods, clothing, electronics, hardware and many other items, it is almost an excercise in futility to find goods made or produced on our continent.

I remember when I was a kid, the big thing was to diss things made in Japan. Now we get to buy things marketed by gigantic Japanese corporations that are made elsewhere. Maybe that is why their economy went in the crapper about twenty or thirty years ago. It looks as if it is now our turn.


Anonymous said...

Have you ever watched a person you love more than anything in the world, get seriously sick and you can't do a thing about it? It was a gut wrenching experience for me.

This is how I feel about the present state of life.

There is no limit to the damage that will be forced upon the average person and our land, by the takers and users. Be prepared to watch the world and your loved ones become ill/or die from physical/emotional disease. The present state was described by a number of knowing people many years ago.

It is time to start thinking for ourselves and not be told what is good for us. It is time to take control of the present before the future cannot be written.

Anonymous said...

Why are we shipping our oil and logs overseas, or to the US, to be processed? Obviously, we are being sold out by those who are in charge of Harper and Campbell.
I will no longer listen to CKNW.

Anonymous said...

I for one, am glad Fadden, of Canadian Intelligence is keeping a close watch on BC. He only said, what the BC people already knew. Campbell admires China, and has made many trips there. Campbell has cost BC mill workers, 30.000 jobs lost, in his time in office. Every time a mill closes in BC, another mill opens in China. Cheap labor and, even more cheap is, Chinese child labor. Central and northern BC's industry, were our mills. Campbell and Hansen, are frantic, to pay down, some of the billions of dollars, BC is in debt for. Campbell and Hansen, have to scurry around like rats, to plug all the holes, where the truth may leak out. So, Campbell, has to control, absolutely everything, he knows, if the truth came out, he would be lynched. Harper, is going to expand, a rail yard in Ashcroft BC, to make it easier for China, to bring all their crappy goods, into Canada. We all know, Campbell, is Harper's boy, they travel together, have many photo-ops, with each other, they were in collusion, regarding the HST, Harper Sales Tax. Harper, even spoke in the BC Legislature. If there is a Federal Election, please remember, Harper's part in destroying BC, and Canada. On TV, I saw, two M.P's from the east say, Harper is a fascist, and too stubborn to work with. That, we don't need.