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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Going Home

Like buffalo stampeding over a cliff or pilot whales by the hundreds who beach themselves and die, I can`t help but see the same inevitable fate happening with the B.C. Liberals.

Who knows why the herd acts as one, group think, I suppose at times there are advantages being part of the herd, but what happens when the leader of the herd becomes unstable or loses his or her way, is that why buffalo will stampede over a cliff, certainly the ones at the back can see the leaders vanish, pilot whales, sometimes with a little human help the whales can be prodded on the right course but more often then not they all will perish!

My posting has been down a little lately, I really ramped it up leading into the HST, fighting tooth and nail and now.........I needed to feel the pulse of the people, time to talk to real people..........And despite the really slow news cycle, there has been a real push by the media to be silent on any news to upset an irate public, in other words the news has been stifled.............

There is something so fundamentally wrong with the B.C. Government paying a king`s ransom to advertise it`s clean energy act and HST propaganda on Canwest global/CTV/CBC/CKNW/Shaw/ and every other media, how can a news media take this loot and retain the ability to criticize or slam the policy, it can`t........I have been paying special attention to the advertising on CKNW and all I can say is wow!

Their number 1 advertiser is the B.C. Government, advertising lotteries, super max, the HST, the clean energy act, by far their biggest advertiser is the Campbell Government, followed closely by the False Creek private clinic, in fact at least 2 private health clinics advertise there, the remainder of ads are from financial institutions, real estate, roofing and restaurants, but the largest contributor to CKNW`s coffers is the B.C. government and private health clinics, of course, as you know the Liberals foisted private health care on us....

How on earth can any "News" media retain any integrity, do any harsh assessments, any beating of the drum would result in advertising dollars yanked, where was I...........

Back to the people, whenever in doubt about the mood of the masses one merely needs to ask, this latest non-news cycle was preceded with a slow media propaganda campaign, that campaign being....:The public will get used to the HST, it`s only a few cents on a cup of coffee, people won`t notice, prices will come down:....

And on CKNW, particularly Bill Good, fat boy Good started his own campaign, I call Bill Good`s campaign promoting his friend Gordon Campbell the.....

"The knee pad strategy"

What that means is this....Billy boy Good dons the knee pads and gets on all four, he chirps, he praises, he spins....A multi layered attack...

  1. The NDP won`t remove the tax so we might as well keep the BC Liberals.
  2. If the NDP were in power other taxes would be higher.
  3. The Government needs revenue for health and education.
  4. What services would the NDP cut to make-up the $1.6 billion dollar transition money.
  5. The HST will help the economy and create jobs.
And Bill Goods finishes up claiming Gordon Campbell is the greatest manager in BC`s history and we never want to return to the dark days of the 90s..........At this point Gordon Campbell is riding Bill Good and beating him like a rented mule....

Billy butt Boy Good finishes off his knee pad campaign by saying, so Gordon Campbell has lied repeatedly, broke his promises, committed election fraud but all that is acceptable because I don`t like the NDP!......

And last week Bill Good had callers phone in and ask his guest about fancy restaurants and patios, and every caller who called in and mentioned a nice food joint Bill Good said...:Oh, I was there yesterday, or last week, on Monday, I like the blue tuna, on and on this segment went with Billy boy talking of his dining agenda.......To end off his show he had a brief radio appearance by no other than Pamela Martin.....A new weekly segment about BCers and what their up to....

So Pamela Martin and Billy boy`s CTV sidekick chatted, and Good said to Pamela....( Why don`t you and you husband bring your yacht to Smitty`s oyster bar in Gibsons harbour for appys, I love it there)

How on earth can these mouth pieces have the gall to tell us to accept the HST, except tolls, except skyrocketing hydro fees, parking taxes, carbon taxes, Translink fees and on and on.

They, yes they, us versus them, class warfare, these pushers of the Fraser institute propaganda, the privateers have expense accounts, free meals, wining and dining while writing it off, hundreds of thousands if not millions per year and.............And they have no idea what it means to be hungry, wanting for new shoes, putting off dental work or medical treatment for lack of money, only buying food and groceries with yellow no name labels or day old sales....I pay special attention when I buy groceries, if it`s not on sale I won`t buy it, no name pop, and it`s not just me it is everyone, if there is a real good sale price on bread or eggs or juice, soup, the shelf is empty, who can afford $4dollars for a loaf of bread?

So back to the people, that pulse rate is high, the public is getting angrier, prices are up, $10 dollars here, $90 dollars there, 50 cents, a dime, the carbon tax, the hydro bill, Translink on property taxes, liquor, smokes, ferries, parking it goes on and on and Damn it friends! ..... The people are....

Not getting used to it, their pulling back, every business I have talked to is down in sales, down in volume, I have been reading opinion pieces from all ends of the Province, also there has been some recent polls, including the last Angus reid poll, the BC Liberals have but 7% support on Vancouver island, it doesn`t get any lower than that, 93 people out of every 100 on Vancouver island would like to wrap their hands around Gordon Campbell`s throat and squeeze and for the life of me.......

Those pilot whales beaching themselves and dying, buffalo stampeding off a cliff to their death, is it a lack of intelligence in the pack, in looking at the BC Liberals they are destined to follow Gordon Campbell to hell, wiped off the map, the party won`t even be a threat come the next election, in fact I could see the party dismantling, you can`t recover from those polling numbers if you don`t change directions radically, and Campbell isn`t budging and the intelligence in the Liberal party????????

Who? Have you noticed the BC Liberal team are made up of dummies....Look at Kash Heed, no brains there, John Les, Mike De Jong(Mr. Ape)...Shirley Bond?...Richard Lee?..Yip? McDiarmid?...Abbot?????...Hansen???....The only one in the entire BC Liberal caucus with half a brain is Kevin Falcon yet his intelligence is that of a Dr. Evil, Falcon is sly, dirty, but so tainted that he could never be elected as leader, it appears that the members of the BC Liberals were chosen because they could never threaten Gordon Campbell in a battle of brains! Hand picked followers, no back bone, no morals, weak, like one of those cults where members follow blindly , that my friends is the BC Liberal party, they are gone, all of them are gone, I don`t think they could elect more than 5 MLAs....And it doesn`t matter who they bring in to lead the zombies.

You can`t judge public opinion from Bill Good`s spin, from chambers of commerce, at board of trade meetings, you can`t possibly know how 90% of BCers live if you`re wining, dining and slurping down oysters at Smitty`s patio bar.

Time to return to the basics, time to rid our Province of the red scourge, time to watch Gordon Campbell lead his trained pilot whales to death on the dunes...

Time for me to be going home to my roots.

The Straight goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


cherylb said...

We know that the media would like to pretend that this HST fight is over Grant. We're just taking a breather before the next step. No one I know is getting used to paying it, in fact, they are tracking how much it is costing them.

I think they are underestimating us once again. Good. They will be gone soon. Recall in the Fall!

Anonymous said...

Just to make a comment on the private health clinic that spends a zillion dollars on CKNW. The sign up fee is to cover the costs of the advertising budget. Someone has to pay for the propaganda and it seems the (rich and entitled) are willing to foot the bill for their entitled positions. Snake oil panders seem to be in favour with Gordon the Bankrupter.

Anonymous said...

Did ya read the quotations from Chairman Zalm today?


"I don’t believe there are any claims.”


"I view an oil spill as a person drowning. Whoever is nearby and can swim reasonably, they jump in and attempt to rescue the individual.”


"Economic recessions are a heaven-sent blessing for B.C. I think God sent it. It was necessary and it had to happen when it did.”


And according to BC's top pollster Robbins SCE Research:

"It's OFFICIAL - Carole James (Victoria) vs. Bill Vander Zalm (Delta) for Premier of British Columbia 2013"


Gordo has already led the LIEberals over the cliff. It's now the Zalm v. Carole in 2013 and the one who guarantees the immediate elimination of the HST WINS!

cheryl said...

Are you serious? The Zalm isn't running for office. Who cares how many silly comments he makes as long as we win this battle!

Stephanie T said...

My partner arrived home from work about am hour ago with a copy of our local paper, the Oliver Chronicle. Not only did they not pass on any savings, the price went from $1.00 incl. tax to $1.13. I guess we'll have to wait until they buy some new carpet or maybe a new printing press before we'll realize any savings.

Fucking thieves.

Anonymous said...

Bill actually had the gall a feew weeks ago to spout about having dinner with his two son's and paying over $30 in HST and that the place was full. Of course the place was full folks that can afford to pay over $30 in HST on a meal aren't effected either way.

The man is out of touch with reality, then again so is Gordo and the rest of his neo-liberal cabal.

I hope Bill the fat F**k chokes on his lobster and cognac.

Crankypants said...

I've come to the conclusion that the only reason the BC Liberal party has been able to keep their majority in the last two elections is because whenever they were asked a question, they could answer that they could not comment because the subject matter was before the courts. Whether it was during question period, media scrums or planned interviews, the answers given were, and still are, devoid of substance.

I too believe that Campbell & Co. are on life support, but will not be comfortable until the time that they become officially removed from power. Too many of the electorate either don't pay attention to what has gone on around them or have been so brainwashed by the Liberal supporters, that nothing can be taken for granted.

The deck has been systematically stacked in their favour and if Campbell is replaced by either Watts or Taylor, the tide could turn in short order. I hope I'm wrong, but I fear that the public's sentiments can be very fickle.


Anonymous said...

You're right Grant. Moving forward is what the Liberals do. Right over the cliff. Just keep on moving forward assholes. That's what you told the voters over and over and over and over again. Move forward, move forward, move forward.

Could there be a bigger load of crap? Don't worry Cam, they stink to high heaven and no matter who takes over the leadership, they are done.

Evil Eye said...

Grant, true story about the Zalm.

A good friend of the "Eye" lives very near the Zalm. Some years ago my friend was doing gardening and his prized Dahlias were not faring well. With his face in the ground he soon became aware of a presence and it was the Zalm, kneeling next to him with hands in the dirt. A quick diagnosis was made and a few minutes later the Zalm walked to his house and back with a 'home remedy' that cured the problem. After a coffee and pleasantries, my friend has found a small bottle of the 'home remedy' on his porch every spring!

Now can anyone see Gordo doing that? And we wonder why the Zalm is such a good people person.

cherylb said...

The Zalm is a great people person, he's just a lousy politician that I still wouldn't vote for. He also may be wealthy and I hated him when he was Premier, but now that he has grown-up kids and grandkids he seems to have mellowed. Regardless of anything else he says, does or thinks, he genuinely believes the HST will hurt the average British Columbian and is working hard to stop it. The man is 76 years old and has been working 12, 14, 16 hour days for over a year on our behalf. Calling him a fat f*ck is hardly the way to say thanks.

Anonymous said...

cherylb, mmm, is that the right Bill you got, or is it Bill Good?

Anonymous said...

cherylb said...

The Zalm is a great people person, he's just a lousy politician that I still wouldn't vote for. He also may be wealthy and I hated him when he was Premier, but now that he has grown-up kids and grandkids he seems to have mellowed. Regardless of anything else he says, does or thinks, he genuinely believes the HST will hurt the average British Columbian and is working hard to stop it. The man is 76 years old and has been working 12, 14, 16 hour days for over a year on our behalf. Calling him a fat f*ck is hardly the way to say thanks.

Sorry, I should have been clearer. The fat F**k I was refering to was Bill Good not Mr. Vander Zalm. My fingers got typing and distate and ire towards Bill "the fat F**k" Good got the best of me.

Sorry for being so inexact in my use of language.

So to clarify my early post; Bill Good is a delusional fat F**k.


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate, what the Zalm is doing, Bill Tieliman, and all the people, who really worked hard for the rest of us. I hope the people who are able, can donate, to help with their court case, also for the people of BC. I sent 3 post dated checks. I quit buying newspapers, out of Vancouver some time ago, they are far too biased. What has happened, to good honest journalism? The TV media, is no better. I prefer, the bloggers who say it, the way it really is, cuss words and all. However, be careful of the F bomb, kids often search the web for, school related projects.