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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

I try really hard to tell you what I see, and story after story we at the Straight Goods have been ahead of the curve, I don`t even want to talk about the latest scandal, you know, the scandal about the B.C. Government money laundering, all I can say is......What the hell took you so long, a couple of little blogs had the story a year ago, including us.......

I will leave you links from our archives here and here.......... I have been thinking about FINTRAC and the charges against the BC Government, over 1000 charges of money laundering, all in the last year, nothing to do with the on-line BC Casino that was compromised, thinking outside of the box.........

The time line, the charges levied against BCLC occurred shortly before Coleman announced BC`s intention of going into a $9999 dollar weekly on line casino........Think about that for a moment, no other Government in the world has gone down to the gutter for this revenue, at least directly, but back to that time line......

Was that the motivation to set up an arm`s length on line money laundering site, was the motivation for opening this site caused by Fintrac cracking down on a money laundering BC Government?

I think it was, within days of Fintrac filing over 1000 charges against BCLC out of the blue Coleman announces the on line money laundering site......

How it works, it`s quite simple, you put $9999 in your on line account, splash a few chips around then cash out.....Dirty money in, tax free gambling dollars out, even Poker Stars on line poker only allows a $600 dollar deposit maximum......But that number $9999 dollars, 1 dollar short of the reporting requirement, any transaction over $10,000 must be reported, Gordon Campbell set up this on line site to maximize money laundering.

It is my opinion that after Fintrac levied 1000s of money laundering fines against BCLC that Gordon Campbell opted for the big high limit on line casino that would make money laundering so easy that even a "caveman" could do it.......The time line folks, follow the time line, BCLC has never, ever had money laundering charges against it, decades of BCLC being free of criminal charges and a year ago 1000s of money laundering charges levied against them and within days of those charges being levied the B.C. Government announces their on line money laundering service, coincidence, I don`t think so!

"Organized crime has breached the highest offices of the B.C. Provincial Government"

This has Gordon Campbell and Patrick Kinsella written all over it!

A criminally insane Gordon Campbell is scorching the province on his way out, and yes, Campbell is gone, another knife was stuck in his back yesterday by no other than Dianne Watts, the so-called saviour of the BC Liberals....NOT.....

In an interview with the Province newspaper she was asked about running for the Liberals, Dianne stuck the knife deep in Campbell`s back, Watts announced that she is happy with being mayor of Surrey, she said she has more to accomplish as mayor and has completely ruled out a run for premier and she committed to running for mayor again, the next Surrey mayoral race is in 2011......In other words, she`s out!......Read the article here

So again, Alex Tsakumis was beaten down by Grant G.......I argued with Tsakumis that Watts would never take over a sunk Liberal ship, AGT called me delusional, a pill popper, a drunk, the only one who is drunk is Tsakumis, drunk on his bloated ego!

The same Tsakumis has given John Les a free pass and declared John Les a honest and upstanding Cabinet member and MLA....Again, only we at the Straight Goods had the facts laid out correctly....Read about it here

And still on Alex Tsakumis, fat little frog AGT has also praised no other that Kootney MLA Bill Bennett, AGT has called Bill Bennett an upstanding member of the BC Liberals, perhaps he`s right, perhaps Bill Bennett the rude mouth is one of the better BC Liberals, Bill Bennett who offered to buy young people beer in a pub and teach them how to vote, the same Bill Bennett who has cursed and name called constituents, the same Bill Bennett who is a racist against First Nations, the same Bill Bennett who just last week called environmentalists "Eco-Facists"......Read about Bennett being a racist here

And read about Bill Bennett`s latest foul mouth here

Perhaps AGT has consumed too many "Heavy Metals"......It appears that racists, developers, and foul-mouthed little haters, like birds of a feather, flock together!

So one by one the pied piper Gordon Campbell leads each and every MLA over the cliff, so now that Dianne Watts is out! (which was reported here ages ago)....That leaves but one one name left, Carole Taylor.......

I will go through this one more time for Hacks like AGT and the mainstream media, maybe this time they will get it!

Carole Taylor will be almost 70 years old in 2013, she`s dainty, she glides across a room, she speaks with a soft non-confrontational voice, but......She will be 70, she also has a $300K a year gig with the TD bank, she has no need for more money, she has hundreds of millions already, Carole Taylor gifted the banks $50 million per year from the B.C. Coffers before she left, putting that aside for a moment, what would she run on, she is completely against the HST, she vowed never to bring one in, the bottom line folks.........

Gordon Campbell got in Carole Taylor`s face when she was finance minister, she told Campbell to back off and get lost or she will bring the BC Liberals down, Carole Taylor, a woman of class vowed to herself to get the hell away from Gordon Campbell, she did, and despite Carole Taylor not being a fan of the NDP (who can with Carole James at the helm)......

Carole Taylor is quietly laughing at Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals and is enjoying watching Campbell destroy the party, she will not be saving the Liberals, Carole is out, and from one of my sources, there was a touching of wine glasses and a toast at a high end function .......The toast was...."To the death of the BC Liberals"..

"Hell have no fury like a woman scorned"

A clink of glasses, bottoms up and........A smile gleaned across my face.

It`s not a matter of ......If the BC Liberals die, it`s a matter of.......Will anyone show up at the funeral!

Meanwhile you faithful contributors will continue to get the Straight Goods and I will continue to be.......

"The boy Who Cried Wolf"

"Here`s to the Death of the BC Liberals" ..........Bottoms up!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

I would go and get that kook AGT. Did you read what he said about you?

"one nutbar blogger, in apparent confusion, tried to split hairs and second guess my intelligence gathering."

"And I must tell you how comical I find it that you [Grant] run the most despicably innuendo-filled, rumour-mongering, lie-peddling blog in the province, but have the temerity to tell me that I rarely occasion an insightful post.

There must have a half-price sale on Extra Old Stock at the liquor store store…

All week…"

That's libelous! Go get 'em tiger.

Grant G said...

AGT will get his surprise...."Revenge is a dish best served cold"

Meanwhile I will let this blog embarrass AGT.....

He can keep his Pedro and other fictional posters!


Anonymous said...

Carole Taylor will not throw her hat into the Liberal circus ring. Art is venturing into a potentially lengthy terminal condition and there is no way that she will abandon him for a sinking ship.

Grant G said...

Thanks for that, I didn`t know Art was ill....

Anonymous said...

Grant G said...

Thanks for that, I didn`t know Art was ill....

Well look at it this way, have you noticed recently that he has been, and deservatively so, been recieving awards and accolades from SFU, the City of Vancouver etc..?

They are doing this so he can still appreciate and accept them in person but if you notice he says very little other than thank-you when accepting the awards with Carole close by his side.

This is all I will say in regards to his health.

Kim said...

Mr. Campbell,

I cannot bring myself to call you right, never mind honourable, so I will get to the point. During your first election campaign, you promised not to expand gambling, in fact, you were elected following a smear campaign against the NDP for "bingogate" as I recall. You also promised not to sell BC Rail, BC Ferries, BC Hydro but that is a different letter altogether.

In light of the events transpired at BCLC since you have taken office and markedly since you gave the portfolio to your good friend Rich Coleman, I demand that the CEO of BCLC, Mr. Micheal Graydon be fired from his position immediately, with cause, and with NO SEVERANCE.

The minister responsible must also resign effective immediately. He has allowed the laundering of drug and/or terrorism money on his watch. He has diverted untold amounts of money away from the social and cultural programs that were conditional to allowing our government to become "the house". He has knowingly obstructed justice in disbanding the police unit that was tasked with ensuring the honesty and integrity of the game. He knowingly raised the allowable limits to exactly $1 under the FINTRAC guidelines for investigation. It is obvious to everyone in the province that he did it to allow money laundering.

The RCMP should be called upon to conduct a full criminal investigation into the BCLC. including a full forensic audit by an independant accountant. (One who has never donated to a Liberal campaign, and yes, Mr. Campbell, we do check, just FYI)

The Attorney General must order a full investigation into the ministry and subpeona all emails through that ministry, before someone erases them. The people of BC have had enough of your lies and deceipt. The game is over Mr. Campbell. The sooner you figure it out, the better it will be for you.

In disgust,
Kim Poirier,

I sent this today, cc'd to carole james, mike de jong and john horgan, plus letters@tc I'll keep you posted.

Crankypants said...

The way I see it, unless some unknown messiah comes out of the woodwork, the next leader of the BC Liberal party will come from within. Depending as to who throws their hat in the ring, there could be some very interesting storylines. The Socred, Reform and Liberal coalition that Campbell has somehow been able to hold together could quite likely disintegrate. No matter which one prevails, he or she will still have to wear the stigma of being for the HST and many of the other questionable deals Campbell & Co. have concocted these past many years.

Let the games begin!


Anonymous said...

How do we get rid of Campbell, Hansen and the BC Liberals? They lied, deceived, broke promises, are criminals, corrupt, thieves. They are full of, hate and spite. Anyone who opposes them, gets a vendetta against them. Even if the decision had to be made according to the law. If you don't lie for them, you are not reappointed. How many BC Liberal ministers, have been under investigation now? Why was Campbell not thrown in prison, the day he fraudulently, sold the BC rail? Campbell, lied and cheated to win the election. The BC Rail, was not for sale, nor was the HST, on his radar. He is forcing himself, on citizens, who despise him and, his corrupt, rotten, Liberal party. We don't want any Liberals in BC.

Anonymous said...

"Carole Taylor will be almost 70 years old in 2013"

Out with the old and in with the new, if your 70 years old the hell to you!

We need "New Blood" not old wrinkled cast aways, get it got it, Good.

Leah said...

No, we need a mix of wrinkles, pimples and attitudes that owe nothing to no one EXCEPT the citizens of BC.

Anonymous said...

"KEEP BC STRONG" That's change you can believe in" why not "Change you can see" ... reminds me of Christians, really... the ONLY time random "belief" is required is when positive evidence isn't available. Now when you really think about that statement, one could argue British Columbia got? exactly what we "paid for" (with our votes)