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Monday, July 19, 2010

Gordon Campbell,a 3 dressed up as a 9

According to legislative staff in the Victoria Legislature Gordon Campbell is showing signs of insanity, dimentia, a premier who as of late has been muttering to himself, no longer is the Premier on his game, bursts of anger are the daily norm, slamming doors, avoidance, sneaking out the back door to avoid the press, only to either hunker down in his office to plot revenge on his self-perceived enemies or to be shuttled off to a friendly per-arranged photo-op for another dose of self gratification!

People in the background have quietly become alarmed over an unstable Gordon Campbell, the rumours of madness and full blown insanity are the water cooler talk that dominates Victoria............

I myself realized early on in 2001 that Gordon Campbell wasn`t mentally stable, but now, even Cabinet ministers and MLAs are seriously concerned that their leader Gordon Campbell has gone off the deep end, early on in Campbell`s Government agenda he seemed to have a plan, 2001 announced income tax cuts that turned a $1.6 billion dollar NDP surplus into a $2 billion dollar deficit, followed by a massive deficit in 2002/2003/2004......Massive deficits early on only to have......

  1. The Federal Government restore Provincial transfer payments
  2. Commodity prices shot through the roof, including natural gas rising to over $12 per BTU...(Present price $4.39 per BTU)...Bringing in an extra $2 billion dollars in Provincial coffers each year
  3. Copper, Gold and lumber prices all skyrocket
  4. Capital spending on Olympic projects helps fuel the building boom.

So with fiscal help of Federal cash transfers, the money from lying and selling of BC Rail, to the $600 million dollar sale of BC Ferries to German banking consortium, with all those things happening Gordon Campbell finally ran his first budget surplus in 2005.......he also ran a surplus in 2006/ 2007/2008.....Only to again return to deficits in 2009/2010/ and big deficits projected for 2011/2012/2013.....Only to return to balanced budgets by 2014......

Despite clawing back gaming grants, despite the slashing of the education budget, despite inflicting as mush harm as possible, despite a $1.6 billion dollar bribe from Ottawa to give up our sovereignty, despite the theft of $760 million from ICBC.....Despite all these cash infusions from selling assets and our soul, despite all new infrastructure being put on our credit card in the form of P3s, despite Gordon Campbell not funding anything anymore through general revenue(Ministry of Transportation).......

Despite all the asset sales, the bribes, the theft of monies, BC finds itself in a fiscal nightmare not knowing when or if it will ever wake!

9 years of propaganda, 12 years if you count the Glen Clark term......9 years of the press touting Gordon Campbell as a good money manager, a fiscal genius, a hard nosed bargainer, a visionary when in reality nothing could be further from the truth.....

Even during the 3 years of surpluses (surrounded by 9 years of deficit) something wasn`t right, the smoke, the mirrors, minimum wage remained at $6 dollars per hour when the rest of Canada is over $10 dollars per hour, even during the brief surplus period under the demented one, 70 mills closed, the heartlands(Now known as the Hurtlands) were bleeding jobs.
During one of the most expansive periods of the 21st century BC was bleeding jobs, mortgage paying jobs, generational jobs, but all the underlying evidence that something wasn`t right during the BC bubble was ignored, as long as Natural gas revenue kept Campbell`s budget full nothing was or would be said.......

Everything thing Gordon Campbell has pollinated has died, his failed aquaculture industry that has almost decimated wild salmon, his failed sale of BC Ferries, the theft and crimes of BC Rail, the gutting of BC Hydro, Gordon Campbell`s failed power sales, his IPP giveaway, the days of BC Hydro making any money are long gone, California won`t buy any of this power for anywhere near what we pay for it, quietly behind the scenes all new IPPs doing Run of River have been cancelled, no one will buy it, of course Campbell being deranged and stubborn is still pushing windmill power, but again, wind mill power is all but useless except for those who build it and rape the taxpayer.

Is it any wonder that the reports of Gordon Campbell slamming doors, closing his ears, muttering to himself, threatening legislative staff if they talk, what legacy, is there one item Gordon Campbell can point to and say hey.."I did that"......Failed forestry, failed fishery, natural gas prices flat for the next decade over a massive world glut, P3s and power purchase agreements gobbling up the Provincial treasury........How come the NDP didn`t have to toll the best highway in B.C.? ...The Island highway, the best BC union made highway in the Province, 110KM or better masterpiece, no tolls for the Millennium skytrain, the 200 shcools built in the 90s by the NDP, the Federal Government had cut transfer payments to the Province, commodity prices were low, triple the interest rate of today, even for Government, yet through all that the NDP didn`t use P3s(putting a bigger bill off til the future)..They weren`t speculating away the future on power purchase agreements, the NDP despit the rhetoric paid their way, by far, by miles, by any accounting system practiced the BC Liberals are the worst of the worst of any Government in B.C. history............

No wonder Gordon Campbell is walking with shadows in an empty hallway.

Before the last election, a calm Gordon Campbell had resigned himself to his fate, his lies, his spin, nobody was buying it, Gordon Campbell knew at that time that his Premiership was tainted, he had gone down to the gutter and lied about debt, deficit, the state of the books, Gordon Campbell knew that his budget numbers were the biggest lie ever, certainly one news media, one honest news media would have called him on his shame......So the demented failure knew he was done......... Except????....Except the fat lazy Bill Good who wines and dines with Campbell weekly, a regular guest at the Bill Good estate, except the Vancouver Sun editorial board who gave Campbell a fiscal 2 thumbs up, except David Suzuki,Tzeporah Berman who killed off salmon, rivers, the entire BC eco-system for a revenue neutral carbon tax, except Carole James and her pathetic campaign that even brought up raising the price of beer if elected, I blame all of the above for helping, for pimping, for lying, for their ineptitude in placing back in power a meek man who was not then and is not now mentally fit to run a lemonade stand,..........And even with that, Bill Good, Canwest Global, CKNW .....The enemies of the people are saying so what, Campbell lied, he cheated, what`s done is done....I shake my head in disgust, out of pure ideologue these media would rather promote a mentally deranged lying con man.........

There must be a swing to the left, big business, corporations, lobbyists, backroom players, a rigged game, the public, the masses are decimated, we must push-back, wages, benefits, medical, education, arts, gaming grants, we can`t give anymore, the whole BC economy is on the verge of tanking, and big media watches the masses and the economy swirl the toilet bowl, how dare anyone promote and endorse a mentally deranged man to run the Province?

And I wondered to myself, can`t they see that Gordon Campbell is lying his face off, can`t they read the budget numbers, can`t they see the plight of low wage earners, of seniors, can`t the masses see the brick by brick, suture by suture dismantling of public education and health care, everything in B.C. was smoke, mist, an illusion of wealth and prosperity, almost every senior and middle class homeowner heading to the bank to refinance their lives, the masses giving away their equity in their homes to put groceries on the table and now.....

And now they held their nose and voted for a Premier who they knew in their heart was lying, they wanted to believe, for to not believe was to resign their fate as doomed, within weeks of the election the deficit was re-tabled, it was not $495 million deficit maximum that Campbell swore up and down on, no, the new deficit was over $3 billion dollars, the HST which Campbell and Hansen promised not to do was rammed down our throats, education had over $100 million dollars slashed from the budget, health care was cut Province wide, Kevin Falcon dipped his toes into the Canada health act in a attempt to sell our public health care to Americans, he of course was slapped back!

Everyone who didn`t trust Campbell, everyone who was worried about the truth, everyone who closed their eyes and prayed and voted for Gordon Campbell got what they feared.....

It is no wonder the BC Liberal caucus is in hiding, they have a demented insane man running the ship and they are powerless to stop him, no, they are not powerless they are gutless......Oh Ida Chong, you better go relax over some comfort food, have a lobster claw on me, wash it down with a little white wine!!!....Bottoms up eh Jane Thornthwaite!

I could clearly see that Gordon Campbell already had a mental breakdown pre-election, that vacant stare, those eyes full of lies, the premier`s family in hiding, and then the election was over and.....A massive deficit, deficits for years to come, a new massive tax grab, ICBC cash grab, hydro rates jacked up, useless carbon tax rising, cuts to the poor, the sick, new parking fees, higher MSP fees, rising tolls, jobs lost left,right and center and......

Cue the Olympics, a desperate demented adulterer Premier....."The last act of a desperate scoundrel is to wrap themselves in the flag".........A red mitten wearing, National anthem screaming embarrassment .........Look at me, look at me, I have red mittens, I have the biggest flag, I have the sorest throat because I LOVE CANADA.........No you don`t Gordon Campbell, you love yourself, you love money, you love screwing staff members, you love watching the death of democracy under your watch!

You Gordon Campbell are a complete failure, you were elected to run health care, run education, to guide and prod the economy one way or another, you did not invent heath care(The NDP did) you did not invent education, you had but one job, to protect and keep our health and education running smoothly and you failed miserably!

All that is left in the Premiers office is a shell of a (Man?) ....Out of ideas, controlled by the corporation who knows who and where your out of wedlock children reside, birth certificates, a white-haired prevaricator who sits in his office doing nothing but banging the desk, talking to himself, gulping diet Pepsi by the caseload, a man who now has resigned himself to plotting revenge and attacks as his last unresolved business before he is thrown from power.

A premier who has nothing but revenge left, school funding will shortly be returned to block funding(the reason, enrollment starts to rise next year).....Health....Who needs eye doctors, anyone can give prescription medicine advice, medical specialist on speed dial...Press 1 if you are having a heart attack....Press 2 if you have brain cancer....Press 3 if you have type 2 diabetes....Press 4 if you are having black outs...Press 5 to repeat the first 4 options....Press 6 if you would like to talk to someone who knows a family doctor......Press 7 for eye examination....Press 8 if you are considering suicide, if numbers rings busy please call back later, we are receiving heavy volume of calls at this time, call may be monitored for quality assurance!

Everyone in B.C. including Lara Dauphinee know that Gordon Campbell is a 3 dressed up as a 9! Hey BC Liberals, time to enter the premier`s office with Straight Jacket in hand!

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Grant said: "There must be a swing to the left, big business, corporations, lobbyists, backroom players, a rigged game, the public, the masses are decimated, we must push-back"

Bravo! You should join us at the NDP socialist caucus who are also advocating the exact same things.


We must replace capitalism with socialism! Read our manifesto here:

Anonymous said...

What worries me is, it seems Campbell is selling BC to China. Some mills were shipped to China, and our raw logs are sent to the same place. During, Campbell's time in office, he has cost the BC mill workers, 30.000 job losses. China has bought a large chunk of the dirty tar sands. The Enbridge pipeline, is bringing the dirty oil to the Port of Kitimat. The tankers will then transport the dirty oil, back to China. Those pipelines leak into the hundreds of rivers, streams and the land, all of that goes into our eco system. Does everyone know, they are working a coal methane bed, in Sparwood, BC. Seems they were working on the site, for two weeks, before anyone knew about it. Hmmm Wonder who that is for? The Port of Prince Rupert, was expanded to, take large ships. Even, Campbell's buddy Harper, stepped up to the plate. He is expanding the rail yard, in Ashcroft, BC, to give China easier access into Canada. Campbell, has worked diligently, to devalue our jobs and wages. He has worked, so our standard of living, will match the same standards of China's. Only the wealthy in China, can send their children to school. It is becoming the same in BC. Our education, for our children, will become private schools, and only the well off people, will be able to afford private schools, for their children. Campbell attitude, for our children living in poverty, is the same as China's. Campbell, has made many trips to China, and admires their government. Everything Campbell has done, is what a communist dictator would do. I am an older person, and I recognize this, as plain as day. Ask any WW11 veteran, they see it too. I am happier than hell, that Fadden, is keeping an eye on BC. He has only said, what many of us already knew. Fadden, fired a warning shot across the bow. People really need to pay attention, to what is going on in this province.

Evil Eye said...

There is no question Campbell is mentally ill; it also seems he hates BC and all who live here.

Campbell is not a business man, rather he is a percentage man, who makes money on deals. He has made big money, but not by being good at business, just on his 'cut' of the action.

BC is just a candy store for him, where he can sell off the 'peoples' assets to friends and cronies, with BC getting a percentage.

Unlike businessmen, percentage men never look to the future, always the past and are no different than pimps selling whores.

Campbell's allegiance is to money (filthy lucre) and not to BC or its residents. He cares nothing for historical precedent and rules like a tyrant and it's high time that we find a 'Cromwell' to chop the bastards head off!

Crankypants said...

Grant, first of all I'd like to take issue with your assertion that Campbell & Co. raided ICBC's cookie jar. They raided the pockets of all the citizens of BC that purchase their optional insurance from ICBC. I can't remember whether I heard this or read it, but apparently ICBC was instructed by the government to increase their optional rates so that they would be more in line with private insurance companies. This increase created the surplus that they are now appropriating from ICBC, with more to come. Can you say "STEALTH TAX"?

I've also wondered about why governments make such a big deal about reducing income tax rates. I have always figured that it was nothing more than a public relations excercise to curry votes from the great unwashed. I now think that there is another motive which probably caters to the businesses that support the so-called right wing parties. Consider this. When people divulge their earnings, they almost always refer to their gross, that is before taxes. They rarely consider what their net pay is. So, if you increase the take-home pay by a few bucks, the recipients are likely to spend more thinking that they have died and gone to heaven. This sleight of hand also makes many people less likely to demand raises as they have been conned into thinking they are richer than they think. Smoke and mirrors. They tend to ignore all the different taxes and fees that were increased to make up for their income tax cuts.

Another thing I would like to address is the increase of the personal exemption. In the old days we used to get a $1000 personal exemption that was applied to our income and reduced our taxable income by a full $1000. All of a sudden, the system was changed. We were all granted a much larger personal exemption, but it did not reduce our taxable income. Instead this new exemption was rolled into a package of exemptions that was multiplied by a specific percentage of the total, federally and provincially, and became a non-refundable tax credit. Some may think that it balances out in the wash, but that is hardly the case. If your income is small enough that your income tax payable is less than your non-refundable tax credit, you will pay no income tax, but you will not gain the full benefit that you should. It is difficult to explain, but if your taxable income is less than the personal deduction, you get less than the full value of this deduction.

In future comments I will address the inequities in our income tax system regarding the effects of the preferential treatment of dividend income and capital gains. I don't want to make one posting seem like a short novel.


cherylb said...

I noticed that about income tax as well Cam. Another sleazy way to rip us off. Why can't these people just call a spade a spade in language we can all understand and just leave it at that? Why must everything always be set up so it is confusing and difficult to understand? To better cover their tracks, that's why.

Anonymous said...

Why would a crook present themselves in an honest way, they wouldn't. One thief gets your attention while the other thief fleeces you.

People there is little in the way of honesty in politics and big business. As a matter of fact society needs to reflect on, just what is ethical and moral, as the guidelines seems to have been deregulated.

Anonymous said...

The nightmare in this province, just seems to go, on and on. To keep up with Campbell, on his frenzied quest for money, you need eyes in the back of your head. He goes from one thing to the other, non stop. You are right, I think he is losing it. He has no logistics, what-so-ever. Is he refusing to step down, because, he must keep the truth of the debt from, getting to the people? Rumor has it, the debt, is in the billions.