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Sunday, July 11, 2010

To Kill A Mockingbird

The dog days of summer are upon us, a chance to reflect on a world spiralling out of control.

The worlds a stage and we are the audience, I watch in amazement and wonder am I unique, cannot others see what is happening, global, national, regional, no where can I look without shaking my head in disgust, the last climate summit at Copenhagen, the world watched, the world`s people pleaded for answers, a change of direction, yet all we got was speeches rhetoric and awards handed out, in fact Tzeporah Berman placed a Gordallion around Gordon Campbell`s neck, something more fibrous would have been in order!

Let me be clear, a global warming fanatic I am not but........Water destruction must stop, fish and animal habitat must be protected, eco systems and pristine areas must be kept that way, the best and cleanest technology must be used in industry, but what have we seen, a useless BC carbon tax, an award given to Gordon Campbell, an award to a man that is destroying rivers, killing wild salmon, hiding documents on sea lice, on air quality in Prince George, a premier who has gutted the environmental assessment, a man who would destroy Fish lake and the surrounding Fraser river watershed, a sick demented man who paid Tzeporah Berman to put a Gordallion around his neck for taking money from the motoring public while he pushes the Enbridge pipeline through, the Gulf of Mexico is awash in oil, thousands of miles of coastal marshes, crab and bird sanctuary destroyed for decades........

And meanwhile a green wash premier has the temerity to stand up and accept an award as an environmental visionary, what are we missing people, the Federal environmental assessment has gutted the Prosperity mine at Fish Lake and now the future of the (Gold Trinket watershed destroying project) lies in the hands of the Federal Cabinet, what am I missing, what does Stephen Harper, John Baird, Flaherty, Prentice know about watersheds, know about salmon, acid rock leaching, toxic tailing mines, a backroom decision being made by politicians, the unmitigated gall to change the waters act as a tool to destroy eco-systems, that feeling of being mocked again, I am tired of being conned on carbon offsets, carbon taxes, HSTs, damn the trickle down effect, we the people have been getting trickled on for years and it ain`t rain, give more and more to the corporation on promises of jobs, prosperity when the exact opposite is occuring, I can take anymore Government lies, the spin and utter bullshit from Hansen and Campbell has become embarrassing, stop it already, say nothing, no, they will be spending millions of our money advertising lies and spin!

And here in B.C.....Ground zero for stage plays, the most open and accountable Government, open cabinet meetings, ........And what have we received, torn up contracts, freedom of information office gutted, our Railway sold, our BC Ferries sold, wild salmon assaulted, gag laws ruled illegal brought back pre-election, John Les, Kash Heed, Jane Thornthwaite, Gordon Campbell, law breaking criminals........"I won`t tear up contracts, I won`t sell BC Rail, I won`t privatize BC Hydro or BC Ferries, we won`t expand gambling"......

Even before the last election, "no HST, $495 million dollar deficit,maximum" ......More lies, more debt, more con, more mocking of the public..........

BC Rail trial, let`s look how we got here, a broken 2001 election promise by Gordon Campbell..."I won`t sell BC Rail".......

A pre-determined deal between Gordon Campbell and David Maclean, believe me folks, as soon as Gordon Campbell won the 2001 B.C. Election BC Rail was gone.....The phony lies spread about BC Rail not being profitable, the skewed economic numbers, (Start the stage play).........
Gordon Campbell,Gary Collins, Martyn Brown,Judith Reid Christy Clark, Shirley Bond, Falcon, Bennett, Coleman, Les, Pat Bell....All of them, Basi,Basi, Virk....All of them were playing the game, all the public was being played the fool...The raid on the legislature...Hurrah Hurrah, Hurrah...or was it ....

Or was it a last shot fired by an honest police force now long since gone and corrupted, organized crime, that what the headline said folks, Organized crime had reached the highest level of the B.C. Government.......And then it happened........

The last honest BC Police force was neutered, Gordon Campbell and Cabinet were prewarned and prepared for the raid on the legislature, documents stashed, hidden, tens of thousands of email and correspondence on hard drives vaporized, no storage problems, a large TV box could have stored billions of these electronic files, but that didn`t happen, they were shredded, 6 years of wrangling, legal motions, appeals, secret witnesses for what........

For a mock trial, how can a BC Rail trial take a summer vacation?...There is no trial going on folks, it`s a stage play, an acting school, there is no law in the B.C. Supreme court....Judges come, judges go, 6 years of motions and wrangling, a 2 month trial, a jury, a jury who was prepared for a 2 month trial, then informed that the stage play would last a year,........A summer break!!! Are you kidding me, September 13/2010 is when this shakespearean theatrical display resumes, this jury will not survive the 4 years of trial(stage play)....A prosecutors father approaches the jury for conversation, a prosecutors father who has been at every hearing for years, a different prosecutors daughter is at every hearing for years, these in the know "Observers" dismissed from further hearings!!!!

5 months into the never ending soap-opera.....One witness of 40 through the gate, one witness who will be called back to testify for months more, September 13/2010....And then it`s the winter holiday break, followed by the spring break and next summers 3 month break, and with still 37 witnesses to go, maybe, maybe by 2014 the trial will end, except folks, the jury, the stage play plug will be pulled , hundreds of millions of dollars for a stage play that won`t see the light of day, a jury that will want their life back.....A jury that will crash and burn, for even if convicted all three defendents will get but a slap on the wrist, no jail time, no house arrest,remember, these jurors aren`t judging a Government, these jurors aren`t convicting physco killers or perverts, these jurors are being asked to give up their lives over low-level operatives, how many jurors will survive the summer, fall in love, fall out of love, get sick, a family tragedy, 5 months of stage play, 1 witness, 2 assaults upon the jury, from 2 months to a year, prosecutor`s father jury tampering......This trial will last years at this rate, the jurors will never last.

And has the meda paid any attention to "Amnesia Man" ...Martyn brown?....Who?...

Justice delayed is justice denied, a decision before the next election, not a chance, and through all of this I think about the dozens of lies, broken promises, blacked out documents, missing evidence, concentrated hidden power transferred to the Premier, the gutting of oversight, the Environmental assessments, the BCUC, the law, the courts, the judges, the media, am I the only one who can see the darkness, complete failure by Gordon Campbell, he failed education, He failed seniors, Gordon Campbell has deliberately attacked children, the poor, $6 dollar per hour minimum wage, $2 dollars per hour less than it was 10 years ago, a skyrocketing debt, forestry industry wiped off the map, wild salmon on the brink of elimination, sea lice epidemics, criminal energy purchase agreements, failed outsourcing, a once proud Province sputtering, a premier who has ruined, harmed, assaulted, screwed everything he has ever touched, including his staff members like Lara Dauphinee.

And the Vancouver Sun, The Province, CKNW, Global, CTV, the fat lazy Bill Good, Kirk Lapointe,Keith Baldrey, Crusty Clark, Chris Galis, Gary Mason, Les Leyne, Don Cayo....The editorial boards, everyone of those Tokyo Rose`s will look you in the face and con you, LIE into the microphone, deliberately look into the camera and lie to your face,

"There is no longer a legal requirement for truth or investigative integrity in journalism"

Canwest Global will willingly repeat Government press releases word for word, lie for lie, faith-based propaganda, Canwest Global believes that it can treat the information fed to them from Government as the Gospel truth, no need to verify the simplest of facts, and if it`s a lie which it is 90% of the time, their perceived defence seems to be.....

"Ignorange is Bliss"

No retractions, no clarification, just another salvo of mis-information from the Public-Affairs-Bureau freely wafting through the Canwest/CTV/Corus airwaves

and I find myself being drawn deeper and deeper into the dark side, actually the dark side is what the masses are absorbing everyday, why would the truth be considered the dark side, every hour of everyday the airwaves are full of poisonous lies, remember that old sci-fi TV series :The Prisoner:

The depth of conspiracy, the emails of mystery that come my way, shadow people seeking me out for help, (freeman), Winston Shrout, and their passion or madness, the stories, maybe we have been stolen, maybe these others shadows can see more then I, for I too was once blind, the media, manipulation, the subtle day in day out pre-progamming people`s thoughts, these shadows that seek me out are looking bright, how deep, how far, how long, a mock trial, a mock Government, a mocking media, I don`t know that I will ever be back from the world I have descended into.......I am looking for answers, for truth, my holy Grail.....I am looking for ways to......

"To Kill a Mocking Bird"

The Straight Goods

Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Right on you are Grant, as I also see it exactly the same way.

So as rural Canadians dig in, stocking up on goods and arms and self sufficiency, the majority of urban dwellers are still in their narcissistic bubble, happily filling their lives up with the latest stuff and fancy cars and large debt up the wahoo. Voting for the thieves they are victims of, choosing to hope for that easy road paved with gold and the good life.

The biggest losers, our environment and our future.

cherylb said...

Grant - you need to get outside and go for a walk in the bush and a swim in the ocean. You're waaaaaay too wound up. Gonna give yourself a heart attack. We'll get rid of them as soon as we are able to.

Evil Eye said...

Gordon Campbell's modus operandi.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

Joseph Goebbels, famed Nazi propagandist.

Anonymous said...

The holy grail? Some people say that's Premier Carole James.

Leah said...

Grant, pull back a little. Take a break if you can, because the stress this crap can cause also affects your health. Trust me on that one, I've found out the hard way after following the antics, lies, misconceptions, and general garbage of the campbell administration for the last ten years.

It's what happens when you truly care, but you do need to distance yourself a bit. We need you here writing for a long time to come.

jaydee said...

Grant, Another great re-cap and thanks for all your hard work. It's always a comfort knowing you are out there and staying on top of everything.

Evil Eye said...

Grant, it is a mistake that people think we live in a democracy, the fact is we don't. We live in a not so benign autocracy, where the power elites of this province runs the show.

The BC Railgate caper just confirms that we live in a lawless society, where those who have money, have law on their side. The government can break the law with impunity because the government has built in 'escape clauses', etc, that will protect them at every turn.

The judges in this province are corrupt and those who are not, remain quiet, acknowledging that wide spread corruption exists. There is no rule of law only laws enforced by goons. The rich and powerful buy and sell politicians like secondhand goods, who in turn buy and sell the mainstream media like cheap whores.

And it will only get worse.

If we had a decent opposition leader, maybe, just maybe things would not be so bad, but we don't. We have a inept and stupid woman, who does nothing and everyone is afraid to replace her because she is a woman. Carole James must go and go fast. She is a bumbling fool who has abetted Campbell at every turn and if the NDP do not rise up and rid themselves of this 'barnacle', the NDP will implode.

When the gods wish to destroy a person, they first make them mad; The gods are extremely pissed with BC and if we do not rise up and shine the light on corrupt and inept government, we do not deserve to expect anything different.

BC Mary said...

Yes, things are bad, bad, awful and bad ... we can keep saying that until we fakk over dead.

But until we stand up and say "Here's something good we can do!" there's gonna be no change at all.

Just one, postive, helpful constructive thing is worth a truckload of "awful and bad".

My view.

Good work, Grant.

BC Mary said...

New word: "fakk".

I usually preview my stuff and try to eliminate those embarrassing bloopers.

This time, I kinda think it might be cool to "fakk over dead."

Sorry. I still have 547 e.mails to answer after being away for a while.

jaydee said...

Evil Eye,

I agree but why aren't any of the NDP revolting or bolting? James is a loser and must go.

Amazing how so many people have been corrupted since 2001.

Anonymous said...

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it...always."
— Mahatma Gandhi

Evil Eye said...

Jaydee, I think we (I mean the BC/Canadian) populace is 'comfortably' numb. We have a Fascist style government in power both provincially and Federally; we have a very corrupt and weak media; and our immigration policies are such that newcomers to Canada just don't want to rock the boat.

The NDP have been paralyzed by 'long past their due date' social activists and 'legend in their own minds' political leaders. To do what is right is hamstrung by labour history and an invented social history. Even the once great Libby Davies has now marginalized herself with some rather tawdry anti-Semitic remarks; misspoken maybe, but ill thought out all the same.

If the NDP want to gain power in BC, they must choose a truly independent leader who is at 'more than' arms length from labour and someone who feels he/she just has to go to the gay parade. We are past it.

The NDP needs a leader who can converse intelligently on many issues and not toss out 10 second sound bites. A successful leader will garner the votes and attract the candidates that will bulldoze Campbell and his odorous black-shirt comrades into oblivion.

To date, i do not see this as the NDP are mired with a 'barnacle' leader who is both tiresome and ill-informed, who only turns off the voter. It is only the publics hatred of Campbell that buoys the NDP vote, not Carole James.

Die hard James supporters will ignore the obvious and continue to bang the drum for her, her ill conceived policies, and the NDP's 1950's rhetoric.

Until I see positive change from the NDP, I will not even consider voting for them and a lot of people are in the same boat: can't in all conscious vote for the NDP or the Liberals. Only Carole James legendary incompetence has made the situation so.

Depart I say! You have sat there too long for what good you have done. In the name of god go!

jaydee said...

Evil Eye,

Do we have to recall James to get her out of there? Whatever it takes or we will have 4 more years of the Campbell mob???


Evil Eye said...

I think a recall campaign against James maybe the nudge to get her out. Somehow, I think she is too naive to understand that she is as stale as week old bread.

It's not just James, it is the entire NDP program which is so, so 1950's; so, so inept. The party itself must reinvent themselves and presently I do not see this happening, nor the desire to do so. Mediocrity reigns with the NDP.

Anonymous said...

Evil Eye said: "It is only the publics hatred of Campbell that buoys the NDP vote, not Carole James."

Bingo. The NDP are ahead of the LIEberals by 23% in a new poll. But the NDP support is stagnant, close to what they got in 2009 and not rising. The LIEberal vote is parking elsewhere.

Get rid of the Gordo lighting rod and things will change overnight. Are you listening Carole?

Anonymous said...

Put your personal feelings and petty comments aside. You had better vote for the NDP or we will have another Liebral majority. Whether you like it or not Carole James is the leader of the NDP at this time and believe you me she would be a saint compared to the prick we have grinning at us at every opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...July 13, 2010 9:55 AM
Whether you like it or not Carole James is the leader of the NDP at this time and believe you me she would be a saint compared to the prick we have grinning at us at every opportunity.
Of course shes a saint, saints are invisible, when was the last time you heard or seen Saint Carol, the saint with no testicles.

Henri Paul

Evil Eye said...

Memo to Carole James:-

“you have been sat to long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of god, go!.”

Oliver Cromwell, addressing the rump parliament. April 1653.

@ Anonymous July 13, 2010 9:55 AM

You see, I absolutely detest Gordon Campbell as I rate him as a latter day NAZI.

Carole James on the other hand is a latter day Neville Chamberlain (you know; the chap who said Peace in Our Time in 1939)

"If ever that silly old man comes interfering here again with his umbrella, I'll kick him downstairs and jump on his stomach in front of the photographers."

Adolf Hitler after the Munich Agreement. Just replace Carole James for Neville chamberlain.

Anonymous said...

Carole James will, unfortunatley lose the next Provincial election to the Liberals(in name only)
At this moment I figure it will take 10-15 years to recover economically from the Campbell years. Carole James will just make it longer.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your posts however I must take umbrage with your comments bashing the majority of media. I work for one of the said stations that will "look you in the eye and lie to you" and know for a fact that the journalists I work with do everything in their power to get the real stories out there. As for editorial "tokyo roses" well no one tells me what to write or how to say it. If you have information on Campbells liason that proves it I would definitely report it. Granted I am a small fish in a large media pond but slagging everyone as tools of "the man" only pushes you into a conspiracy theorist corner and doesn't make anyone in the "media" want to listen. I will keep reading but as someone who loves this province and wants to see it get better under a different leader I don't think bashing the media will make that happen.


Evil Eye said...

Grant is not the only blog bashing the media, almost all do! Harvey Oberfeld, who was before retirement on of BC's top TV reporters, has also been very critical of BC's media.

Personally, I think the media went into overdrive with the NDP, only to hibernate during Campbell's term in office.

As for Campbell's liaisons, they are legendary and it is no secret in 'polite West side society' that Campbell has a new squeeze and a few temporary ones as well. If this were in the USA - big news, but in BC, it buried deeper than the BC Railgate secrets.

I ran afoul with a radio type some years ago when I was slandered by a regional bureaucrat on his program and demanded a apology from the 'radio type' and the bureaucrat who slandered me. No dice!

Charlie Smith of the Georgia Straight did a major article on the event and a sorta - begrudged apology was made, but it was really my fault and I was really too touchy. My opinion of the mainstream media nosedived!

Sadly our media is as stale as last month bread and I have been told by several news types that they are not allowed to 'dig' for stories and would relish the opportunity have a free wheel.

This smacks of 'bought news' and bought news is propaganda.

Oh for the likes of Jack Webster or Rafe Mair to be on radio again, they would show how bland today's product is.

Grant G said...

Well D.......Take your umbrage to lunch...Not only won`t the media verify facts they deliberately report lies...Canwest Global have had "technical difficiculties" when trying to report bad Campbell news...

CKNW are bold faced liars...As is Michael Smyth...Keith Baldrey...Vaughn Palmer...Les Leyne...So go ahead D....Hide in the shadows..Kirk Lapointe/Editorial boards, even Sean Holman`s radio show is a Campbell pimp job...Ben Meisner is a Gordon Campbell pimp with no balls......

And as for me slagging the media, there are a few honest media...Terrace daily..Island tides......

As for the Vancouver sun...Province..Imes Colonist..Burnaby now..Canwest Global/CTV/Shaw...

They follow orders from a corrupt Government..

Kirk Lapointe,Luchodan/Fazhi Mitzal/ Neils Veldhuis/J Johnstone...Tom Plasteras...Cristy Clark...The FAT LAZY BILL GOOD....I could have the CBSC on speed dial writing up those fucking bought and paid for stooges and losers......

So stuff it your ass Bill Good/Palmer/Smtyh/D/

And as for you D......Share your name, your job title..Are you a fact-checker or a fact ignorer?

There is no one at Canwest Global/CKNW/CTV/SHAW that can hold a candle to The Straight Goods, BC Mary/Ross/Randy/Will McMartin or even a pre-school speil...

So D....Suck it up, find a new team....Stop defending the undefenseable!

jaydee said...


You appear to be just another corrupt B.C. Liberal enabler. I hold the media totally responsible for the absolute dispair the media and Campbell have caused the citizens of B.C. Campbell has bought the media off for ten years with millions of our money wasted on his useless, self-serving ads. Without the BS spread by the media Campbell would never have been able to get re-elected and completely destroy this province and continues to do so with millions more of our $$ he is right now spending on even more ads/B.C. Liberal propaganda.

A government should never be in bed with media...

Leah said...


Why is it that anything and everything said, or alluded to, regarding Campbell is nothing more than cotton candy fluff? Why has the media not taken Campbell to task for his fudged budget, and for the very obvious "mistakes" in the costs of the Olympics they were so careful not to mention last week? If an independent (Will McMartin) can find the information, and make sense of it for the general population - why can't mainstream journalists? Way too close to the keeper of the trough maybe? Why does media expect proofs to come FROM the people they're supposed to be serving? Whatever happened to media responsibility?

Looking back, the media wasn't so "fussy" when it came to Glen Clark, and definitely not with Gordon Wilson and Judy Tyabji. Their "affair" was front and center for weeks, and was used to get rid of both of them (do you remember who was responsible for that?)...why is it the media has completely ignored the Campbell/Dauphinee affair? It's not like the information is hard to find, or confirm. Rather, it seems the only people in BC that aren't aware of it ARE the media! Imagine that.

Media silence regarding anything "Campbell negative" has been completely deafening...so if you're feeling uncomfortable about what's being said - then change the media. We'd find it a refreshing change!

Anonymous said...


So you are now saying that we are all conspiracy theorists???! Ugh. It's time for the media to be nationalized when the NDP becomes government.

Crankypants said...

I've done some thinking about the media's reluctance to hold Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal Party's feet to the fire, so to speak. I am not so sure Campbell and his cast of fools have either the brains or money to keep the MSM onside.

However, the likes of the Chamber of Commerce, Independent Contractors of BC, Restaurant Association etc. have.

Think about it. These three associations have been the biggest cheerleaders of Campbell & Co. from the getgo. They defend Gordo at the drop of a hat and have spent mega dollars buying advertising praising the BC Liberal Party during every electoral campaign. Yes, there was a hiccup when the HST was announced, and the restaurant association went on a bit of a rampage. This little bit of rebellion was fairly short lived and it seems as if they are basically back onside, at least as far as the association leaders are concerned.

What I think has really occured is the big players in the business community have used their biggest asset to coerce the MSM to do their bidding. That asset is money. If the MSM doesn't play along, big business starts holding back on its advertising dollars. The MSM can only survive through advertising dollars, and if big business turns off the money tap, the MSM is on life support.

In my mind, this makes sense. Pretty much every contentious piece of legislation Campbell and Co. have brought in has been handled horribly, to say the least. From the breaking of the HEU contract to the sale of BC Rail to the introduction of the HST, the government has been totally inept.

I suspect that the movers and shakers found an acceptable frontman in Gordon Campbell and the rest, as they say, is history.


Anonymous said...

there you go "D" howz about you respond to a few of those questions d you media types sunk yourselves nobody else to blame.

Anonymous said...

The MSM in BC has undermined its own credibility. I am sorry, D., but the people of BC are the injured party in this case.

cherylb said...

Very good points Cam. It always goes back to the money, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Hey D If the media had a unbiased opinion in this province we would not see things like little clips of the fast cats sailing past and Glen Clarke standing on his deck at or near election time. That is exactly what the Canwest/Liebral party had showing at every opportunity in the last election. You Liebral loving media writers will be looking for new jobs very soon.

Anonymous said...

I quit buying Vancouver newspapers a long time ago. There are certain TV media, I avoid watching. There was one journalist, who was so subtle, it took me some time to catch on to him. You get more truth from blogs. Campbell is a dictator. He has to control, the media, newspapers, the RCMP, the Judicial system, all of his henchmen, the FOI. It keeps Campbell and Hansen scurrying around like rats, to plug all the holes, that may expose them publicly. Campbell, has sold BC out to China, and Campbell has his Liberal government, modeled exactly like China's government. Fadden from the CSIS, knows exactly what, Campbell is up to. Campbell is a Communist, he has made many trips to China. His despicable arrogance, lying deceiving, broken promises, corruption, thieving, criminal DUI, his silly little vendetta's, his spite, malice, is typical dictator. This is, Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and the President of N Korea, all rolled into one. Campbell, has no interest in, what is best for the people, nor the province. He only wants to steal, even more money, than he already has stolen from the people. Dictators have a mighty greed. Campbell giving himself a 53% wage hike, on top of what he had already stolen, and a $2 million a year pension, says it all.