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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Breaking news....New NDP Leader...A re-run of an earlier post....Lets have an election !

Originally posted Dec 5th 2010


What a shocker,the complete story here.........

Vancouver Sun March 15/2010

NDP Press conference shocker, John Horgan in Carole James out
Story by Vawn Pawlmer

In a hastily put together press conference, in attendance was John Horgan, Carole James and a handful of other NDP MLAs and all the media, a blockbuster announcement by Carole James followed by a speech from the new NDP leader John Horgan.

A shocking announcement from Carole James, Carole stepped up to the mike and announced that she was stepping down as leader of the NDP, Carole James greeted John Horgan on stage with smiles and a hug in a show of solidarity , Carole James quickly left the stage to John Horgan where he made a speech and laid out the immediate direction of the new democratic party followed by a question answer period.

(Here is the complete speech)

"Good afternoon all, thanks for coming, I would like to thank Carole James for outstanding performance and keeping our party together, we are launching our new direction and policy today, I would like to start out by saying that it`s time to take back the province, the Premier from Point Grey has deceived and let down the entire province, the Liberal party has a problem in truth telling.
The stench from the BC Liberal party has become unbearable, our first order of business is to stop the HST, we are asking Liberal MLAs to vote against the HST, we are asking the Liberal MLAs to listen to their constituents, we hope they either vote against the HST or even cross the floor and join with the NDP in doing what is right.
And it`s not only the HST, we as a province need answers from BC Rail, BC Ferries, we need to look into all the dealings and arrangements set up by the member from Point Grey, Translink is in complete disarray, we are going to look into the P3s, these arrangements are costing our province 100s of million of dollars, education funding is a disaster, the per-student funding formula is all wrong, cuts in health care, the fleecing of money from seniors who built this province.
The refusal to raise the minimum wage has made BC the embarrassment of Canada, 8 years and nothing for workers, the NDP will immediately raise the minimum wage to 9.00$ per hour and abolish the draconian 6.00$ per hour starter wage, families,students,everyone falling behind, that is going to change under a NDP government, people aren`t voting anymore, we are going to inspire the youth, seniors, the hardworking middle class to return to the voting booth, and we are going to save the wild salmon, we are going to remove 1/3rd of all fish farms within a year of taking government, we are going to give the remaining fish farms 2 years to get contained on land or to adopt provable mitigation techniques, the NDP are not going to continue on this ruinous road of losing wild salmon, eagles,bears,trees,the whole eco system relies on strong salmon returns.
We are going to bring accountability back to government, a new democratic party will not sell out our rivers to private power companies, we will review these power buying contracts, we will not sign contracts that will cost the province billions of dollars, and private power contracts will have to be a win,win deal, if it doesn`t make sense then we won`t sign the contract, the province of BC will work for everyone under a NDP banner, not just cozy deals for insiders and friends of the member from Point Grey, we will enact poverty reduction targets, a NDP government will fight to make BC a good place for raising families, a good place to invest,an NDP government will plant trees and change the direction of forestry in BC, under the BC Liberals forestry is almost dead, we are asking everyone to have a second look at the new direction NDP, I would like to thank everyone for attending, anyone needing more information can call their local NDP MLA or check our website, thanks everyone"

A media scrum followed the press conference with a few questions asked and answered,.....

Mr Horgan, how will the NDP stop the HST ...." We will prod BC Liberal members to vote against the HST and listen to their constituents, barring that we will be working hard on recalling the premier and 8 other MLAs ,the Liberals have deceived and betrayed everyone in the province,from the HST to the massive deficit to all the service cuts and gaming grant cuts, it has been a total betrayal from the Liberal premier and cabinet, we will tell Ottawa in no uncertain terms we want out or a better deal, a made in B.C. tax that works for everyone................Are the NDP going to change the energy policy...." Yes, we are not going to allow private power to bankrupt BC Hydro, we are going to clear up the debate on whether we import or export power, we are going have clarity, we are going to allow BC Hydro to compete and produce new power if needed, we certainly won`t be signing ridiculous one way contracts"........Are the NDP going to reach out to business........" We will be reaching out to business,industry, but we aren`t going to turn our back and look the other way while big industry pillages and pollutes, we will toughen up the environmental assessments and have truly unbiased and independent decision making,no more rubber stamping of projects"............Can the NDP really compete with the great management team of the BC Liberals........" Ha Ha, you mean the myth about BC Liberal fiscal genius?, our BC debt has doubled under the BC Liberals, BC Ferries is drowning in debt, BC Hydro has added massive debt, Translink is a disaster, and the private power contracts that were signed could cost the province billions per year, P3s like the Canada line and Golden ears bridge that are costing taxpayers tens of millions per year, P3s that were supposed to protect the taxpayer,ultimately they are costing us too much and the public bears all the risk, cost over-runs on the convention center,Canada line, BC Liberals as great fiscal managers is nothing but made up spin from Public affairs"........Do you think the public will trust you and the NDP......" Yes I do, we are going to clean house, no more insiders club, no more Patrick Kinsella, Ken Dobell, and others that have exclusive access to the government,no more donating money to the party then to be rewarded with lucrative cash cow deals that cost the taxpayer plenty, a new democratic party is going to clean up the mess in the legislature, we`re going to air out the stench of a rotten and rotting government, a fresh new start for all BCers, I would like to thank everyone for coming out."

And with that John Horgan left the media scrum, a full report tomorrow on Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberal`s reaction.
Story by Vawn Pawlmer

The above story is hypothetical.......Or is it!

The Straight Goods
Cheers-Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Another brilliant piece of work! We can only dream! Gee, if I only had Aladdin's Lamp handy right now ...

BC Mary said...

Easy reading, Grant.

I firmly believe in visualizing success ... so I can see him now: Premier John Horgan.

But ... (gulp) ... who is John Horgan?

Grant G said...

Just for you Mary....There is his picture...Cheers

Evil Eye said...

Well I am gob-smacked, I thought it was real!

lailayuile said...

BC Mary hit the nail on the head.

I've never really heard anything about him,couldn't tell you what he does, believes in or where he even hails from. He has no provincial persona with voters outside his riding, as far as I can tell.

Not that it means he isn't the person for the job, but if he plans to even attempt it, I would suggest he haul his arse out and about so that British Columbians even have a clue. And it appears the Liberals feel there is much in his past to target if he takes the job - some icky associations that again, akin to Sihota, may leave a bad taste in some voters minds who have long memories of the previous NDP gov....

I looked and found the very same brief and incredibly vague bio for him on every site-nothing to say what his company is, or who he served under in his past political experience.

Until I found this, on a VoteSmart website:

John Horgan


Current Position: Running for reelection as NDP MLA, Juan de Fuca. Appointed NDP Energy Critic by Carole James.

Past Positions: Chief of Staff to NDP Premier Dan Miller, political staff for Premier Glen Clark, Ministerial Assistant to Minister of Employment and Investment Glen Clark

Family Connections: Following a low profile career on Parliament Hill working for one-term NDP MP Lynn Hunter, Horgan reached his full potential under Glen Clark. His friendship with Adrian Dix and Ian Waddell helped Horgan play a senior role in the Clark government. As British Columbians were breathing a sigh of relief following the defeat of the NDP, Horgan took his large taxpayer-funded severance package and got busy in the “private sector.” Horgan partnered with current Carole James Chief of Staff Ian Reid and Ian’s current second in command Mary O’Donaghue to form the consulting firm Ideaworks.

Family Secrets: Where to begin? Horgan was one of the most influential staff members during the 1990s. Fast ferries, fudge-it budgets, job losses… Horgan was there the whole time. We think Horgan’s role in the decade of decline has been underappreciated.

So, if this is true about who he formed his company with, that would seem to indicate an inner circle connection, something most NDP would seem to be rallying against!

It also appears that Horgan was instrumental in the expansion of gaming in BC in 2003-2004, when his company partnered with a casino company to get the slots into Plaza of Nations.

If you google him,and his company name, it brings up some items on Sean's site, Public Eye as well. Again, Sean hits on those connections.

Now, there is the issue in a nutshell. There is absolutely nothing that I can find on the web that speaks to his current ability to stand up and speak out for British Columbians. What has he done recently? What does he believe in now, if promotion of gambling in his personal business was something he felt comfortable with previously? What does he stand for in terms of forest policy, childcare, health?

I can only speak for myself, but I dont know the answer to any of those questions, nor can I seem to find anything where he has spoken publically about what his vision is, if he indeed has one.

And maybe I'm wrong, but I can guarantee you the general voters who dont get into it as much as I do will even have the slightest clue as to who this guy is.

I don't see him making a viable alternative to Carol with all this to think about. It would have to be someone that at least has some public identity that voters will relate to,or as I said, this guy has got to get himself OUT THERE.

Anonymous said...

Grant, Laila make some good points, as usual.

What bothers me is the LIEberals repugnant history of character assassination. And Laila's post above concerning "Past Positions", "Family Connections", and "Family Secrets" may provide some ammo for the LIEberal crooks to target Horgan.

I haven't really heard much of Horgan and don't know much about him myself either.

What are your thoughts?

lailayuile said...

Anonymous, the Liberals have all this information posted here, right on their site.Clearly his association with the Glen Clark era and everthing that goes with that, paints a big target on his back. I also located an op ed by one of his constituents who questioned his motives because of the casino client and gambling expansion. Gambling is a huge revenue generator for the Libs,and a potentially crooked one as Grant has blogged about.

What bothered me is that I could not tell if his company is still operating,and I could not pin down a website for it either. I would be very curious to see a client list for it.

Again, I'm just going on gut feelings and common sense here, but one would think the last thing the NDP needs is a leader who had any affiliation so close to the fudgeit budget, fast ferries fiasco. I'm thinking squeaky clean with good experience, a sharp mind and balls of steel is more like it... ; )

Grant G said...

Well friends,who is John Horgan,obviously none of you have watched the legislature in the last 5 years.......

The Man is the best public speaker for the NDP.....He has the sharpest wit, he is sharp as a tack, he can insult Liberals in an eyeblink while making you laugh....

John Horgan, believe it or not is highly respected within the party, and, he is highly respected by the BC Liberals...The man (John Horgan) scares the daylights out of the BC Liberal....
Meet John Horgan for a minute and you will have nothing but respect,he can win over a crowd,his personality boils to the surface, perhaps Laila you should read the estimate debates for the ministry of energy....

Read that and you will learn about the man,how he feels about fish and our rivers, and Laila...Fast ferries? wasn`t a scandal,it was a bad design...Fudge it budget..s how many were there? was he finance minister? and job losses?What job losses in the 90s? You mean your listening and or reading anything on "Vote Smart" maybe you should read the latest from the Frasier institute....

Vote smart is a Liberal hatchet job on any opposition ...And I mean anyone....And how big was his lucrative pension from the 90s?...Don`t you know spin when you hear it?...

I`m amazed, John Horgan is the most respected NDPer in the legislature,respected on both sides which is a rareity, perhaps Laila you should read my post "The great divide" I wrote it after the last NDP convention at the Bayshore, I didn`t see you there, I did talk to Gary Coons,Carole James,Nicholas Simons,Bruce Raulston,Spencer Herbert,Vaughn Palmer, and a long chat with John Horgan...

The man is passionate,cares about rivers,salmon, cares about these pathetic energy contracts, he is the NDPs best speaker bar none, he doesn`t waffle,he doesn`t say umm,and err, he doesn`t get flustered,and please take no offence people......

In a 1000 person poll most BCers didn`t even know who the BC Liberal cabinet ministers were when the pollster said their name, people don`t pay attention, and Laila, you mean you haven`t watched the Legislature? Well I have, every session for years,every debate,estimate debates,bill debates,question periods....
The man could win in any riding,even the Liberals left him alone during the election, he is the unassuming lion of the party.....

And friends,the legislature is replayed at night when the house is sitting,so no excuses not to watch government at work, if you don`t watch the legislature and debates then you know nothing about any of them, reading is one thing,seeing people in action is another...

And lastly Laila, don`t you know who (vote smart) are? They are a liberal (PAB) site designed to confuse people, it appears to have worked on you!

Grant G said...

Laila...How old were you in the 90s..(don`t answer) There were no dark days in the 90s...

That was nothing but brainwashing by the BC Liberals...Every part of the NDP and the 90s out performed Gordon Campbell`s last 9 years....More jobs were created in the 90s by the NDP than under Gordon Campbell in his reign of terror.......More houses were built in the 90s under NDP than Campbell`s era....More net people came to BC in the 90s than came here under Campbell`s reign...GDP was higher in the 90s under the NDP than under Gordon Campbell`s era.....Even net income was higher in the 90s.....Taxes and user fees were lower in the 90s for the middleclass...

I suggest you read more Will McMartin(from the Tyee) to get the real story....The media played along in brainwashing the "uninformed" .....Just like the media slept in Glen Clark`s yard,followed him, yet the media over the last bunch of years ignired everything, ignored our BC debt going through the roof...Ignored Campbell`s adulterous affair and child out of wedlock with Lara Daphinee.....

The media....Yes Laila, you were too young to remember the 90s....the late 90s had a recession,called the Asian flu.....anyways, please don`t quote from vote smart,it will make you look silly....

And lastly, pretty funny, "Vote Smart" the part about making you look silly...They talk about a fudge it budget(In the 90s)...a balanced budget claim, after the election(1996) a deficit of 300 $million....

Vote smart warns of a fudge budget in the 90s.....All the while Campbell and Hansen were calling for a 495 $million dollar deficit(In 2009) and that deficit was how much?...4 $billion dollars....

Not 2.8 $billion..1 billion dollars of the HST bribe has been applied to the deficit,bringing it down to 2.8 $ billion,and even that number can`t be trusted....Like I was saying, quote from vote smart and you will end up looking silly!


Grant G said...

Here is a little fact finding from the best in the game today...Will McMartin..

Read this one first...


And this one




Let me know how that brainwashing thing works out for you.


Anonymous said...

Grant, I was in my teens during the 1990's and everything seemed OK like you said above in your post.

But what I still don't get is then why did the Gordalian get 77 seats and we only got 2 seats in the 2001 election?

I can add 1 + 1 = 2 but the 2001 election doesn't add up to 1 + 1 = 2 in my mind. I always hear stories but why was that the case?

Crankypants said...

I still maintain that there is some agreement between the BC Liberal Party and the BC NDP Party to stay clear of certain issues. Either that or the NDP needs to hire a new batch of strategists. The Campbell government has delivered so much bad governance on so many issues that even a neophyte could have mustered a better campaign during the last election as well as holding Gordo and Co.'s feet to the fire during the previous two sessions. Or are they more comfortable occupying the position of the official opposition? Whenever the NDP has been the governing party in BC they have been subjected to a much greater scrutiny than either the Socreds or Campbell's gang of thugs. The so-called right wing parties have always had the business community in their corner, and because of their financial clout, have been able to get favourable coverage from the MSM. The NDP has had to depend on the support of the union sector and individual donors that lack the same privileged coverage by our media types. It is a simple matter of economics. The various chambers of commerce and groups such as the business council of BC have much more sway over the media when compared to the different trade unions.

We would be much better served if political parties were outlawed, and each constituency was represented by an independent candidate. At least they would then be in a position to represent those that elected them instead of a leader of a party who is virtually responsible to no one but his or her backers.

We are fighting in Afghanistan so that they can have some sort of democracy, while those of us at home live under an unreasonable facsimile of such an ideal.

Anonymous 10:13. That particular election was just an aberration. The first past the post system skewed the results. The popular vote overall was nowhere near the final results. The fact that the next election in 2005 restored the NDP to a viable party with little change to the popular vote.

lailayuile said...

Grant, With all respect, your condescending attitude in this reply negates your good and hard work.

I am nearly 40, hardly too young to remember the 90's. In fact, I spent the 90's working hard- first as a business owner and then in corporate financial investigations. I had two kids and was very involved in my community of Steveston.

I am well aware of what went on during that time, and let's be clear, I am quite aware of who VoteSmart is run by, as well as the function of the PAB,since I blogged long and hard in support of the NDP during the election, as is well known throughout the blogosphere.My record on my site speaks for itself.

My point was, and maintains to be, that John Horgan clearly has connections that will give the Liberals targets to aim at with their powerful PR machine.

They have already targeted him on Votesmart, as well as publicly on their own party site. However, John has done nothing to PR -wise, to promote his platform, his achievements, his visions to counteract the Liberal smear with facts. To me, this is an issue.

I think you have forgotten that we are on the same team and I am quite confused as to why you would be offended by my questions. Clearly to others here, they are valid. When I cannot ask the questions that need to be answered without being accused of being brainwashed, there is a problem.

BC Mary asked who he is.

I asked who he is, what he has done, and what he stands for.

Anonymous followed suit.

( to be continued in next comment- over the word allowance )

lailayuile said...

( continued)

Grant, if you have had time to sit and watch the legislature in session over the last 5 years, power to you. That is phenomenal. My life does not afford me the same privilege because I have to take care of business, in addition to raising 4 kids and being involved in my community.

In addition, I write about issues that affect all of us as a province. Quite frankly, by the end of the day all I want is a glass of wine and maybe 6 hours of sleep before I do it all again.

Therein lies the reason for the questions, and why it is important to ask them, because the average voter in British Columbia does not sit and watch the legislature. They just don't Grant.

They have no clue as to what John Horgan debates about, no clue as to whether or not he can win over a crowd, or if he is enthusiastic or if he is the most respected NDP'er in the party, BECAUSE... most people have never heard the name John Horgan.

Crap, come on Grant, if both BC Mary and I don't know the name, what does that tell you?

We don't really see him on TV in his role as as opposition critic, like we do Dix, or Farnsworth, and while you may have had the pleasure to see him work the room, most British Columbians have not.

I am only asking you the questions that the voter will ask, and bringing up potential problems the voters might see in his past. Isn't that the role we are supposed to play here ? Asking questions? Getting legitimate answers? Or are we just supposed to take your word that he is the best person to take this province into the future?

I've successfully applied one rationale in my writing : To defeat the liberals, one must think like one, and anticipate their next move - and cut them off at the knees before they can make it.

Give the Liberals no targets, think about what the voters will see, and hear and REMEMBER. Keep in mind these are the same voters who still marked Liberal on their ballots despite all the crap they did previous to the election.

Grant, I'm still just blown away by your brainwashing bit. If you can't respect that there are some questions people will ask about John Horgan, and see my asking them for what it is, than I'm sorry for even posting here.

The truth is that people will not embrace and vote for John Horgan because Grant G, says so, because to the rest of BC, he is nearly persona non grata unless he starts putting himself out there NOW. You've missed the point entirely.
And to say that because I've voiced my concerns about John Horgan, means I've been brainwashed by the Liberals.. well, there aren't any words for that Grant.

Good luck.

Evil Eye said...

The 90's were indeed dark days for transit in the Vancouver region with Clark and McPhail, doing the SkyTrain hoochie - coochie on the Millennium Line.

Did you know that Glen me boy had a station built between Glen and Clark roads in Vancouver?

Evil Eye said...

The real story about the last election is that about 50% of the voters held their collective noses and did not vote. This means only a small percentage of voters tilted the election in Campbell's way.

James was more than a disappointment, she was clearly inept, continually snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.

The carbon tax is one issue she botched. She should of said it was an onerous energy tax because the tax ended up in general revenue, instead of investing in transportation alternatives.

She ignored the valley rail folks completely and botched any goodwill there.

The RAV/Canada line was another Campbell mega joke, but no, in James/NDP minds an attack on RAV would mean an attack on Clark's and McPhail's Millennium Line and the NDP could not have that.

With James and her ill gotten spawn behind the NDP, Campbell or is successor will enjoy another electoral victory because the majority of voters will hold their collective noses and not vote!

Leah said...

Grant; like Laila and Mary, I'll ask who Mr. Horgan is. When we're trying to re-build a broken system from the bottom up, one shouldn't have to use Google (or any other search engine) to dig for truth about a candidate...everyone knows that website information can be, and is, skewed...depending on what you're looking to find, and what you're WANTING to find. We should not have to dig for his information!

If he's seriously thinking about taking a run at Carole's chair - he needs to GET OUT THERE! Tell us what we need to know, and be brutally honest about it. I'm tired of politicians greasing one another's hand, or the hands of buddies who "helped along the way." Mr. Horgan needs to show us HOW he is different, and PROVE it in his actions, and words. Perhaps putting himself out there is what it will take to remove Carole, as she's definitely not "willing" to step aside...and like many NDP'ers...I'm not willing to vote for her again. Ever.

Anonymous said...

Crankypants - Grant gave reasons why the NDP government during the 1990's was much better on every count than the despised liars now in Victoria.

So I still don't understand why we only got 2 seats in the 2001 election if we had much better government under the NDP. And why did the current crooks get 77 seats?

Grant G said...

Look friends, If you watched the BC Legislature you would know who John Horgan is.....

But,if not John Horgan Who? Adrian Dix? Adrian is connected to the Clark government,fast ferries,job losses,budget fudge...And all the other propoganda...

Spencer Herbert...Too Young

Lana Popham....Too Green

Shane Simpsons...Can`t speak

Gary Coons....Can`t speak

Doug Routley...Domestic dirt

Krog....Too stiff

Rob Fleming...Too soft

Clair Trevena...nope

Maurine Margaris..Too Carole James liks

Bruce Raulston...Wet Noodle

Guy Genter....Maybe

Harry Bains....Language

When you look internally for options there are two...Horgan and Dix...Both are connected to the good old 90s.

Laila,I didn`t mean to disparage, but the brainwashing,the fast ferries wern`t a scandal, they were built here in BC,Gordon Campbell made sure not to use them,they were a political tool for the liberals,but,Clark should of built (Spirit class ferries)The best ferries we have,they`re all in service,Campbell should of built in BC(spirit class ferries)...They get better gas mileage and carry far more people and cars than the German boats,and all the tax money would of stayed in the province.....

Campbell`s budget fudge was ten fold larger than Clark`s(and I am not defending Clark) and as for job losses in the 90s....A myth,spin,propoganda,brainwashing....

And finally,WHY WHY WHY did the media not compare the governments of the 90s to the Campbell government? Easy answer..Canwest Global and the MSM...Gordon Campbell was their guy and they promoted him,ignored facts,spun every story,deleted facts,highlighted Jaccard and the phony enviros....A complete hatchet job...And finally,perhaps,just perhaps the NDP didn`t want to take over government with billions in debt,job losses etc etc etc...Because if they won...They would be wearing all the bad news,and by the time the economy gets rolling again it would be the 2013 election....And,the media would punish the NDP and blame BCs woes upon them...There is a distinct possibilty that they threw the election....And that angers me....

So anyways,unless we parachute in a new leader from outside the party the internal choices are slim....Leah, Glen Clark is a choir boy compared to Campbell....

John Horgan did nothing wrong, he didn`t build or order fast ferries built...Horgan wasn`t a decision maker in the 90s....MLAs in the 90s made about 80K per year, Horgans pension wouldn`t have been "Lucrative" ....

As for him investing in 2003...He wasn`t in government,Gordon Campbell expanded the gaming,there are no worries of Horgan to promote expanded gaming,Campbell has taken gaming to the limit....

I can`t blame Horgan for making an investment,it certainly wasn`t profitable...I will have a post up later on this issue.

If I got upset it`s only because the 90s were fine,the whole doom and gloom of the 90s was propoganda/brainwashing...And everyone who repeats it is keeping the lie alive..


parzone said...

Hi Grant,

I also have watched and read the legislature debates/QP for many years and I agree with you completely.

John horagin is the best the NDP have and all a person has to do is listen or read the debates to find out were this man comes from.

What I like is he’s got knuckles and is not afraid to use them and he speaks a plain truth.

Sometimes he gives too much respect to the liberals that he is debating (I do wonder why this respect is given).

What is a worry to me is that no matter who tries to run for the NDP the media will give the voters of BC all the information and reasons needed NOT to vote for him/her.

Grant G said...

Parzone,you answered your own question...Horgan gives respect and gets respect...The BC Liberals fear him...

Yes,he has knuckles,a great wit and speaker, we have to have someone to lead,no matter who the NDP have as leader the media,the Bill Good`s and others will attack...So why not have Horgan,he can take it.....

I hate to pass judgement, but there are many men who won`t vote for a female,unless she is a half-naked drop-dead gorgeous bimbo...Men,they start think with the wrong head.

In the last election if the NDP had run a male they would have won.

And finally, I personally like Carole James,I think she would have made a great premier,but her window closed,she now has a reputation as a naggy wife type, change is good,Horgan is good, Adrian Dix is good,even Norm MacDonald,but,my gut tells me Horgan with speach and wit and toughness tops that list of three.


Anonymous said...

But Gregor Robertson is also a proven vote getter. He won by a landslide in 2008 as Vancouver mayor.

Vancouver provincial Liberal strongholds in Vancouver such as North False Creek, Yaletown, and Coal Harbour were all won decisively by Gregor among many other provincial Liberal areas.

And Robertson also has a 70% approval rating in Vancouver and comes across as affable, telegenic, positive, and a nice guy.

Just the type of guy that will win over suburban soccer moms and the swing voter for the NDP to win a decisive number of seats.

Grant G said...

Ya...You right,except for one thing,Gregor has plummeted in the polls since his win and....

Gregor is not NDP...He is a Campbell Liberal and Gregor only cares about Gregor...Although he does make ladies swoon....

Gregor believes in the HST...The carbon tax...Offsets...Gregor is smart,smart enough to know the truth about those things,smart enough to know it`s smoke and mirrors...

Smart enough to con the people...Thanks but no thanks...Gregor dumped on the NDP during the last election and it cost the NDP at least three seats.

Anonymous said...

But Grant, the latest political polling done by Strategic Communications shows Robertson’s approval rating at 70%. That’s 15% more than voted for him in November 2008 and 5% higher than former mayor Larry Campbell ever scored.

Remember that Vancouver Fairview, which was always a Liberal seat, voted for Gregor in 2005 and then went back to the Liberals in 2009. Gregor won by 5% over the Liberals but when he left, because of Carole James, the Liberals won by 5% in 2009.

So yeah, in that sense when he didn't run again he cost us the seat.

If Gregor can do the same increase in the provincial popular vote that he did in Vancouver Fairview, we have won the election in 2009.

How can Gregor not be NDP? He was even a major guest speaker at the convention at the Bayshore Inn!

Grant G said...

perhaps you forgot about this....


Grant G said...

And this....


Gregor avoided the NDP on the run-up to the election, he praised Gordon Campbell, Gregor Robertson Quotes are on page 31 of the BC Liberal 2009/election platform.

He praised Campbell, Vaughn Palmer wrote a story all about Gregor praising Gordo,Gregor knew Campbell`s record on everything, he ignored Carole...Gregor is about Gregor...and..

Apparantly,there have been shady,slave labour stories about his :Happy planet: juice company...And,Gregor has big-time AMERICAN BACKERS...You want dirt,Gregor has more dirt than all of the elected NDPers put together.

Evil Eye said...

Look for wee Gregy (The visonless) to run after Campbell's job. It seems that Vancouver Mayors firmly believe that they should be Prem.

Hugh said...

Grant, Hansard from Nov 19/09 has some interesting debate by Horgan about BC Hydro.
You've probably seen this. What Horgan says makes sense to me.

P. 2612 and down.


Grant G said...

Thanks Hugh, no I didn`t read Hansard, I watched it live, like I say,anyone who knows Horgan or watched him in action is aware of the quality of the man.

The people of BC will embrace John Horgan.

The man speaks to truth,regardless of where the chips may fall.

lumberron said...

Grant I've been saying for years that Horgan is the man.I've watched him in estimates and question period and I know that the Libs feel this is the last man they want to face off against.He does not need notes in any of the debates I have watched and when he's cutting them down he does it with a bit of comic flair.If he does become the leader like I think he should it will be a cakewalk.The guy had Leckstrom mumbling when he would take him on in estimates.I'm sure that even Blair knows the Libs are toast with this guy at the helm.YEEHUH

Anonymous said...

What do some posters mean they never heard of John Horgan, are you guy's for real,I've witnessed his brilliance many times when the ledge was doing business,he made the libs(con-alliance) look like fools and talk about snark,dude is entertaining as well I think he would make a great Leader and premier,shite Grant,I thought that speech was real,that would of been a momentous speech and perfect timing,as usual moe was dreaming up ways to get paid instead of being on the ball,it was almost like a Dave Barret moment deja-vous,all over again come to think of compared to know wasn't so bad after all was it.

Anonymous said...

what a leader! What a speech!
Gotta hand it to you Grant - you picked him.

Kim said...


I think you are going to like this article Grant. If I may weigh in on the John Horgan questions. He is my MLA in the Juan De Fuca riding. He is my brother-in-law's nieghbour within the riding.

You have probably never heard of John because the media refuses to give him alot of press. Also, he works very directly in his riding for the people that are his constituents.

I have corresponded with John on many issues. The HST. The Jordan River Land theft by Rich Coleman. Elections BC. He is the only MLA or MP who always answers my questions. Personally. And on more personal issues, his staff always respond within 24 hours, by phone. With advice or recommendations.

If John is in, I will join the Party and donate what I can. In the meantime, I will review my correspondance with John and compile a list of questions to send him. Starting, of course, with the public inquiry. I will send you a link with the results.

I am excited about politics, for once!

Anonymous said...

Layla and Grant...
Whether Mr Horgan has the qualities to WIN the next election may become a moot point as Carole is not leaving until an 'interim' leader is selected in January. I could hardly believe it! Interim leader in January?!!? There is going to be an election in early spring. We need an iterim leader now and a democratically elected leader before the end of February. did you hear Caroles press conference?

Talk about divisive - is she going to sink our chances in the next election after all???

Anonymous said...

I too have watched the BC Legislature. Campbell of course, had disappeared to avoid the "Olympic" deficit questions. The BC Liberals put on the most disgraceful exhibition, I have ever seen. They made a mockery of everything, the Legislature is supposed to represent. Their behavior, was less than juvenile. The worst two were, De Jong and Hansen.

I always appreciate your blogs Grant, you are always up front and honest. You very seldom err, and, if you have made an error, you are the first one to say so, and the error is instantly corrected. That's what won me over. I'm sure you have researched Mr. Horgan very carefully, otherwise, you wouldn't have mentioned a word about him.

Anonymous said...

Dec.6 5:24pm,yes dejong and hansen were bad but,krueger,falconater,polak,reid,and that other idiot in the boy scout outfit forgot his name,mcdermit the frog (aka miss grundy) crusty clak too you want to hear idiots spout listen to that clap trap and see if you can make anything useful out of their arguments none of them have anything but obfuscation on their collective breaths that whole party is run from the backrooms,and thank god Jenny and the magnificent "bakers dozen" (who ever thougtht that up is a fucken goof)would not have anything to do with the backroom deals and that's just one of many reasons for this rift good on all you guy's NO MORE BACKROOM DEALS!!!!!MLA's are elected to represent us not to follow orders from the man hidden behind the door,finally more eyes have been opened get rid of the non elected shadows telling our elected officials what to do,is that even legal?

Anonymous said...

John Horgan impresses me a great deal; he's often been on NW (on McComb's show) vis a vis his position as energy critic.

Very impressive. Speaks well and intelligently and when you hear him you stop to listen.

cherylb said...

You got me Grant :) Thought I missed something for a minute there.

Crankypants said...

I find it unbelievable that it will take the BC NDP Party such a long time to find an interim leader. Having Carole James hang around in the role of leader will do nothing but keep the existing wound open and gangrene will surely set in. It's not rocket science. Pick a name, ask them if they have any intentions of competing for the leadership, and if so, repeat the process until they find someone.

Even more confusing is the snail's pace they seem to be on to get a leadership convention underway. They need to have a sense of urgency. We know that the BC Liberal Party will annoint a new leader on February 26 of next year and that new leader could well decide that he or she need a fresh mandate from the voters, rescind the mandatory 2013 election date, and call a snap election. Dragging their feet is just not an option unless they are more comfortable occupying the role of opposition again.