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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Why I endorse John Horgan and His New Democratic Party and Denounce the Vancouver Sun and Province

Written By Grant G

Thursday and Friday, May 5th and May 6th.....On May 5th/2017 the Globe and Mail endorsed Christy Clark and her BC Liberal gang for reelection ...on May 6th our beleaguered Vancouver Sun followed suit with an endorsement for Christy Clark .

Globe and Mail endorsement came with a provision, "hold your nose and vote Liberal"

before I pass comment on the Globe n Mail endorsement of Clark...in 2015 Postmedia, president of Post Media Paul Godfrey ordered every newspaper in his Canadian chain to endorse Stephen Harper, and they did, including Globe n Mail....Globe and Mail's 2015 Stephen Harper endorsement included a provision too...."after Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party secure a majority government Stephen Harper needs to resign" .....in other words, Globe n Mail so-called expert editorial board wanted Canadians to give Harper a majority then hope he resigns....

Globe board knew Harper was toxic, they played the economic card, they played Canadians as fools, they expected voters to believe that Harper with a fresh new mandate would suddenly say...hey, i'm outta here because .......? and now in 2017 Globe and Mail editorial board tells Canadians/BCers to "hold their nose" and vote back in a corrupt BC Liberal government because if reelected they'll put a stop to future corruption...did I get that right?....Those are the views of Globe and Mail's editorial board...a corporate board, as in, are they even human...

Democracy, a democratic society, a land of free-press, freedom of speech, a country of ideas, talent and aspirations to be better, best, settle for only excellence and the Globe and Mail tells me that maybe Harper will resign after he gets his majority and I should just hold my nose to suppress the stench and vote in a corrupt long in the tooth BC Liberal Party...

That's the advice from the best and the brightest at the Globe and Mail......how do you defend your position Globe...you don't, it was a corporate endorsement not a human government endorsement..

Vancouver Sun editorial Board endorsement ....

not a surprise, they were never going to endorse John Horgan...Vancouver Sun and Province Newspaper had no choice but to endorse Christy Clark...Paul Godfrey made the call...endorse BC Liberals(Conservatives in disguise) are else(lose your editorial job)...

I have no problem in someone, or something, like say a corporation(Vancouver Sun) endorsing a political party, but don't you think, that you, in particular, you have access to the same data I do, a lowly blogger...you cited balanced budgets and leading the country, you cite job growth numbers, you cite many things but not once do you mention....

BC Liberals sold $billions in provincial assets(land) over the last 4 years, $billions more taken from ICBC and BC Hydro to balance the books...BC Hydro is now debt riddled and ICBC is on the financial ropes, all because BC Liberal looted their capital, took their operating monies...and now average BCers are paying the price over this mismanagement(looting)...

You failed to mention that BC's debt has never rose this much this fast as under Christy Clark..$12 billion more added to BC's debt in the last 4 years ....you never mentioned the folly of Site C dam, no business case, every credible person who has looked at has said no, bad idea technically and brutal idea economically...no demand, cheaper alternatives, and the fact that the BC Liberals refuse to have the BCUC review the project.....Same as the Massey bridge project, only one mayer(Delta Mayor Lois Jackson) and Christy Clark want it built....the cost..$3.5 billion if its on time and on budget, ..BC Libs have been averaging 35% over budget minimum...plus, as we learned from John Horgan another $8 billion in finance charges to fund the Massey project..making the cost of a Massey bridge $12 billion dollars...just imagine what the interest payments are on Site C dam..they're rumored to be in the $40 billion range..

As for those BC Liberal job numbers...first off they started the count at the low of the 2008/2009 recession....most of the jobs are low paying and temporary..home construction leads the way, in a sick-over-heated market being bought up by foreigners and the world's rich, a Vancouver and surrounding area housing boom, nothing to do with Christy Clark's jobs plan..how many LNG jobs....NONE..in fact up north and in BC's interior there are fewer working today than there was in 2009...BC is Canada's best?..best of the losers...Alberta got hammered by big oil collapse...Ontario is debt ridden, to many years governed by Liberals...Quebec(good maple syrup)....eastcoast....

Bottom line....BC Liberals have cranked up debt and taxes through crown corporations and MSP grabs...any extra money in the BC budget came from foreigners parking laundered cash in BC's real estate market...good for government coffers but brutal for average BCers...a sick real estate market, one where average wages don't cut it...a real corrupt mess..

@Vancouver Sun/Province editorial Board..... If the NDP was in power and rammed through a $10 billion dollar taxpayer funded project with no business case, then ordered up a $12 billion dollar Massey bridge that every mayor is dead set against, especially when the Patullo bridge is on life support....you would be screaming at the top of your lungs, calling NDPers reckless, but when Christy Clark Liberals act irrationally, crickets...

Christy Clark's 2013 Families First and Jobs Plan....she said BC would see 100,000 LNG jobs, thousands more all over rural BC...Christy Clark's jobs plan never mentioned a developer free-for-all frenzy, with the government reaping $billions in property tax revenue...received $billions in property tax revenue while the dream of home-ownership in GVRD for average workers vanished before their eyes......BC Liberals sat on their hands while average home prices shot up $600,000k...and there is still no LNG, no $trillion dollars in LNG economic activity...we got nothing, where is that 2013 bannered "debt Free B.C." Christy Clark bus...our debt went up $12 billion not counting the $billions in debt BC Hydro has taken on...

Editorials and endorsements are fine, that is, if you insert the truth..

All the scandals...Children dying in care..the Christy Clark lie of a RCMP investigation that never was...the $untold cost to fight the teachers for 15 years..triple delete scandals, quick wins, destroyed health researcher's careers, and lives.. Families First, clawing back buspasses...haven't raised welfare or disability rates in a decade, Canada's most expensive province, 1 in 5 children living in poverty..hallway medicine, courts are in disarray, understaffed, thousands dying from imported poison..the scandals are near endless not to mention Christy Clark's pay to play, her $300k top-up, her free Dunbar house, free Buick, millions of tax dollars spent on videographers and photo-ops, private flights to n fro all paid by the taxpayer..right before my eyes the B.C. I once knew disappeared, it turned into a developers fiefdom...a place where only the rich and infamous can afford to live.

Vancouver Sun Editorial board...in your endorsement, this is how you told the people of ALL the BC Liberal misdeeds, and I quote..



"After considering the options, it is the opinion of the editorial board that the Liberals, under the leadership of Christy Clark, should continue to govern despite some errors, especially related to support for disadvantaged citizens who rely on government supports. All governments make mistakes and the NDP made many when in power in the 1990s."


You condensed children in care committing suicide, children in care being killed, lies about RCMP investigations that never were, worker suicides, buspass clawbacks, triple delete scandals, quick wins, crown corp mismanagement, lies about NDP hacking Liberal Party website, shady donations, pay to play, poor business decisions, thousands dying from imported poison, courtrooms letting criminals go because of chronic underfunding, seniors care appalling, abuse of teacher's rights, abuse of the child's rights...You endorse a Christy Clark who lies with ease, never apologizes and blames everyone else and lastly....you condense blatant corruption and scandal along with the suffering of millions to one vague paragraph in your endorsement...it's no wonder the mainstream media is in such decline...

That's why I endorse John Horgan for premier, for all the reasons not to vote for Christy Clark the Vancouver Sun Editorial Board deliberately left out....Christy Clark and Liberal corruption can't go on.....my conscience will be clear no matter who wins, can you say as much Vancouver Sun Editorial Board...?

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open 


Anonymous said...

and making real estate 40% of bc economy.


bcwaterboy said...

Clark reminds me of that guy doing the Brick boxing week commercials- buy now and don't pay a cent until 2020. Every single one of her projects is built on the same platform as the Brick. Her whole persona is exactly the same, no talent, just sleazy sales gimmicks repeated over and over and over again. The jobs cliches worked post recession, but with a booming economy ahem- jobs should be a plenty and besides, a government doesn't create jobs so why doesn't someone ask her that? Here's hoping the public gets a much needed break from Christy the furniture salesperson. Hopefully the Brick doesn't hire her.

Hugh said...

In the Sun editorial, note the mention of BC economic growth. GDP growth is the be-all and end-all apparently. GDP growth is equated with economic health.

But infinite GDP growth is impossible and ultimately suicidal, so who wants it?

Answer: Real estate developers, oil and gas industry, banks.

Who happen to donate lots of money to Government.

The idea that we need infinite GDP growth is a huge con job.

Anonymous said...

Let me start by saying your efforts are very much appreciated. We are fortunate to have some very dedicated bloggers in BC. The MSM not so much. Just a bunch of old people who like to call themselves " Journalists " all of which have long ago past their best before date. The likes of Palmer, Baldrey and I can't even mention those at the other BS factories like CTV or Global because it was long ago that I tuned them out and even today if I see their logos I cringe and say, they're still around.
No one should be surprised by these meaningless endorsements. They come every election and while some idiots will vote according to them, I pray that the majority just reacts like I do and consider them BS and another desperate call by a dying entity that has no one too blame for it's current financial crisis.... but themselves.
Look if John Horgan came out and said he will do exactly the same as the Liberals would he would still not get elected.
Those millionaires realize that Christy Clark and much of her team are idiots and easily bought...... so why change the channel.
I've decided that for me, my wife & family life is too short. The Liberals & cronies will buy this election and nothing will change except those cronies and Liberals will get richer.
If that's what the idiot voting public in BC want.... then so be it. Myself, if nothing changes I will. I will throw away everything that is political in my life and focus on MY family. You would be surprised how many people have asked lately... who should I vote for ? No one pays attention to current affairs anymore and decision are being made by TV commercials like the one I saw last night.
A Liberal ad with people from BC ( with no morals ) actually making it sound like that taxes will double under the NDP. People standing there with quotes like, "if they're going to double taxes, then be honest and tell us John Horgan because honesty in government is what I want. "
This was on ABC during a Global feed program. My first thought was, why is this shit allowed ? Does Global TV have no ethics ? What about those idiots who took part in the ad. Are they all fucking morons ?
Then I thought, if I had a million dollars I would buy some NDP ads saying the Liberals are going to triple the debt, privatize medical and close ALL public schools. It seems you can buy anything on Global & during an election..... except of course the truth..... or maybe a Liberal attending a town hall debate.
Thanks Grant for all your hard work over the years and I will check in every so often, but I'm afraid BC voters are a bunch morons and the rich will succeed.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

7 min video of BC topic opinion.


Anonymous said...


1/4 billion taxpayer dollars down the drain in 4 years.(250m+)

Anonymous said...

NYT sues advantage BC