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Canada`s Cold Blank Stare

 Canada`s Cold Blank Stare

Written by Grant G

"It looks like a war zone"...Those were Stephen Harper`s words describing the Quebec town of Lac Megantic, his description is correct, yet his actions, and Canada`s actions after this crime were no different than that of a fender bender car accident...

Quebec(The Province) sent in 200 police officers and are treating it as a crime scene, which it is, how come hundreds of armed services were not sent in to assist, how come a 1000 armed forces aren`t on the ready to rebuild every destroyed building, and at the Federal Government`s expense, the public shouldn`t be required to deal with insurance agents or await compensation offers, and to be clear, trauma, pain and suffering does not need to be proved, literally hundreds and hundreds of people deserve a minimum of $2 million dollars apiece..The Feds can chase down compensation from MM&A and Railworld

If  Ezra Levant`s and Sun News media`s earlier suggestions and soft allegations of eco-terrorism were true...If eco-terrorism had vapourized an entire Canadian town and caused 60 to 70 individuals to turn to ashes would not the army, CSIS, Federal agents have locked down the town, conducted raids into environmental cells, First Nation`s communities, rounded up all the usual suspects,... what did Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper call those opposed to Enbridge and Kinder Morgan expansion, I believe they were called environmental radicals, enemies of Canada, enemies that go by the name of GreenPeace, Forests Ethics, Tides Canada, WestCoast Law, all British Columbian First Nations societies, had this crime been a result of terrorism from members of these groups would not the army and all available forces instantly raided their head offices, rounded up the leaders of these groups for questioning?

Vivian Krauss claims American millionaires are funding environmental dissent in Canada to the tune of a few million dollars, yet Vivian ignored the fact that Enbridge spent $30 million dollars on propaganda ads pushing their pipeline agenda, running propaganda ads years before the NEB review has even rendered a decision, shouldn`t ads run after the NEB(National Energy Board) made a decision, for if the NEB says no the ads are toilet flushed money, it`s almost as if Enbridge knows the result of the NEB review..

Last year Stephen Harper gave the Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA, also known as the taxman) $millions of dollars to target these same environmental groups the Federal Conservatives labeled enemies of Canada.


In Canada, conservative “charities” like the Fraser Institute are free to use the tax-deductable “donations” they receive to engage in political activities like attacking public healthcare, unions and environmental regulations (helping their rich “donors” get richer) while maintaining charitable status.
Conservatives groups can continue to rely on public support for their rightwing agenda without any “political” interference from the Canada Revenue Agency.
It is another matter, however, for environmental groups, or as Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver likes to call them, “radical” groups that “threaten to hijack our regulatory system to achieve their radical ideological agenda.”
In June 2012, the Harper government brought in Bill C-38, which injected $8 million into the CRA to investigate charities to make sure they are not spending more than 10% of their budget on political advocacy. But the “political advocacy” the government is concerned about is the “radical ideological agenda” of environmental groups.
What the Harper government thinks of as “political advocacy” might also be called “science.” Internationally renowned scientist David Suzuki resigned from the Suzuki Foundation for fear that his science-based criticism of Big Oil and the Canadian Conservative Party’s environmentally destructive tar sands project could subject the charitable organization to unwanted attention from the CRA.



 And the result of that Federal Conservative witch hunt was one group in non-compliance, non-compliance by a hair, and that group was not an environmental group per say, it was a group called..: Doctors against the proliferation of nuclear arms:....

Ezra Levant and fellow hate speech freak Greg Renouf went on attack all this weak against every disgruntled group, Ezra was even more offensive than usual, ...Ezra and Greg slung mud, lumped everyone into one big radical pile...In fact Ezra Levant cited, talked about and lumped the Oka Mohawk blockade from 1990 into this Quebec tragedy..He picked a few lines and quotes from a magazine called :Redwing:...That`s a First Nations and First Nation Prisoners publication, that publication was in 2006 and is was funded by the Federal Government...7 years ago..The Mohawk First Nation Oka blockade happened in 1990...23 years ago..And that blockade was about a golf course being constructed on First Nation land, one person died in that blockade..

Ezra Levant and Greg Renouf in talking about the Quebec crime scene dragged the :Idle No More: movement into the train tragedy, they also suggested the G20 protesters and the occupy Canada protesters are all cut from the same cloth, all linked, the same people at all these protests, all against the tar sands, against pipelines and apparently....Trains..

1990 Oka Blockade...2006 prison publication, and more ...Ezra Levant and Sun News media`s editing room was very busy this week, they cut, spliced and cherry picked 5 written lines out of that 2006 publication, they aired one line snippets from First Nation speeches, everything presented out of context and crafted to inflame...So a golf course protest, a prison publication..Idle no more..The occupy movement was about the Wall Street crimes and bailouts..G20 protests...All lumped together in one eco-terrorism pie..

Am I missing something here...I understand that the very first reports about the Lac Magantic holocaust were sketchy, a simple unfortunate derailment, then we learned the one railway employee was less than honest in his initial account of events, then the owner of the railway Edward Burkhardt told fibs about fireman causing this accident, then he fibbed about mythical vandals, fibbed about the trains braking condition...All that fibbing meanwhile a town was vapourized and 60 to 70 people are turned to dust...If this act was terrorism or even suspected terrorism wouldn`t the federal Conservative environmental targets be interrogated, under hot lights, made to sweat, made to talk, maybe even tortured and yet...And yet Edward Burkhardt is free to roam the streets, shouldn`t his railway office been searched, raided by authorities, wouldn`t American Federal authorities cooperate, shouldn`t Edward Burkhardt have been arrested and held without bail...

"It looks like a war zone"  If someone dropped a bomb and blew up a Canadian town shouldn`t they be arrested, ...Or in this case shouldn`t employment records be searched, employee logs, executive minutes from meetings, shouldn`t authorities need to know what effect one employee trains had on personnel, how many hours the employees were forced to work each day, if this event was terrorism wouldn`t every person, every entity involved be searched, interrogated and scrutinized and if those offenders or alleged offenders were caught fibbing, changing their story everyday, altering, twisting the facts and found to be completely wrong day after day, would that or those persons still be free to walk the streets?

British Columbia`s media..Global news, CKNW, ..Even our daily papers have barely touched this story..Our (false flag) Canada Day bombing..The court appearances by the defendants, every media was there, the courtroom packed, near standing room only, and I remind you, CSIS and the RCMP controlled the bombs, they picked up and dropped off the defendants, their phones were tapped, the defendants followed and...And police agents were working directly with the defendants for months, the public was never in danger, and what I find interesting, these defendants were followed, trailed, phones tapped and had committed offenses(according to the charges) before the Boston marathon pressure cooker terrorism event even happened...I wonder what terrorism plot those two were hatching way back when..

Where was I...Yet no British Columbia media correspondents that I know of went to Quebec to cover the worst rail disaster/crime in Canadian history..It`s like this event was put on British Columbia`s media back-burner...Could it be because Kinder Morgan ads are drowning the airwaves, Enbridge ads promoting gateway and talk of many LNG plants all stacked up close together...All potentially being placed in Kitimat and Prince Rupert, and if one thinks oil goes boom and burns, the amount of energy in one LNG plant is more than a nuclear bomb...


"It looked like a war zone" 

And unlike the tragic landslide at Johnsons landing, that has been ruled an act of God, and since it`s an act of god the BC Government is refusing to compensate the victims, 4 people died, many homes destroyed and the area is unsafe, the people can never return to their homes and legally can`t, the area is deemed to dangerous, and they can`t sell their homes and the most delicious part of this event, these people who lost their homes, those other people who have homes there, they are barred from returning, these people can`t sell their homes and....

And they are still obligated to pay property taxes, and who can forget last year Christy Clark promised to fully compensate those affected, well, that was then and this is now..


NELSON, B.C. – A so-called act of God is allowing the province of B.C. to cut off compensation for residents whose homes were damaged or destroyed in the Johnsons Landing landslide.
An avalanche of mud and debris rolled over the tiny community of about 35 residents in southeast B.C. last July, wiping out five homes and killing four people.



Those Johnson Landing victims are getting nothing but a cold blank stare from the BC Government ....

Those alleged Canada Day bombers have their courtroom loaded with media, and each and every court date will receive the same generous media coverage meanwhile a Quebec town is gone, criminal negligence, that is mass murder by any other name....

And what theme is the media playing, the media that now receives their biggest portion of advertising dollars from oil companies...Well you know, how pipelines are so much safer than rail...It`s a good thing this Burnaby pipeline that spewed flammable diluted bitumen didn`t catch fire, or it too would have been a hot vapourized disaster

 Yet when Stephen Harper, Joe Oliver and Edward Burkhardt look at you with that cold blank stare, when Ezra Levant and Sun News media promote more pipelines as a way to keep the public safe from railed oil..

A Cold Blank Stare as Stephen Harper orders CSIS and the RCMP to spy on and infer that those concerned with the environment are "radicals..Eco-terrorists--Enemies of Canada"


What these oil industry pimps aren`t telling you is....

Even if Kinder Morgan, Enbridge and pipeline line 9 is reversed, and the keystone XL pipeline are all built, all pumping oil, there will still be a doubling of oil transport by rail over the next 5 years, the railway companies have geared up for it and now depend on that revenue..

So even though..

"It looks like a war zone" 

The only thing future oil spill accident victims will get is.....

A cold blank stare 

 The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

Great post Grant.

I want to add that the Justin led Liberal Party will have nothing to add to change this. They are in agreement with big oil and big biz. They criticized Mulcair for his trip to the USA to inform them on Keystone and still use this to feed their base. Apparently truth telling is not allowed.
The left is the left and the right is the right. There is no middle as the Liberals have demonstrated over the years.

Elwood said...

Grant, you should take up the cause of the hundreds of oil tanker trucks on our roads every day here in BC carrying jet fuel and gasoline. Just one of those would cause the same vaporization as the Quebec explosion!!

You can see all of the oil tanker trucks explosions here and they need to be banned ASAP!! Please help BC in that regard. The carnage that will happen here in BC is not worth it.





Don F. said...

As normal now in Canada we have not only the fox watching the henhouse but also the fox investigating who killed the hens.
Sadly it is to the point where we can't trust government nor it's transportation safety board when it comes to this tragedy. There only concern is the movement of oil at any cost.
A year to establish the reason for this is too long. They will put all efforts into prolonging this investigation when the reasons it happened should be quite obvious.
They won't find the reason at the scene of the crash but where the train was left abandoned on a main line.
Perhaps people should request an independant investigation by someone an arms length away from government.

Merv Ritchie said...

Thanks for writing this up, and just to let you know, we excerpt a section and posted it on the Terrace Daily, now known as MWPR.ca.


Grant G said...

Always a pleasure having important messages repeated in the Terrace Daily.

Mr. Ritchie, sorry about May 14th..

Like you, The Straight Goods will never surrender, we will carry on.

Good Day

Merv Ritchie said...

Recently 'Generating for Seven Generations', the company and organization intending to ship tar sands bitumen to Alaska through the Klappan, has been on a media campaign to promote the viability and safety of trains hauling oil.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are two of the largest shareholders in CN with Gates being number 1. Their combined investments are staggering.

CN would be the carrier through the Klappan and almost everywhere else they wish to train ship oil.

Shipping oil by train has increased in the thousand fold over the past few years threatening the stranglehold pipeline companies have had.

Besides that advantage, oil sands are the national trump card in the future, and the U. S. economy, now sputtering, will never be as robust as before. The business model is that pipelines charge $17.95 per barrel to ship oil from Alberta to the Gulf Coast and "we can do it cheaper", Jim Foote, CN's executive vice-president, said.

This is because CN doesn't incur the staggering capital and financing costs involved with increases in pipeline capacity. Estimated cost of building lines to ship four million barrels a day from the oil sands to the U. S. Gulf Coast is US$24.7-billion. A proposed increase in capacity to the west coast adding 600,000 barrels a day is another $4-billion.

Within months, CN will be shipping 10,000 barrels daily from producers whose reserves are now stranded. The railway will deliver the oil sands production through the use of insulated and heatable railcars or by reducing its viscosity by mixing it with condensates or diluents.

But the "scalability" of the concept - up to four million barrels per day - means that the railway can ramp up production vastly by just adding rail cars. Shipping four million barrels a day is possible with current rail capacity, said Foote.

Financially, this could be a godsend to the two land-locked provinces - Alberta and Saskatchewan - which are dependent upon the United States for export markets. Rail transport cheaply and quickly can provide immediate cash flow to producers which otherwise would have to wait years

So - the real questions which should be asked is if this entire disaster wasn't planned by international operatives working on behalf of Enbridge, TransCanada or Kinder Morgan who see their profits threatened.

This is not some pie in the sky notion - it is a strategy exacted by corporate elite and governments worldwide. We are collateral damage only.

Why, when two dupes being trained and instructed by the RCMP and CSIS, do we get all sorts of action by media and government, when massive destruction on a global scale gets treated as a minor incident with years of painstakingly slow investigative efforts with no sanctions or punishment for the corporate elite?

Merv Ritchie said...

And further;

Excerpt -

During the first Joint Review Panel (JRP) hearings on Enbridge in the District of Kitimat in 2010, between the 27th and 31st of August, the Canadian military performed an exercise with the local Canadian Rangers in the Terrace/Kitimat area called Skookumchuk. Details provided by the Canadian Military HERE This military practice concluded on August 31, 2010, the same day the JRP hearings began. The military, it would seem, were now fully communicative and their modes of incursion in the local community were assured. Nothing happened on August 31st or September 1st. except a peaceful demonstration while the proceedings were underway.

It was revealed this past July how the Federal Conservative Government, through INAC, began to spy on First Nations Communities. Read Story Here. All of these pieces seem to fit together neatly as if they were meant to be puzzle. The Haisla are the key to the shipping port at Douglas Channel. With INAC attempting to assert the elected Council as being the true authority over all the lands and with the new military company preparing to provide the highest calibre of security, it would appear a well thought out plan is being executed.

- Grant - can you email me please?

Grant G said...

I changed your link name in my side-bar(Honest Newspapers)..


You left out stubborn.

Well, it works for me.

Cheers Eyes Wide Open

Don F. said...

I absolutely agree with Mr. Ritchie when he states.....
So - the real questions which should be asked is if this entire disaster wasn't planned by international operatives working on behalf of Enbridge, TransCanada or Kinder Morgan who see their profits threatened.

This is not some pie in the sky notion - it is a strategy exacted by corporate elite and governments worldwide. We are collateral damage only.

Why, when two dupes being trained and instructed by the RCMP and CSIS, do we get all sorts of action by media and government, when massive destruction on a global scale gets treated as a minor incident with years of painstakingly slow investigative efforts with no sanctions or punishment for the corporate elite?"

The GLARING already known facts that this train was firstly left on the main line and secondly that it was left abandoned and unattended should have media screaming near and far, yet all their time is spent looking for clues elswhere!

Grant G said...

Well Don F...I can only allude to..And make people think about other scenarios..

I`m already on the watch list, been deemed a radical eco-terrorist..

Glad some of you picked up what I was putting down..


Anonymous said...

Don F..

I too "absolutely agree with Mr. Ritchie when he states...".

Like my favorite blogger often quotes "If it doesn't make sense it isn't true".


Anonymous said...

Sun News. Just another one of those trashy papers you see waiting to pay for your groceries. Trash. Nothing more. Haven't bought a canadian newspapers in years and won't. Our media are nothing but a bunch of paid stooges.
So the railroad shipping more oil? And that is the bottom of line of Gordo selling off our precious BC Rail. Nothing to do with their books and everything to do with filling CNs pockets. Corruption at the deepest level imo. Disgusting leaches on society. When are people going to pay attention? We do, but so many don't. And the young ones need to get off their ipads and blackberries and start getting involved.
The attitude of the majority of the public, me, me, me, I, me. Doesn't affect me. Better start paying attention, the future is not looking bright and it DOES affect you, it affects your kids, grandkids.

Anonymous said...

Just don't learn do they?

Hey Stevie, Christy, after the disintegration disaster of 47 people you and your government allow this? Shameful. Rules and regs should be tightened and expanded! But then again, it's just ordinary people isn't it who pay the consequences. Ordinary people, not politicians, boardroom lackies, company presidents/ceos.

Danneau said...

Just want to join the Amen chorus. Great piece.wlyose

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

always enjoy your blog Grant. Makes me think and your research is amazing.

The link to the Fukushima nuclear disaster is really good. A good kick in the pants to wake up. And the Oct 23, 2013 Truthout story on Fukushima is beyond scary.

It is unbelievable that no one is testing (and posting the results) for nuclear radiation poisoning in BC. PS Along with not eating fish, don't eat dairy.

We need to take back our planet from the corporations.

off-the-radar said...

Hi Grant,
great column, you always make me think and excellent research.

Wow the Oct 22 comment with the link to the Fukushima disaster is mind-blowing and today's Oct 23, 2013 TruthOut article on Fukushima is beyond scary. (And the comments). http://truth-out.org/news/item/19547-fukushima-a-global-threat-that-requires-a-global-response

And no mainstream media reporting on this global catastrophe (other than the Guardian). No action by Canada or the US.

We need to take back our planet from the corporations now. PS Don't eat fish or dairy.

Anonymous said...

"Last year Stephen Harper gave the Canadian Revenue Agency(CRA, also known as the taxman) $millions of dollars to target these same environmental groups the Federal Conservatives labeled enemies of Canada."...That's because the CRA is now run by CGI, the private mega I.T. corporation in partnership with Harper & his CONS & the 1%...

Tip of the iceberg of contracts with CRA Harper & CONS have awarded CGI...




Tip of the iceberg of evidence proving CGI are partners with the 1%...

"Spotlight on CGI's oil and gas offering in Canada"...



To learn much more...


Hugh said...


Jon Ghun said...

Food poverty in UK has reached level of 'public health emergency', warn experts

Hunger in Britain has reached the level of a “public health emergency” and the Government may be covering up the extent to which austerity and welfare cuts are adding to the problem, leading experts have said.


Raise a hand, all those who think Canada's going to be different.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another derailment:


Grant G said...

Updated here....

December 4th/2013

By now you’ve likely heard all about how the RCMP and CSIS have been gathering information on environmental groups opposed to oil sands developments and projects like Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.

It’s enough to send a shiver down your spine. But hey, coming from a government that once branded environmentalists as “radicals,” we can’t say it’s a huge surprise.
The real kicker is that the fair and open environmental review process Ecojustice and our clients have placed our faith in may have been a pipe dream all along.

Records obtained by a journalist under the Access to Information Act, as reported in the Vancouver Observer, suggest that the RCMP and CSIS gathered intelligence on groups opposed to oil and gas development — groups like our client ForestEthics Advocacy — and characterized them as a potential security risk in emails to members of the National Energy Board (NEB).

Why is this problematic? The NEB oversees the environmental review process for the controversial Northern Gateway pipeline project. Its job is to make a final and independent recommendation on whether the Northern Gateway pipeline should go ahead.

So, if the RCMP and CSIS characterized our clients and those who have publicly stated their opposition to the pipeline as security risks, then what bearing did that have on the NEB? Were these groups discredited before they even had a chance to appear before the panel?
And if the credible evidence brought forward by those opposed to the pipeline has been undermined by outside influences, then how fair has this whole review process really been?

These are the kinds of questions we’ve put to the NEB in a letter sent last week. We’re seeking clarity about who collected what information, and with whom it was shared. The fairness and integrity of the Northern Gateway pipeline hearings have been called in to question and Canadians deserve answers.



My good friend Mr. Kootcoot has a very disturbing article posted today, it`s about the slashing of railway inspectors at CP Rail, it is well worth the read, here is a direct link,


You see, the news headlines have passed, politicians have moved on, the worst rail disaster in Canadian history is passe, who cares, hockey season is starting, .....Go read Kootcoot`s post, check out the photo at the end of his article, you will find that there is nothing there but...Canada`s Cold Blank Stare..