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Sunday, May 28, 2017

John Horgan, A Man On A Mission

Originally posted Jan 10th 2011

What an interesting day, what are we to talk about, how about the leadership campaigns, last week Dana Larsen announced he was running for leader of the NDP, the pundits all laughed, then Harry Lali threw his hat in the ring and still the politicos laughed, then Nicholas Simons joined the race and still the media laughed and giggled like school girls....

Yes indeed, when Larsen announced he was running CKNW played it up on every newscast, twice per hour, when Harry Lali  entered the ring again the media laughed, every broadcast trying to incite division within the NDP, so today when John Horgan entered the race, the media went very silent, CKNW didn`t get the story until noon(They could have got the story from me the day earlier), the Vancouver Sun, the Province, they were all very late with the story and coverage, Smyth, Macolm, no one talked about John Horgan today.....CTV flashed Horgan`s picture on the evening news, Global did the same and it was no accident...

Yet CTV had no problem starting their evening news talking to Christy cluck cluck Clark and her new family holiday, yes friends, Cluck cluck is proposing another stat holiday, not that I am a big fan of business but the cost to business for a stat holiday is around $400 million dollars across the Province, why not two days, three days of holidays, 5 days, that move by Crusty Clark is so low down, of course everyone would agree to another holiday, as would they agree to tax cuts, free car insurance, lower transit fares, free daycare services, all the usual desperate moves by a sagging politician.....

The media is afraid of John Horgan, in fact the Vancouver sun is already started their slagging of Horgan...Ooooh, Horgan has a bad temper, Horgan defended Carole James,  well Horgan did defend Carole James and Horgan does have a bad temper when it came to lying BC Liberals, who is supposed to remain cool when in question period you ask about BC Rail and some Liberal lackey talks about fast ferries or fudget budgets, who wouldn`t get mad...

The Howe streeters want Farnsworth or Dix because they have baggage, Horgan scares the hell out of the Campbell store bought media and the Liberals, they know they can`t beat him, ....Can you imagine, trying to paint Horgan as a hot head...And Gordon Campbell is not?...Christy Clark doesn`t have a temper?, Falcon isn`t a bitter little asshole?...We all heard Racist Bill Bennett describe Gordon Campbell`s temper, everyone knows about Christy`s radio temper, how she cuts off callers, talks over them and withholds prizes, remember Falcon and his "Boo Hoo" remark about a man committing suicide leaving Falcon stuck in traffic....George smirk Abbott with his lies about long term care beds, a partisan hack and yes man....De Jong, forget De Jong he is already out of the race, Rafe must be on glue or early onset Dementia...

Moira Stilwell, what a waste of space, the media on mass decided to not play up the Horgan Story, the reason is simple, the BC Liberals still pay for and own the media in BC, the NDP rift is over, the party is united, Horgan wins the next BC Election whether the writ gets dropped this spring or fall, Horgan is a lock....Premier John Horgan...Has a nice ring too it!

I suspect that John Horgan will grant Michael Smyth an interview,   I realize that Bill Good is irrelevant, no point in granting Bill Good an interview, Good is weak, Smyth schooled Bill Good all last week, that performance gives Smyth the nod for a Horgan interview before Bill Good.....

You have to understand how our media works, when the NDP were fighting for a new leader the big media fell in love with Carole James, up is down and left is right, the media.....If the local BC Media can`t say anything bad about the NDP they won`t say anything at all.

That friends is why the media won`t cover John Horgan.....Because he is that good, the blogs, the internet, alternative media, the John Horgan story will start slowly and town by town, city by city the wave will grow and every where Horgan goes the public will think Horgan or Kevin Falcon for premier..."I like our chances".....Christy Clark or John Horgan....A nasty combative egotistical radio jockey or a simple man with clear vision..

"I like our chances"

George bobblehead Abbott against Horgan....Game over, folks there is not one scenario where Horgan doesn`t beat the Liberals in an election hands down....The BC Liberals know it, the media knows it.

And lastly, the personal attacks towards me keep coming, there are a few in Ian Reid and Farrell`s camp wanting to sabotage the NDP, some higher up BC Liberals(Like Brad Zubyk who is working on Christy Clark`s campaign)...There have been cyber attacks, personal attacks against me, we here at the Straight Goods won`t relent..We are going to elect John Horgan and put him in the premier`s chair, momentum, power, advisors, strategic advice is coming from voices of reason....No bad advice, no blunders, only the truth, for the betterment of the people, Damn it folks, we have never had such a talent in the NDP camp, let`s not waste it!...

The future of British Columbia is in John Horgan`s hands, picture in your mind, Christy Clark, Falcon, Abbott  or John Horgan ....Who would you trust with your future.

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Richard Herbstone said...

Grant, I'd just like to point out that NW had a full story with Horgan on at the same time he was making his announcement in Langford. They've been running stories ever since. Their Journalists don't seem to be against covering the NDP even if the Bill Goods of the world give the station a bad name! Slag away but some quality people work there that don't deserve the consistent put downs you throw at them. Horgan is a great candidate and I enjoy reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Horgan is a great choice! Great blog!

Anonymous said...

A great choice to clean up the mess and corruption left by gordo the impaler and the rest of his minions. Horgan will win, NDP will win, and then we can have an honest government. Also he will have a open, honest investigation of the BC Rail sale. Are you PABsmears listening? Yes BC, there is a very bright light at the end of this tunnel... Premier John Horgan.

Kam Lee (On the Horgan bandwagon here on Vancouver Island)

Gary E said...

Keep up the good work Grant.

I think the next person to enter the NDP race will be Adrian Dix.

Personally I don't care who is running. If they don't come out on two things I'll look for another party or independent to vote for.

Those two things?
Get rid of the HST. put it back to the way things were at the end of June 2009. No referemdum, we've had one. No further discussion, it's been discussed to death. Except by the lieberals. Get rid of it.

A FULL public inquiry into the giveaway of BC Rail. And if the contract is illegal take it back. Charge all who were involved in any cover-ups or other illegalities.

When someone steps up with BOTH of these conditions they have my vote.

ron wilton said...

John Horgan's campaign motto should be "Yes We Can!"

As in- yes we can have a BC Rail inquiry
- " " " get rid of the HST
- " " " stop the Enbridge pipeline
- " " " take back our rivers
et. etc.

Hugh said...

John Horgan will be great as leader of the NDP. And would make a great Premier of BC.

A fairly positive story about him in the Province today.

Also, there was an excellent story featuring Alexandra Morton on CBC last night:


Anonymous said...

The corruption in BC, is so deeply rooted, it will take a Tiger Tank to mow them all down. Who can we trust? The BC Liberals, judicial system, Elections BC, the RCMP, who are in trouble again, the radio and TV media, newspapers. Who? None of them have any ethics. They have sold their souls, to an evil devil. The people of BC are, totally on their own. The Crown, even had the day changed, to file their claim, for the return of all of the documents regarding, Campbell's corrupt sale of the BCR. For what? To shred them? If the documents are not relevant, why is the Crown in a panic, to obtain them? The hearing for the Crown was moved back to Jan 10, 2011, instead of Jan 11, 2011, which was the SAID date. Citizens who wanted to attend could not. They did not realize, the sneaky date change. The Crown even went so far as, to cloister themselves, in a cubicle they have in the court room, to contain the Hell's Angels. Seems anything to do with Campbell's corruption, is verboten. Campbell never does his own dirty work. He called Bai and Virk criminals and cut their throats. They were only following Campbell's orders. Why they would suddenly plead guilty, makes no sense. It is obvious, they are very unhappy, to have their names blackened. There had to be a threat to them, from somewhere.

Anonymous said...


Hey Grant, my apology for putting this here, but it seems the lieberals like your blog name and are using it line after line on their website. Take a look. The straight goods on ... the straight goods on ... and it continues.

Sheesh, they can't even be original!

Grant G said...

That`s OK....PAB have been chasing me for 2 years...

There is only one Straight Goods.

The people`s blog.

Anonymous said...

Is John Horgan a prohibitonist?

Grant G said...

What does that mean 11:49???

Clarify, who is a prohibitionist, on what, drugs, booze, human rights?

Ask him, do you really think the NDP would strip human rights, toughen laws, please clarify, be specific, there is a difference between having laws and enforcing laws...Such as money laundering, .....

Anonymous said...

I'm with anonymous at 11:18 am.
Why is the government so concerned to get all the defense documents concerning Railgate back from the Basi/Virk lawyers? They have already destroyed cabinet transcripts and emails relating to this case. Now they are intent on getting whatever they can to cover up the evidence. Government my ass.

Anonymous said...

Too bad about all those soon to be unemployed pabsters,professional askissers(bill good, bumboy baldrey) and a whole army of weasels. Horgan`s gonna make the liberals wish they`d never heard of campbell.LOL

Anonymous said...

Grant, sorry for my lack of clarity on prohibition, it was in reference to drug laws.

I will ask Horgan; whats better than getting the answer from the man himself.

As to the tone in your response, I'm curious, are you upset?

I am a law abiding citizen who understands the follies of a failed drug war. There are countless individuals who have lost their way because of drugs and that is sad, but to put non-violent drug users in jail with hardened criminals is a crime in itself. Many lives are twice ruined by drugs and drug laws.

When you ask, "do you really think the NDP would strip human rights", somethings are better left unsaid.

I do believe in the NDP, my membership speaks to that. However, which leader I support will be based on a number of facts.

Thanks for all that you do to make this a better province and country.

Grant G said...

My tone was not anger...I merely wanted specifics, the Province has very limited power to change Federal laws...

With Harper...One my want to consider getting in the incarceration business!

All is good...Any questions to Horgan..