Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Christy Clark, She`s Come Undone..2017 redux

 Written by grant G

(originally posted March/23 2013....Cheers)

The entire BC Liberal Government and party are in disarray, words and phrases are being tossed around like final death throes, end of a dynasty, thunderstruck, dying days, point of no return and they are all fitting though I prefer to use phrases and words like crime family gunned down, corruption rooted out, zombies exposed to sunlight melt and my favorite, ding dong the wicked witch is dead..

Scandal and organized crime, it`s as simple as that, I still remember the headlines after our BC Legislature was raided by police "Organized crime has infiltrated the highest offices of the BC Government", those headlines were more than eye catchers , it was all true and the saddest part of the last 8 years. It wasn`t quality governance or decisions for the common good that kept the party in power it was a coordinated media effort, a shielding of the sins committed, cover fire for active criminals provided by the biggest media players in the game, Vancouver Sun, Global television and cknw, a radio station that turned stacking calls and promoting red herring stories to an artform..

There is no need to highlight individual crimes committed by this outgoing organization, we lived through the violations and there are far too many to list here.

Gordon Campbell`s operation was no different than that of a criminal gang, he was indeed a mafioso godfather, vast tracts of land given away, revenue sources costing the treasury hundreds of millions of dollars permanently shifted to party insiders, run of river, smart meters, tree farm licenses transferred to corporate donors, communication teams numbering in the hundreds employed to monitor any inhouse leaks, loose lips ostracized, villified and humiliated, on call bought media was quick to respond, willing partners that abetted and enabled the crimewave to continue for far longer than anyone could have imagined.

Maybe it was the departure of Gordon Campbell, maybe some realized it had gone too far, guilt ridden members of the family perhaps thought with Campbell`s departure the cleansing would begin, a renewal, a new path forward not riddled with overt corruption but with the insertion of Christy Clark by the same handlers that placed Gordon Campbell in a position of all encompassing power panic set in, fear for future generations and the health of both treasury and Democracy set in motion a series of events leading to the demise of a corporate Government mafioso, an endless flow of leaks and information that even a corrupt media couldn`t squelch..

We already had witnessed a massive expansion of gaming under Campbell and when he departed the push for more massive gaming outfits was on, players Coleman and Patrick Kinsella, public outrage and leaks prevented these schemes from proceeding, a proposed giveaway and gifted monopoly on liquor distribution was schemed and plotted, Coleman and Kinsella again, names attached to both hideous forestry giveaways and gaming casinos rose to the top again, land, liquor, gaming and revenue streams all gifted to friends of the mafioso, even the backdown on the LDB selloff wasn`t officially gone only postponed until another term of terror was granted, or should I say handed to, by an enabling media....Only with the help of a flood of leaks from an angel with a conscience in the highest office of our province, only with screaming blogging voices, impassioned pleas from those most affected brought this reign of ruin to an end..

Organized crime is very hard to root out and this BC Liberal organization wasn`t going down without a fight, they brought in friendly fire spotters from across the nation, from Alberta, from the highest offices in Ottawa, nasty vicious well-oiled smear machines hired with public money, slimers whose sole purpose was to assist by hook and by crook in controlling and maintaining this criminal gang`s provincial death grip..

Leaks, exposure and bright lights shined open air into dark dank corners where the red eyes of cheese eating rats glowed like the embers of hell..

Christy Clark inserted to smile and wiggle, to distract and confuse, to put on a facade of change where none existed, only with the help of internal firestarters who regained conscience and soul, a one or a group that lit fire after fire in an attempt to force change and force change they did.

Winks, smiles and pearly whites couldn`t hide Christy`s inability to speak or think, a woman over her head, unqualified, uneducated, unelected and unmoving, a power junkie addicted to the sugar of fame, recognition and her own reflection..

Too many fires to extinguish, like the boy with his finger in the dam, once removed the cracks grew and grew until a mountain of water burst through to flood the town, to drown an entire village, Christy Clark possessed not the ability or skill to sell the sham, she failed at faking authenticity, female eyes were first to recognize that christy was not a mother and gender equal, they saw through staged photo-ops to see a power hungry puppet monster..

Christy Clark, she failed to win studentbody presidential elections at S-F-U- she was caught cheating, Christy failed in her power grab of Vancouver city and now she has failed again, leading to a total collapse of the corrupt BC Liberal crime family,..Two years ago Christy Clark was a radio media superstar, big salary, Government pension, huge alimony payments from her millionaire ex and now..

Today the last hopes of any BC Liberal comeback vanished, floodgates are open and the mass exodus has begun, there will be no salvation, no miracles, it`s too late, the party of crime and Christy Clark have both become,....... Undone..

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...


Thankyou, these are the most powerful and factual words I have ever read.

I would like to add that I (correct me if I'm wrong) believe this is the first BC provincial government that I can recall that ever needed armed bodyguards, their homes and properties heavily guarded 24/7/365, a sure sign of organized crime. I would like to know the cost to the taxpayers to have the Campbell/Clark mob 'protected' the same as their counterparts in street level gangsters/organized crime also do but at their own expense.
This reign of terror will go down in history as the first of the worst mobsters to rule BC. Twelve horrible terrible years for the people of BC.
Surely there must be a way to put these monsters behind bars forever, never to rise again.


Anonymous said...

I like the description:

The Campbell Clark Mob.

That sums it up pretty well.

bcwaterboy said...

Grant, oh how wonderful it would be if every major newspaper in BC, every high profile news anchor were to repeat these refreshing, stunningly truthful, words to the citizens of BC. The ones who have bought and paid for this mess for so many years. I'm going to start marking the days off on my calendar for election day, the day that Christie alas leaves us, but will certainly be rewarded with a patronage appointment of some sort and will remain, richer in $$$ than those she's stolen from.

Len said...

Waterboy,the MSM are part of the FAMIGLIA

Anonymous said...

I agree, mob is the correct term, for this den of liars and thieves.

Harper is the godfather of the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals and all of Canada. We BC citizens have had two sets of monsters to contend with.

Throw the propaganda media into the mix too. They did aid and abet the Campbell/Clark BC Liberals abuse, towards the people of BC.

BC citizens forget nothing, of the treachery directed at us, by any of those evil doers. We will remember them, come voting day.

Grant G said...

Thanks, media, Global television, CTV, Vancouver Sun, The Province, they didn`t bother reporting yesterday`s released Angus Reid poll.

Guess only a paid spinning partisan hack operations like (Campaign Research polling outfit) get reported.


Yet that outfit has been caught ratfucking the electorate over and over again, they were also working on Susan Anton`s election campaign against Gregor Robertson, they released a poll a week before Vancouver civic election E-day..They claimed it was a dead heat..

Susan Anton lost by 30% percentage points.


glen p robbins said...

The coming ROBBINS commercial rendition after 15 years - would do well with this type of writing - passionate and from the gut.

Grant G said...

Thanks Mr. Robbins, you know where to find me.

You`re not too shabby at putting sentences together either.


Paul said...

Here's the direct audio (MP3) of the CBC Daybreak interview with Christy Clark to listen to and download and share.

Christy Clark bafflegab meltdown!

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost a bunch of pissed off taxpayers to fund a full page ad of this blog so that the hardworking average joe/jane could become aware of the travesties that the MSM choose to ignore?
Perhaps an e-kindle book with a catchy title that would grab the average guy's attention?

Grant G said...

Anon10:37..Thanks for that sentiment..

We`re not quite MSM here, but we are well read, thousands come here everyday, including BC Liberal public affairs bureau..

And just about every media pundit visits daily.


paisley said...

Glad to hear you get thousands here on a regular basis. If I didn't have dedicated Canadians like you...I wouldn't have anything to read to be informed. Thanks!

jsomm said...

Hi Grant,Wow! Thanks for linking the endless scandals started during Campbell's reign to Ms Clark's.However,there is an interesting angle to all of this.If the Liberals had not elected a vain, inept and vindictive leader like her, the house of cards would not have imploded and all the nasty scandals brought to light.They skewered themselves by trying to get rid of Mr Doyle .There was such a public backlash that Clark's clumsy attempts to ride to the rescue had no credibility.Lake's attack on Doyle's latest carbon report and attempts to delay its release and a letter smear campaign shows how desperate they are.For Kash Heed to write an editorial demanding Bond and Bell step down over the PG wooden structure fiasco shows the Libs can't count on those who are not running again to put their oar in.In a perverse way, I am grateful for Ms Clark bringing this corrupt government to its knees and bless whatever government worker, clearly connected to the circles of power could no longer stomach what was happening and leaked documents that gave birth to Ethnogate and its offspring.I do have some faith in some members of the MSM.Les Leyne has been doing some dandy editorials and Cassidy Oliver has done some serious digging. Now, if only Global would unleash the fearsome Jas Johal for more pieces!

Grant G said...

Christy Clark has indeed become undone..

Someone else seems to have flipped his wig today too..


Sheesh, thinks we all just fell off a turnip truck.

Happy Easter everyone

D. Rawlings said...

These cons calling themselves Libs make Al Capone look amateurish...In a way the BC Libs are like Cuba under Batista and their corporate business pals are Meyer Lansky and Lucky Luciano......Hell did not Christy cheat on an SFU election then when the second election happened she was trounced?

To bad though the mainstream lamestream media in BC was complicit in these crimes/actions as well. if they ever told the truth about the Socreds-conservative-BC Reform free enterprise coalition that stole the Liberal party, Clark would be polling in single digits...