Monday, November 17, 2014

Vaughn Palmer, Voice Of B.C.....BC Liberal Election Promised Riches From LNG Forgotten and LNG Questions Not Asked

How sad indeed, I watched Vaughn Palmer`s voice of BC ......linked directly below.

The topic was LNG, Vaughn`s guest was David Keane of the (BCLNGA) British Columbia Liquid Natural Gas Alliance....

I was hoping for some good questions, tough follow-up questions and good old fashioned journalistic inquiries, sadly I came away disappointed, no, make that I came away in disgust, Vaughn Palmer`s hour long episode on LNG confirmed what we here at The Straight Goods have known for some time, ...British Columbia`s mainstream media are useless, there is no journalistic integrity left among any of them, that includes those that were chosen to ask questions...

Bill Tieleman...Jordan Bateman...Andrew Mcleod and others......

My guess is?.... Perhaps those individuals asked some good questions but none of the good questions made it past the cutting room floor...

The first question was(paraphrasing here)...If you could take off your industry hat for a moment what would you say is the benefit to B.C.  with LNG?

The second question was....Andrew Weaver claims BC`s LNG dream is a pipedream, what would you say to that...?

These question are so lame, put the ball on a tee and swing away....

We learned nothing from this puffball interview with David Keane...The only thing confirmed on this show is the fact that the BC Government and these LNG companies are lobbying Ottawa to allow complete plant build costs to be written off lock, stock and barrel over a 7 year period...

If we take Shell(LNG Canada)..Their plant build cost excluding a pipeline from the gas fields in northeast B.C. is $40 billion dollars....That would be a $6 billion dollar write-off per year...Ottawa as of yet has not agreed to give LNG plants manufacturer status...and with only razor thin surpluses predicted, I would say the answer from Ottawa would be NO...

Total fluff and puff garbage, cmon Vaughn, .....You`ll never win a Webster award, obviously you have other priorities..

Guess what wasn`t asked, or wasn`t spoke of.....

There was no mention of a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, no mention of any prosperity mention of the elimination of the provincial debt, no mention of this industry creating over 100,000 jobs, mysteriously all the benefits coming to British Columbia through LNG blathered by Christy Clark and Rich Coleman before and during our B.C. election are gone, caput, not worthy enough questions for Vaughn Palmer to bring up....Quite pathetic indeed...

There has been some major negative developments on the LNG front as of late...

Questions that were needed to be asked but weren`t...

1) ...Russia and China earlier this year signed a $400 billion dollar gas deal, and just last week China and Russia signed another deal to bring LNG in gas form by pipeline directly into China, no expensive LNG plant required,  estimated price of this gas per BTU is in the $10 dollar range, how has this changed things for British Columbia`s LNG aspirations?

2)....Canadian uranium mining companies have seen their stock price soar on news of 2 Japanese nuclear reactors being restarted early in 2015...  How will this affect British Columbia`s LNG ambitions when Japan`s LNG demand is set to fall?

3)...Things haven`t gone too well for Western Australia, the home of most of Australia`s LNG plants, their national debt in 2008 was $3billion dollars, 5 years later Western Australia`s government debt has risen to $30 billion dollars and a credit rating downgrade by Moodys, shouldn`t that make the BC Government pause...?

4)...Shinzo Abe, Japan`s leader, has declared that Japan has no choice but to restart most of their shuttered nuclear facilities because Japan can`t continue to absorb massive trade deficits directly linked to high priced imported LNG, how will Japan`s return to nuclear power affect BC`s LNG dream?

5)...In this age of electronic instant viral news, do you think China, Japan, Asia was listening? when Christy Clark declared to the world that British Columbia was going to create a $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, eliminate our $80 billion dollar B.C. debt, eliminate our sales tax, pay off crown corporation debt, build schools, hospitals, increase health and education funding, give monies to northern communities for infrastructure, monies to First Nations for LNG agreements, all to be borne from shaking down our Asian trading partners?

6)..How will China`s impressive by anyone`s standards recent wave of domestic natural gas extraction and domestic fracking gains affect British Columbia`s LNG super-power aspirations?

7)..As of today, according to the Foreign Policy Magazine, and I quote.."That appears to be what's happening now. The world already has more LNG trading capacity than it needs: There were about 286 million tons a year of LNG export capacity globally in 2013, while global LNG trade amounted to just 237 million tons" and with 7 already in construction new LNG plants in Australia set to come on line over the next 2 years...Who will British Columbia sell LNG to?

("BG intends to build a facility on Ridley Island capable of producing 21 million tonnes of LNG a year. Called Prince Rupert LNG, it would be built overseas in modules and shipped to Prince Rupert for assembly.
 Even so, the plant would create 3,500 jobs during construction,

 250 permanent direct jobs and another 250 spinoff jobs.

 BG says it is planning to build it in two phases, beginning in 2016.

The first phase — two seven-million-tonne-a-year processing units, or trains — is to be completed by 2021" )

British Gas has now deferred any investment decision until after 2020...)

8)... Laura Lau, Senior Portfolio Manager at Brompton Funds on BNN stated, as did British Gas 2 years ago that proposed LNG plants in British Columbia will not be built in British Columbia...Laura Lau stated that these LNG plants are actually going to be built in S. Korea or Japan, these modules and mainframes will be built in S. Korea or Japan and barged to British Columbia where they will be assembled, does the BCLNGA British Columbia LNG Alliance think it`s appropriate or fair for Canadian Governments to write off $billions of dollars worth of foreign built equipment, built overseas, the money spent in another country, all to be written off against Canadian owed taxes...Is that fair or equitable?

(just past the 4 minute mark is the offending statement by Laura Lau)

9)...The Petronas proposed LNG plant on Lelu island according to First Nations will adversely affect the Skeena river salmon, BC`s second most prolific wild salmon river, First Nations are not opposed to LNG development, however this location is too sensitive, Should PETRONAS switch locations or are wild B.C. salmon expendable?

10)....The BC Liberal promised hefty benefits to British Columbia, $100 billion dollar prosperity fund, debt elimination, sales tax elimination and a whole lot more, if none or very little benefit comes to British Columbia`s coffers can and or should future governments change the deal?

These are the questions that were needed to be asked, hard uncomfortable questions, not puffballs..

That Vaughn Palmer is how you conduct an interview....And I never went to journalism school, ...

I also never licked the boots of a BC Liberal or any other government..!

See for yourself in the below link..

P.S.....When the video link(November 13/2014) for the voice of B.C. is available I will add it to this post......That`s why I cancelled cablevision, garbage in, garbage out!...

The Straight Goods

Cheers Eyes Wide Open


Anonymous said...

You still think China is friendly. Steve and Christy, comments? No, I didn't think so.

Flecker's Magick said...

These aren't journalists; they are agents of the ruling class, hiding in plain sight behind reputations and pretences. They counter intelligence; they don't add to it. We know what we know today despite von poncer, not on account of him. He, like the rest of his cohorts, bears the countenance of a man who's been bought-off, souled -out, black mailed, and pledge to secrecy outside the masonic gates. They are keepers of the illusion that democracy still works whilst carefully avoiding the truth that an oligarchy runs things around here like we were still a colony existing for the City.

Should put all these guys' names in a book somewhere just so we don't forget who-all brought perdition down upon us once we get beyond this nightmare and start sorting it out for a new day.

Anonymous said...

i get more clarity from out of bc and canada media about canada and bc.and blogs

seems like your not allowed to compare,like LNG, out of area, unless its someones executive salary compensation

John's Aghast said...

Okay! Enough about this LNG fiasco. By now, we all know Chrispy and her gang f**ked up. She was led astray by the promise of LNG riches. She was off by a couple of zeroes in her forecasts. But, hey, what's a zero? Nothing!
We voted for her (I DID NOT!) and are stuck with the consequences.
In the interests of survival and of rescuing something out of the next 3 1/2 years (is it really going to be that long?) we have to gently nudge her out this passion for LNG and direct her attention to something more realistic.
I suggested some time ago that she should consider NG to fuel the Ferries, and it appears the new Polish boats will be so equipped (15 years after the Norwegians had implemented the idea). Now, I don't take credit for changing her mind, but if enough, loud criticism of the LNG dream (as has been done so well by Grant and Norm)were to somehow convince her of the changing circumstances, perhaps she could see the merit (she's not THAT dumb!)in using natural gas (NG) domestically. To fuel Railway locomotives (too bad we didn't own BC Rail!), highway trucks and construction equipment (Caterpillar manufactures NG fueled earthmovers). Forget the massive costs to liquefy and barge the explosive stuff, forget the environmental damage it's going to cause.
Instead, dwell on all the cost savings, jobs, taxation that a revitalized transportation sector will bring.
Chrispy, if you're going to give it away, give it to someone who cares and deserves - the people of British Columbia!

Grant G said...

@ John Aghast...Sorry Mr. Aghast...Christy decides nothing, makes no decisions, she is but a face...

And yes, Christy Clark is that dumb..Decision are being made EnCana, Gyw Morgan...Alberta and the Corporate Harper cons...

Ferries running on LNG..Sure, but only new vessels, don`t waste money retrofitting existing fleet..

Here`s a novel idea...Let`s build ferries in British Columbia...The best vessels in our fleet are the Spirit Class ferries..Designed and built right here in British Columbia..They out class, out carry, out perform those German tubs by a country mile, that`s why those German built Celebrations routinely remain docked....Spirit Class ferries built right here in B.C..

Imagine that!

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such blatant corruption in Canada especially since, Harper's so called majority. There is no doubt, we are living in very evil times.

I agree with anon 4:24, I read the same. Harper called Russia and Putin evil Communists and then he sold Canada to Communist China. Harper still sells arms to Putin. Now Communist China is financing Putin.

I certainly recall, Harper and Gordon Campbell's evil treachery, towards the people of BC. Ditzy Christy is merely Harper's mouth piece. All three of them, lied and cheated to win their elections.

I don't know who I detest the most? Harper, Gordon Campbell, Christy Clark, Communist China or, Harper's oil and gas robber barons?

John's Aghast said...

Hi Grant,
I'm just aghast, that all these things happen in a Province I used to be proud to call Home. Just call me John.
I know there are dozens of ideas that could be promoted that would outshine LNG. Ending raw log exports, building our own Ferries, rationing free water, hosting the Olympics (okay, so we already did that).
But all these complaints about Ditzy's stupidity do nothing to clean up the problem. Its time to come up with some sensible solutions (can't we ban Gwyn Morgan from Canada, like we did to Conrad Black? ha,ha)If we made NG free to the citizens, instead of the international oil cartels, would that not have an impact on manufacturing, transportation, food costs and general prosperity?
Poor Christy, even after attending three (3) universities, she still doesn't get it! As I said before, maybe she should have reconsidered before taking up space - there is a limited opportunity for astronauts with her capability.

Grant G said...

Here`s another novel idea, instead of spending $12 billion on Site C dam, interest charges on that amount will be $400,000,000.00 per year..$400 million per year..

For a cost of $1.5 billion dollars British Columbia could build a natural gas powered power plant, and it would produce more electricity than Site C..

5 years of Site C Dam interest payments would pay for the natural gas burner, and if we didn`t need the power, we can turn it off!