Thursday, November 20, 2014

Kinder Morgan`s Disgrace, Violent Police Throw Grey Haired Woman on Ground

Mitten @2010redmittens
@AndrewChangCBC i am disgusted that RCMP were so violent. Watch vid via @ByJamesKeller


Clink the below video link, prepare to be outraged  


Anonymous said...

Citizen treated like trash.

Jon Ghun said...

Institutionalized monopoly on violence is the power that keeps the ruling elite on top of the rest. The rcmp are simply the enforcement arm of the One Bank and Its Corporations. Big Oil is the blood that keeps the machine moving. Without it, their system will seize up at their loss. They will get that pipeline through come hell or high water.

The essential difference between them and us is that they are prepared to harm others to get what they want; and what they want is to rule over us for their own benefit. They all share this same psychopathic mentality when the chips are down; whereas the rest of us just want to live and love and have a good time while we're here.

Not until we are prepared to fight fire with fire will this kind of thing ever go any differently.

Anonymous said...

Hey Grant; The police don't protect the people, they are the private army of the billionaire class.